Flashback to Idol Top 4 Performance

Apparently, Idol received a ratings drop this week. Now, compare that to when we were all buzzing about a certain person the same Top 4 week. ‘Member this?


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  1. Aw, love it…..and the love fest continues

  2. as randy said, david brought the “mad hot vocals”! i like how david stood up for jason’s “i shot the sheriff” at 3:37, lol.

  3. what constantine tweeted re. cook’s performance last night:

    @ConstantineM: Well that wasn’t awesome.. Ok next?

    I can’t imagine either cook or david ever dissing a fellow ai colleague like that.

    • You are right, David and Cook would never criticize a fellow AI colleague. What makes it worse is that Constantine performed with Cook and David at that benefit concert in New York so Constantine even knows Cook. What a jerk.

      I’m going to be interested to see what Cook does now that he doesn’t have a label. Well, one thing we know for sure, he won’t be going on a Mormon Mission like David!

    • Wow. What a horrible human being. Seems he hasn’t changed one bit since he made those comments about David after the “beautiful girls” thing.

      • I very curious to hear what Constantine had to say about David in regarding to the “beautiful girls” thing….don’t know how I missed that comment.

    • Here you go, cq. It starts at about 2:40

    • Wow. He has got some…I don’t know what you call it. Lack of conscience, maybe?

  4. Thank you Astrid, oh my, that was something…laughable!! Cook going to have a mega career while David will be singing on cruise lines….and that gay comment…being a straight man having gaydar …that was just stupid.

    • I found it amusing that he said he was going to church. Worst endorsement for church-going ever. lol

  5. I just read that David Cook is going to do an Asian tour. Looks like Cook saw how well David did in Asian and is now going to try it himself. I wonder if he will be as popular.

  6. Not sure if the Phils. is part of Cook’s Asian tour, no mentions here. But I’m sure that our David is a lot more popular here than Cook, don’t hear much of his songs being played here on radios but they do lot of DA songs even including Zero Gravity and others from way back his first album.

  7. Been thinking about this some today, regarding the article from Halperin on David Cook/RCA versus what happened with our David.

    David’s story was picked up by a TON of news outlets, big ones too. And, as was mentioned, most of these same outlets also ran stories when David announced his mission and, to a degree, his goodbye vlog. I don’t think all that coverage was caused by the sensational nature of the original story. If people don’t know who you are, they don’t care if you were dropped from your label. I don’t see anywhere near this level of coverage on the David Cook story. If I was Cook’s PR team, I would be worried about this. There is something worse than bad press — that’s no press. If the big boys don’t think its enough story to cover then you need to be concerned.

    For whatever reason, David continues to get quite a bit of widespread press coverage. I hope this also happens when he returns. Can’t wait to see welcome home vlog news coverage 🙂

    • Ali, totally agree with you.

    • Good point Ali. It is interesting that no big outlets are reporting on the David Cook story. That very well could be a lack on interest on the public’s part on Cook and the media knows that. No press is worse than bad press. AI did do Cook a favor giving him the AI performance which they don’t do for most idols that are not signed to a major label but it ends there. I think Kris Allen is next to leave his label and I don’t think that will get much coverage when it happens either. I am not sure about Adam. He might last on his label a little longer depending on his albums sales.

      • I think that there’s a great chance that Lambert will be the next one who’ll “part ways” with his label. I’m just not sure that his label (in these difficult financial times for them) will still be willing to invest money on him and he seems to need a ton of promo.

      • Yes, I agree cmoi. I am not sure what will happen to Adam. I do think RCA is eventually getting rid of all of the idols they signed except of course for Kelly Clarkson. I am not even so sure about Jordin and Daughtry being at RCA long-term. Carrie Underwood is with Arista Nashville. Universal Music Group now signs the new idols to their labels. Don’t you just love that it is now “part ways” and not “dropped” like it was for David.

      • I thought the same thing as you Marie about RCA getting rid of all the former idols except Kelly of course who managed to be recognized as an artist of her own, without being constantly linked to AI (IMO).

