#WGWG5 Trended Earlier This Evening

And that about says it all.

Congratulations, Phillip Phillips. That was truly an emotional ending when you stopped singing and ran to the arms of your parents. It made up for my feeling a tad bit annoyed that the winner results were so predictable. And your coronation song is halfway decent!

And, welcome to the Runner-Up Circle, Jessica Sanchez! You have joined an illustrious circle (see: Archuleta, David; Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, etc.).

You did yourself proud and held your own against a legend like Jennifer Holliday (I hope Hollywood and Broadway types were paying attention).

Overall, the finale tonight was interesting. Loved the Phone Book Choir, Chaka Khan, Aerosmith, Joshua-meets-Fantasia, and the Hollie Cavanaugh/Jordin Sparks duet.  Rihanna knows how to work a stage, I will give her that.

Other than that, seriously: if you’re not a WGWG, why bother to audition for this show next year?

Think about it: when a girl with a guitar (Crystal Bowersox Season 9) outperformed her off-key WGWG opponent, she lost.  When a girl who sang and held her own with a DIVA like J. Holliday loses to a sick WGWG (so sick he needs to get surgery right away!!!!), something is wrong with the voting.

Sorry, something is not computing.  132 million votes, and the majority went to a sick cute guy who wasn’t even performing at his optimum best? REALLY??

Come on!

I understand that the other talent show, So You Think You Can Dance, is going to have a Top Guy and Top Girl winner this year. They may have to do the same kind of gender Affirmative Action on this show because, whether you like PP or not (and he is likeable and good at what he does – just not great at it), being crowned the fifth (5th!!!) WGWG winner is getting a bit ridiculous.

I can guarantee you, if we had the same trend with another group – let’s say, five girl winners in a row, five black winners in a row – the media and the public would be all over this, wanting the show to change the format in some kind of way.

Of course, I can’t just say it’s “America’s” problem in wanting to vote for the same type of winner since season 7 (and I still blame the inclusion of musical instruments as swaying the votes to this type of winner). I blame the judges.

If Simon Cowell were still on this show, and he thought it was time for a girl winner, he would have known how to manipulate “America” into voting for a girl winner. These current judges are totally inept.  Their unanimous praise of everyone is causing mediocrity to win out in the end.

Do you think Simon Cowell would have let PP get away with his half-checked in performances all season?  Do you think he wouldn’t have told Jessica to change her style pronto, lest she become “boring” (the way he lit into David Cook during Top 20 week)?

Whatever. America gets the winner they vote for. But, as we’ve already learned, that winner isn’t always the best.

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  1. Jessica does join an illustrious AI runner up circle. I agree with you, hg. It is led by David. Phillip has been sick most of this season so it is kind of amazing that he probably was ahead in the votes all along. I noticed that tonight on the show when Ryan talked about Randy saying that certain idols could sing the phone book they showed pics of : Adam, David A. , and Jessica.

  2. hell0g0rge0us

    Adam, David, and Jessica: yes, that IS interesting (and who knew they were already predicting Jessica would be among their ranks?).

    BTW, I found this comment over at MJ’s:

    This win is the single biggest reason to reinstate music education in public schools.


    • That is funny. lol

    • HG~ lol. Too funny. 🙂 Nightline ran a story tonight on “Idols: Where Are They Now?” They said Kelly, Carrie & Jennifer were the only ones to make it big; that many alum have gone back to jobs they had pre-Idol, or worse (drug addictions). They said even the winners aren’t guaranteed more than 15 minutes of fame, citing Ruben’s legal troubles & Lee DeWyze being dropped by his label. They interviewed Sanjaya and David Hernandez. Sanjaya bartends and sings karaoke. David H. isn’t “famous” per se, but is able to pay the bills making music. He said success can take years, & depends on having a team who believes in who you are as an artist & doesn’t try to change you. Oh, and Justin Guarini was on Broadway before Idol. Now he does regional theater in Atlanta. Not related to tonight, but kind of interesting to me…There are no guarantees for any of them..David, Jessica and Philip included.

      • justin’s related tweets; i believe nightline struck a raw nerve with him. i sort of agree with justin though.


