“With You at a Distance”

With the news that David finally left for his mission in Chile, a wave of melancholy washed over me. It was that sadness I’d been holding off ever since the farewell vlog, and now I’m nostalgic for The Voice.

Remember this performance?

The words to the song (in English) are pretty poignant and apt:

With you at a distance
There’s no such moment in the day
That could drift you apart from me
The world seems different
When you’re not by my side.
There’s no beautiful song
In which you don’t appear
I don’t want to listen it
If you don’t.
You have become
Part of my soul
Nothing comforts me anymore
If you’re not by my side.
Far beyond your lips
Of the sun and of the stars
With you at distance
My beloved one, I am.
[Repeat 1]
With you at distance
My beloved one, I am, oh
With you

The original lyrics in Spanish:

Contigo en la distancia
No existe un momento del dia
En que pueda apartarte de mi
El mundo parece distinto
Cuando no estas junto a mi
No hay bella melodia
En que no surjas tu
Ni yo quiero escucharla
Si no la escuchas tu
[1] Es que te has convertido
En parte de mi alma
Ya nada me consuela
Si no estas tu tambien
Mas alla de tus labios
Del sol y las estrellas
Contigo en la distancia
Amado mio estoy
Contigo en la distancia
Amado mio estoy, oh

Here’s another nostalgic song:

“If I could fall into the sky / do you think time would pass us by/ cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles / if I could just see youuuuuuuuu…tonight” (Sigh)


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  1. Sniff, sniff….perfect post for today. can’t wait for his return.

  2. To quote a beautiful line from Candy at FOD as I lurked late last night – I let David go “with a lump in my throat and a smile in my heart”. Also to quote a famous song – Vaya con Dios, my darling, vaya con dios, my love. I’ll be waiting…..

    Heartbreaking but great post, HG. *sniff*

  3. This article stated that Chile just had another earthquake. Chile is apparently highly earthquake prone. All though there is bad weather everywhere these days. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/17/chile-earthquake-2012_n_1430324.html I can’t help but wish that this was a short-term humanitarian mission. I am sure that Chile has many poor areas that could use schools built ect. My friends at work go on a mission through their church to Nicaragua to help build schools for a a month every few years. Kind of a sad day IMO and 2 years is a long time. Not being very optimistic today. Just realistic.

  4. Good luck, dear David!! I miss you already but I’m a fangirl so what do you expect.

    I really hope that David gets everything he’s looking for out of this time. He’s given so much to me and its my true desire that he can find what he want and needs ❤

    That performance of Contigo will never ever get old. I can't say how many times I've watched & listened to it and still I feel the magic every time. I wrote out the lyrics phonetically so that I could learn to sing it along with him after the first 100 times I listened. I am pretty much a goner, as you probably are already aware lol.

    What this song taught me is that you don't need to speak the language to feel someone's passion. I had never really listened to music in any language other than English before this. Its opened me up to so much out there. And its because of Contigo that I'm very excited by the idea that David might someday do a Spanish album.

    I will have notebooks full of phonetic lyrics written out so that I can sing my heart out along with David. I can't wait!

  5. The new fan bracelets fashioned after a quote from CELD are being introduced on The Voice in the next few days! Information will be added if you would like to receive one. A little contribution to the fans of these sites and with the help of my friends they will be mailed out.

    DAVID ~ “Te Has Convertido En Parte De Mi Alma”…You Have Become A Part Of My Soul”…


  6. Oh wow, I loved the ending of that article…oh plz let a major label sign David when he gets back. I can’t stand the thought of never hearing his voice again. He has so much yet to offer the music world…

    Down the road, David will resume singing, producing music and maybe even dabble in film and television.

    But of all his many accomplishments already written in the newspapers of heaven and earth, plus those yet to come, none is more important than the one simple stroke of kindness performed when the world wasn’t looking. What a lesson that the world isn’t changed in the millions of albums sold, books published or deals closed.

    A lifetime from now, David will be remembered by many of us for many more memorable things. But to some of us, he’ll be remembered for a divine reminder: you can impact the world for good, one person at a time.

    Well said Mr. Jason Wright!

    • defan4ever, I’m with you, want a major label to sign David when returns…that voice and spirit has magical powers. I believe that his time for singing greatness is yet to happen.

