Let the Speculation BEGIN.

BEGIN. Full stop and in all caps. What could this possibly mean? 😛

Please take my latest poll and let me know what you think! 🙂


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  1. I’m very excited! BEGIN. what a great title!

  2. Yay! Finally, they — whoever they are — release something that sounds professional.

    • I was busy at work so I did not get a chance to reply, cq. Yes, It seems like great news to me. I am very curious about it and will be more excited when I know more details about it. At least it is new music from David and gives the fans something to discuss other than his mission.

      • Marie, my thoughts exactly, something other that the mission to talk about….his music, not this personal life.
        I’m still hanging on to the idea that something big will come out of this album…always wanting that one song that will be a mega hit and will make him boat load of cash…then it will give him a mega boost to his career.

  3. The Fan Base seems very excited!! .including me!! Word has spread around the Idol sites too!!
    Like the title BEGIN. New songs in addition to covers.

    • I think it is great that all the fans are excited. It is very important that David and his team try to keep his name out there and that he releases new music while he is away. I still want to see what he does long-term with his music career when he returns but this is a very positive sign for his future music career.

  4. I’m excited buy I am always excited for new David music. I was surprised that there is going to be some original music on this album as I thought it was going to be all covers. Can’t wait to see the track list.

  5. I like the title. I think it has a “Man in the Mirror” type meaning”, eg, begin with yourself to make a difference. My overall reaction is surprise, joy, and curiosity as to why so soon.

  6. hell0g0rge0us

    Wow! Chris Mann and Jermaine are fantastic tonight! For the first time, they both moved me.

    They are really in top form and outdoing themselves. 🙂

    As an aside, I’ve been wanting a David Archuleta rendition of “You Raise Me Up” for the longest time.

    *keeping fingers crossed that this will be on the BEGIN. album*

    • David sang a verse of You Raise Me Up during a VIP once. It was gloooooorious. If only that was when we were allowed to record VIPs!

      I am super excited about the album!!! I’m pretty excitable though 😉

    • Yes, they are both good. I enjoyed seeing Jermaine and Blake sing Soul Man. It has been an entertaining show with good performances. I would like to hear David sing that song too.

  7. hell0g0rge0us

    I was wondering about the undercurrent of hostility between Christina and Adam tonight on The Voice. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes info:

  8. Interesting.

    • Christina has been not been very nice in her comments to Tony Lucca on the show. She has a great voice but other celebrities and contestants complain about her diva attitude. Who knows what the real story is. If Tony wins I think that Christina’s negative attitude towards him may have actually helped him win. I would almost think this was staged for PR but I really think that Xtina does not like Tony for some reason and now Adam I guess. I did like Chris and Jermaine tonight.

      • I do like the title of David’s new album. “Begin” is a good choice.

      • Seems like all the shows like AI and The Voice are all about the judges and very little to do about the contestants, lol. don’t watch anyone of them anymore, but I know I’m in the minority. It’s a show after all, so it really doesn’t matter what it’s about as long as they are popular.

  9. August 7th is my birthday…sweet! David would sound so amazing on You Raise Me Up. If that’s on the album I’ll be a very happy birthday girl.

    • That would be a good birthday gift. cq, These reality talent shows unfortunately are all about the judges as their careers benefit the most from these shows. Adam and Christina on the voice are alike in many ways and that is why they probably don’t get along. They also both will do anything for publicity IMO.

  10. I was reading the comments at MJ’s about David’s album and thought I would bring this one over posted by Klimat: “How does a guy on a 2 yr out of the country mission, without label or professional management, manage to still put out and distribute music, while holding the interest of his core fans domestic and abroad?b Specially when more recent alums w/ big label contracts and mgmt and those so called ‘perks’ can’t get arrested, or get anyone to play their music on radio, or buy it? Gotta give the little guy props – he’s not fading near as fast into oblivion or irrelevancy as some of his peers with all those ‘perks’. If anything, it’s probably been more financially lucrative for him, not being beholden to a label, or paying hi-priced mgmt for doing nothing, lol… Looks like a win/win for the fans – and him.”

    I’ve been thinking this same thing for awhile. I know many here thinks he needs the big label and management, but that doesn’t always work out either. I believe David has done quite well for himself financially this past year without a label and big time management.

  11. Long time lurker here. I really enjoy HG’s articles, rants and all- very interesting reading for this platinum grandma. I also read all the comments and what the fans have to say – David is so lucky to have so many watching his back.

    Yes, he made a pile when he was in the Philippines for a month. From the grapevine, TV5 did not hesitate to pay out huge cash. Ditto with Bench and BenchFix. I would bet my life TV5 has already something in the works for him when he returns.

    More power to all!

    • I hope D gets to work with TV5 and Bench again. They did a great jjob of promoting their projects as well as promoting D.

