Some David Healing

I’m very much under the weather and trying to recover, and now that it’s the end of the week, I can finally rest up with some chicken soup and The Voice (yes, David’s Voice still works for me in my healing process).

In the mean time, here’s a feast for sore eyes (found these gems over at Fans of David).

Fan Art by Blackout14:

David is among the 50 Most Beautiful Latinos in Hollywood:

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  1. So sorry that you are under the weather. Hope you get well soon. Yes the healing powers of chicken soup and that golden magical voice.

  2. Sorry you are not feeling well!! David’s music will help and your weekend off!!

  3. I did like seeing David on the list of the 50 most beautiful Latinos in Hollywood. So true.

  4. Sorry that you’re sick HG. David’s voice does have healing power! I love that Fan art for Crush. David has so many talented fans.

  5. HG, I hope David’s voice has sped up your healing process.

    A few threads back, someone (Marie?) posted a link to a fan video made to the song “The Walk”. Not really listening to the lyrics, I thought the video perfectly meshed w/ the clips of David walking, tossing a hat, etc. I couldn’t understand why on one of the fansites someone mentioned negative aspects of the the song.

    Well, I love the melody of the song and the lead vocals so I looked up the song on youtube to find the name of the group. I assumed it was a song from the 60’s by and R&B band. I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see Mayer Hawthorne and to hear the uncut lyrics. I feel like I’ve been punked and for some reason I find it very funny. Anywho, I plan on purchasing the song because I’m fascinated by it now, lol.

    • fan tribute to “the walk”

      • Yes, I did post the link to this video, desertrat. I love it!! Thanks for the information on Mayor Hawthorne. I can’t believe that someone would not like this video. lol It had been discussed in a previous post that Gina Orr might be still active with David’s management. I saw this link posted to Gina’s management company’s website on another site. I thought it was interesting as it has David’s picture on her site: It might not mean anything but I hope she is still involved with David along with Kari.

  6. Dear HG – Sure hope you feel better at least by the end of the weekend.

    I have to say one difficult aspect of David being gone for me is watching others who have come after, get noticed by the industry with nominations. I just read of Scotty’s and Lauren’s nomination Billboard Music Awards. It sure is hard to eat sour grapes and simply stand on the sidelines for 2 + years. I feel somewhere along the way David’s career was mishandled. I don’t have regrets for him living his personal dream and he may not have wished to have any part of such a thing, but I sure wish there was some public acknowledgment of all his prior hard work. I think completely swallowing disappointment of my personal expectations of his career is definitely a work in progress lol.

    • I hear you joymus. It use to bother me too, but we know that life isn’t fair and especially the music industry today. There are lots of artists that I feel are undeserving that get awards, but music is subjective and the awards are given sometimes to the most popular but not the best musically. David has received some recognition – teen choice awards, Alma award and some awards in the Philippines. As an ODD fan I think he deserves more, but there are many talented singer/musicians that never get an award ever. I’m sure to David the best award is the letters he receives telling him how much his music has helped people in their lives. I’m sure he will be using his voice to help others during his Mission.

    • joymous, You are not that only one that feels that David’s career was mishandled. I do too. Grammyj is correct that the music industry is not fair. In all honesty who knows where Scotty and Lauren’s career will be in 4 years even with their having an advantage in doing country music right now . AI sure does not exactly have a good track record with their idols having long term success.

  7. David sure has dedicated fans. We wait for David Archuleta trended worldwide on twitter tonight. Kari posted this picture. David looks like he’s praying for you HG

    As We Wait For David Archuleta I just want to thank all the Archies for the support you keep showing him and myself. TY

  8. Grammyj and Marie – Thanks for your feedback. At least I got it off my chest. I am supportive of his hiatus but in my mind, I would like to see him garnering industry accolades as well, such as grammys. In another phase of his life in the future perhaps or maybe in another lifetime. I will always wish him the very best.

    Great Pic Grammyj!

    • I will never really honestly understand why David is basically disappearing for 2 years from his music career. I really do not care anymore but that is the way I feel about it. Then again I never understood why he was so mismanaged when he left AI. The only hope I have is that Kari and hopefully Gina will be able to help him while he is gone and support him when he returns. Also that David signs a record deal right away when he returns.

  9. Desertrat and Marie, the poster was referring to the original video to the song mentioned. The song itself is great but the Mayer Hawthorne Music Vid has extreme violent overtones. You can find it on YT.

    • joymus, my previous comment wasn’t very clear. i realize the poster was referring to the original video to the song and not the fan made video.

      i was trying to point out how shocked i was to see Hawthorne’s actual videos (there are 2). there’s the violent video and then there’s a 2nd one w/very explicit lyrics featuring Rizzle Kicks. Again, I was initially under the impression it was a cute song by a 1960’s R&B group only.

      it’s sort of like foster the people’s “pumped up kicks”. it has a catchy tune with surprising lyrics.

  10. Okay Desertrat. The song has a great melody for sure.

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