When an Artist Blows My Image of Him

Have you ever thought what would be the deal breaker for you if David ever blew your image of him?

I ask because I’m currently dealing with this particular scenario, involving another artist.

I’m talking about John Legend, a soulful R&B singer (the type who usually sings under the radar – someone who won’t get as much attention as the Ne-Yos and Chris Browns and Bruno Mars but is nonetheless doing his thing, coming up with some really amazing songs).

John Legend, who gave us such simple love songs like “Ordinary People” (my all time favorite from him and, yes, I’d love, love, love to hear David cover this!):

John Legend, who gave us this inspiration song, featured on the “Waiting for Superman” documentary film soundtrack, in an effort to support equal education for our children (another song I’d like David to cover):

So, the latest John Legend song, “Tonight (Best You Ever Had),” was featured in the movie Think Like a Man, and as soon as I heard it in the movie, I went to hunt down the song, which I was absolutely loving, and tracked down the music.

Here is the thing, dear readers.  The version I heard didn’t have Ludacris’s rap bridge (why oh why does every new music have to have hip-hop? It totally takes the romance out of a romantic song!). And the most crushing part for me: the version I heard did not feature John Legend – decent, soulful, cute and musical – dropping the F bomb.

For my efforts in hunting and buying a download, I am now stuck with a song that, in my mind, is tainted.

Maybe I haven’t been following the artist through all his different albums, but the last thing I expected is for John Legend to give us a smooth, romantic R&B song with some cussing in it.

Yes, readers: my mind is blown!!

And apparently, I’m not the only one, as some You Tuber commenters also asked the question: “Did I just hear John Legend curse?”

Why, why, why? This song was good on its own merit! Yes, the song really is nothing but a bragging sex song, but still: the old R&B crooners used to know how to do these things in some good old-fashioned baby-making songs without throwing the F-word around.  Last time I listened, I didn’t hear Marvin Gaye cussing in his seductive Sexual Healing.  Why oh why is my song tainted, and tainted by someone whom I least expected to?

This is not the same as watching an artist evolve into a different style or even to mature or alter his image by showing a different side of his personality. This feels like someone really stepping out of a particular image.  There are your bad boys – the Eminems, the Lil Waynes – you know, the kind you expect to be dropping F-bombs, and then there are your “good guys” who you expect to keep it respectful.

So, I was thinking, SDers, what would you least expect David to do? What would truly blow your mind of him if he ever did something contrary to the image you have of him?

Please take this latest poll! 😛


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  1. Thanks Hg, John Legend is also a favorite of mine.
    I have had serveral artists (I’ll give a couple of examples) that I have really liked that have disappointed me with what they have become, none that involves their art, but their personal actions have disappointed me. For some reason I liked Chris Brown when he first started, I though clean cut rapper, that seemed like a good guy, well we all know how that turned out. Tiger Woods, another great that I loved to watch play, the same image, clean cut family man, again we all know about his dark side. I still thiink these two are very talented at what they do, but I will not look at them in the same way.

    As far as David goes, the only thing that would disappoint me is if started preaching in interviews and appearances. I actaully love David inspite of his strict religious actions. Actually a couple of things in the pole (no cussing however) I wouldn’t mind if David did them in the future,lol.

    • I agree with you cq that if David starting preaching in interviews and appearances then that would be a deal breaker for me. I think it is a very good question,hg. I would also actually not mind David doing a few things in the poll other than the being intolerant by condemning sinners in interviews. I can’t stand intolerance for others beliefs and preaching your own beliefs to those not interested. I do have mixed feelings about what he is doing now but my focus is his music career. I have always seen David as very nonjudgmental of others and I hope that does not change.

  2. Sorry to hear that about Legend!! …Not going to even try to guess!!

  3. This is the sorry state of the music industry today. Artists think they need to swear and put some hip hop in their songs in order to get played on the radio. And maybe they do, but I don’t think David would ever do that. Adam Lambert’s new album is streaming on AOL today so I listened to it so I could report back to Soul David. It’s almost all dance tracks. Of course he has some swear words mixed in. So far I’ve read that he’s having trouble getting radio play and dance track seems to be what gets played on the radio. I’m fine with David being an Indie artist if it means he will be putting out great music. I really could care less if he gets radio play on pop stations. Hey, at least he gets radio play in the Philippines!

