Quench the Thirst…

Kari is really awesome in updating David’s Twitter while he’s away and subsequently quenching our thirst as we wait out this longest of the Archudroughts.

I mean, seriously, what would I do, in the wake of the sad news of Donna Summer’s passing (and the sad realization that better vocalists like Hollie Cavanaugh and Joshua Ledet failed to make the American Idol finale but PP2 did) without that smile, that face!, which always puts a smile on my own face? 😀

Loving the shared video of David’s reaction to seeing himself on a billboard (why can’t we get a similar billboard in our own cities here in the USA?).

Sigh.  Sometimes, as Joni Mitchell would say, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

Speaking of those who’re gone, I must pay homage to Donna Summer, and while I will cherish her disco anthems, like “I Feel Love” or “Last Dance,” it’s actually a song from the ’80s, which always makes me feel so good and so nostalgic about my childhood days when I used to live with relatives in the Caribbean.

Any of you remember her “Unconditional Love” with the reggae group, Musical Youth?

RIP Donna Summer, and thank you for the youthful memories! 🙂


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  1. Miss him like crazy. Two years is such a long time in the entertaintment industry. I’m such a selfish fan, I want David to have a successful music career so that he will be able to always produce music. I just hope this hiatus is not the biggest mistake of his music career. Dang, a year hiatus would been perfect.

    • I agree with your entire comment cq. Time will tell hows this effects his career. Although when I look at how many of the other idols music careers (winners included) are not doing that well at all then I do think that maybe it does not matter so much. I guess at this point it all depends if he has a good plan in place for his music career when he returns. I still think a label and good management is the key for David along with his having the strong desire for his career. Kari does give me some hope.

      • Marie, you are so right, there is a lot of idols that aren’t doing that well and they are working hard at their careers. I found David while watching AI, but I feel like he is so much more than a reality show contestant that did well. I know that I have been reading a lot of comments about him going with an independant label when he returns, but I’m with you, I think he needs a big label in order to have enough muscle behind him to get him back on top.

      • Cq we do agree on a David’s needing a big label for his music career. I believe that most of the indie labels are “distributed” through the major labels anyway. I do know many fans do not agree but that is just IMO.

  2. I miss David too. It’s hard for me to visit fansites where countdowns to his return are posted. I prefer to go thru the period by taking things one day at a time. Life has so many twists and turns, do we really know how long he will be away? Maybe less time, maybe more.

    It’s nice seeing the clip of Donna Summer with Musical Youth. Actually, when the Marley post was up a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to revisit their video “Pass the Dutchie”.

    • DRat – Totally agree with your post.

      First, I feel David will be away for a bit more than the 2 years because we have to take into account a readjustment period – going from talking about heavenly goals to a completely secular irreligious environment. Other priorities may also intrude such as college or even starting a family. Granted he may be more inclined to quickly jump start 2 years of a stagnant career to replenish diminished earnings.

      Re – DSummer and Marley. Ever since HG’s post I’ve been YTing the heck out of their musical legacy to learn what made them so great.

  3. Love the Billboard and so glad David and Kari got to see it the day before he left Manila. Like Desertrat I thought of “Where Did They Park?” when watching the Video. Love that Kari and David’s Official Site are keeping us posted.

    RIP Donna Summers.

    I support David in following his own path!! I will be here to support him. One day at a time!!

  4. P.S. Would Love a Billboard here in Iowa!! ha! I’ve told Bench that numerous times.

  5. Marie – thought of you when I read this on my xfinity comcast home page. Enjoy!


  6. Ok I’m going to say something that probably is going to get me in trouble, but I have to say it, dang it. I hope that David’s mission president (I guess that’s what they are called) would send David home next year because he has done as much in one year than any other missionary can do in two, lol. And, that David will be ok with the president’s decision. Ok, glad I got that out of system, lol.

    • Get you in trouble?? LOL, if this happens many of us will be singing your praises. 🙂

    • There’s one key thing you said CQ – IF David is okay with it. Except that we know 2 things about his personality – he digs in his heels and is a stickler for rules. It is difficult to adjust to less inspiration on a daily basis when we were used to a bounty harvest for 4 years.

    • I am with you on David being sent home early, cq. That is what I hope. lol I hope that David can have a career like Kelly’s, joymous. My favorite idols are Kelly and David. Kelly has always had a major label behind her and professional management. She has changed management several times but always pro. management. She has been with RCA Sony since 2001 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Clarkson Kelly is currently managed by Starstruck Entertainment, Reba McEntire and her husband’s company. I don’t recall Kelly every taking 2 years off from her career with no communication but I could be wrong.

