Three-Year Anniversary

It is amazing to me how I am celebrating three years of Soul David! So, rather than just mark the anniversary with a new banner, as I’ve done in the past, I decided to do a whole new theme! 🙂

This one is called “Parament,” versus the “Black Letterhead” that I’ve been using from WordPress.

Actually, it was because of that glitch in the Black Letterhead last week, in which I had to try a temporary theme so you, dear readers, could read my posts, why I even thought that I could really change things up at Soul David.

And now that we’re in a whole new era in Archuworld (what with our Beloved all the way in a different country doing his missionary thing), we might as well really shake things up.

So, I hope you like the new look! 🙂

I don’t know how many “original” Soul Davids are still here (hello, Joymus, Desertrat) when I first set up shop on April 28, 2009. I don’t remember if I ever explained what drove me to creating SD.

My journey as a David fan, as you all know, started when David sang “Heaven” on my tele.  My journey as a David blogger later began when I discovered Noting David, via Rickey’s and Fanblast (remember those days?).

Noting David was where all the non-tween fans gathered (it seemed), and Rascal was leading the pack. Then he announced that he was closing shop at ND when he received one hate mail too many.  In our immediate panic , I suggested that those of us who regularly congregated at ND should still keep an independent blog going.  At the time when some folks set up shop at Just David (remember that short-lived community?), I was on an overseas trip, and lo and behold, when I returned, I was told that JD was up and running, that I had access to post as a guest blogger, and won’t I join in on all the fun?

Well, I did, without realizing there were “rules” I was supposed to follow. Boy did I step on some toes when I audaciously posted a fan video without going through the proper channels:

That action led to one of the “editors” privately emailing me and chastising me for posting a blog without going through them first.  Of course, that rubbed me the wrong way, so I went back and deleted my post. This deletion also got me into trouble! 😛

Since I had already posted my blog, just leave it up there, I was told, but please remember to not post anything without first going through them.  They must be able to control this “open community” blog.

Well, whatever!  Once Rascal healed from his wounds and decided he wasn’t quite yet finished with blogging, he invited me among others to be apart of a new community called The David Chronicles.  Which sounded cool to me! But then, lo and behold, it would function as a community blog with various editors editing our blog posts before they were made for public viewing.

After one or two posts, in which what I passionately wrote about David got truly edited down so that my posts would be less “provocative” (even though Rascal recruited me to be part of TDC for my “provocations”), I decided: you know, I like being part of a collective, but I’m still trying to make sense of my ODD, and curtailing my passions in a collective was just not going to be enough.

Hence Soul David began.  Where I just wanted to express my David love my own way, with no edits and no sanctions. Rascal congratulated me but also confessed that he wasn’t completely thrilled because he valued my provocativeness, which he was sure I would be redirecting to my new project.

And, as it happened, that’s exactly what I did!  Things really took off for Soul David when I was the only blogger in Archuworld who didn’t get the memo that there was a moratorium of silence on the #MIC massage parlor scandal. I knew there were many fans who were distressed about the situation, and they just wanted to vent (especially when the rest of the media was spinning the story beyond our control).

I imagine my lifting the silence on this subject has stuck with me and the reputation of Soul David, where commenters feel very free to express their feelings about David (whether they are popular or not). And for that, I’m grateful to be that venue.

I can’t say how things will progress from here, but I at least want to mark this milestone. Three years counting, and my love for David hasn’t gone away.  Some relationships don’t last that long!

Thanks for your readership, everyone! 🙂

Oh, and one more thing: “Leave a comment” is posted just below the blog title on this new theme.

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  1. HG, I always enjoy your posts. I have a huge appreciation for those who speak up and speak from a heart of passion, yet with their brain working at full capacity. You often cut through the convoluted discussions here and help it all make sense.

    Thanks. (I like the new theme. Changing up things is good.)

  2. I really like the new look!! Happy Three year Anniversary to SD!! I really enjoyed reading your post, hg. I didn’t realize your journey as a David blogger. I remember reading Rickey and fanblast when David was on AI but I did not know about Noting David and JD. I do remember Rascal and TDC. Great post as I was not aware of all the past history. I think commenters do feel free to express their feelings on SD. I think that is a very positive aspect of SD.

