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One of the things I’m liking about the new theme here at Soul David is how crisp, clear, and large the photos post.  So, since these latest photos by Arlu Gomez have been making the rounds in Archuworld, I thought I would repost a few of them here.  Feast your eyes! 😛

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  1. My favorite is the last one. David es guapo lol.

    Loving the new layout, btw!!

  2. The pictures look great with new theme. I think it was a good change!

  3. Late to the party but CONGRATULATIONS HG on your 3yr anniversary. And thank you for keeping it running. Love your site…like the way you write,your articles, ideas and specially like reading your posters’ differing but very interesting opinions on your topics.

  4. I am so loving the new layout. So pleasant. Goodness, the camera loves David, loving the new photos.

  5. I like the new theme too…it’s energetic! (And easier to read.) Thanks for the pics!

    Didn’t see the comments on the last thread until now, so hope no one minds if I address them here. David IS different from other missionaries. However, in the pictures that have leaked and the camera shots of him at conference, to me he LOOKS exactly like every other missionary. That’s why I think he’s exactly where he should be. I liked Joymus’ comments about how David must have been frustrated seeing his window of opportunity narrow with each year he didn’t leave for his mission.

    When I mentioned the differences between Scotty’s and David’s teams, like Marie said, I was thinking of the post-AI era. David’s team seemed to be very contentious and disorganized. Scotty’s seems to be smart and supportive. Although maybe that public perception isn’t accurate; I don’t know any behind the scenes info. It is very telling though that Scotty is finishing high school and going to college. No one supported David in that, and I think that’s a shame. Kudos to him for making sure he didn’t miss out on a mission as well. Perhaps the past few years have just been a “bonus” and two years from now, we’ll see the start of his “real” career.

    • utahmom,yes, I also see a real successfull career for David when he returns. In regards to his decision to go for a career instead of finishing school and going on a mission….. imo, David is stronger than he is given credit for, if he wanted to do those things, he would of done them. His book is very telling. He says thoughout the book that he is giulded by God and always thrusts his gut feeling when making dicissions…. and of course this is only my opinion because trully no one know what really went on except David, his management team and his family and friends. We as fans only interpret what is said in his book, interviews and video vlog, etc.

    • I agree with you utahmom regarding David not getting the support that Scotty is for going to college. Scotty is in no way more successful than David nor will he ever be IMO. But Scotty remains signed to a major label and has professional management and is going to college at this point. He seems to be balancing a normal teenage life with his career. I can’t help but wish that David had that. It was very obvious that David’s team was not what it should have been in the past. The past is the past. I just hope that David learned from what happened in the past. I hope that David sees that he needs a team behind him that is professional, well connected in the music industry, and innovative when he returns to his music career in 2 years. That will require not having any family management IMO.

  6. from an fod post, here are a couple more photos of david

    a pic without the suit and tie

  7. goodkarmaseeker

    Beautiful pictures and a good way to start Monday morning!

  8. I’m wondering if anyone knows if David has only Kari to take care of his business while he is away or does he have a small team? The album he will be releasing would have a lot of work involved that would take more than one person to handle, I would thin?

    My wish is that David already has plans in play for when he gets back with management, label and what music he will be producing. Fingers crossed.

    • Got this a few days ago from FOD. It’s pretty obvious Gina Orr (formerly Jive VP) is one of D’s current managers. Her name shows up on Forevermore thankyou note.

      • Thank you fishy222. Glad a team is keeping the home fires burning.

      • We also know that Kurt Bestor is producing David’s next album and a woman (I can’t remember her name) tweeted that she is working on the album cover. I would bet that mic is still involved too although he is keeping a very low profile. I could be wrong and he is not involved but my feeling is that he is…

      • I would agree with you grammyj. Perhaps things will change when David returns or maybe not.

      • #mic has always been involved as either David’s manager or the co-manager. He seems to always have a role as “one” of his managers. You can just guess my opinion on that. lol I guess it does not really matter right now as David is gone for 2 years. I do like Kari, his “tour “manager, and Gina in whatever role she may even have right now.

  9. marie, excuse my ignorance, is #mic David’s father?

  10. I’m in the mood for Ms. Sara Bareilles’, King of Anything

    Who cares if you disagree
    You are not me
    Who made you king of anything
    So you dare tell me who to be
    Who died and made you king of anything

  11. Wow, THE VOICE was ON. FIRE. TONIGHT!!! 😛

    Juliet KILLED it tonight (as did Lindsey and Katrina and Jamar). What a great collection of singers!

    American Idol needs to step it up this week.

    • Juliet was just great tonight. I just wish that she was not on the same team as Jamar as only one of them can go to the finals. It was a good show.

      • I know! They are both my favorites. I wish the format wasn’t so rigid.

      • The Voice does need to change it’s rules. I bet Katrina and Jamar don’t make it due to the rules. That show needs a winner or one of it’s contestants to do well. It seem like the coaches/judges are benefiting more from the show than the contestants are right now. Look at Adam, Blake ect, careers now. That is just like the judges on AI. These well known, high profile music artists now all want to be on these shows as it helps their careers,

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