Memories for Memorial Day

I guess post-Idol buzz has me thinking about David’s own post-Idol buzz during his season. Remember these?

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! 🙂

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  1. Wow Hg thank you for the walk down memory lane. Man, it is so evident that David has grown by leaps and bounds. He was so adorable, but so insecure.

    • I watched AI since season 1, but it wasn’t until my favorite season 7 that I discovered that you could find all the post Idol interviews, youtube videos and fansites online. David A was my favorite on season 7 but my ODD for him did not kick in until I found all these interviews, followed the Idol tour, and his debut of Crush on Z100 in New York. He is just so charming and charismatic. I’m glad he doesn’t put his hands over his ears when hearing himself!

      I checked out Philip Phillips post-Idol interview here Because of following David I’ve learned a lot about the music industry. Philip is in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately on a major label it isn’t just about the music. IMHO his single is probably the best one an Idol has been given for his coronation song and he is already saying that it isn’t really him or his first single. He has surgery tomorrow. I wish him the best, but I bet he’s in for a fight on what he records for his first album.

  2. This was the Estonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend. I don’t know what he is singing about, but he sings like he means it. I hope someone will write David a song that truly showcases his voice.

    • Beautiful song and performance. I can’t wait to hear David’s two original songs that will be on his album BEGIN. Kari loved them so I’m hopeful that they will be great like this.

  3. A new video from David has been posted on his OS. A thought he had before he left. It’s great that he recorded videos for us to post while he is gone. I miss him!

  4. Nice trip down Memory Lane. Such humility!! Loved the new Vlog David left for us. He wants to bring back a “better him” Wow we are in for a treat!! Loving listening to all of David’s Patriotic performance the last three days. Happy Memorial Day everyone and thank you to our Military and their families.

  5. Comparing the new vlog to the AI Extra interview, you can really see how much David has matured.

    Re. Phillips, he should be grateful that his album doesn’t have to include a song written by and sung with Kara Dioguardi. He comes off like Crytal Bowersox to me. That’s not a negative, just an observation. 🙂

    • I agree. He wants the songs he’s written on his album. I can’t blame him. I hope he’s a good song writer. I just know that being on a major label involves a whole lot more than the music. I know David was surprised that we were interested in him not just his music. Philip will find that out as well. The business part of the music business is cut-throat and can be difficult because there are so many people to please. My guess is that Philip will record one album and then go indie like Crystal. I think Jessica has a much better chance in that it sounds like she wants to record pop/urban music like what is popular on the radio now. If she is given enough push like David/Jordin/Kris had with their first single she will have at least a first hit. We shall see.

    • This new vlog does show how much David has matured. I agree desertrat. I bet P2 goes indie at some point too, grammyj. I think he may want to go that way eventually. A major label is not going to be a good fit for him. If Simon Fuller/XIX is managing him that could be a problem for him too. The music business is cut-throat as they are all about the money. I still don’t know how P2 got through AI with his medical issues. I wish him the best with his surgery. If Jessica does record pop/urban she will have a better chance for success but I am still not sure how she will do or if the label will stay with her long-term.

    • Hey.. I really like “To Be With You”. Kara was so complimentary of David.

      • And David liked it enough to perform it a lot.

      • I should have explained. I don’t dislike “TBWY” but to me, the song never seemed like a good fit for David. I felt that it was included on the album solely because of KG’s affiliation with AI. After hearing “Somebody Out There”, I felt that it should have been on the album in stead of TBWY. Also, KG wrote the coronation song for season 8. It was so bad that after a few tour stops, they allowed Kris Allen to stop performing it.

  6. “…being on a major label involves a whole lot more than the music.” Agree.

    Plus, wait until he discovers that dj’s/radio stations will be more interested in his thoughts on the WGWG theory and whether or not JLo and Steven Tyler are leaving AI than they are in him as a musician.

    • Yes, he will always get asked about AI and the judges. Good thing he already has a girlfriend so he can answer the girlfriend question easily. Poor David always had trouble with that one and who was his crush.

  7. New, old vlog, love it….so happy that David has thought things through before he left and has put (am confidient now) a plan in place to give his fans tidbits throughout the time he is away to keep us interested. Anything is good to keep his fan base intact, so that it will be easier for a comeback in 2014, imo.

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