      • Marie, being a Kelly fan, you should be very happy about her new show. Like her songs, but never to a point that I wanted to buy any one them. But you can’t go by me, I don’t buy cds that much. That is why I still don’t understand my ODD. I will buy any music that David puts out, lol.

      • Kelly has had her ups and downs in her career but she is doing great now. She is now dating Reba McEntire’s step son so she seems happy in her personal life too. I can only wish that happens for David and that he hangs in there with his music career.

  7. joe jonas bench poster. http://twitter.com/#!/benchtm/status/203642478597898240/photo/1

    but we’ve seen better. 😉

    • I always thought that Nick was the most talented of the JBo’s. Yes, we have seen better. lol

  8. marie, do you think that it was good if David and Kelly recorded a song together someday?

  9. David just has the right skin and hair for commercial endorsements. Sorry, but everyone else just pales in comparison.

  10. Even though i have none of her songs, I just like Kelly’s voice, spunk, personality and forwardness. She always tells you what is on her mind. David seems to hide a LOT behind that smile. I think he probably experienced quite a bit of what Kelly described, but wanting to go on a mission all along determined many of his decisions.

    • I agree that there was alot going on with David that his fans were never aware of. It is just too bad that David is not doing what Scotty M. is doing and going to college but still not leaving his career. That just seems like a good balance and compromise to me. I am not a Scotty fan as he is too twangy country and I still do not know how he won but he also went back to his high school and finished his senior year with his peers. I wish David had that kind of normal experience.

      • I never voted for Scotty or purchased his album. He just had the right genre of being a country artist that allowed him to sell that many albums IMO. I still do wonder how he well he will do long-term. I am more of a Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts fan as far as country music goes. I am not a big Carrie fan either. I like some of her songs but not all.

  11. I’ve always thought that David has had real rough patches in his young life, but he chooses to not get him down. The break-up of his parents marriage for one, must of been so hard, not only for him but the rest of the kids. I feel that sadness through a lot of his songs in some way.
    My hope is that he can tape into that sadness and create music that will not only help him, but will be such an inspiration to so many.

    • Yes, David has has rough patches but he seems to be a very optimistic person. I think his time before TOSOD came out was very hard for him too. He was really thin when the album came out.

      According to what David wrote in COS he had to drop out of school when he made it into the finals of AI due to the school’s strict attendance policy. Although he hasn’t actually told us, I do believe that David got his GED. One of the rules for going on a Mormon mission is to have graduated from high school or have a GED. Who knows, maybe David will take some college courses when he gets back from his mission.

      I do think that David did everything in his power to be able to come back to music when he returns from his two year mission. He earned some money and additional fans in the Philippines by doing Nandito Ako and being a Bench model. He recorded two albums and hired Kari to take care of his fans via twitter, facebook and you tube while he is gone. I like how someone called Kari, David’s fan sitter!

      • That is a good name for Kari. Love her. lol I just heard this new song” The Simple Life” by Casey Abrams who was a AI contestant from last year. Casey was my favorite last year. I just love it and I think that David would too. I think Casey is with an indie label that is distributed through Universal. This is the link to the you tube of his song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJIW5tyg9U

      • grammyj, my previous comment should of be “tap” not tape, lol. I really try to read over my comment before posting, but my proof reading is not always successful, lol.

        Yes, it must of been sad to drop out of school, but his schooling never was what we think as normal because he was home schooled, but, I know what you mean, from his book, he was just getting the hang of all the school stuff when he had to drop.

        Yes, he did everything in his power to be able to come back to music. I just hope it’s enough to handle the two years hiatus. Still hoping that his time will be shortened.

  12. raelovingangels

    Hi all! Have been super busy and not commenting lately- but I do pop in here to read. Enjoy everyone’s comments! Gotta give props to HG for continuing to come up with interesting posts- some David related- some not. I enjoyed your article about John Legend and a blown image for you and the survey about
    David and what would blow his “image” for people. 🙂

  13. It would be great if BEGIN charted quite high. I hope it will be available via all major outlets.

    • Amen to that Peter!

    • David is not here to promote BEGIN at all so I have very low expectations for sales. It still will be good to hear his voice. I also have no idea what the deal will be with how whatever label it is on distributes it. I would hope it will be available on itunes but idk. I’m curious as to how BEGIN will be promoted by David’s team (if he has any other than Kari). It seemed like Forevermore was not on itunes very long and was removed very quickly. What was the deal with that?

      • It was removed? Strange.

      • It really isn’t there any longer. This is crazy.

      • Yes and I wonder what the explanation is, Peter. I did see that some others on David’s fan sites questioned it but no one seemed to have an answer as to why Forevermore was removed from itunes.