  7. Love this performance!! SB love the bracelet idea too!! I’m here ready to help.
    Whether David wants an Independant Label like Civil Wars or a Major Label, I’ll be there to support him. He will be back to give us Music, of that I’m sure.
    Wishing him the best on HIS Journey!!

  8. P.S. Thanks for the article and the English Translation!! Just watched this again this past weekend when SB told me about the Wrist Band!!

  9. This is off topic, but I have one question about these missions and I feel comfortable voicing this question on this site. Why do missionaries go to countries that have already established religions? I looked up Chile and the main religion, 70% of the population, is Catholic, to me they have already found God. Reading some of the blogs of these guys on missions, it does seem like the main purpose is to convert and recruit members for the Mormon Church. It’s almost like a competition as to who will recruit the most for the church. I guess there is nothing wrong with the whole process, I just don’t have to like it.

    • Good question cq. I do not have an answer but I actually did wonder about that myself.

      • A missionary wants to lead people to a faith in God, and yes, a Mormon Missionary would want to convert people to the Mormon faith. Just because the country is 70% Catholic does not mean that there aren’t people there that need to hear about God.

    • Your right grammyj, there is people everywhere that do not believe in God, it all good as long as its about bringing the Word of God to non believers. It does make me feel better that it’s not about converting people, but to bring God to non believers.

    • Good question. David himself is also from a mixed religious backgroud and he has many Catholic relatives. It would be great if being in Chile allowed him to get in touch with his Catholic Spanish heritage also.

  10. Just my opinion here. I do not think that David will be converting many devout Catholics there, however wheather he does or not he will still be a great blessing to the people of Chili.

    • Very Off Topic but I was watching The Voice and it was nice to see Jermaine Paul and Chris Martin be saved by getting the most votes. I think that RaeLynn will have a chance to do very well in country music. I know Blake will save her.

  11. It does make me feel better that it’s not about converting people, but to bring God to non believers.

    Eh, different religious faiths have different religious practices and expectations. I wouldn’t put that much stock into it.

    Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses go “door to door” because it’s what they’ve been taught as their Christian purpose, the same way Catholics go to confession and take the host.

    Just different interpretations on what Jesus called his followers to do.

    Nothing to really get “uncomfortable” about, IMO, other than being uncomfortable that an idol of yours is engaging in behavior you don’t approve of.

    I don’t like that some of my favorite artists are drug users, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it either, unless, like Whitney Houston, it leads to self-destruction.

    David following his heart by engaging in a faith practice that is inherent to the LDS seems pretty harmless in contrast, IMO.

  12. Justin Beiber and his OTT marketing juxtaposed with David’s personal faith mission in the middle of his budding career. God bless them both as they each follow their own path in life and music but it would have been great to get a break from JB’s overexposure as well. He is talented though.

    • Shocked that Blake picked Erin over Raelynn. The Voice is really unpredictable. I kind of like that. lol I could have gone without seeing Bieber on the show but he is overexposed and I think it is catching up with him.

    • Ugh! Now there’s someone I’d gladly take a 2-year hiatus from!

      • hg lol I agree with you on that. It could even be a 4 year break if you ask me.

      • I’ve been tired of Bieber’s overexposure too especially at Christmas when he was on every holiday related show. One Direction is now the hot, new band for the tween/teen set so we will see what happens with Justin. Of course, the young girls can like them both. It’s just that teen heart throbs usually have a short career span. We shall see.

      • Kim Kardashian could also go with Bieber for a break. Enough of her and her family already. lol

    • Just lost a little respect for The Voice.
      Glad I was watching DWTS!!

  13. Opps spelling correction, Chile with an e not an i. I had chili with an i for dinner last night.

  14. I agree Marie about the Kardashians. With David off the scene for a while, its slim pickings with the remaining tired remnants.

    Back to The Voice a bit – i wonder if Christina did not want another c”lone to Javier in Jesse.

    • Yes joymus I think that you may be right about Christina. Maybe she and the show did not seem him as marketable long term. I have no idea who is going to win at this point but I think they will be from Team CeeLo or Adam. Unless Chris or Jermaine are more popular than I think they are. Maybe they are.

  15. i’m glad i missed “the voice” last night, lol.

    picture of d upon his arrival. best wishes mr. archuleta!

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