David Featured on Fox’s 25th Anniversary Special

Thank you, JR, for uploading this segment (for those of you who missed the moment – yes, I just heard the Voice while I was in the kitchen, which was enough to get me bolting to my living room and screaming my head off!)

Isn’t it awesome that David’s “Imagine” is featured, right before Fantasia’s “Summertime”? (And isn’t it shady that Fantasia’s performance gets labeled as the best performance on Idol while there’s just silence about David’s – of course, you just need to hear the Voice to make up your own mind.)


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  1. Love seeing David on TV again. Diva performance aways get the high marks. Yes, Fantasia’s performance was good, still saying that David’s Imagine was what the show was all about. That magical performance that no one would expect out of this shy, humble boy (he was just a boy at the time). I have faith that there is going to be so many more magical performance coming in the further from our man.

    • I discovered David on AI because of his performance of Imagine. It was a magical performance but there were great moments in all of his performances, “Imagine” is just the one that got the more buzz because it happened early on the show. But he was incredible when he sang “Don’t let the sun go down on me” and “In this moment” during the final show. He sang a fabulous version of “the long and winding road”. “And so it goes” was outstanding and he didn’t get the praise he deserved for it. He put a lot of emotions when he sang “Smoky Mountain Memories”, he really made me feel the message of the song. I’m not going to name all his performances on AI but they were all magical. I don’t know any other singer who is capable of delivering a vocally perfect rendition and at the same time making you feel his passion and the emotions in his singing.

      • I said that I wasn’t going to name them all but I have to mention “heaven” and “Shop Around”. He managed to show his diverse music taste even if he wasn’t always allowed to sing the songs he wanted.

        “I have faith that there is going to be so many more magical performance coming in the further from our man”. I agree with you Cq. I listened yesterday to his mash up of “good place/Let it be”. Those who had the chance to hear it live were so lucky !

      • I became a fan of David because of this Imagine performance on AI. I am sure many other fans did too. Love this video as I did not get to see it. I have to admit that I was watching celebrity apprentice. lol Thanks for posting it. Glad to see David’s tweet that he is happy in Chile.

      • cmoi, you are so right, yes so many magical performance. He is in a class all by himself.

      • David singing Imagine on AI was “the best moment” and the best performance on AI. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

  2. David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    From David: Tell everyone I say hello and that I absolutely loved my first week here! The people here are amazing! (ks)

    • That totally warms my heart! But then I always expect David to see a half-full glass no matter where he is or what he’s doing. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for posting that clip! Maybe it’s just my own bias that makes me think this, but it seemed like “Imagine” was one of the most dominant moments of that montage. I swear it suddenly went quiet and seemed to be in slow motion when David appeared–totally stood out from the theme of the rest of the clip.

  4. David’s singing “Bridge over troubled water” on his album!


    • thanks embe! so we’re going to get non-religious songs “that uplift people but not in a maudlin kind of way.” Also, Kurt and the co-producer helped D select the songs. Yes! Just what I was hoping for in this album!

      re. astrid’s comment on the previous thread, aaronpaul’s behavior is similar to songwriter andrewfromme, who wrote “notice me”.

      • That is good news about the songs on the album. Kurt seems to have a very good sense of humor and obviously knows music.

      • desertrat, I was not to excited about the music he was recording in Utah because I thought it was going to be mostly religious music. I love David’s voice and would buy any music he puts out, but am so, so happy that the album is going to be mostly, if not all, non-religious, but uplifting covers. I would love to get a religous album from David in the future, when he career is florishing, say in about five years. Now I’m beyond excited to get my hands on that album.

    • Nice to see you out and about Embe!!

  5. PETER: I was very surprised to see you posted a link to Saara Aalto’s version of Je suis Malade, since Saara is an up and coming singer from Finland. She’s really annoying though. No LOL about it.

