Catching Up with New Videos

This one from JR, who keeps us up to date on David appearances in the Phillippines. How lucky of them!


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  1. Chris Mann is managed by Azoff.

    • That is interesting Peter about Chris being managed by them. Nice Video of David. JR sure does a great job of keeping the fans up dated on David’s appearances in the Philippines.

      • So it was announced today that Britney and Demi are the new judges on the XFactor. Hmmm. lol.

    • Melanie the winner of X Factor is also managed by Azuff. I’ve only seen her in the lame Pepsi commercial.

  2. That concert was also in the Mini Series NanditoAko and as you can see used for the fan to come for Extreme Makeover Show!!

    JR rocks!! She keeps everything for Archives!!

  3. maybe chris mann will open for J. Groban, who is also with Azoff.

  4. demi and britney on x factor??? simon is definitely after the young crowd, drama and ratings, lol. all jokes aside, this should be interesting. i think britney has the life and show biz experiences to make a good judge.

    re. jackryan, her archive of videos is absolutely incredible. on a quiet day when there’s little david news, you can always browse her youtube channel and find something you’ve never seen or haven’t seen in a long time. her youtube name is: JR4DA2012

    • desertrat, thanks for the youtube info for JR. As far as Xfactor goes…really, really count me out…but I know it probably will be a hit with those two train wrecks.

    • I actually think that Britney was not a bad choice as she will get viewers watching the show. She does have the experience but I just hope Britney has the stability to do it. I think Demi could use a mentor herself for her music career so I don’t get her as a judge at all. lol

      • Actually Marie, I bet that both of their careers are going to get even bigger than they are already. Again these shows are about the judges, not the contestants. I’m in the minority when it comes to these shows because they all seem to be very popular or else there wouldn’t be so many copies every season…I’m just not into them anymore.

      • I think at this point the judges do benefit more than the contestants from these shows. It is kind of entertaining watching these shows for me as I do not believe I will ever get as invested in a contestant as I did with David. I just take the shows as sheer entertainment and not necessarily discovering a star. The Voice is coming back in Sept. and I do think that having that show twice in a year might be too much. However, I will still probably watch. lol

      • Yes, the singing shows are all about the judges especially X-Factor and The Voice. It is still best to win or place on Idol as they show the contestants the most and have the Idol tour. Singers do get a fan base from AI. I just looked at Melanie Amaro’s official site. Since X-Factor she made the Pepsi commercial as that was part of the prize and last month she sang at “The Biggest Dance Party” somewhere in Florida. That is all that’s on her OS. It will be interesting to see what the 5 million recording contract (in five years) does for her once her record it out.

      • Yes grammyj. That is a good example of what XFactor is not doing to promote Melanie. I also wonder how her record will do. AI does at least give the contestants the tour and a fan base.

      • I watch all the reality talent shows – singing and dancing. I have already found my American Idol in David, but I still watch AI every year. Especially now that David is out of the country it gives us something to talk about here. We can always say that no one compares to David, and I can keep wishing that David will some day be on Dancing with the Stars (even though it will never happen).

      • I do agree that these shows do give us something to discuss while David is gone. I don’t think that being on DWTS would be such a bad career move for David when he returns.

  5. Testing post with GChrome

  6. Marie, I love DWTS, so if David was to guest or a contestant…I would be soooooooooooooo happy. Ok, maybe a contestant would be to much for my nerves, lol. I would like him to be a guest singing his latest hit single…now that would be amazing!!

    • David would make a great contestant on DWTS and he would win IMO. I also think he should consider doing a Broadway musical when he returns. Nick Jonas is doing one now. He needs to do something to kick start his career when he returns. I still think taking a year off would have been fine but 2 years with really no communication is really pushing it in terms of wanting to maintain or return to a career in the music business. Kari is doing a great job but she can just do so much.

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