  3. Thanks for telling us the story of why you started Soul David. I’ve actually been here since the beginning although I was just a “lurker” for the first couple years. I finally realized how easy it was to reply to a post and have joined in. I started my David ODD with Fanblast which lead to Noting David, FOD, Snarky Archies, etc. I have always loved Soul David because you let everyone express their opinion and don’t sugar-coat everything. Other David fan-sites have the archu-police in full force which is fine, but it’s nice to have a place to express an opposing view. When the MIC massage parlor issue came about the only place for fans to talk about it was here and MJ’s. It was all over the news so there really needed a place for fans to vent at the time.

  4. Wow, I’m loving the layout format in the comments section! 🙂 So easy to follow and hit “Reply”!

    Thanks for your comments everyone, and glad you like the new look! 😀

  5. Congratulations HG!! I’ve been here for all the various stages on all of the sites you mentioned.
    Admire your intelligence and devotion to David!! Best Wishes!!

  6. Hi hg I may not post as often but still here lurking everyday.😊

    • Sorry that was me temp21. And happy 3rd anniversary. So glad that you are still maintaining your blog. I remember the ND ‘heydays’ and I was there with all the ‘drama’. Thanks for letting us know the ‘behind the scenes’ and angst of being a guest writer

  7. raelovingangels

    LOL Interesting history…. I found/joined Noting David, shortly before it ended… I am also not big on censorship of expression. Then I moved to Just David and then to TDC. It was Joymus that got me over here when I was feeling the need to discuss the incident with Jeff. All that passion and emotion on both sides of soooo many things surrounding David. As I have always felt, the day that passion stops, is a day to become worried about his career. Not that it cannot be rekindled- as David can easily fan the embers upon his return.

  8. Hi HG!! Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for the shout-out in your post. I now feel like a proud blog “Auntie” of sorts 😀

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It was also my privilege to “run” Soul David that one time for you during a blog break.
    We had a great community back then with Noting David, Just David and alternately – The David
    Chronicles – where I even contributed a couple posts. “Cousin blogs” also came in the form of The Voice and SnowAngelzs. We all had great debates and formed many friendships along the way. I came to Noting David via Fan Blast first, then FOD because of a link to Rascal’s Think of Me post – one of David’s premiere performances on AI.

    The infamous MIC incident marked a turning point for SD. Fans were so mad and the topic was not even up for discussion on the other main fansites. It really couldn’t I suppose, because of the high profile of those well-known sites at the time. I jokingly referred to SD as a psychiatrist’s couch then because of the outpouring of strong emotions from fans during the communication blackout in combination with the ambience of the previous color scheme. That was also around the time we also first met Peter I think. LOL!

    Congrats Again!

    • Peter was one of the reasons I was first drawn to SD. I lurked for a long time and I just found his comments both entertaining and “spot on.” It was the infamous mic incident too.

      • Marie – at what point did you start posting regularly?

      • I think that it was the latter part of 2010 I started posting but not really regularly until last year. I remember the comments about David’s mismanagement and label issues being discussed that I so agreed with. There were many regular commenters that I enjoyed reading and still do. I wonder how many fan sites are still active for David. His fans are amazing with their support.

  9. HG, you got me thinking why I am still such an ODD fan checking David’s fansites everyday, and I came to the conclusion that he has had such an interesting career. It has actually been the ups and downs and the variety of things David has done that has made it interesting. Also a big part has been the great fan-sites that David has along with the connection David has made with his fans via vlogs and tweets along with, of course, his music. Even now that he is gone a BTS video for Nandito Ako shows up on his OS. Hopefully we will get more treats like this while he is away.

  10. Another find today is David singing a duet of “A Puro Dolor” at this link. There is a little music player on this site. It sounds awesome.

  11. Happy 3rd year anniversary HG and it’s been a pleasure being a part of this blog community. Among other things, I’ve always admired your ability to take a current issue and tie it into a post re. David. Aside from the David commentary, visiting this site I’ve learned so much about other musical artists and other perspectives on life. Thanks for providing us with a virtual space to hang out and chat!

  12. New theme looks great. I appreciate the background–very much appreciate that you speak your mind. I lurk many places where I would be labeled a bad fan if I dared post.

  13. Happy Anniversary, HG! Interesting story of why you branched out on your own and I’m so glad you did. SD is the only fan site I visit regularly since Snarkies shut down.

