Please Forgive This Temporary Theme!

While WordPress is figuring out what’s wrong the Black Letter-Head Theme I’ve been using all this time, I’m just working with another format so my blog can remain readable.

Sorry for the aesthetic inconvenience! 🙂


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  1. I like this temporary theme a lot!

  2. I feel your pain. It’s always a challenge changing themes! This is nice, though. Today’s Deseret News has a feature article about David that I think you & your readers will enjoy:

  3. I did not notice the temporary theme. I like it. lol

  4. Songs from Forevermore are suppose to now be on U.S iTunes although I looked and didn’t see them there. Maybe later tonight.

  5. Great. I will have to check out itunes.

  6. grammyj, Type in Davids name first and then “Forevermore” . It came up for me. You can buy individual songs or the whole album.

  7. its gone on itunes worldwide! yay! Good news!

  8. Shanny in Australia

    HG, not that my opinion is worth much….but from a readers perspective I remember having a hard time reading your blog when I first started coming. The white writing against the black ground just seemed to hurt my eyes…..and as far as I know my eyesight is perfect. I kinda got used to it….but black writing on a lighter background just makes life feel a little less stressful. 😆 Just a fyi. 🙂

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