David’s Peers Series #2: Spotlight on Miley Cyrus

I meant to continue this series last Wednesday but got distracted with the news that David was in Chile! But, remember this performance with a certain someone?

Look at it this way, David fans: had David been a teen star phenomenon like Miley Cyrus (like we all used to hope), think how much more growing pains he’d have to deal with making his boy-to-man transition in the very public eye.

Zac Efron had to  deal with ridicule when his The Lucky One, which opened over the weekend, was universally panned (something tells me his rush to grow up from his innocent “High School Musical” days into hot sexy soldier boy just wasn’t working for some folks).  But at least he got his movie widely released (and came in at #2, beating out the unstoppable The Hunger Games, although it couldn’t topple black romance comedy, Think Like a Man).

Not so with Miley Cyrus’s latest film, LOL, whose trailer I accidentally came across online:

The film was supposed to have been released in January, then later pushed back to March, and is now going to be opening (in limited release no less!) this coming May. What gives?

This movie was supposed to represent Miley Cyrus’s breakout moment from her teen image of Hannah Montana to an all-grown-up on the cusp of womanhood persona.  Something like what Zac Efron attempted with The Lucky One. 

Alas, with the success of The Hunger Games, LOL is just not a priority at Lionsgate.  No worries, though, since Miley is set to be in another movie, So Undercover, about her investigation into a college sorority (another movie trying to “age her gracefully”?).

Obviously, I consider Miley Cyrus one of David’s peers, mostly because of 1)his guest appearance and song on Hannah Montana and 2)his appearance with Miley at the Teen Choice Awards (‘member that?).

Back when David was making his “Crush” debut, we used to have these fierce debates about whether or not Jive was trying to take David the “Disney” route, and I still wonder what Disney might have done with David had they gotten their hands on him.

I imagine he’d be much like Miley and Zac right now – trying to “outgrow” his Disney image. Granted, many of us think he has a different image to “outgrow”: the Idol one.

So, it will be interesting to see how and when David reappears on the pop scene two years from now.  I still think it was a blessing in disguise that he hadn’t blown up on the same scale as a Miley Cyrus, who is obviously trying to find her footing – after all, this was a gal who basically OWNED the tween market for quite some time.  (Then Taylor Swift and now Justin Bieber took them away from her.)

They’re all growing up too, these fans, but it’s how Miley connects to that growing-up fanbase that makes all the difference.

Somehow, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears made the transition, Lindsay Lohan not so much.

Watching such careers makes me feel a bit easier that David won’t have such a rough time at making whatever transition is necessary when he returns a bonafide 20-something man. By then, most folks would have to readjust to the “man” more than the “boy” some of us used to know on Idol or who once sung a song called “Crush.”

Maybe Miley should take a similar 2-year break before making her own comeback transition, IMO.  Think of how awed we would be at her transformation.

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  1. Once again great post. Yes, I’m kinda glad that David didn’t go the Disney route, although if he had, he would be in a better place financially and fame wise because of the Disney money backing. Who knows what happen, maybe they didn’t see him as a fit, we’ll never know. As far as David’s transition from teen to adult, yes it will be still a struggle because a lot of people still only think of him as the “kid” in AI. This two year break might be the best thing for his career if when he gets back, he connects with the right people that can showcase his talent. IMO is that the general public need to see David’s extreme talent, not “oh, he’s the extremely religious Mormon boy that can sing” that is the image that the general public need to forget and just be in awe of his talent.

    • I think Disney wanted David. There were rumors that they wanted him for a small part in High School Musical 3. Even David indicated in interviews that he had turned down some acting opportunities and my bet is they were with Disney. IMHO David just wanted to sing and didn’t feel comfortable acting. However, with his acting in the Philippines, I think he has changed him mind. He really seemed to like acting. I don’t know if he will pursue more acting upon his return, but I bet he will if the right part would be offered to him. Anyway, he didn’t go the Disney route for whatever reason, and we shall see in a couple years what he will do.

      • grammyj, I forgot about that interview, so yes, it was his choice not to go the Disney route. I think he made a wise move.

    • I agree with you cq.

      I hope that David will be the only one communicating about his mission when he’ll come back (if he’s asked about it). He certainly presents things differently than some persons of his entourage IMO.
      I listened to KB’s interview about David’s next album. I know it’s not possible but I really wished that he would have been able to promote it himself… Well, at least we had some infos about the songs and now I’m really looking forward to listen to the album.