    I don’t know why, but I was just thinking about the parlor incident the other day. David sure has gotten a lot of press for events unrelated to his music. Ahh, the frustrating life of an Archie. lol

    Anyway, love the new theme. That’s a great pic of David at his glowy best!

  14. goodkarmaseeker

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, HG!! And happy and fortunate are we who have this place to come to. to read insightful, well written, and sometimes entertaining takes on all things David plus other topics that cause us to think and reflect.
    It was interesting to learn the history of this site and then to find out where others who come here first got into their David “obsessions.”
    My David love started out somewhere during Season 7 of Idol, having never watched it before.
    It was love at first sight and listen. My daughter who was then thirteen shared the love and we were fangirls together. We went to the Idols concert in our town and stood out in 90’s+ temps for hours to get a glimpse and autograph from David and then attended 4 concerts including one VIP. She has since moderated her obsession leaving me to make up for it.
    Anyway, I’ve followed Snarky Archies, Noting David, David Chronicles, then this hilarious site that I can’t remember the name of (it had commentators like salt and pepper and other kitchy tiltles but they often highlighted David’s “hotness” speaking of his “tight Jeans, etc, Anyone remember?)
    Now I read the Voice and this wonderful blog and occasionally FOD.

    I love the picture above. It is now my screensaver. I also love the new look here.

    • I remember that site, goodkarmaseeker. I loved it too. Embe use to comment on it. Are you lurking, Embe? I can’t remember the name of it either. It was a whole lot of fun. Snarky Archies was a big favorite of mine when it first started out, especially when Amy did a lot of the writing. It was actually snarky then and very funny at times. Remember the post on David for President?

      • This is making the rounds today and fits right in with that former David fan-site that talked about David’s “hotness”. Here you go, goodkarmaseeker!

      • I do not know the name of that site but I used to love Snarky Archies when if first started. I think there were 3 writers there and Amy was one of them. I was a long-time lurker at that site.

      • goodkarmaseeker

        Thanks grammy and marie for the responses! Maybe somebody else (Embe) will recall the name of that site. It was such a hoot. Who-hoo grammy, for the link to the David has a “muscular chest”
        article and pictures. Got to say that’s nice.

      • Lol, my thoughts exactly on Snarky Archie’s. They stopped being snarky and got more pc once they interviewed him and got closer to him.

    • The other two original writers on Snarkies were Dana and Sabrina. I loved when they chronicled their concert experiences. I remember they were going to a concert in Chicago when it was snowing and they never got there because of the traffic and snow. Their account of it was hilarious. They were granted an interview with David which I thought was great as they were journalists but some of the bloggers on other David fansites got really ticked off that they got an interview with David. Anyway, after that rumor has it that Amy helped on David’s first official site. Dana ran Snarkies by herself for awhile and then turned it over to a group of bloggers until it was shut down last year.

      I need a life. I know waaay to much about David fan-sites!

  15. Happy Anniversary, HG! My own path started with trying out youtube and finding david youtubes there during season 7 – finding Ricky’s and finding other David sites – watching fanblast follow David to the idol concerts – seeing the start of FOD – Laughing at Snarky Archies like everyone else following HG all over the place and trying to find MomJulee’s wonderful comments and looking for her too. Now wandering from site to site – loving the funny snowangelez site and The Voice site now all the twitter following all for a glimpse of David news/fun/humor/videos.l thankful to Kari for being such a perfect fit for David.

  16. Happy Anniversary, HG.
    I mostly lurk, but have been here and everywhere from day 1. 🙂
    The site you guys are referring to is ORLLY. Or ORRLY. I can never remember which.

    • You are right! I finally remembered the name but you beat me to it. I don’t remember the exact spelling either.

  17. One more thing. This font is SO much easier on these crappy eyes of mine. 🙂

  18. Happy 3rd anniversary Hg. Love the layout format. Hg thank you for giving us fans a great place to come to read your wonderful post and to comment freely.

  19. Looking good HG – and Happy Anniversary!

    • good to see you here gg. hope all is well.

