We Fear David Will “Judge” More than We Fear Judging Him

In the last poll I conducted last week, I had asked you to weigh in on what would most blow your image of David.  Nearly 30% of you frowned upon the thought of David ever cussing in a song (the way I was dismayed when John Legend did something similar), but a majority of you (42%) feared more that David would become judgmental of “sinners,” what with his ultra-religious leanings and obsessions at the moment.

So, basically, what would really blow our image of David is that he would become a self-righteous judgmental religionist, rather than the open-minded God-fearing yet spiritual brother we all believe him to be.

Hmmm. Let’s think about that for a moment. Basically, we’d be fine if he showed a little “edge” in his public persona (romantic kissing in a music video, TV show or movie, posing shirtless, etc.), but the minute he starts shouting “Repent!”, we’re done.

And I guess that totally makes sense.  Any of the other things mentioned in the poll (apart from the cussing, which would really be out-of-character) would probably just be signs that he is maturing and getting more comfortable in his skin and his sex appeal.  It’s the direction of growth that we’re more concerned about: the growing to be more sensual and more confident versus growing in what’s considered a narrower direction, in which someone has decided to not embrace anyone who doesn’t fit his particular worldview.

Whatever David plans, I do hope he maintains his generous and open spirit. It’s what we fell in love with, apart from his magnificent Voice.

After all, over the weekend when reading different tributes in the wake of Donna Summer’s passing, I came upon an interesting debate among some gay fans, who still remained divided over her legacy. Some say her disco music provided the soundtrack to their lives as they learned to love and accept themselves during the liberation days of the ’70s; others reminded those with such fond memories that Donna Summer had condemned gays in the ’80s and called HIV/AIDS “God’s punishment” when she had become a born-again Christian.

Needless to say, the conversation about her legacy quickly deteriorated in a virtual fight between those who wanted to remember the positive things – some even denying that Summer ever publicly denounced them – and those who thought her ’80s legacy of condemnation wiped the slate clean on anything empowering she did as an “accidental gay icon.”

Obviously, even in death or thirty years in passing, fans are not so willing to forgive such judgments from an idol.

The fact that more than 40% of David’s fans have already decided a similar condemning religious outlook would be a “deal breaker” for them, I can only hope that David doesn’t disappoint and that he maintains the wisdom he has been able to show at such a young age.


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  1. I cannot see David ever judging anyone. He may become more strengthened in his beliefs, but I think he will always live and let live. That seems to have always been his motto.JMHO of course. The one thing that does bother me at times though is how people are afraid David is going to change and start judging people but people judge David all the time because of his religion and his beliefs, kind of seems like a double standard to me. Not pointing fingers at anyone and I hope I did not come across as such, just stating how I feel.

  2. Hg, thank you for the thought provoking post. I love reading all your posts, but this one of your best.
    I don’t believe in a few things that David is doing right now, but I respect the right for him to do it,,,am I being judgmental because I don’t believe in what he is doing? What is right for him, imo, is not right for me, but I wouldn’t want to preach to him that my way is better, it’s just different.
    I just want the public David I fell in love with; golden voice, open minded, loving, funny BACK, TO HIS SINGING CAREER! What he is in his private life is his business and it should be kept seperate from his public life.

    • Great Post hg. Very thought provoking and you raised some good points. It would be a “deal breaker” for me if David became a self-righteous judgmental religionist. “I can only hope that David doesn’t disappoint and that he maintains the wisdom he has been able to show at such a young age.”—- I second that hope hg. To me it is all about the music with David not his religious beliefs. I just don’t care about that as a fan of a music artist. I enjoy many other music artists and feel the same about them.

  3. I like the tweet that @ DavidArchie sent out today via Kari. Nice to see he is getting around Chile.

  4. I like that tweet from David too. It tells me a few things. It tells me that he has money with him if he needs or wants to use it. It tells me that common sense still prevails – if you need to take a taxi, you take a taxi. It tells me somehow that David’s companion must be having a fun David adventure too. It tells me that David is still having fun talking to random people and is having more taxi adventures. See how much fun I can have out of one small tweet!

  5. No record deal for Pip:

    • I like Pip. So talented and I hope he makes the money he needs. So frustrating to see such good talent struggle. Maybe his “coach” Adam Levine could kick in some money seeing how Adam has made a ton of money by being on “The Voice.”

  6. David becoming outwardly judgemental of sinners doesn’t seem like a realistic fear, though I did choose that on the poll as the worst hypothetical. He’ll probably be more like Donny Osmond, who was on Howard Stern’s show several times, works in Vegas, and appeared shirtless (lol, I wish). David has always emphasized being a good example and being relatable, rather than being critical of others.

