David Shares a Thought

What a nice surprise vlog this Memorial Day! I hope there will be more in store! 🙂

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  1. Loved the vlog. From what he says at the end, it seems like we are going to be treated to regular gems like this one, yipee!!!!!

  2. It looks like they might be planned for once a month as we had the behind the scenes of Nandito Ako at 1 month and now “David Shares a Thought” at 2 months. I’m hoping for 22 more of these. This is his 100th video on his you-tube channel.

    • Yes, it does look like there might be a video that David taped before he left once a month or every few months. Nice vlog from David and good to hear and see him. I can’t help but wish that David could have some direct and updated communication with fans in the 2 years that he is gone. That is why I thought college would be the better option for David as he could still continue his music career like Scotty is doing. It is obviously his choice but from a music career standpoint I still think 2 years is excessive. I hope that David retains that great sense of humor and youthful enthusiasm while he is gone. I would hate to see him become too serious but I don’t think it will happen. Oh well just my opinion. lol

      • David was encouraged from a young age to go on a mission per all I’ve read about the Mormon religion. It’s pretty much expected that a devout Mormon young man will go on a mission. I’m sure Scotty was encouraged from a young age to go to college since his mom is a teacher. Sure, I wish David wasn’t gone for two whole years. I am quite sure that he will come back to him music career when he returns because he has done all he could to keep it going while he is gone by recording BEGIN and having Kari post his weekly tweets and monthly vlogs. I believe the reason he doesn’t have a missionary blog publicly posted is that he has so many non-Mormon fans and wants to keep them.

      • I can understand David not wanting to post a strictly missionary blog and that’s probably a very good idea IMO. I guess” it is what it is” for the next 2 years. lol I do miss his career rumors and it has only been 2 months. lol This latest JB pap. fight story is so annoying. The major/cable news networks are actually covering this story not just TMZ. JB is the one that needs to go away for 2 years if he wants his privacy but I don’t think he or his team does. I think Selena is over exposed now too. Enough already. lol

      • Marie, lol. I’m with you, make JB go away for two years and take Selena with him….it cracks me up as to how these celebs want privacy, but keep doing things that will attract attention.

      • cq: Exactly and JB’s team is always in overdrive to keep his name out there 24/7. I just wish he could sing. lol

    • I agree about David not posting a strictly missionary blog, or maybe he does have one, but it’s set to private that only family and close friends can read…if that’s happening, that’s great for him. It wouldn’t be good for his career to have a public one.
      I have a question: dang, why two years or more? maybe someone could explain.

      • I’m sure David has a missionary blog set to private for his family. I’d actually love to read David’s missionary blog as I find the blogs of other missionaries very interesting. For some reason the Mormon standard for young male missionaries is two years and for females (who don’t go until they are 21) it is 1.5 years. I’m not Mormon, but Mormons have indicated that in comments many times. It is just one of the many rules that are they are encouraged to follow.

      • grammyj, I guess there is no special reason for the 2 yrs obligation, oh well, it is what it is…ugh! Want David back and doing music, pronto!, lol.

  3. HDD just released this week’s album sales numbers. I think it’s interesting. Kris Allen, AI former winner, came in at 16,900 for his second album’s first weeks sales. http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/salescht.cgi I guess David’s selling 24,000 for TOSOD it’s first week of sales in 2010 was not as bad as many AI fans thought it was. I know that album sales are just not that good anymore without hit singles. Adele’s sales numbers continue to be just amazing.

    • Glambert’s sales dropped by 70% to 23,000. Of former Idol contestants, only Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson seem to be steady sellers.

      • Yes, that is the way it looks. Only Carrie and Kelly.

      • BEGIN may have a chance of charting, which would be great, but it will probably be difficult to buy and there are likely to be other glitches.

  4. Wondering if a single will be released before BEGIN.’S release. I really think they need to throw out a single and see what happens…..he’s away, try anything, I say, to keep his name out there. Any buzz will be good.

  5. I really wonder how BEGIN will be promoted. Obviously David can’t promote it since he is gone and it’s being released on an independent LDS label. It will mainly have to be promoted via social media – twitter, facebook and all of David’s fan-sites. I assume Deseret book will promote it too. Other than that, I’m not sure what else will be done. It will be interesting to see how many it will sell. Since it was probably David’s money that funded the project, I hope he can at least break even. I’m just looking forward to seeing what songs he recorded and buying it.

    • I am interested to see what songs David recorded on BEGIN. The sales aren’t good with artists on major labels and promo so it will be interesting to see how many it sells. My guess is David did this more for his die hard fans and does not have any expectations regarding sales of it.

    • grammyj, I sure hope he does better than break even. It’s such a shame that such a fantastic talent is so underrated. From what he did with OPM album in such a short time, I’ll keep being optomist that BEGIN. will do well.

      • I’d love for David to sell a million copies of BEGIN but that’s not going to happen. I’m just being realistic. The only artist selling a lot of CD’s is Adele. The music industry is in a sorry state, and even with a major label and professional management artists are not selling much music except for an elite few. I will just be very happy with new music from David, and I’m not going to worry about how much it sells. Because it an independant release it doesn’t need to sell as much anyway to make a profit.

  6. Hilary Weeks is a Shadow Mountain artist who charted with her last release . We can hope the same for David 🙂


    One of Gladys Knight ‘s 8 Grammys came from a Shadow Mountain label album “One Voice”


    Jenny Oaks Baker was nominated for a Grammy this year – (note Kurt Bestor produced her album).


    Sorry if all of this has been mentioned before.

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