      • Hi Desertrat! Yep, life is pretty good right now (knocks on wood, lol). Along w/ work, I’m lending my time and energy (as a volunteer for the party and the Chamber of Commerce) to help our city prepare for the Democrat convention that will be held here in the fall – fun stuff! Charlotte is going to be in the spotlight the rest of the summer, so keep a good thought out there for all of us who will be working (HARDDDD!!, LOL) behind the scenes to help make this a huge success 🙂

        … made the personal decision after David announced his plans to do a mission to begin the process of disengaging from a lot of online fandom activity to supporting David as a regular fan, in the offline realm. I have interest in David’s music career, his plans related to a music career after his mission is over, but the activities related to his time away on mission don’t hold the same interest. I consider it his personal journey and time away from the demands of a full time career. It gave me the impetus as he stepped away to also step away – to reframe and refocus a lot of things related to being a fan of David – the singer, the artist. Keep on keeping on everybody – especially you HG. I can depend on you and this blog to dish the David news like I like it – straight up, no chaser – undercut w/ a lil’ ODD to balance it out 🙂

      • sounds like fun volunteering for the convention. good to hear things are going well for you.

  20. If somehow we could only get them to come back …

    • goodkarmaseeker

      Yes, yes, yes!

    • please please please come back ORLYY!!!!!
      though I LOVE Soul David from the depths of my heart too…

      thanks HG on your three year anny….I have been with David
      since the first Rickey post and have followed his fans around
      the blogosphere. It has been a rush

  21. Just had to come out of lurkdom and say I love the new layout! This is the only David fansite I follow anymore but I’ve been lurking online since the early days on still have my Rickey’s Arch Angels t-shirt. Haha! I’ve commented here a handful of times but mostly enjoy reading. My opinions tend to mirror Peter and Marie et al so it’s nice to see similar thoughts expressed freely. 🙂 Thank you so much for the blog HG and Happy Anniversary!

  22. Congrats, HG! Looking forward to our Internet service being activated next week. I find it very difficult to type on my phone. Plus I have the dee tees from no DA for 10 days. Have joined the ranks of Iowan Archie’s! Would love to know the percentage of devoted online fans who are present since day one. Prob a high number.

  23. Three years!! I admire your dedication hg! Thank you for providing us more “opinionated” fans a place to hang our hats. I hope all these hats will still be here three years from now. It was interesting to hear about your journey, hg. The journey is different now; I’m not sure where it will take us, or David.

    Perhaps this has been beaten to death already, but I wanted to share my thoughts that seeing David look like every other missionary out there drove home the feeling that he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be right now. More and more I’ve realized that he was not ready for stardom at all. He really needs time away to grow and mature first. It’s an interesting contrast comparing how Scotty M’s team has been handling his career/personal life versus David’s. Scotty seems to have concerned, smart people supporting him.

    • utahmom, do you think that David doesn’t have concerned, smart people supporting him? I really think that Kari has done a really good job so far and I think that she is very concerned about David.

    • I agree with you Utahmom about David not being ready for stardom for probably a number of reasons. If you compare how Scotty’s team has handled his career after AI versus how David’s team after AI handled his career it is very telling. You can’t just blame David’s label as Scotty has a label too. AI/19 is involved with Scotty also and he has had no apparent issues with them. cq You can’t really include Kari as she was not on his team until very recently. Kari is doing a great job but he is on a mission for 2 years now. # mic has basically been David’s manager or co manager of his team/ music career for the past 4 years and even before that. Unfortunately. It just seems that David did not have the right team and supports in place to deal with his fame as he did struggle with it so much. You brought up an excellent point Utahmom . I am not a Scotty fan as he is too twangy country for me but I keep making the comparison too. It is too bad that when many fans tried to express their concerns about # mic they were shut down. The fans were not being critical of David. They wanted David to succeed and have the best possible team for his music career behind him. I was one of those fans and I still want that for David when he returns.

      • Hey Utahmom!

        If you can, will you please expand some more on your point? I love your different take on this. I also think he needed to be where he is now, because of subtle signs along the way, we now fully realize in hindsight. His faith is also key to his personality and he needed time to fully explore it at his leisure. It was probably eating away at him that the window of opportunity to go on mission was getting smaller with each year he hung around trying to sustain his career.