    I think when he returns, it’s possible that his ultra-religiousness could be demonstrated in becoming even more observant of his church rules, such as never working on Sunday. My reading of the missionaries is that they say they feel sorry for the rest of us–that we don’t have the truth they have (though they love us soooo much).

    • cc halo, David has worked on Sunday when he toured and also if he had a tv thing that was on Sunday, so I’m thinking that they can work on Sundays. I think that David always tried to fit church time, but still worked.
      Oh and if any missionaries are reading this, please don’t waste your time feeling sorry for me, I am just fine with my truth. It just doesn’t seem like the public David that I gotten to know, would think or say that kind of statement.

      • Yes, I know he works on Sundays, but many very orthodox Mormons don’t. There are LDS athletes that have turned down a promising career in their sport because they would have been required to play on Sundays.

        Change of topic: I can’t help but root for Phillip, even though the WGWG monopoly bothers me. Back in the top 24, we predicted a Phillip/Jessica finale–but having gone through the season, including Jessica being voted off, I’m shocked that that’s how it actually worked out.

      • P.S. cq–I have a HUGE cognitive dissonance when I read the missionary blogs, including the one of an acquaintance of ours, NONE of them sound anything like the public David we’ve gotten to know. Better to leave it alone, per advice from LDS fans.

      • Yes, cc halo, thanks for the heads up. I will not read those blogs. I do admit that when David was in MTC I did go to a few, but only read the part where they mentioned David. Didn’t have any interested in knowing anything about the blogger’s mission work. No disrespect, I know they are doing what they think is right.

  7. I really do like P2 but that was the worst version of Stand By Me I have ever heard. lol David’s version of that song was just so good. I miss David. I hope this show picks up.

  8. To me it is a very flat finale so far. I do not see an edge with either contestant. TBH, they both sound just tired of the whole thing. JMO

  9. raelovingangels

    Great article! Thanks for interpreting your poll. Wow, had no idea about that little bit of history re Donna Summer… I wonder if in recent years she changed her position? Some folks say things based on ignorance, that with time and experience they realize were poor judgments.

  10. I actually liked P2’s “Home” song. It sounded a bit like Mumford & Son which I like a lot also.

    • I agree with you joymus. I thought that P2’s “Home” was very good. But still not that good of a finale.

      • I would be totally shocked if P2 does not win this. I think the standing O by the judges at the end for P2 clinched it for him. I don’t really have a problem with it or care much. Watching Glee and it looks like a great last episode as many of them are leaving this year.

  11. Just saw this on twitter, the ultimate WGWG idol, lol


  12. Reading the blogs doesn’t interest me at all…And yeah, I’m pretty sure P2 is gonna win, dang it all.

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    Wow, just getting back from Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson Immortal show. I’m still SPEECHLESS! What a spectacular and magnificent show! 😀 David would’ve totally loved this!

    Gee, I’m so out of it and didn’t realize Idol’s Top 2 Final show was tonight. The fact that

    1. This is the first Top 2 performance I’ve ever missed since I’ve been watching since Season 1


    2. I really could care less about missing Top 2 tonight (what with the high I’m still on)

    says everything there is to be said about American Idol and Season 11 in particular.

  14. Oh… just watching P2’s Stand By Me. I actually LOVE it.

  15. With David, what you see is what you get. He is not a phoney. He is always respectful of other people and looks for the best in everything. I can’t imagine him doing any of the things on the list.

  16. I agree with you, Olive. I can’t see David doing any of the things on the list.

    Those who worry about David going all nasty ultra-religious/judgmental can take a deep breath. It is not gonna happen, trust me. It would take a personality transplant via a serious head injury or something such to pull that one off.

    I’ve been an active member of the LDS church for forty long years, and I’ve never seen it. It’s not what we’re about. It’s just not what we do, not our approach, not even remotely close to how we’re taught to relate to others. We’re encouraged to see the good in those around us, to appreciate our neighbors, to be good friends and a support to them.

    We’re obviously encouraged to make good choices–that’s big a la the Ten Commandments, right? But, that ‘looking-down-your-nose at the dreadful sinners’ thang just does not happen. Period. It’s 180 out from what I’ve seen. I mean, I can’t speak for everyone everywhere, but if it occurred more than once in a blue moon, one would think I would have seen or heard of it at least ONCE in forty years.

    Plus, David is about as loving and accepting of others as anyone you could find on the planet. That kind of haughty, ‘I’m-better-than-you so shape up’ is sooo not him. A mission tends to make the elders and sisters more understanding and accepting than before coz they develop such love for those they serve. The missionaries may say some goofy, even foolish things in their blogs, but you’ve gotta realize that they are young and often immature. You can have a testimony of Christ and live a righteous life without having matured. A lot of children love the Savior and live exemplary lives. They’re not mature. These young missionaries mean well and are doing an admirable thing in choosing to serve, I think. At least in my book.

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