      • raelovingangels

        That is interesting. When I clicked on the link that previously worked- I Tunes said “The item you are seeking is currently not available in the US store” So must be something with international licencing.

  14. How come just about every time David releases music in the U.S it seems to go awry? I too was looking for an explanation at the time but one was never revealed. There was probably a conflict with distribution rights somewhere with Itunes. Isn’t it still available on Amazon though?

  15. I hate to say it but even though David is easily one of the best singers in the world his marketing/release of materials either to radio stations or to the public sucks. I’m not sure anyone ever got a cd from Amazon because it has always said – Temp. OOS. As a devoted fan I ordered mine from Wow HD. A casual fan or someone who came across his sings on Youtube and clicked on the link for either Amazon or ITunes would be left frustrated and not bother to search out his music.These are the types of mistakes I think that leaves him on the second – third tier of performers and not on the top. Say what you want about over-saturation for Adele or JB but it works.

    • I completely agree.

    • I’m right there with you, joymus

    • I did get an album from Amazon and I tunes both in addition to some from Wow and Astroplus. Also got a couple directly from JR and Lorms in the Phillipines. Also downloaded from Mymusicph which was 82 cents per song. I tunes from US did drop offering the songs. Amazon was the most expensive but did come through. Ordered for my tour buddy and gifted some.

      • Hi Heidijoy,

        We are OTT fans of David with ODD. We will go the extra mile and then some to make sure we have his music. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for either a casual or recent accidental fan coming across one of his audio vids for Forevermore if his material is not easily accessible. That’s what I am addressing. I think the ITunes outlet only had the songs for a day or 2 before being pulled, so if you blinked you missed it. Will those people I referred to then go the extra mile? I highly doubt. A viewer or listener should not have to work so hard to get his beautiful music IMO.

      • Joymus, Wasn’t challenging anything you or anyone else said. Rae seemed to be asking whether it was actually available from Amazon and in a long round about way was answering yes……and gave all the other sources I as an O.D.D.fan ordered from and gifted from. Not trying to take anything away from your points.

    • I completely understand what you’re saying on that one, Joymus. I noticed that on the OS, they list WOWHD and Amazon was retailers of TOSOD:ATE but for Forevermore they just list Astro and Odyssey. I wonder if there is some exclusivity agreement? I wish they would/could list WOWHD as a retailer since that’s by far the easiest way to get the physical album.

      I also ordered a copy from Amazon and did get it eventually. It was almost a month after I got my copy from WOWHD though.

  16. Searching “archuleta” in google scholar, i found a reference to David that Geraldo Rivera made in his book “The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of …” :

    Even American Idol’s tiny teen David Archuleta showed up to sing the national anthem, telling me how much he regretted not being able to vote for Obama, turning eighteen only after election day. I made a fool of myself calling him “Archie” on live television, only to be corrected by a red-faced public relations guy, which forced me to say, “I knew his name is David; I’m cool.” That got a big laugh from anchor Shep Smith back in the FOX studio. David rolled his eyes.

    Geraldo is referring to that inauguration event that David sang at, however, I doubt this is how David would describe the interaction, comments made, etc., lol.

    • That is really interesting that Geraldo said that David regretted not being able to vote for Obama. Good to know.

      • For some reason, I don’t consider Geraldo a reliable source. I can’t imagine David stating a political opinion to someone he barely knows. But then again, maybe he does know Geraldo and he felt comfortable making the statement.

  17. John Legend appears at about the 38 sec marker; he looks a little “out of it” if you know what I mean. His comments don’t shock me considering what he has tweeted about Michael Jackson.

    John Legend Says Demi Lovato And Britney Spears ‘Aren’t Really Singers’

    • I just love John Legend’s honesty. lol I think he was just saying what many are thinking.

      • i agree with legend too. perhaps he hasn’t learned that the shows aren’t about the contestants as vocalist, it’s about the judges.

      • Even if Simon Cowell was a rough most of the time with contestants, I thought at least knew singing talent, but after these two picks, not so sure that he is after singers, more about entertainers, a good singer would be a bonus. These shows are becoming a joke.

  18. Thanks! Heidijoy.

    DR – based on the link you posted, one of several articles on the side of the page has a headline that JLo does not want to be paid less then Brittney Spears, and that could be one of the reasons she is holding out on coming back for another season. These singing shows seems to have evolved from being about the contestants, to all about what can the judges gain for themselves. Sad – because these are all talented young people simply looking for a break.

    • It is all about the judges not the contestants on these shows. JLo has made a small fortune thanks to AI and it’s the same for the judges on The Voice. Simon did know what he was doing signing Britney as viewers will watch that show now just to see how Britney does. It is too bad for the contestants.

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