      • The problem with comparing David to Scotty is that you are comparing apples to orange. David was trying to be a Pop star while Scotty is trying to be a country star. Also if you compare to where David was one year after AI he is closer to where Scotty is now. David was considered very successful one year after AI. He had good album sales for pop, had almost 2 million in sales of Crush (better that Scotty’s sales of his first single) and David was selling out his first headlining tour. The music business is tough and a lot has to do with timing and luck. We will see how Scotty is doing in four year. Also, we will see what happens when David returns from his mission. Yes, I believe that David did need to go on the mission for his personal and spiritual growth

      • I totally agree that Scotty might not be that successful four years from now. Just look at past idol winners. It just seems like Scotty is able to handle and accept his stardom better than David did. I think David would have adjusted better with a more competent team behind him. It might have made him feel more secure but everyone is different so who knows. I just wish that David did not have such a struggle with his fame. I am sure there were many factors that made him feel that way. It think David could and will be more successful than Scotty if he wants a career when he returns.

      • Marie, I misunderstood, I though the comparisons were about their career right now. I totally agree that David needed a better team when he first came out of the AI machine.

  24. I see someone remembered the name of the Orlyy -site 🙂 I loved the humour there. I was hoping for an explanation on why it was closed down so abruptly though. Nobody knows…

  25. HG, I just want to congratulate you on your third archiversary! You are appreciated by many lurkers like me. I enjoy your style of writing – so keep doing what you’re great at and thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  26. Congratulations on three years HG. I remember the days you describe above. It was interesting to learn the history from your insiders point of view! I am so glad your sanctions elsewhere lead to Soul David, the one place in the Archie world I most resonate with. I can’t imagine a day without checking in to learn what you and your followers have to say.

    I come here because I am interested in DA (well, to be honest VERY INTERESTED) and because I love the way you write.

    By the way, really like that video that got you in trouble.


  27. HG – Congrats on 3 years. Don’t look much at blogs; just cruised by a few this AM to see what is going on.

    And, I do admire your writing style; you hit the target frequently and eloquently. This time your facts above are intertwined with some erroneous ‘facts’ as to early history. So I took a moment to think back to those days as I read through your “history” as to the events as they unfolded.

    For instance, TDC was born out of JD. Rascal approached those at JD and courted them to set up TDC with him primarily in the background designing the website, technical stuff, etc. And, you received quite a few emails in the early days of JD regarding working together as the group was being formed. And yeah, your spontaneous blog was a surprise to those who had articles written waiting for publishing which you had been informed of along the way via the numerous emails you were included on. No secrets, no bad intentions. Obviously a series of miscommunications, eh. As far as editing goes, I remember there was an objection to referencing MJs Big Blog in the negative in an article you wrote on a fledgling new blog. I wasn’t the person reviewing that piece but I do remember us new bloggers, rightly or wrongly, not wanting to piss off MJ who highlights the Idol alum at every step of their career, thinking, perhaps naively, that it might hurt David in the blog-o-sphere. Good of you to allow this clarification.

    Yep, there were rules and rolls. Some blogs operate that way. Others benefit greatly from the voice of a sole blogger, like yours. Glad you have this place where ‘what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander ‘ in this place based on equal opportunity commenting. 😀

    • Gee, Kizzi, thanks for “outing” yourself in my personal history. As you know, our personal memories are always subjective. As such, I stand by the personal narrative I offered here on my blog.

      And thanks for also reminding me why it was that I needed to have a blog of my own, where I don’t have to get into this tit-for-tat conversation. 🙂

      • Outing!? Lolz. It’s no secret. And the facts aren’t subjective or an opinion for that matter. The only reason I addressed it was to clear up the erroneous accounting.

        You have a following who believe your writings are gospel. I am pretty positive you value accuracy above ego, right? And you aren’t positoning yourself as a victim nor an innocent either, I believe.

        No hard feelings. No need to be defensive. Kudos to you for 3 years.

      • Erroneous? I’m not making anything up. And no, my “followers” (really? Seriously?) don’t take everything I write as “gospel.”

      • No offense to you hg but I know that I don’t. I have a mind of my own. lol I am quite sure that you don’t agree with all my comments or that others do either. I actually have no problem with that.

      • Same with me – sorry, HG, I don’t take everything you say as gospel. Just like you don’t always agree with me. We like to think here and offer differing viewpoints.

      • haha! No offense taken, my dear Soul David readers. I wasn’t expecting my word to be taken as “gospel”! (Hence why I had to raise my eyebrows at the thought.)

  28. My reply to Utahmom was incomplete. In one respect he was not like other missionaries because he was the CEO of a burgeoning lucrative business, the past however is the past and I agree with Marie’s reply.