    • grammyj, although I agree with you about David putting out great music, I really think he might need a hit or two in order to keep producing good music. It really costs a lot to produce songs. I guess what I’m saying is I would hate for David to be always struggling to make ends meet like a lot of struggling artist are doing right now.

    • I think it is going to be very interesting to see how Adam and Kris’s albums do when they are released this year. I have a feeling that Adam might still remain at RCA for awhile even with no radio play which I think just might happen to him. I listened to his album and was not impressed and I do like Adam. I think Kris will be parting ways with RCA.

  4. Wow, that is a really good question, HG. Well, tbh, I can’t say that I don’t have a bit of issue with what he’s doing right now. But it hasn’t blown my image of him; it was in line with what I already thought…I think that cussing in a song, or any behavior that condones/promotes promiscuity would definitely blow my image of him. It’s the complete opposite of who he seems to be, & I can find that ANYWHERE else. I don’t expect him to be perfect, or not to compromise, but if he purposely went against his values or sold out…yeah, that’d be pretty disappointing to me.

    • vj, I also have a bit of an issue with what he is doing right now….it is what it is, I just wish he had more of a liberal outlook. I knew that he was a church going guy, but I really was hoping he totally didn’t condone all the doctrines, but with him going on this mission, it’s clear that he believes all the LDS teachings. However, I’m still here supporting him because he has touched my heart with his voice like no other singer has.

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    David sends us a food tweet! 😀

    “From David: Having cocimiento (some kind of broth with pollo, chuleta, y mariscos) for my first time. (thought u would like a food tweet ks)”

    I really miss him! Sigh.

  6. I’ve thought about this really hard. When it comes to David, I don’t know what would be a “deal breaker” for me. I can’t make that judgement until something actually occurs that I can put into context.

    Re. John Legend, I saw him in concert a year ago. IMO, he’s VERY political and opinionated. As a matter of fact, he made it clear to the audience that we wouldn’t hear him sing until he finished sharing his thoughts, lol. Anywho, as David gets older, I’m sure he will be more open with his opinions too.

    Re. Adam, I haven’t listened to the entire album but I like the video clips of him performing “Cuckoo”. When I looked up the lyrics, lo and behold, I learned that he drops the f bomb in the song. As with John Legend’s use of the word, I don’t feel it was necessary for AL to use it either.

    • John Legend is going to be on the new Duets show with Kelly Clarkson. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/30/john-legend-duets-abc_n_1465043.html

      • Marie, wow, so many singers are going the reality singing show route. I guess they see what it has done for others before them, so why not, it will help their careers while making them a lot of money.

        Love to see that food tweet from David. I’m so glad he is keeping somewhat of a connection to the fans. SO, SO important, imo.

      • I can’t see David ever being a judge on a reality singing show. He is too kind. I was happy to see the food tweet from David today too. It’s amazing how rapidly his followers are increasing now. He is up to 1,046,881 today. Not sure how that is happening when he is not even here and tweets about once a week.

      • Yes grammyj I think that is amazing that his followers are increasing when he is not around. lol

    • Adam’s album is #1 on itunes albums right now. I don’t know how long it will be there but that just proves his type of music is popular. You have to compromise at times as a music artist to be commercial. I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is not taking to the extreme. I don’t see all cussing in all songs as extreme but that is just my opinion.

  7. I think that David’s followers increase is because of all the work he did in the Philoppines. Having his music being played on the radio, the tv series and having his picture all over the country doesn’t hurt. I think the Bench shoot was genius. How can you not love that gorgeous face.

    Let’s hope that when his BEGIN. album comes out, his us following will increase.

  8. I think Joshua will sing “Imagine” and Jessical will sing “I’ll Be There”.

    Nigel Lythgoe ‏ @dizzyfeet
    Three songs from tomorrow’s #AmericanIdol. ‘Imagine’ – ‘Beggin’ – ‘I’ll Be There.’

    • I wonder if they will even bother to mention singing David’s “Imagine” on AI or just ignore it. That was such a huge “moment” on AI that I think it would be a big mistake not to acknowledge that. You could be right about Josh singing it but it just might be Jessica singing Imagine. We will find out tonight.