        Been wondering what I’m up to? Check out “Nightline” on ABC tonight at 11:30 EST for a cool Idol- Where Are They Now.

        Hey, @Nightline get your facts right. I’ve done 2 broadway shows, 4 regional shows, released 2 albums, hosted hit shows…and am proud to have touched and been touched by people all over the world. Try actually reporting the news next time instead of bottom-feeding

        @Nightline by the way that was all AFTER idol.

        My personal apology 2 every1 I asked to watch @nightline s hack-job of a last segment tonight. Feel free to give them a piece of your mind.

    • Great article, hg. I loved seeing Allison Iraheta’s performance of Cry Baby again. Yet another very talented female idol singer that was not even top 3.

  3. They still get the ratings, despite the wholly predictable behavior of the voting public. But yeah, if I weren’t a WGWG, I wouldn’t audition for American WGWG either.

    Who knows, maybe a recuperated P2 will impress. I thought about attending this year’s tour for about 10 seconds, which is more than any year since I saw David’s.

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    Well, the one good thing about PP winning is that, when my book comes out later this fall, I won’t have to change my words. I’m currently reviewing the page proofs, in which the chapter that I devoted to critiquing American Idol, concluded that the show has now trended toward white guy winners. Had Jessica won this year, I would’ve contradicted myself (now I don’t need to amend anything I’ve written as I had predicted this was the new criteria for winning!)

  5. Oh, and p.s. I’ve never seen Jennifer Holliday before. Is she always so….animated? lol.

    • I think that who ever put that phone book clip together of Adam, David, and Jessica might have already known that Jessica was the runner up. That these three idols can really sing and they did not win and all lost to WGWG is interesting. HDD is predicting that the sales of Haley and Kris’s new albums will sell about the same amount as David’s TOSOD first week sales. I predict that Kris will be the next WGWG leaving RCA very soon. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news/newsPage.cgi?news08990m01

  6. After watching that vid I find it sadly ironic that none of those great “phone book” singers ended up winning. Pure singers will have a hard time going forward. Maybe recognition of this trend finally by the media which was only underground rumblings thus far, will prompt the show to make more equitable changes the next time around. I personally did not connect with Jessica but it is a shame that P2 did not even have to try as hard to maintain an edge versus one who sung her lungs out every time.

    • I saw this comment regarding AI and I think that it seems to be true for many viewers of the show .– “For me, Idol is a reality show first and a finder of talent a very distant second.” The viewers are entertained by the AI show but then don’t support the idols careers long-term with some exceptions. David being one of them. The viewers then move on to next seasons AI show. These other reality talent shows seem to be headed the same way. Javier’s, winner of the voice, career is not doing that great and we will see how Melanie, winner of the XFactor, does when her album is released but I have my doubts about her success. I think David did very well for himself on the show and afterwards with his career when you think about it and compare him to other idols.

  7. I haven’t watched Idol snice David’s season. Maybe Philip won because he is not well. Cook seemed to become more popular after his brother, may he RIP was introduced on the show and then Cook himself had to be taken to the hospital with high blood pressure.I too know that Simon didn’t help our David by going on talk shows and dissing him.

    • SandyBeaches

      Why is it that people like Simon seemed against David, also Ellen and Oprah? Any thoughts?


      • Sandybeaches, could it be because of his religious beliefs, just a guess. David really never shoves it down anybody throats, to judge generally, not just the person. I think that Simon guessed as to what he thought who would win, but I don’t think he said that Cook was the better singer, did he? Anyway, of those three I’m thinking that Ellen would have a problem with his religion, therefore, just couldn’t get past that.

      • My guess is that dislike of David’s dad did play into the lack of acceptance of David by them whether it was fair or not. They knew his dad would control David’s career and did not like it IMO. Also David is very devout in his religious beliefs and very conservative and that does not fit in with the current pop music scene. I don’t think it was his religion as much as David being so devout IMO. David is also so genuine, down to earth, and nonjudgmental but I guess they did not care about that. I just don’t vote anymore on AI. I have not since S7 and I suspect that many others don’t bother. I really do not have a problem with P2 winning as I had more of an issue with the previous 4 WGWG winning for some reason. lol

  8. Everyone knows that the idol demographic these days skews white older female, especially the ones invested enough in the show to vote. Why should it surprise anyone, then, if a white “presentable” male wins?