    In looking ahead, some questions waiting to be answered upon return are what type of music will inspire him, what level of fervor will he have to revive and sustain his career , will he still struggle with stardom, will he assemble the type of team that will be forward-thinking and innovative as they look for ways to re-establish his presence or brand, will David even want this type of life still, what personal modifications will he employ to embrace his skill and talents even more if he does?

    • Great questions joymus!!

      • I guess we will find out in two plus years but David has said over and over in interviews that he is coming back to his music career when his mission is over. I hope he picks up where he left off expanding his Asian market, Christmas market and rejuvenating his U.S. career in more of an Adult Contemporary genre. He could also record that Spanish album. The sky’s the limit for David as he is so talented. I do believe firmly that he will be doing music as that is who he is.

  29. Happy Three-Year Anniversary!

  30. IMO, David has to except stardom as part of what is needed to have a singing career and make music he wants. By looking at some of the concert video, that smile says a lot….that he loves being up on stage and soaking in all the love from the fans, he never looked unconfortable.

  31. speaking of scotty m., look who will be at stadium of fire this year …

    but will he have the stomping the roses dancers backing him up. 😉

  32. I know a lot of SDers have mentioned they don’t tweet. I found David and Lupe’s FULL version of A Puro Dolor from the Mentor’s Gala on twitter. Remember that? I had given up on ever hearing the whole thing. He really sounds great. Another gem from Abrra’s cookie jar (via Karina Singh on tumblr) 🙂

    • i’m losing my touch …. i don’t recall this event, lol. regardless, it’s nice to hear the song. maybe one day an audio clip of the gospel song he sang in restaurant (while with the child’s fund peeps) will appear on twitter.

      • It was an International Gala held in Utah by invitation only with very strict rules on recording. As you can see after a lot of time has elapsed we find there were Ninja’s present. There is also a You tube of David dancing with Lupe!! floating around also. David was really dancing quite well!! ..and of course singing!! The event was to show what they accomplished on their trip to Honduras.

      • Desertrat, I’m shocked. lol Here’s the video Heidijoy mentioned:

  33. HG and Soul David posters: I wanted to go on the record as saying I appreciate that you have let me try to explain my religion here even though it is very disliked and/or uninteresting to some of you. And mostly I appreciate that when we have disagreed, you have not attacked me personally, as has happened on other sites. Happy Anniversary!

    • I have always been interested in learning about the Mormon religion and have appreciated your posts and the blog you use to have explaining your faith. It’s fascinating to me to learn what others believe and to compare it to my beliefs.

  34. HG, congrads on your blog. I truly enjoy it, please please please do ever stop blogging.

    I have a feeling David’s view of a successful career and stardom is completely different from a lot of us. I also believe he himself may have made some decisions that have prevented people around him (AI/Jive/Azoff/WEG etc) to help him reach the success WE wish to happen. I think that’s what some of you refer to “not ready for stardom”. Come to think of it, he did have a lot of powerful industry people involved during his career, at least trying to bring him up to stardom.

    The following video came across my mind. I am not suggesting this is what David has in mind, but I have a feeling we may not be too far off by referencing this Grammy nominated artist, also a Mormon.

    • and I just noticed she is David’s label mate, from Shadow Mountain Records.

      • I got to thinking today that if David would have followed exactly what Jive/Azoff wanted he would have been the tween star ala Justin Bieber. I’m sure there must have been some bubblegum pop sent his way like “Baby, Baby” that he turned down. After Idol his best chance for super stardom would have been the tween route but he wanted to appeal to more ages than just the tweens. Anyway, it didn’t happen. He is not a superstar but IMHO he has still done very well for himself in the music field and I hope he is only just beginning.

      • Oh yeah, I would agree that David was behind most of the decisions and early on, too. I remember a conversation Jeff had with a fan about Desperate. He said they fought to leave it off the first album because they viewed it as a song David should sing when he was older. I have to believe that came mostly from David and Jeff was around to push D’s agenda.

        Grammyj, I’m sure Jive would have loved some “Baby, Baby” type songs from David. I remember reading that Jessie McCartney said he had been asked to write for David’s second album. I wouldn’t be surprised if David put the kibosh on that. No way was he singing anything close to “that thing you got behind you is amazing”. lol

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