A Birthday Gift for Myself!

Well, Soul David, today is my birthday, and I’m in that in-between feeling of glee and fear: glee to have made it for another year and fear that I’m getting old!

Go figure!

At the very least, I will count my blessings, treat myself, and just take the day easy before my friends take me out for a birthday dinner this evening.

Part of the “treating” of myself entailed buying David’s Forevermore album once it was made available on iTunes (sorry, but those other websites selling the CD I did not recognize and I’ve got issues entering my credit card info any and everywhere online). At least I already have an established account with itunes.

Anyhow, I was starting to feel like a “bad fan” because I couldn’t get excited about this Forevermore album – despite David’s vanishing act for two years. Not because I’m allergic to an album full of ballads (I’ve been aching for such an album from David for “forever”!) but because the music quality sounded trite to me. I’m of the opinion that The Voice deserves the best treatment, and I was convinced from the song leaks (especially from the leaked title track) that the album was a rushed job filled with the cheesy cheese, as captured in sentimental fluff pieces like “Forevermore.”

Well, with David now out of our sphere and in another one this week, and sadness and nostalgia kicking in, along with the news that the album was available for purchase on itunes, I finally gave in and downloaded Forevermore.

I’m so glad that I did and that I have new David music to accompany my birthday celebration! 🙂

I still don’t like the title track – and the bonus instrumental version of “Forevermore” is even worse since the only thing that made that tune bearable (the Voice) is missing from it! – but everything else is really good.

David just has that ache in his Voice, you know? It’s that vulnerability that just enters into your heart and makes you swoon. It’s most audible in songs like “I’ll Never Go,” “Tell Me,” “Wherever You Are,” and “Maybe.”

I’m torn between “I’ll Never Go” and “Maybe” as my favorite tracks, and “Rainbow” is the most interesting in having that laid-back quality.  Of course, “I’ll Never Go” reminds me of some contemporary Christian song but I’m having trouble pinpointing which one it resembles.

“Tell Me” and “Maybe” have that sad “Apologize”/”My Kind of Perfect” aspect to them. I’m absolutely loving it that this album is less about “inspirational music” and more about “heartache” and pleading.  Talk about keeping his fanbase waiting on hands and knees for his return!

I swear David knows exactly what he’s doing when dealing with us. 😉

Other highlights include “Reaching Out,” which has a more soulful vibe, and it vaguely reminds me of a Michael Jackson ballad, like “She’s Out of My Life,” and “Hold On,” another heartbreaker.

Knowing that an album of covers is also coming later this year, I’m excited once again that David was so generous to give us his Voice before he left to devote to his personal and spiritual growth.

We couldn’t have asked for a better idol, and I’m grateful for this little gem he gave us.

Too bad the album cover art looks so amateurish.


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  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, HG!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HG, hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
    I’m so glad that you see what I see in the songs. Forevermore is my least favorite of them all and yes, they could of done without the instrumentals only. Definitely leaves us fans wanting more.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

    Cq, it boggles the mind that 1)Forevermore is the lead track and 2)Forevermore is the album title. Why???????

    There are so many better songs!

    David’s team really does need to work on their marketing/promo skills.

  4. Happy Birthday HG!! Glad to see you treated yourself!! Loving the Album and appreciate David taking what little time to treat not only the Filipino fans but the rest of the world as well.

    So happy to hear he recorded Bridge Over Troubled Water for his US album!!!

    Happy Celebration!!

  5. HG, Happy Birthday! (from another April-born; mine was 8 days ago). I’m really glad I bought the “Forevermore” CD. “Maybe” is probably my favorite, then “Reaching Out,” then “Hold On.” But I am liking the others more with each listening.

  6. Happy Birthday HG. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday HG. Have a blast!! And belated birthday greetings too Olemr2001! Am April born too! (19th)

  8. Forevermore has grown on me. It’s sung beautifully but I thought it was too high when I first heard it. It’s still not one of my favorites. I lean towards the songs where he uses his lower register more like I’ll Never Go, Reaching Out and Tell Me.

    I wasnt that bothered by the album cover. Of course, it doesn’t do David any justice, but I thought it would only be available to his die hard fans. Boy, was I wrong. Oh well. At least he looks his age. Lol

    Happy Belated Birthday to all you April babies! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday HG! I wish you many more.

  10. Happy Birthday to HG, olemr, and lani! I recall back in the days of Noting David that many of the posters had April birthdays.

    • Thanks, desertrat! I think silverfox has an April birthday also. If you are lurking, SF, happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday to all the April babies, babes and gentlemen!! Enjoy!! I’ve learned it’s a Celebration of Life!!

  12. Happy birthday to youuu, HG. Wow, lots of April fan birthdays. My birthday is in April too.

  13. Here’s the late Eva Cassidy’s live version of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. I’m looking forward to hearing David’s version:

  14. Happy Birthday, HG! And thank you for the gift you give us every day by keeping your site open! Oh, my 2 favorites are Tell Me and forevermore

  15. archiesfan4life

    Happy Birthday HG and all who are celebrating April birthdays!

  16. hELLOgOrgeOus, sorry I am late but wishing you a fantastic birthday!

  17. Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers!

  18. Happy Birthday, HG!

  19. stefano’s new single; it’s available on 4/24. it reminds me of rebecca black’s “friday”.

    • Stefano is singing this next week on AI. I do not like it but it is that auto tuned sound that is very current. The song is like what is very popular on top 40 radio today. I am sure this is the direction that David’s label wanted him to go in. The problem for Stefano is that I do not know if his label will back it enough to make it a hit or sell well. It will be interesting to see how the song does as he did exactly what the label wanted him to do IMO.

      • i don’t care for the song either but i think either stefano or adam lambert would be able to pull this off and make it a hit.

      • I think Adam could make it a hit but I am not so sure about Stefano. We shall see. I don’t think Bieber’s” Boyfriend” song would be a hit single if he was not JB. He went from singing just “baby” to just singing “boyfriend”. lol. I think it is funny that Stefano goes by one name now. lol

  20. for a mere $795, you can attend workshops on how to be a better talent show contestant. 😐

    AUDITION STAR: Make The Most Of Your Singing Talent

    June 25 – 30, 2012 Fans of “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” “The X Factor” and shows like these will have a chance to work with behind-the-scenes experts


    • Not surprising since there are so may talent show contests now. Kelly Clarkson will be one of the judges on a Duets talent show this summer to add another one. I do like them so I’m not complaining but I do think it’s getting to be almost too many. They always make it sound like the winner is going to be a superstar which doesn’t usually happen. It does get the contestants a foot in the door of the music industry, but what we know from following David is that it takes A LOT OF WORK after that. Is MIC one of the presenters at the workshop-lol?

      • I read the article and former idols, Michael Orlando, and Katherine McPhee’s mother, she works on Idol as a vocal coach, are running this workshop – interesting….

      • I like the reality talent show contests too but it is getting to be too many. The judges seem to benefit more than the contestants. Look at how well Jlo, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, ect. are doing in their music careers. They are doing better than the contestants and winners are. lol at mic presenting a workshop.

      • Kat McPhee has the right connections and that is why she has the opportunities she has today IMO. Her dad is a very successful well known TV producer and her mom a successful LA vocal coach. It is who you know not what you know in the entertainment business or any business IMO.

  21. Good point, Marie, that it’s more about boosting the judges career than the contestant’s, lol.

    • I agree. If you want to get ahead in the music industry you need to be a judge on a singing competition.

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