A Tweet from Chile!


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  1. How can you not love this guy…..perfect tweet!

  2. David, David, David. What ARE we going to do with you? Such. A. Sweetheart. *sigh*

    And did everyone already know about the AI issue of People Magazine “Where Are They Now”? David’s blurb and one of his amaaaazing pics is on Page 82. 🙂

  3. awwww, that tweet reminds me that i haven’t written him yet.

  4. I always miss David when American Idol is on, and especially this year. Season 7 was the best!!!!

    • i agree, season 7 was the best. watching cook perform, i can’t help but laugh at myself because the mere sight of him still brings back sore feelings that david should have won, lol.

  5. David Archuleta should of won, no dought in my mind.

  6. I wish David could perform on AI now. Just think how much he has improved in his stage presence, and he has also become a very handsome man. When he was on Idol he was a boy, but he has always had an awesome voice. He has always been able to make a song his own. He is a musical genius.

  7. To me Jessica is the female version of David. She said that all her life all she wanted to do is sing. She also has a wonderful voice and copied singers as a young girl (like David did with the Les Miz DVD). I wonder if she will come in second? I kind of think it might be a Joshua – Philip final, but who knows?

    • I thought the very same thing about the similarities between Jessica and David, grammyj. Jessica started performing very young like David and she seems to be more shy when she is not performing.

  8. My prediction for AI is that it will be either Jessica or Joshua against P2 in the finale. I am not sure which one. I am not sure who will win but I would bet on P2.

  9. Let the spinning begin. Shirley Halperin just confirmed on her twitter that David Cook is without a record deal. Not surprised but it sure is being handled better than David’s leaving Jive. Of Course.

  10. I just read a comment at MJ’s that Shirley Haperin from THR just confirmed on twitter that David Cook is without a record deal.

    His single that he sang on Idol tonight was self-produced. He performed on Idol tonight because he is still managed by Simon Fuller.

  11. Marie, we posted at the same time! I don’t think Cook will get lots of news reports all over the web that he was dropped like our David did. On the other hand, I don’t think people care or remember Cook as much as our David, but that could just be my own thoughts. I just think that our David is just more unique and memorable than Cook.

    • I agree with you grammyj. Here is the article. I just love that it says Cook “parts way” with RCA not “dropped”. lol http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/idol-worship/american-idols-david-cook-rca-323176

      • A tale of two articles by the exact same writer:

        Yeah. They say the same thing. I also like how with David she takes Jive’s quote of him being “released” and turn it into “dropped” as opposed to him being released by his own request after fulfilling his album requirement. Which we know was the case.
        But when Cook does the exact same thing, its “parting ways”. And zero mention of the sales difference between his first album and the second.
        *insert stink eye*

        I don’t begrudge Cook the spin here. I just think David should have received the same courtesy. FYI, Halperin has known for days that Cook wasn’t with RCA anymore but instead of getting a quote from a label rep that he was “released” and immediately running with the story, she waited until she could talk to him in person and get his take on it.

        Nice approach. Maybe you could have tried that in the past instead of printing rumors you read on twitter.

      • I am glad you posted that article as it does show the sharp contrast on how Shirley handled David’s leaving a label and Cook’s leaving. I have nothing against Cook either but David should have been given the same treatment and that story was all over the place of him being ‘dropped.” Also there is no mention of why Cook was not even offered a third album from RCA. I think if Cook was going to another label it would have been mentioned by Shirley and it was not.

  12. Oh, those were the good ol’ days. lol. I remember bawling Shirley out after that article, lol. She actually replied with something like, “Thanks for the info. I’ll re-word the article.” And all she wrote was “Archuleta CLAIMS that he parted ways with JIVE.” She basically said he was lying..*rolls eyes*

  13. There is another way of looking at no media news about Cook parting ways with label, no one cares.

    • True that there is not the interest in Cook that there would have been several years ago. They still put a “spin” on Cook’s leaving to make it look better. By “they” I mean Simon Fuller and his PR peeps. That is why he performed on AI and the “parted way” not dropped article from Shirley. She is interviewing Cook today too. Lee Dewyze was a AI winner that was not that popular either and they did not bother to give him the “spin”. It was reported that he was “dropped” like it was David and it was all over the media as they love a negative story. The point being that words do matter in the media when you have a music career and it was not handled right at all when David left his label IMO. I hope David learned from that and that he hires good PR/management peeps when he returns to his career cause you need them.

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