Song on a Loop: I’ll Never Go

I’m a bit obsessed with this song for the moment:

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  1. I LOVE it. His lower register just kills me. This song would sound good on the radio. Love the way the guitar rocks out toward the end 🙂

  2. As I said before, I love the whole album and this is up there at the top. Loving it more with each listen.

  3. Nice song. I especially like the “I’ll Never Go” beginning at 2:53.

  4. goodkarmaseeker

    Thanks for sharing your latest obsession on “Forevermore”! Mine is “You Are My Song” which I belt out while riding alone in the car.
    I also love “Rainbow”. I’m realizing all the nuances and things about all of the songs that are great. Oh, I miss David and his vlogs and all things current but coming here REALLY helps. Thanks
    HG and all posters.

  5. Here’s a new fan video of fun David moments especially for goodkarmaseeker who misses David. I miss him too. This video made me smile.

    • Grammyj, thank goodmess we have old vlogs and fan videos to watch, still, the two year no vlog thing is such a bummer!

      • I do not think that the problem is just no vlog for 2 years. I wish it was that simple. lol I think that the total lack of communication for 2 whole years for any music artist is a mistake. All music artists take breaks in their careers but 2 years of basically disappearing is very excessive IMO. If David had no career at all prior to leaving on this mission than it would obviously not be as big of an issue. A year off would have been much more realistic IMO. For example Scotty from AI is going to college but he is not leaving his career to go. I know he has these other songs coming out soon but that is not enough if David is not here to promote it IMO.

  6. raelovingangels

    That is also one of my favorites. There is a real sincerity that comes through and I also love, love the low register.

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