Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

A Little Rant against “WGWG”

<begins rant>

OK, so I realize I’ve been having this irksome annoyance with “WGWG” (that’s “white guy with guitar” Idol winners for those not in the know) ever since my beloved David lost to one of these guys (see accompanying pic, which still brings pangs to my stomach), so let me tell y’all now:

Had my favorite contestant Hollie been voted off tonight while Phillip Phillips advanced to next week on what can possibly be called the WORST Top 5 performance of all time on American Idol, my head would have exploded right about now. Thankfully, Skylar took the bullet (even though I had pegged her to be the last girl standing).

But seriously!  What the heck does Hollie (who was fabulous last night) have to do to avoid being close to elimination each week? By the same token, what in blazes does PP (a Vote for the Worst candidate – and rightfully so, IMHO) have to do to wind up in the bottom?  He could just stand there and speak gobbledy gook, and he’ll still sail through on votes! Which is pretty much what he’s been doing, to be honest. I swear, this show is an absolute joke, and the voting public is running the franchise into the ground with their inane voting choices!

The thing is, I happen to like some genuine white guys with their guitars in the real world of music – Bruce Springsteen, Bon Iver, Cold Play (who we just watched) – but the pseudo crap we’ve been getting on Idol are the epitome of mediocrity, and it hurts to see contestants try oh-so-hard to please the voting public (like Hollie, like Jessica, like Elise) while dudes like PP are coasting. Jimmy Iovine is right: he is COASTING!  Everyone else is trying hard, but PP just has to strum a guitar and look cute, and that keeps him safe?

Psst! I can’t, y’all.  If he wins this year’s competition, then I’m out. For real.  This time, I mean it: I can’t do this for the fifth year in a row!

It’s time for all the non-WGWG to try a different talent contest because the game is rigged.

<ends rant/>