  2. I think that for many David has the Disney image. Maybe because he wasn’t on tv and on the radios since Crush, they only remember him as the really young kid, shy and unassuming. It’s like being labeled as a Disney singer without having (unfortunately) their financial backing and their powerful promo tools.
    I think that he’s in a way in the same situation than some of the Disney kids. The 2 year break can be a good thing for his image, he’ll look older and he probably needs it to be taken more seriously. But it will depend on how his come back will be marketed. We’ll see how his management team and his PR person will present him after his mission. I hope that they’ll have a real plan for his return in the music scene.
    The image he will want to project will also depends on the music he’ll release. I hope that his image will be the reflect of his musical identity and I also hope that an older David will be more confident about singing more mature songs (and by mature, I’m not thinking about dated songs lol). The thing with David is that his voice is so mature that it appeals to a broader audience but his young look is somehow limiting his appeal (or at least, it has an impact on some casual listeners who can’t admit openly that they like him). But I don’t think that he’ll have to change radically his image like some of the Disney artists. Making music that matches his great voice and that represents who he is as an artist will be a first step in the right direction IMO and of course having more opportunities to be heard and seen. If you know him, you’ll love him.

  3. katie (moore) ‏ @K_80
    I finally get to design an album for my favorite american idol. who else is jazzed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J1-eYBbspA

    I don’t know who she is but her tweet about David’s next album seems promising to me.

    • Katie has done quite a bit of work for The Civil Wars. She’s based out of Nashville and I believe she met David through Joy Williams. She traveled with David some while he was doing some of his TOSOD promo appearances. She made a few behind the scenes videos from that time that are posted on her Vimeo account.

      • Thanks for the info, Ali ! It sounds even more promising, knowing that she knows him and that she already met him.

    • @k_80 is one of the few david affiliates that i continue to follow via twitter. i find her very creative and witty. i look forward to seeing what she has in mind for his album cover.

  4. “LOL” is a remake of a French movie. I haven’t seen it but it was a success because of the popularity of Sophie Marceau. I remember watching the trailer and thinking it could have been a TV movie.
    I have to admit that I’m not a fan of French movies in general.

  5. it seems like the media is having a field day with miley’s popularity decline. i feel for for her. it’s hard for me to say if two years off would help her career. imho, she’s spent the majority of her young life acting and singing – neither of which she’s particularly strong at as an adult. i wonder if acting and singing are her true passion or if she has ever given serious thought to a career out of show business.

    from the previous thread, sandybeaches, your offer of the bracelets is a kind gesture – thanks.

    • I am not so sure that taking a whole 2 years off is good for anyone’s career in the entertainment/music business. Miley’s personal life is going fairly well so far. Miley’s boyfriend is the good looking actor in Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth. Although I do wonder how long it will last with those two with his popularity on the rise and hers on the decline. lol

  6. i’m half-way watching idol right now. i really want to be in joshua’s camp and he’s extremely talented. however, his performances don’t connect with me. i liked the performance of the woman who performed after him (elise?). she reminded me of stevie nicks.

    • I have to admit that I do not like Elise at all. There is just something about her that annoys me. I hope the top 4 are P2, Skylar, Jacob, and Jessica. I am not sure who I want to win.

      • I’m with desertrat, I like Elise but I don’t connect with Jacob. I probably liked him the best today because I like the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Jacob usually does too many runs for my taste.

      • I thought Hollie just did a good job with “The Climb” which was a Miley song. I am not so sure I am that interested in any of them to be honest. They were kind of boring tonight. Over praising by the judges tonight of course. I think Skylar might just turn out to be the one that is the most marketable.

  7. There’s a very interesting article at SnowAngelzz
    http://snowangelzz.com/ about Elaine Bradley who is a drummer in the band Neon Trees. She is also a Mormon who went on a mission and came back to being in a band. It shows that David can go on a Mission and come back to a music career.

    • That is a very interesting article. I did not know that they were all Mormons in the band Neon Trees.

    • Loved the articles and Elaine’s story!! Posted by Snowangelzz as encouragement to David Archuleta fans of a Mormon who went on a mission and came back to a Music Career!! Woo Hoo!
      Also loved the ground rule they came up with as a Group!!

      Points well taken and encouraging!! thanks to Snowangelzz for the find!!

  8. Hi everyone!
    To each his own but I’m a huge Joshua Ledet fan win or lose. IMO he is a very charismatic performer and I just connect with him everytime, unlike with Jessica even though she’s quite good. I think everyone performed well tonight. Loved Holly’s 2nd song.

  9. This is for Peter and everyone else that misses Sunny. I have to admit that the picture is really cute though:
    Sunny Hilden ‏ @SunnyHilden
    A Picture Of Me When I Was sure this little angel would bless the world with his voice & heart.


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