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As I said in the previous post, sometimes there is a glimpse of greatness in our Reality TV Overload.  And So You Think You Can Dance, one of the most under-watched reality shows with the stronger talent to showcase, really delivered a brilliant performance tonight (see below – searched long and hard for this online clip):


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  1. Very cool. It’s my daughter’s favorite show.

    Am currently enjoying Duets (west coast time).

    I really think AI is another version of the “beer test”. People vote for the most relatable person, I think–the one they could picture hanging out with. Phillip even had a sandwich named for him at the local hangout. Remember that David was really in the Lee Dewyze camp–saying that he was a good role model. (Was he dissing Crystal because she was a single mother?)

    When push comes to shove, it’s more a popularity contest than a singing one. I don’t think anyone was against David because of his religiousness, because Scotty McCreery is pretty out there too–or even because of his dad. I honestly think it was more because of his shyness and awkwardness.

    • cchalo, you may be right, he was shy and sometimes he did seem a bit awkward. That is why I was seeing him emerge and become so much more comfortable during the Asian tour and then all he did in the Philippines, and don’t forget how confidient he was on stage during the MKOC tour, I just wanted him to continue, oh well, have to wait until 2014.

      • I agree that I think David didn’t win Idol because he was shy and awkward during interviews on AI. His stage presence has really improved since then too. I’m sure he would win hands down if he was on now.

        I’m sure that David was not dissing Crystal because she was a single mother. His own mother is a single mother right now. David does not appear to be a judgemental person.

      • I think that I remember reading that one of David’s sisters was a huge Lee fan at the time. I would bet that is why David liked him. There were many factors in David not winning and his shyness and being awkward were just one of them. Cook was many women viewers ideal cute rocker boyfriend at the time and that sure helped him. However, It does not seem to be helping Cook with his long term career now. David’s stage presence and confidence has improved.

      • David doesn’t criticize people, but I thought it was strange for him to make the comment about
        Lee being more of a role model. In many circles, being a divorced mom would be a very different thing than one who wasn’t ever married. At the time, I “judged” that as a rare lapse on David’s part.

    • There’s a good bit of irony in the fact that David has shown himself to be a nonjudgmental person even though many expect him to be the opposite due to his religion and yet people find so many things to “judge” about him. He’s often judged before he even does something (i.e. what might or might not be on the upcoming album, the direction of his music when he comes back, etc.).
      To take a simple comment about thinking Lee is a good role model and suddenly it becomes a judgement on unwed mothers is a bit of a stretch. I don’t think that praising one person equates to unfavorably judging another.

      • Ali, I totaly agree about the comment Lee being a role model not being anything against Crystal, but guessing and spiculating what kind of album BEGIN. might be, is imo, not judging David personally. I think that as fans, we are just concern about David’s music career, that’s all.

      • cq – sorry, I should have been more specific on that. I wasn’t referring to the speculating about the songs or such that’s going on now. I was talking about people assuming it would be a religious-only album before we knew anything else about it. idk maybe I’m completely off base but that seemed kind of like a judgement call to me.

        Honestly I feel for David. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to balance the wants and needs of such a diverse fanbase.

      • I have to be honest here. I think it is good that David is releasing BEGIN but my interest as a fan lies in what he does when he returns to his music career. I have very low expectations regarding BEGIN but nice to hear new music. I want to see what type of music he produces after this mission. I hope that David has a diverse fan base to manage when he returns to his career. He needs all types of fans.

      • Marie — I’m totally on board with you on the diverse fanbase being a good thing. I think that’s actually one of the strengths that David has. I was just thinking how hard it is to try to please so many disparate groups of people.

        But, as I said, I think David is in a pretty unique position of drawing from many types of fans. People who are fans of an amazing voice, people who are drawn to his good looks, people who appreciate his spirit — there are so many ways David attracts. And I feel like his Latino roots and the fanbase he has built in Asia will prove to be key in restarting his career when he comes back and giving him an opportunity to grow his career. Not saying that Asia and the Spanish-speaking market are the only areas he’s marketable, just that developing those areas will allow him the ability to expand more everywhere. That’s just my take on it though.

        I am looking forward to BEGIN but I’m definitely managing my expectations as far as sales go. It will be released on a small label and will likely not be heavily promoted. I expect sales will mainly go only to fans who follow him closely but I also suspect that was the idea with the album to begin with (pun not intended lol).

      • Yes,Ali I agree with you.

      • Yes, I too, am trying to have low expectations from the sales of BEGIN. album. I just still will keep hoping that somehow one of the songs from this album will be big for David….I know, “BIG DREAMER” Even if the sales aren’t big, if a few major revievers would give it high marks would be a good thing.

      • This is not a major label release so of course it will not have big sales. The good thing about it is that David will get a bigger percentage of the sales than he would with a big label deal. With a major label the artist gets a very small percentage from the music sales – like 10% (or even less) but with an independent release the artist can get 50 to 60%, so obviously he doesn’t have to sell as many albums to make the same amount as he did with the major label.

  2. I just finished watching that magic on tv and ran over to comment, but I see it’s already posted, bravo. just WOW!! I love dance!!! I couldn’t stop crying. And I agree with you Hg about this show being underrated.

    • Everyone talks about P2 winning AI because women found him cute but my idea of good looking guys were on Duets last night. Robin Thicke, John Legend, and even the host of the show Quddus are very nice looking guys. Maybe that is why I liked the show. lol

  3. HG, thank you SO much for posting that clip. It was incredible. I never would have seen it without your post so thank you! Incredibly creative, expressive, original, and a blend of styles–I hope that young man makes it as big as his dreams.

    • He was just stunning from looking at that video of him on SYTYCD. He is incredibly talented and I hope he goes far.

  4. Looks like it’s good that David did compete on AI when he did. Idol is reducing what they award the second place finisher. Here’s the link to the article:

    • i agree that albums are on the way out but i can’t stand greedy, penny-pinchers (also known as AI execs, judges, and seacrest).

      • Yes, it is a very good thing that David was on idol when he was do the changes in what they are paying the idols. What is so frustrating is that you know the money is going towards the AI show (judges,ect.) and not the idol contestants. The winner and runner up do gain a fan base and a recording contract, or they used to, but that is nothing compared to what Seacrest and the judges get. Albums are on there way out and I can’t keep up with the changes. lol

  5. In case you haven’t heard, Brooke White had her baby girl and tweeted a picture:

    “Meet my lil’ London girl… Born last night, 8lbs 12oz 20 inches! I can’t stop staring at her, she is perfect, this is true love #grateful”

    Congrats Brooke!

  6. that dancer is great! i wasn’t born with one iota of his talent.

    speaking of lee d., here’s a recent article on him. his experience seems like the classic example doing whatever (ie, singing katy perry songs) to reach your dream (ie, an album) and then finding out the means didn’t justify the end.

  7. ‘K, I have to be honest. That dancer kind of creeps me out. lol. But I LOVE the song….

  8. I also heard/read somewhere that the tour is not paying the performers as much as they did in year’s past because the tour itself has not been as lucrative. I think the season 7 idols were paid pretty well for their 50-55 tour stops. And here is a video of an interview of David that was on FOD and it reminds me once again how much thought he gives everything:

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