Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Quench the Thirst…

Kari is really awesome in updating David’s Twitter while he’s away and subsequently quenching our thirst as we wait out this longest of the Archudroughts.

I mean, seriously, what would I do, in the wake of the sad news of Donna Summer’s passing (and the sad realization that better vocalists like Hollie Cavanaugh and Joshua Ledet failed to make the American Idol finale but PP2 did) without that smile, that face!, which always puts a smile on my own face? 😀

Loving the shared video of David’s reaction to seeing himself on a billboard (why can’t we get a similar billboard in our own cities here in the USA?).

Sigh.  Sometimes, as Joni Mitchell would say, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

Speaking of those who’re gone, I must pay homage to Donna Summer, and while I will cherish her disco anthems, like “I Feel Love” or “Last Dance,” it’s actually a song from the ’80s, which always makes me feel so good and so nostalgic about my childhood days when I used to live with relatives in the Caribbean.

Any of you remember her “Unconditional Love” with the reggae group, Musical Youth?

RIP Donna Summer, and thank you for the youthful memories! 🙂