    • ITA with you Ali.
      Even if Cook was the AI winner, he never seemed to get all the attention and interest David is still getting. It just shows that David has it all (except a good management team, I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself from stating the obvious lol ). You can love him or dislike him but it’s hard to be indifferent to him.
      I think that Shirley Halperin and co didn’t get the memo that season seven ended 4 years ago. It’s time for these bloggers to turn the page, MJs seems to have done it so there’s hope for the others lol. I don’t feel bad as much as before about Cook winning the AI crown. I see it as a consolation prize for him because no matter all the manipulations of the producers of AI, David was the front runner from day one to the end of the show. He had no real competition IMO but we know now that the show is not really about finding the better singer…

      • cmoi, good point, the best singer sometimes does not win.

      • Yes sometimes the best singer does not win. But when the best singer is also the most charismatic one, he’s the one who’ll have a long career no matter if he won or not. And I think that David is one of the most charismatic singers who participated on this show.

        AI is just a reality show and like all reality shows, they don’t necessarily show the reality but a scripted story. I watch them like a fiction because at the end, the contestants are just tools for the producers to create an exciting show even at the detriment of the contestants. I’m sure they only need the announcers in order to make money and there’s nothing better than a “good” rumor ready to be leaked to TMZ to generate buzz about the show…

      • cmoi I so agree with you regarding the AI show and all reality talent shows. Exactly. David and Kelly Clarkson remain to me the best idols that AI show ever produced or ever will produce. I think David will eventually have long-term success if he gets the right management team behind him.

  8. My brother became a fan of David because of his cover of “Stand by me”, one of his favorite songs. STB allowed David to showcase his powerful and soulful voice. And I love the little ‘beautiful girls” mashup at the end because it makes the song more current and fresh, it was an excellent move for a young singer who was too often (and unfairly) labeled as a boring balladeer by his naysayers during AI.
    A mix of pop, r&b and soul in his songs would be wonderful and I think it would suit his voice better even if we know that he can sing all genres.

    • cmoi, I think that ballads don’t have to be boring and David has never made any ballad he sang boring. The thing is most people want that beat either rock, R&B, etc from male singers. They like to get ballads from female singers, anyway that is what it seems to me.

    • Yes, for the mix of pop, r&b, and soul songs for David! I refuse to give up hope for those songs from David. lol

      • Me too, I refuse to give up lol.
        For me, it would be the perfect sound for him. I think that an album of pop, r&b and soul songs from him can be well received by the public without him having to loose his identity. I think that he’s a natural when he sings those kind of songs. It seemed natural for him when he was on Star Search and he showed it too at the beginning of AI. IMO, we can always hear the soul in his singing no matter the song he’s interpreting, but it’s just more obvious in some of them. It worked for Adele and I think that David’s voice is even better than hers for this kind of material (you can tell that it’s not a biased opinion at all lol). I can easily imagine him making a great comeback with that kind of album (timeless, well produced and well written) and be critically acclaimed for it.

  9. I just watched a video of JB’s performance on The Voice. And my first thought was where is the swag he always talks about ? I admit that I almost felt bad for him. He just had to tell the lyrics, not even to sing them and he just had to pretend knowing how to dance on stage but he was totally bad in both domains. I read the comments and of course the beliebers are absolutely amazed by it lol. I came to think that David’s main problem is that he’s too good. When he sings, he seems to do it so effortlessly that maybe people think that it’s too easy. I don’t know, maybe he should do like the divas and sing each notes like he’s in major pain or about to die (Christina Aguilera does it well lol).
    JB is just an entertainer (and not even a good one). It’s like he’s singing for himself and not for an audience. What’s great about David is that when he sings he’s able to communicate his passion with those who listen, he makes you feel the song and understand the lyrics. I think that it’s the difference between singing to share something with others and just singing for fame.

    • I kind of felt the same way when I watched JB on The Voice. He really can’t sing and it was painful to watch. lol

    • The performance was atrocious. I haven’t seen him perform in a while. I was shocked at how bad the dancing was. Wasn’t there an article once about JB calling him the next MJ? Please… he doesn’t even come close to JT. lol

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