Idol Finale Week and Commencement Weekend

Whew! I’m absolutely wiped out from a full weekend of commencement activities. So, in honor of our 2012 graduates and with the finale coming up on Idol this week, how about a trip down memory lane when David stepped up his game? 🙂


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  1. Still to this day I’m shaking my head in disbelief that this talented genius didn’t win….I know that’s water under the bridge, and probably was better for David in the long run.

  2. David was absolutely brilliant on that song!! From 1:33 on still brings tears to my eyes.

    From the previous thread, I’m curious to see if JLegend and KClarkson are asked to play certain roles as judges to liven up their show. And if so, how far are those two willing to give in to the pressure.

    • desertrat, imo, these shows are just shows, not to find new tatent. If one of these singers become stars, it’s a perk, but that’s not the main reason for the show….it’s all about what entertainment the masses want and these shows have to adjust to fit their needs. It seems like it’s all about the judges.
      I’ve given up watching singing shows, but still watch other competion shows, for example, DWTS, next network star, project runway, etc. and can’t wait until SYTYCD starts. All these examples still have a good balance between contestants and judges, imo.

  3. Great, Just great. Same week as Donna Summer we have now lost Robin Gibb of BeeGees. I really loved that group…RIP.

  4. RIP Robin Gibb.

    Sure hope that a single will be released from the BEGIN. album before the release of the album itself.

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    Poor Barry Gib! To be the oldest and now to survive your younger siblings. How sad and lonely he must feel. 😦

    RIP Robin Gibb!

    • I am looking forward to the finale on AI this week. It should be interesting. I actually think that Jessica may win this as IMO she has been the choice of TPTB from the start of the show. Good for Jessica if she does wins. I thought P2 was a lock but I am not so sure if AI wants P2 to win. Maybe P2 might be better off not winning based on the past track record of WGWG winners lack of long-term success. lol I honestly don’t care who wins and am just going to watch the finale for the entertainment. It is nice to not be so vested in a contestant like I was with David.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        What do you make of that suspicious story on TMZ, declaring that Phillip Phillips needs surgery ASAP?

      • I think that P2 had issues with kidney stones giving him pain throughout his whole Idol run. They are very painful but I think think he will be OK. P2 was lucky that he did not have to be in those stupid Ford commercials. lol I am sure if he needs some kind of surgery after the finale he will be fine but it could effect some tour dates. I think that Nigel and AI are in constant contact with TMZ to plant stories. Who knows where the truth is with TMZ? lol

  6. Hoping we get an announcement from Kari that a single will be released soon, lol…ok, one can dream that will happen.

  7. I can’t believe that it was 4 years ago today that David was in the AI finale. It just does not seem possible that it was that long ago.

    • marie, I know. I loved everyone of those four years, from so much happening I couldn’t keep up to droughts that I thought would never end, to me, that was so much fun. I really love David’s voice, but at first, I really was thinking of following his career as a hobby. Now, I’m an official diehard fan and want a megia successful singing career for David. Oh, BTW, now I know the true meaning of drought, lol.

  8. Just went down memory lane and watched AI Imagine and just don’t believe that it only has 1.4million hits. I really am surprised after all the buzz after that performance.

    • TropicalAngel

      cq For some reason, every time his AI Imagine video gets to four or five million views, they take it away…

    • As TropicalAngel said, there have been several Imagine videos with views in the millions that have been pulled down from YT. Not just Imagine either — I’ve seen it with other AI performances of David’s too. As an example, one that was NOT pulled is When You Believe (which really is not one of his better known performances from AI) and it has over 6 million views now.

  9. The clip above of the Bee Gees reminds me of why I love music so much. Such tender, simple, sweet lyrics … without being cheesy. Who even writes lyrics like that anymore? Thanks for posting Marie.

    • desertrat, I bet that’s why David said he was listening to 70s and 80s music, I think he tweeted it or maybe said it on vlog. Simple, good music with heart.

  10. Would like that too, desertrat. Really wish that some sort of promotion will be in place for this album. We’ll just have to see.

  11. Just commenting on the annoying way they (somehow Idol-connected) pulled allmost all his high count youtubes a couple years back. Remember when 2 days after he sang Imagine he had 2 million views and that was pulled. He had high-count finale youtubes that were also pulled. It has annoyed me for years.

    • Man, i don’t understand why that was done. To me I would think that AI would want their contestants to look good by large number of hits for their songs on AI.

  12. Me too Collegemom. I’ve shaken my fist too many times to count! They (whoever “they” are), have been pulling David’s highest viewed videos for quite some time. Aggravating, indeed! I have to laugh it off once the anger subsides and realize David is going to persevere. All in due time. His time, of course! 😉

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