Forevermore on iTunes!


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  1. YIPEEEEEE!!! Such a happy camper right now!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shanny in Australia

    Gosh, I see it is only $12 too. I’m completely excited that it is on itunes worldwide now, especially on Australian itunes – since they don’t sell his CFTH or TOSOD albums – but it costs $21 on ours even though the Aussie dollar buys more than the American dollar right now. Apparently Australian itunes didn’t get the memo. lol
    Does anyone know if itunes sales influence what itunes sells? Because if by purchasing it on itunes australia, it will increase the likelihood of them selling david’s music in the future, then I want to buy from them. But if it is more a case of backroom wrangling – as it appears to be in this instance, since it has gone worldwide – then I will just keep buying albums from wow.

    Btw, HG I posted a note on the previous thread thinking it was the current thread. Not a big deal but do hope you take a peek at it.

  3. Yes, it would be nice to know what purchasing gives David the most recognition. I pretty much buy wherever he is selling! It did take forever to get CD’s from Astroplus. Although, it was understandable. All addressed envelopes were done by hand. JR also said they had an enormous amount of orders.
    All good things come to those that wait! Forevermore is filled with so many beauties that showcase David’s gorgeous vocals. I’m especially fond of Tell Me and Rainbow. Probably the two most different to each other, IMHO. 😉

  4. I have purchased Forevermore from all sources. Doing some gifting!! Need three just for me!!

  5. I feel like a bad fan because I haven’t purchased “Forevermore” in any format. I’m still an ODD fan but I’m not in the mood for an album of all ballads. I’ve listened to clips of all the songs and none of them stand out in terms of music I want to hear right now.

    • Don’t most music artists make most of their money now a days on tours , special appearance/benefits, their music merchandise or getting royalties when their songs are played on the radio or are used in commercials? When you buy songs from an online store like iTunes or Amazon, only a portion of the money you pay goes to the artist. I still buy CD’s mostly cause I guess I am still old school cause I am older. lol I support any fans that want to buy David’s music on itunes or that do not want to. It is not actually the music I want to hear from David to be honest.

      • marie, yay and none of that happening for David for the next two years, so the only way I can support him is to buy his music.
        I love every song in the OPM album, yay they are all ballads, so maybe not everyone cup of tea. To me, romantic ballads and David’s voice is a marriage made in heaven.
        Just curious, what music would you like from David?

      • Only a portion of the money goes to artist on a CD too. When a song is played on the radio the writer of the song gets more money that the artist. That’s why artists try to have a hand in writing their songs. I learned a lot about the music industry because of David. I find it really interesting. Right now with low CD sales touring is very important along with other merchandise sales like tee shirts, etc.

      • I prefer pop/traditional pop with a soul/ R&B sound for David. That is why I enjoy Soul David. lol I think that the production level needs to be more updated IMO on some of these Forevermore songs. It is what it is and there is nothing wrong with it. David’s voice is great. I do love David’s version of “Angels”. I do not know what that song is considered but David killed it on “Angels”. Maybe that it is a pop ballad?? But grammyj is right and I am sure it was more low budget to make so I hope he makes more money with it than TOSOD. I hope David tours , makes a lot of appearances and produces epic and amazing secular music when he returns.

      • “I learned a lot about the music industry because of David. I find it really interesting.” — I did too grammyj and I found it very interesting too.

      • Marie, that’s what I thought you would like. Yes, when David returns I hope he makes pop with soul r&b. The forevermore album was meant for the Phillipino fans, but I’m so glad I was able to buy it…..however, I do get what you are saying. I’m sure if David had the luxery of time, the album might of been a little more up to date. Still in awe as to how he was able to even do this album.

  6. I really wouldn’t call “Hold On” and “Reaching Out” ballads, but then again some might insist that they could be called power ballads. LOL

  7. Because Forevermore was made on a very low budget I wouldn’t be surprised if David will probably make more money from it than he did from TOSOD. I love the Forevermore album but music is very subjective so not everyone will like it. David made it especially for the Filippinos so we weren’t his target market. I am so glad that it is doing as well as it is and is now available worldwide.

    I think David made a good chunk of money before he left for his mission. He should be okay money wise for the two years that he is gone. I hope he hits the ground running when he returns with lots of appearances, working on new music, and maybe some acting!

  8. An article was just posted about Kurt Bestor producing David’s album coming out in late summer. He let it slip that one of the songs will be “Bridge Over Troubled Water” so it’s for sure not going to be all hymns. He called David a “phenom” which of course he is! Oh, I wonder what else David recorded. I’m excited just to get “Bridge Over Troubled Water!”

      • Well that is Good News. I can’t wait to hear David sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Love that song. Kurt Bestor is very talented. Prayer of the Children is a beautiful song and I do not usually like the type of song.

      • Kurt did say in another interview that “Prayer of the Children” is not on the album. And, yes, Kurt is a very talented producer. I’m glad he’s producing this album. Looks like Richard didn’t get the job.

        I’m changing my tune on a girl can’t win AI since there are only two guys left as Colton was eliminated tonight. Maybe a girl will win this year. My guess is still that Philip will win though.

      • I was surprised that Colton went even though he was not that good last night. I did not think he would win but I thought he would be top 3. I thought Elise would go or maybe that was just wishful thinking. lol I think Phillip is almost a lock to win this now.

      • That’s four girls (all who can outsing Phillip by miles) and two guys now. No way is Phillip winning this thing! I’m calling it now.

        Yip Yip Yippee!!

