Missing Idol’s Finale for Cirque du Soleil!

This year was the first time I’ve ever missed Idol’s Top 2 Finale, and I’ve been watching since Season 1.

Of course, I don’t care. I’ve been so underwhelmed by the talent popping up on the show that I couldn’t even be bothered to record it on my DVR.  Instead, I went to the circus! 🙂

Seeing Cirque du Soleil perform Michael Jackson’s Immortal World Tour was a long time coming. I received the tickets as a birthday present, and I was finally able to attend the show.  It definitely lived up to all my expectations and beyond.

Let’s put it this way: Michael Jackson’s Music + Cirque du Soleil = Magic! Imagination! Mind-blowing Awesomeness!

I haven’t seen such things on Idol since David Archuleta (who of course never needed all the razzle-dazzle pedazzle that the likes of Cirque and MJ have relied on to entertain the masses, but still: pyrotechnic-meets-acrobats-meets-greatness makes for magnificence).

What was really amazing to me during the 2-hour plus show was how the more simple performances turned out to be my favorites.

Like, the “Human Nature” piece, which included high-flying trapeze artists spinning in the air, only detected through lights illuminating their bodies, as they danced against the backdrop of deep space.

I tell ya, I was moved unspeakably to tears, it was so beautiful. The entire concept, beginning with our clown M.C. stand-in as MJ doing an amazing breakdance popping number while the digitized screen imagined his inspiration coming from musical keys, was awe-inspiring, especially as he surrounds himself with hearts. Love, the ultimate source of inspiration!

Or, how about a pas de deux in air, danced to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”?

Simply exquisite!

The Thriller number looked like it was recreated from the concept behind Michael Jackson’s This is It, so I wasn’t as blown away, other than it was cool to hear the song, and I wish they did more with Earth Song. I definitely think they could have done a more beautiful presentation with costuming and flying trapeze artists, instead of relying on the music video. Yes, I expect more from Cirque du Soleil.  I wanted flying butterflies and animated trees, or even an oceanic scene!  Those two numbers were a bit lazy, compared to the more simplistic performances that offered more imagination.

What saved Thriller?  The prelude, which included a “Book Worm” woman, literally crawling out of a book about “ghost stories.” 🙂

Absolutely awesome what she was able to do with her body!

But perhaps one of the most moving performances came toward the end, when militaristic robots came out marching to “They Don’t Really Care About Us,” while different images from the music video and footage around the world, detailing our social problems, illuminated on screen. When the dance number faded to black, all we could see were their illuminated red hearts, keeping rhythm to the audible heart beats.  But of course! Only love can “fight” social injustice!

Such an MJ message: L.O.V.E. 😛

All around the stadium were illuminated red hearts that segued to a moving number of “Will You Be There,” which culminated with a hologram of MJ himself and a clip of little Michael singing “I’ll Be There”!


After that was an energized medley of “Can You Feel It,” “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” “Billie Jean,” and “Black or White.”  The finale of course was MJ’s “Man in the Mirror.”  Simple and subtle (though it would have been cooler if the company held up mirrors to the audience to remind us all how we need to look ourselves in the mirror).

I’m still on a high from the evening before.  I certainly recommend you go see this show if it’s playing in your area.

So, after all that, and after realizing I wasn’t at all a bit tired so went online to catch up on what I missed on Idol, I’m even more disgusted at what Idol has become.

Really, there will never be another Michael Jackson (and certainly not someone who could inspire a spectacular show like Cirque du Soleil’s Immortal), but these reality TV contests should be about seeking greatness.  There’s no nurturing even of potential. Just a whole lot of empty platitudes and fake mentoring.

Reality TV: a celebration in mediocrity.

But even in the midst of mediocrity, one often catches a glimpse of greatness.  We found that in David.  Other than that, Idol needs to pack it up.

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  1. What a fabulous post Hg. I have seen a couple of Cirque du Soleil and I loved them both. The MJ looks like it might be the best ever. Hope to see it someday.

    Love this: But even in the midst of mediocrity, one often catches a glimpse of greatness. We found that in David. Other than that, Idol needs to pack it up…………couldn’t agree more.

