Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

We Fear David Will “Judge” More than We Fear Judging Him

In the last poll I conducted last week, I had asked you to weigh in on what would most blow your image of David.  Nearly 30% of you frowned upon the thought of David ever cussing in a song (the way I was dismayed when John Legend did something similar), but a majority of you (42%) feared more that David would become judgmental of “sinners,” what with his ultra-religious leanings and obsessions at the moment.

So, basically, what would really blow our image of David is that he would become a self-righteous judgmental religionist, rather than the open-minded God-fearing yet spiritual brother we all believe him to be.

Hmmm. Let’s think about that for a moment. Basically, we’d be fine if he showed a little “edge” in his public persona (romantic kissing in a music video, TV show or movie, posing shirtless, etc.), but the minute he starts shouting “Repent!”, we’re done.

And I guess that totally makes sense.  Any of the other things mentioned in the poll (apart from the cussing, which would really be out-of-character) would probably just be signs that he is maturing and getting more comfortable in his skin and his sex appeal.  It’s the direction of growth that we’re more concerned about: the growing to be more sensual and more confident versus growing in what’s considered a narrower direction, in which someone has decided to not embrace anyone who doesn’t fit his particular worldview.

Whatever David plans, I do hope he maintains his generous and open spirit. It’s what we fell in love with, apart from his magnificent Voice.

After all, over the weekend when reading different tributes in the wake of Donna Summer’s passing, I came upon an interesting debate among some gay fans, who still remained divided over her legacy. Some say her disco music provided the soundtrack to their lives as they learned to love and accept themselves during the liberation days of the ’70s; others reminded those with such fond memories that Donna Summer had condemned gays in the ’80s and called HIV/AIDS “God’s punishment” when she had become a born-again Christian.

Needless to say, the conversation about her legacy quickly deteriorated in a virtual fight between those who wanted to remember the positive things – some even denying that Summer ever publicly denounced them – and those who thought her ’80s legacy of condemnation wiped the slate clean on anything empowering she did as an “accidental gay icon.”

Obviously, even in death or thirty years in passing, fans are not so willing to forgive such judgments from an idol.

The fact that more than 40% of David’s fans have already decided a similar condemning religious outlook would be a “deal breaker” for them, I can only hope that David doesn’t disappoint and that he maintains the wisdom he has been able to show at such a young age.