Over 1 Million Twitter Followers!

Go, David! So far away yet still attracting attention…

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  1. Love the new Avi. Let’s hope Kari keeps all the fans happy by posting a lot of goodies often. Yipee over one million followers.

  2. Way to go David! Over 1 Million followers in very impressive. I like the new Avi too. Kari is doing a good job with his twitter.

  3. goodkarmaseeker

    How amazing to keep adding those followers even when he’s off on mission! Couldn’t happen to a better guy!

  4. I have to admit that I still do not have twitter lol However, I check twitter on the internet daily. I think it is a great marketing tool for celebrities and music artists.

    • Marie I totally agree with you, it is a great marketing tool. I’m so blown away by the gain in followers. I thought a few months ago that it would be nice if he reached one million before 2014, never dreamed that it was going to be so soon. Feeling very good about David’s singing career. Now it’s up to Kari to keep the goodies coming, so that all the newbies will keep the interest.

  5. Yes, it sure is a long time in the entertainment business, VJ. I agree but David knew that.

    • Marie, I just hope that he has taken steps to somewhat to keep us fans entertained while he is away, so that it will be easier for him to pick up where he left off.
      Believe me, I still don’t know why I’m still here as much a diehard fan as I ever was. First, I really strongly dislike door to door religion (all religions) peddling, but I decided that was his personal business and had nothing to do with his music. Second, my taste in music has always been eclectic, but I really was more into rock and dance type of music. I truely believe there is something very special about David and strongly feel he will come back with a new found confidience and will be ready to really let lose and become one of the greatest artist of his generation.

      • I agree with you cq. I wonder why I am still here as a fan at times too. lol I do think that it is on David to do what he needs to do if he wants a music career and not the fans. I know he wants some kind of music career but I just I am not so sure what type he wants. Maybe he doesn’t even know at this point. I just prefer mainstream secular music artists but everyone has different tastes in music. I also would prefer he does the pop/r&b/ soul songs but it is his decision. Although I like some of the ballads too. I am actually not that diehard of a fan that I will just like and buy anything he records. I think I find David’s journey as a musical artist very interesting but I am not sure where he will end up. I am OK with that now.

  6. i like david’s new million followers avi; he looks older. below is a clip from ai7 when peter frampton visited backstage. check out david’s look of surprise at :56- :59

  7. Marie, I guess that is what I find also, “David’s journey as a muisical artist very interesting”.
    I will never understand the mission decision, but it is what it is….nothing can be done about it now. The idea that when he made the announcement he needed to make it clear up front that he was doing this on his own free will was very puzzling to me.
    Imo, there is something behind that ever present smile that I can’t quite figure out, but I hope he does in these two years and comes back assured of himself and ready to tackle his music career full force.

    • You know David has to really want and have the strong almost burning desire for his music career as it’s just such a competitive and at times cut throat business. He also needs the “right team” behind him. Who knows what was behind that ever present smile at times. I do not understand the mission decision either or what factors were behind it. Time will tell what David decides to do. Obviously I hope he continues with his music career.

      • You and me both….love chatting with you. I really feel you have a very realistic view about David’s career.
        Maybe when Kari gives him the good news about his followers, it will ignite that “burning desire”….one can hope.

      • I think Kari Sellards is a great member of David’s team. She actually gives me some hope. Kari has listed who she has worked with on her twitter description: @kariontour
        I love my job. Been lucky 2 work w/ the best and travel the world w/ ‘NSYNC, BSB, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Britney, Tim McGraw and now David Archuleta! Those are all very high profile music artists that have all had their career ups and downs. Kari knows how to deal effectively with the careers of music artists based on her past experiences as a tour manager/assistant with those artists IMO.

  8. I was shocked when David announced his mission, but in retrospect it shouldn’t have been that surprising to me. I knew how devout David was. I knew he did firesides and went to temple even when he toured. When he sings “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus” he really means it.

    As for saying nobody told him to do it during the announcement, that told me he hears the whispers. He knows many people think his religion is a cult and that missionaries are brainwashed. That’s what I thought when he said that.

    Anyway, sometimes I’m really optimistic about David’s future and other times I worry a lot. I’m hoping there will be less worries in the future.

    • Imo, all religions, of sorta are cults, including mine, but not in a brainwashing bad way. As far as missionaries go, they are just trying to do their job for their Church, no body has to listen and if they listen and still don’t want to join, I’m sure that they will be left alone.
      Imo, if David wanted to spread the word of Jesus, he could do it more effectively through his celebrity status. I think this mission is more of a personal journey David felt he needed.

    • I think that’s among the reasons he wanted privacy on his mission, because he didn’t want to invite negative scrutiny–it’s hard for outsiders to read the blogs, etc. and not judge.

      • Yes, I don’t think we’ll ever get any news directly from David for that reason. I think this arrangement with Kari is great, though.

      • For me, it’s kinda strange, reading some of the blogs (I admit for most of them, I only looked for David’s name and read what they had to say about him, which by the way, was for the most part, so nice) it made me feel a little better about this whole mission thing, and I am not behind it at all.
        People have scrutinized regelions sense man first started them, a few random blogs aren’t going to make people feel more negative than they already feel, imo.

      • The nice comments made me feel better too. So did the pictures. I guess what I meant to say was I’m not sure David would want one of his blogs picked up by the media.

      • I agree with you cc halo.

      • I’d been reading some missionary blogs prior to David’s mission, including one of a family friend. (In fact, we gave up going to our church on Easter to accommodate part of our family attending his return speech at the LDS church).

        The blogs are both inspirational and disturbing at the same time. These young people give up their lives and comforts, and endure real hardships to give love and attention to poor, troubled people. But it’s kind of odd how they repeat the same things at the end of each and every letter–over and over. They’re also spending much, or even most, of their time badgering lapsed members back to church. I read more than one story of missionaries actually going into the home and physically dragging the person out of bed and into church on Sunday! So much for being left alone, lol.

  9. The media could care less about David, he’s to clean cut for their taste. In fact I was kinda surprised that they picked up the announcement video and his farwell viedo, he was still news because of AI.
    Now, he is just yesterday’s news.

  10. cchalo, wow, that’s disturbing. I just couldn’t picture David doing that.

    • Kari says that he’s singing all of the time down there. Maybe that means that his missionary service is more of an extension of what he was already doing at home–travelling around and giving firesides all over Chile?

  11. raelovingangels

    I am pretty fascinated by David’s twitter growth. That was one element about his leaving that I really had wondered about. Who would man his twitter, whether her could tweet himself, and what would happen to his growth that has been steadily climbing ever since he had an account- Would it maintain, or drop or grow. It is really interesting that he has passed a million.

    • I think it is interesting that David has more twitter followers than so many high profile celebrities. I wonder if he has many international followers. Good for him if he does and I think he might.

      • Marie, I think that you are right. He has fans worldwide. All David needs is a big hit and his career will explode. It might happen when he is still on his mission. Would that be amazing!!! Now talk about the mega buzz he would get.

      • I hope that David gets a chance to sign with a good label when he returns and that he can get a record deal. Not sure what his options will be in 2 years but I am sure he was aware of that when he left. David needs to move forward when he returns as despite his past issues with Jive that label is no longer in existence. He is going to have to compromise somewhat if he wants to be in the music business or any business for that matter. You can always stay true to yourself but there should always room for growth and change IMO.

  12. fyi, tomorrow is the last day to sign the group birthday card for kari.


  13. Marie, yes, I have always said that David seems a little riged when it comes to compromise. I feel that you can stay true to who you are and still have room for compromise…..and you are right, life is full of compromises.

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