      • Marie, I don’t want the one that sings that song does ok so that it will be compared with David’s rendation. I’m all about getting David’s name out there. Maybe some mention of his new album will be made, one can dream.

      • If JLo doesn’t mention David, I’ll know there’s an official AI gag order when it comes to him. lol

      • hell0g0rge0us

        heh, so between David’s “Imagine” being one of the “better performances on Idol…EVER!” and calling him her “Other Man” (at the time she was still married to Mark Anthony), it will be very interesting to see if JLo mentions David at all when whoever (who is singing “Imagine” tonight?) sings it.

        As a “forever fan of David,” I must confess I’m already cringing at the thought of the performance! 😛

    • desertrat it looks like you are right. It has been pretty much confirmed that Joshua is singing “Imagine”. I have to admit I have very mixed feelings about this. I would guess they make no mention of David. Why would they want the comparison?

      • i’m looking forward to this; i’m sure joshua will do it justice. i don’t expect david’s version of the song.

  9. sorry should of been “do want”

  10. I think David’s Imagine won’t be mentioned at all. They seem to be working hard to appear to be a much better “Idol” with Jennifer and Steven than the Simon “Idol”. I have felt that way since Simon left. Every week the judges proclaim someone’s performance as the “best” ever, etc. That’s part of the reason I don’t watch anymore…….too over the top.

    • Mango, you are probably right, after all, they need to have the audience think they are watching the best of the best. I don’t watch anymore either…..I also got board with the over the top proclaimations. I think that is part of these shows, so that the audience think they are on the ground floor of some big talent. Anyway, it was for me when I watched David perform and to this day, I still think that David is going to be a big star. I guess fan for life!

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    I can’t complain. Joshua did his thing, but nothing beats the magic of what David did with “Imagine.”

    • I can honestly say that I prefer David’s version of “Imagine.” Although Joshua did a nice job with it. What’s up with the song choices tonight? So far I think that there could be better song choices for all of them. I do love seeing the home visits.

  12. Joshua sang as great as he could but I can now breathe easily that David’s Imagine performance was NOT surpassed vocally nor accompanied with a standing O, references to David’s version or OTT comments by the judges!

    • Yes, the no reference at all to David’s performance was not right but they aren’t making any money off of him anymore so they don’t care. Sorry to be cynical but I do think that is what it is.

      • David and his relationship with AI is an enigma both to AI and the fans, lol!
        I don’t really know why but I disagree somewhat with you Marie. I do agree however its as if all the contestants watched past idol footage, because the semifinal song choices are really too similar.

  13. Heey HG – we both came to the same conclusion, lol! I almost feel as if unconsciously he knew he could not top David’s performance. Words can’t explain just how special that moment was and the role that song played in the finale. We were able to “feel” David’s heart, soul and spirit so much.

  14. I agree that Joshua sang it well but it didn’t surpass David’s version. I knew they would not mention David. I keep wondering if David recorded Imagine for his BEGIN album. I’m hoping that he did.

  15. hell0g0rge0us

    Joymus! *waves* Joshua is my favorite of the Top 3 and I’m just glad he neither butchered nor outshined David on what I consider to be an “untouchable” song.

    I can continue to root for him! 🙂

  16. I wonder if Cook’s fans are doing the same thing as us, lol — comparing Jessica and Cook’s versions of “I don’t wanna miss a thing”.

    I think Joshua did a great job tonight but David’s “imagine” is still tops.

  17. hell0g0rge0us

    Wow, Joshua killed on Mary J. Blige!

    • You know… I actually liked Joshua’s Imagine better. He seemed so stiff on NMD. I can feel Mary exorcising those demons when she sings that song.

      • I really don’t have a favorite this year. I sure don’t care enough to vote. lol I actually thought P2 wasn’t bad tonight. I know he is the WGWG. lol I did always like Dave Matthews concerts. lol I think it might be a Joshua and P2 finale. I would be very surprised if P2 was not in the finale. I liked Joshua on Mary J better than on Imagine. Jimmy gave them all the best song choices by far.

  18. I miss David tonight. 😦

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