  6. Randy did say that David’s Imagine was the best performance ever on American Idol and his season was after Fantasia’s so technically Randy’s televised statement would have been more accurate after David’s performance. Ah!! Editing!! ha! Leave it to a David fan to notice that and I’m a stickler for Honesty!!
    I was already a fan after Waiting On The World To Change etc etc. but this was a very meaningful time for David and us. He talks about it in Chords of Strength including his decision to sing it at the time and how much it meant to him and ultimately finding out the impact it made on others.

  7. Saw about 2 seconds of David on a morning show segment about Simon Cowell. They showed brief snippets of Idol and Simon’s many snide remarks, and showed David doing a hunkerdown. lol. Can’t remember which show it was on.

  8. Here’s a picture of David from Elder Velazquez in Chile

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit elder velazquez chile

  9. David’s short hair looks a litle spiked in that picture. lol Elder Velazquez has a great smile like David does.

  10. missionary hair, lol. i miss the designer haircuts we saw when d was in the Philippines. then again, i miss d period.

  11. off topic …

    johnny wright, pres of WEG, tweeted a link to a blog written by a young, female manager. if you like reading music industry insider info, she shares some interesting thoughts.

    “Rule #2: If you’re a female, don’t be taller than a male client.”

    • That is very interesting. I noticed a few days ago that MelindaWeg tweeted this: ‏ @MelindaWEG @ginaorr you move closer to me and we don’t chat as much!! What is that? And you steal @kariontour from me…. Boooooooooo It made me wonder if Gina Orr is still somehow involved in David’s management. Well as much as one could be when the music artist is gone on a mission for 2 years. lol I hope Gina is still involved.

      • I think Gina is still involved with D. Last week I checked ASCAP to see if D’s new songs were in their database. When you look up his publishing company ( ie, Archie Songs), Gina’s email address is the contact.

        If I were melweg, I’d be a little embarrassed to publicly tweet that I’m being ignored and someone stole my staff. Then again, I don’t think Kari ever considered herself as ‘working for’ melweg.

      • From ASCAP

        ARCHIE SONGS   Society: ASCAP    IPI No. 579315515

            ARCHIE SONGS
            2800 OLYMPIC BLVD
            2ND FLOOR
            SANTA MONICA, CA 90404
            Tel. (310) 566-5555
            Email: gina.orr@gmail.com


      • desertrat: You are good. That is interesting. I think Kari has to be a very easygoing person. Kari still seems to remain friendly with Melinda based on her and Melinda’s tweets to each other. That can’t be easy. lol I think that Gina just ignores Mel’s tweets to her. lol

      • Gina is definitely still involved with David’s career. She’s listed right under Kari in the liner notes for the Forevermore album. Here’s a link to a scan of that page:

  12. Not having a vlog from David for two years is going to be toture!

    • I watched the voice this week. AI is not the only talent show that needs a water cooler moment with the contestants this year. The voice could use some moments and great performances this year too. I have to admit I am a bit bored with both shows and I am a big fan of reality talent shows. Of course I will still watch. lol Glee was really good last night. It has not been in awhile IMO. They had a good story line and focused on the show regulars. It was a Whitney tribute but it also was about them having to leave when they graduate in a few months. I still think that David would have been great in that show. He was perfect for Glee.

    • I’m still hoping that once David gets comfortable that he will do a Vlog or Blog for fans. I actually loved his Blogs of old with all the details.

  13. I won’t have the chance to give you a Spanish David bracelet because well, geez, there are no times that I will be seeing you in the next while…hmmn, a bit of a long while…But not able to keep myself from making something in the meantime, I have the Spanish bracelet. I have heard from some on the site here but give me your address if you like and I will send one to you… thevoiceschat@yahoo.ca

    They are going out from Hawaii to Singapore already so I am filling in a few links in between…It is working out to pennies a day for two years, not too bad and I am not alone with this!


  14. Fantasia’s performance was labeled the best performance up to that point. David’s performance of Imagine was said to be the best
    vocals ever heard on the show. Yoko ono even e-mailed the producers after that.

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