Pros and Cons of The Voice

At least another WGWG didn’t win last night, but The New York Times offers an interesting commentary on The Voice:

Underdog Wins The Voice

I’ll offer my own thoughts later but have a super busy day! 🙂

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  1. Thank you Hg for the post.
    I don’t watch the Voice, but I was kinda surprised that the winner wasn’t a headline news item on my Comcast home page this morning. I’m sure they will post it sometime today.
    All these(Voice, AI, etc) singing shows are going to have more and more contestants that are already professionals.

  2. I enjoyed reading the article from The New York Times on The Voice. That is a nice picture of Jermaine and Blake. It was nice seeing him and his family so excited to win. The final 4 did have professional experiences in music and they all had connections and contacts in the music industry. Some more than others. They need to change the rule about not allowing members of the same team to be in the finale among other things they need to change. I just was not a fan of some of the coaches tactics on the show to win. Christina being the worst IMO. I missed Jesse Campbell last night but my favorite was really Jamar Rogers.

  3. Are you sure a WGWG didn’t win last night? Because I think Blake kind of won 😉

    In all seriousness though, there’s been alot of talk online that the feuding going on with Christina and Adam/Tony hurt both of their guys in the end. And, lets me honest, on The Voice a certain portion of people are voting for the coach as much as the competitor — especially when you get down to the end and each coach has one representative competitor. And Blake is a pretty damn good salesman, of himself and Jermaine.
    Sneakiest WGWG win ever, ha!

    Who knows, I might be far off base. That’s been known to happen before lol. Huge congrats to Jermaine, in any case. It was emotional to see his reaction and to see his family up there with him. He seems like an awesome person.

    • I think you actually raise a good point. Blake was the most likeable coach followed by Ceelo. Adam and Christina did do some damage to their contestants with their negative attitudes. The problem is will either of them help their contestants after the show is over. I don’t think so. Blake was supportive to his contestants last year and this year.

  4. i only followed “the voice” casually. with that said, ali, you raised a interesting point. perhaps blake really won.

    i found the nyt article very interesting. recently when american idol had lesser experienced, unpolished contestants (e.g., lee d., aaron kelly, tim durban, etc.), the show was criticized for not having a real standout contestant (i.e., a david archuleta! 🙂 ) I wonder, if the public really wants to see true amateurs compete over a 4 month period.

  5. I did not understand why Blake did not keep Raelynn longer on the Voice but now I do. He knew that Jermaine had the professional experience and the voice to pull out some stand out performances. Raelynn did not. David is just a musical genius to be that talented and to be able pull off those great performances at such a young age on AI.

    • Marie, yes I agree with you, David is a musical genius. I just hope that when he returns that the foundation that he talked about is in place and that he is ready to move on and blow us away with a music career worthy of his genius.
      Btw, so happy to get a tweet today. I really think Kari is doing a good job. What did you think of the tweet?

      • I loved David’s tweet today. I believe that he does greatly appreciate his fans. Jessica killed it on that last song tonight on AI. What a voice she has.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Jessica copied J.Hud note for note. Joshua is the one who killed it tonight. That falsetto was out of this world!! 😛

  6. off topic …

    i play the game “draw something” on my ipad. recently, i had to draw a sketch representing the word “idol”; a random person was to guess what my drawing represented.

    My hints were:

    American ???? aka David Archuleta

    And yes, the person actually guessed the word “idol”! 🙂

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