    • Reading this post really makes me want to go see Cirque du Soleil perform Michael Jackson’s Immortal World Tour, hg. You really captured the show in your post and I love MJ. We do all miss David on Idol don’t we.

  2. We went to the Beatles Love in Las Vegas last year and loved it. Such a good show.

  3. I sure wish the MJ/Cirque du Soleil was coming to my neck of the woods. When I first saw the lead photo, I envisioned the “Smooth Crimimal” video.

    Re. Idol, I’m not interested enough to watch the outcome tonight. I think I’ll watch basketball playoffs instead. I wish Jessica and P2 the best but I’d prefer to see Jessica win.

  4. I was on a short trip and didn’t get home in time to watch AI last night, but I do have it taped. I ended up watching the DWTS finale which I also had taped and I think the best singing was probably on that show last night. Kelly Clarkson sang her latest hit, but the best vocal last night belonged to Gladys Knight. She sang “The Way We Were” with such emotion like David would do. She felt the song and they showed some in the audience with tears in their eyes.

    I too hope that MJ/Cirque Du Soleil comes close to me sometime too. HG, your post made me really want to see it.

  5. i lied, i watched part of idol, lol.

    lol at randy dancing and singing to chaka khan’s “i’m every woman”. seeing her reminded me that david tweeted about seeing her at the prince concert. i.miss.david

    • I am watching. Fantasia had quite the outfit on. lol I loved Chaka.

      • i’m still thinking about what to say re. fantasia,lol. next to david, she’s still my fav idol but sometimes she makes me just shake my head.

      • I’m watching too. Yeah, Fantasia’s fashion sense can be rather strange. She really should stay away from the really tight pants. Joshua and Fantasia really took that song to church!

        I guess Jessica doesn’t sing with duet with a famous singer as she is now singing a solo re-do of “I Will Always Love You”.

        Oh, another song that David did – “Coming to America”. It’s Neil Diamond songs again. I enjoy the cheesy group songs. Where’s Neil?

      • hell0g0rge0us

        The rumor was that she was supposed to sing And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going with either Jennifer Holliday or Jennifer Hudson. Let us wait and see!

      • Oh, of course, here he is. It just took a few numbers to bring him out. Oh, for season 7 – Neil Diamond week. Of course, I love that Neil called David a musical prodigy.

  6. they need david to show them how it’s done!

  7. Ok, Sunny tweeted a really cute picture:
    Sunny Hilden ‏@SunnyHilden

    Another fun Idol 7 Finale memory with David Archuleta’s family, friends & future brides:)♥♫ http://twitpic.com/9oiapw

  8. jlo is dancing like a woman who wants to be “it” on the pop scene again, lol. go jlo!

  9. jessica singing with jennifer holiday??? this i have to see.

  10. They are showing a lot of former Idols tonight which is great. I loved the duet with Jordan and Hollie. Of course the marriage proposal from Ace to Diana was so sweet. She was shocked. This has been a very entertaining finale. I just wish David was there….

    • Yes I think it is a good finale too.

    • Oh, I loved the singing the phone book Idol choir. I have Idol tape so I will see if I can see David. I remember when David and Cook sang the phone book for MTV. Makes me miss David more.

    • i haven’s seen any idols from season 7.

      • No season 7 Idols have been shown. David Cook was on a couple weeks ago. I wonder when Brooke’s baby is due. I read that Jason is going to make an album for the Philippines and tour there. Cook is planning an Asian tour. I’m sure Jessica will be very popular there. David has started a trend.

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez… That was… EPIC!!! 😀

    • yes! i knew holliday would not let someone show her up but jessica did quite well esp. for someone so young.

  12. gee … i’m shocked, lol. jokes aside, i wish all them well and i like p2’s coronation song.

  13. Congrats to P2! I will definitely buy his single – I love it a lot. I KNOW Jessica will do well also.

    • Congrats to P2! It was very touching at the end. I do like his coronation song too. I know that Jessica has a record deal as they already reported that she does. I think P2 was leading all season in the votes as he was never in the bottom.

      • I do really like P2 but I guess it is WGWG#5 for the win. lol I have to admit that I did enjoy the show tonight.

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