  12. Stefano Langone “reveals, that because the Season 9 tour TOTALLY tanked, the Season 10 Top 10 suffered a severe pay cut.”


    i wonder if the ai tv execs and the judges received similar pay cuts. 😉

    • That was an honest interview and the shame is the money does go to the tv exes and the judges and the host Ryan and not to the idol contestants. Look how Simon Cowell has benefited from AI and all the other talent reality shows he is behind. I think Simon’s net worth is 320 million. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/simon-cowell-net-worth/ Ryan Seacrest’s net worth is very high too. It is a shame they don’t do more for the past and present idol contestants but it is on to the next season for them. No offense but I don’t quite get what both Pia and reportedly Haley see in Stefano. lol

      • Marie, The singers are dying to be part of the show regardless if they benefit financially. The exposure is what they are after to kick start theire careers, I actually got tried of the whole process. If you look at it like a factory……the judges are the bosses, the exes are the owners / shareholders, so yes, they are the ones to get the money, while the works/contestants keep the factory running, but are the lowest paid in the factory.

      • That is true cq. The contestants are not just the lowest paid but they are also replaced every season. It is a cut throat business and that is why it is important for music artists to have the right team behind them.

    • Also at mjs blog there is a very interesting discussion on David Cook’s new song. This song is self released. There is strong speculation on that thread that he he parted ways with RCA considering his last CD didn’t exactly race up the charts. He is still managed by Simon Fuller, for now anyway, so that explains the appearance on AI. I bet it may be true.

  13. Also got this from MJs. Cook is releasing a new song independently. Speculation he has parted ways with RCA. But he gets to perform that song on Idol.

  14. I thought this was a good comment as they were trying to point out that if it is true Cook is no longer with RCA than why is the story not being released right away like it was with David when left JIve.—— “To me, Cook leaving RCA is as big if not bigger story than Archie leaving Jive, arguably bigger because Cook was the winner. Also, unlike Archie who left after recording the three albums required under his Jive contract, Cook is leaving after only 2 albums.”

    • I believe most new artist recording contracts are for two albums, but our David somehow managed to negotiate the Christmas album in his contract. Cooks’ contract probably needed to be renegotiated at this time just like our David’s was after TOSOD. Since Cook didn’t have very good sales he may have declined RCA’s offer just like our David. I think record companies now try to get the artists to sign 360 deals where the record company gets part of the profit in everything that the artist does such as touring, merchandise, etc.

    • Cook is fortunate that he doesn’t have a self-absorbed, resentful manager leaking misinformation re. his status with RCA. I said once before that Fuller could have done more for Cook. Getting Cook on idol is a given; that takes no effort on Fuller’s part. IMHO of course, lol.

    • Cannot wait to see how Shirley Halperin, Lyndsey Parker et al. will spin this positively.

      • I am waiting for the spin on this too. I am sure this will all be handled very diplomatically by Shirley unlike what she did to David.

      • Oh don’t even get me started on Shirley….

  15. IMO, there are a lot of Cook like artist out there, but our David is totally unique and that is why I feel that his career will survive. Not to mention he is a mega talent. I know that there is a lot of Cook fans on David’s sites, but I for one think that C. is a Daugthry clone.

  16. This was beautiful:

    • hell0g0rge0us

      This really was beautiful!

    • iTunes:

      #3: WGWG: “99 Problems”
      #5: WGWG & the ultimate WGWG: “Yesterday”
      #8: Chris & Christina: “The Prayer”
      #10: Juliet: “Free Bird”
      #12: Chris: “You Raise Me Up”
      #13: Jermaine: “I Believe I Can Fly”

      • Romney and Obama are probably taking notes. To win, associate yourself with a WGWG, LOL.

      • Tony also had Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber encouraging their followers to vote for him. I will not be surprised if he does win but I really don’t care that much. Even worse I think Bieber is performing on the show tonight. Why? lol

      • good grief. 😦 i think i’ll pass on “the voice” finale, lol.

      • I loved that performance. Jermaine, Jamar, Pip, and James were great.

  17. I am actually enjoying some of the performances on the voice tonight.

  18. lol vj. Biebs just can’t sing. Wow. Jermaine won. Good for him.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Wow! I just did not see that coming! Good for Jermaine! It helps that his coach was the only one who didn’t act a fool last night (either on TV or on Twitter). I had fallen asleep so missed the Biebs but woke up in time to see the winner announced. 😛

      • I think that you might be right. It did help Jermaine that Blake did not get into that whole competitive mess with the other coaches. I don’t know if some of it was for publicity or not but it was all very annoying. It was surprising to me that Jermaine won but it was a nice surprise. I guess you can’t just go by itunes or celebrity twitter support which is a good thing.

  19. I am glad Jermaine won but I still think it should have been Jamar. They need to let the best contestants be in the finale even if they are on the same team. The focus is also too much on the coaches/judges. Their careers are all doing very well from being on the show just like AI. The contestants not so much long-term success based on last year just like AI.

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