    I would also wager a guess that some of those posting here have voted for the white guy you speak of and have DL’d his coronation song in bulk. Trust me on this.

    What I don’t quite get is if these white older women understand the end game here. The end game, of course, is you vote your fanny off for the new white guy. You buy the new white guy’s single and album in bulk. You go to the white guy’s shows, even if you have to drive a thousand miles just to see him again. Then you watch the white guy be tossed overboard (and fed to the great white sharks) because voila! there’s a new white guy in the AI spin cycle.

    The argument, of course, is “I can support more than one white guy at a time, can’t I?” Well, not really. I mean, are you going to travel a thousand miles just to see 5 white guys’ shows? Are you going to buy 25-50 albums every time one of the 5 white guys releases one? Is radio going to play 5 white guys in a row? And what about invitations to perform here and there at Christmas tree lighting ceremonies? Are they going to invite all 5 white guys to sing who were all spawned from the same show?

    5 White Guys – Burgers & Fries!

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    There’s only one white guy on Idol I’ve ever voted for, downloaded singles for, paid concert and VIP tickets to see, and even blog about. 😉

    He doesn’t quite fit the WGWG model (more like WGWPiano and hints of Latino). Even then, he could saaaaang like nobody’s business, so I can’t help but wonder:

    Had David A. won Idol his season, would we be dealing with a WGWG for five seasons in a row?

    Also, I’m not sure what I think of the theory of the “older white female audience.” I would assume that, if the audience for Idol skews older, then that audience, like myself, have probably been watching Idol since Season 1.

    That same audience was able to vote for four female winners and three black ones. What happened after David’s season that made this audience shift gears completely and vote for the same type of winner over and over?

    Is it the same audience, or did a completely different audience take over? And why?

    • The demographics for AI are trending older, but I think the biggest change has come with technology. Before S7, the technology wasn’t there for power voters to make so much more of a difference than the many “I’ll throw a few votes her way” casual voters. So I think the winners are reflecting a smaller portion of the viewing audience.

      On the subject of W-ishGWPiano, I once saw David referred to as the “poster child for mixed race American youth.”

      • I agree with you regarding the tech. for the power voters, crabpot. That is a very good point.

    • “Duets” is on tonight. Yet another reality talent show. Enough already. lol I have to watch as I am a fan of all the music artists on this one. John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles and Robin Thicke are all favorites of mine.

    • It must be the woody.

      White older females were always heavily in the mix. S7 obviously was the tipping point (Cougars for Cook), but there were a lot of close calls in the earlier seasons. Kelly was able to defeat Justin; Ruben, Clay; Carrie, Bo; Jordin, Blake. Then, of course, there’s Taylor — his selling point apparently was the gray hair. (BTW, there weren’t 7 winners b4 David’s season but I get your point.)

      David sang with a woody but he’s 1/2 Hispanic, so the WGWG model would not apply.

  10. Say what?????

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance (because I’ve had my full of singing shows). Did any of you see that crazy, SICK!!!!, unbelievably $#@%! good breakdancing performance? It had me in tears (never had that reaction to freestyle before…EVER!).

    • I have to say I am really enjoying duets. Some great singing.

    • Hg, i watch SYTYCD and DWTS, I’m done with singing shows, also. I’m on the westcoast, so it hasn’t aired here yet. SYTYCD, Next Food Network Star and Next Design Star. Eventhough some of the judge for this shows are kinda over the top at times, it doesn’t seem like it’s all about them, anyway that’s how I see it.

  12. I love the singing and dancing competitions so I will probably watch both. I have a dvr so I can tape one and watch the other. I am enjoying duets. It’s different from the others because a contestant has to duet with the star. They will never sing a solo. I read that they will only be following eight contestants so it won’t be the large number that The Voice had.

    Kelly’s two contestants were in the bottom two. If you that didn’t watch tonight want to see it, they are going to run it again on Sunday night.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      That’s good to know! 🙂 I didn’t want to miss SYTYCD so glad to know I can catch up on Duets.

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