        The WGWG reign is almost over! 😀

  9. I dunno, HG…They sure seemed to be pimping Philip last night…

  10. This is Top 7 week. Anything can happen between now and the finale.

    I just think, in a Top 2 match-up, Skylar could eat Phillip for breakfast in an easy showdown, Hollie is starting to come out of her shell (Haley Reinhardt style), and Jessica is going to be coached to do better, now that she was almost voted off.

    I honestly don’t see P2 improving his style and his delivery (or his singing) in any way whatsoever between now and then.

    It’s important to note that, this week, the show got a big boost in votes, and the first time they had their most votes this season, what happened?

    One of the boys got voted off.

    That tells me that casual voters, and not just the usual “moms and tweens” are starting to pay attention.

    In a contest, those kinds of voters will NOT vote for a P2 over a more substantially voiced singer when it comes to a final 2 showdown.

    So yeah, I’m calling it now.

    Whew! Just when I thought it was no longer possible for a girl to win Idol again. Their prospects are starting to brighten up. 🙂

    • I still think Phillip wins this but we shall see. lol He will be top 2 IMO. I do really like Skylar, Hollie and Jessica . Skylar is a great performer. I think Jacob will be top 3 if he keeps giving such good performances. I just have a strong dislike of Elise. She reminds of this girl from work that I can’t stand. lol

      • While I agree Phillip is most poised to win this, I honestly think, the way each week is proving to be so unpredictable, that any of the gals can pull out a showstopper (they’ve got the potential, they just need to deliver). Once that happens, it’s a game changer.

        The first WGWG winner (David Cook) won because he knew David Archuleta was his real competition, and he had to change the game and win. As the original WGWG, he benefitted from doing things on Idol that had never been done before.

        The second WGWG winner (Kris Allen) pulled out his guitar, slowed down Kanye West’s “Heartless,” and benefitted from a combination of anyone-but-the-gay-contestant Adam Lambert and anyone-but-the-pimped-contestant Adam Lambert votes.

        The third WGWG winner (Lee DeWyze) got pulled along in a weird twist where Simon Cowell bizarrely got behind him and pimped him to the high heavens (perhaps for no other reason than to mess with the producers on his way out in forcing an Idol winner who would be difficult to market because he was so generically boring).

        The fourth WGWG winner (Scotty McCreery) had a deep baritone voice. ‘Nuff said. The girl they were pimping (Lauren Alaina) didn’t have the confidence to win – even though she made it all the way to finale.

        Skylar’s got the confidence Lauren Alaina was missing last year, and both Jessica and Hollie’s got the pipes and the marketable looks. I just think they’re still in the competition and they’ve got the potential to turn things around.

        P2 as the fifth WGWG is now up against four really versatile girls and a black guy who may not have the best voice but he’s now representing the sole R&B/soul category, and that might take him far into the competition (don’t see him winning though – if he had the looks of Jermaine and the voice of Jesse from The Voice – he would have this competition wrapped up).

        I just think P2 is cuter than Kris Allen but totally subpar in comparison to David Cook as far as WGWG go.

        The girls he’s up against actually have 1) gumption (Skylar), 2) vocal precision (Hollie, Jessica), and 3) vocal versatility (Elise). In previous seasons, the girls the other WGWG were up against couldn’t match their competition in any of the above-named categories.

        I believe the girls have a fighting chance this season, but they’re really going to have bring down Phillip, and if they strategize, they CAN is my point. JMHO. 🙂

      • Lol. Yeah, Elise seems a little…not personable. I can see why people don’t care for her. I kind of hope she’s next to go. Country isn’t my thing, but man, is Skylar talented. She’s a spitfire, and already has her performance skills down. I’ve always liked Hollie & thought she finally did great last night; I’m glad she got another shot. A little surprised that Colton went home, but after his performances last night, not shocked. Joshua’s a cutie~ he just lets loose on the stage, but seems so bashful (Hm. Like someone else we know). And Jessica..another phenom. Amazingly talented, but I think her confidence took a hit, so she needs to be a little careful now. Still think either Jessica or Skylar deserve to win. But we’ll see…

      • I was not really a fan of Cook, Kris,Lee, or Scotty. I still do not understand why any of them won. lol I don’t even like Scotty’s twangy country music. lol I have to admit I really like Phillip this year as does my family. But I would rather see Jessica or Skylar or Hollie win. I hope that Jessica improves with her ability to connect with the audience and can win this.

      • I think you are right about Jacob. My prediction is that the top 3 will be Phillip, Jessica, and Skylar.

      • The thing that does interest me about Colton is that he was was very vocal and upfront about being a Christian. After reading comments on other blogs I have to wonder if that might have actually hurt him with the voting. There just seemed to be negative comments about Colton being an open Christian artist all along. I don’t think he was always that good either so he did not have the talent to win IMO. It makes make wonder if it is a good idea to be as vocal about your religious beliefs when you are a music artist or maybe starting out in the music industry. Unless of course you do just Christian music. I also think that younger people do not watch AI.

  11. ballads or power ballads, i’m sure eventually i will purchase “forevermore”. i know i’m being whiny but i would have preferred that he recorded all the opm songs in Tagalog; the English lyrics are very predictable imho.

    i just read the article on fod re. kurt bestor. it says he was co-producer; i wonder who the other producer was. i think richard p. is a very talented musician but i don’t see him as a good match for david. personality wise, he and david seem so dissimilar that i can’t imagine them connecting well on a musical production.

    re. idol, i like the fact that it’s not easily predictable who will eventually win.

  12. John Hancock is the other producer.

  13. i hope all us non-utahans can get a live stream of kurt’s interview with abc. as much as i like kurt, i wish he had refrained from referring to david as a “kid”.

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