David in the News for “Walking Away” from Fame

Got this info from Fans of David:


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  1. If the rumors are true, David is leaving for Chile today. I wish him all the best, and hope he learns a lot through this experience. i will miss him.

  2. I will miss that hazel-eyed smiley dimpled buttery voice… lol!

  3. He’s leaving today, huh? Why is this feeling like such a long drawn-out goodbye?

    I’ve been making my peace with his mission since his March 28 vlog! Only to find out fans are still finding info. on his various whereabouts.

    How much you wanna bet we’ll be getting random updates from random folks while he’s in Chile? 😛

  4. I was really happy when he said that @kariontour was going to be in charge of his twitter account while he was gone because I didn’t want it to go dormant or take any chance that he would have to start over with followers when he gets back. Also, Kari really does seem like a great fit for someone to keep an eye on things while he is gone and follow up. I was glad that everyone likes her respects her from the fans to the executives over in the Phil. It is great that David gives her things to post from time to time and that she tweets things the way he said them to her to tweet.

  5. Here’s an interesting comment from “Kitwana” posted at MJ’s yesterday that I agree with:

    “There’s no way David A will ever be treated like a normal missionary or be able to serve his mission “anonymously”. Maybe 10 years ago before the internet was readily available worldwide, before twitter, before Facebook, before the world became “celebrity obsessed” and before camera phones but not in 2012. Not even in Chile. There are fans there. One of his fansites in Chile actually posted a reminder to fellow fans to not bother him while he’s serving his mission but what are the chances of that happening? Slim to none. Sort of sad. He’s been in the public eye basically since his Star Search days at 11. It would have been nice if he could just have two years for himself out of the public eye. Ironically, going away on the LDS mission may have upped the public interest in him because it is such an unusual move for a celebrity to take and it thrust him back into the public eye in a year where a member of the LDS church may become the president of the United States. I’m pretty sure that there will continue to be lots of stories about David the next two years. Just hope these stories don’t interfere too much with what he is looking for in his mission.”

    • That was an interesting comment. I think Kitwana raised some good points. It seems to me that the one and maybe only thing fans do agree on is Kari. lol Everyone seems to like her. I know I do. Kari has worked with some very high profile music artists.

      • i like her. she’s respectful of her clients and their fans. i can’t even imagine her arguing w/fans over twitter, giving fans condescending lectures on management 101 via twitter (anybody else remember that one? 🙂 ), intentionally telling fans things that david doesn’t want us to know, etc.

  6. David has been doing Firesides for 4 years at numerous cities/countries and very little has leaked from these appearances. Most respect the difference between Church activities and his Concerts.
    We will get periodic reports which is Great in my opinion. David has handled his Professional and his Private life very well.
    We will probably hear periodic reports and depending on Guidance David gets, he may even decide to do a Blog like other Missionaries. David has prepared well by hiring Kari to monitor Twitter and whoever is doing his Official Site.
    Leaks so far have been from what other Elders families have blogged and nothing has been damaging.
    Even Burger’s article shows David in a good light.

    all of the days since March 28 count as his Mission time. Safe Travels David and others.

    • heidijoy, yes, you are right about David doing church stuff throughout his career and I’m glad that was respected as private time for him. However, during that time we fans had a lot to keep us busy because of all that was happening with his career. Now, not so much happening, so maybe fans will want anything they can get about our man. I say as long as it doesn’t interfere with his mission work, it’s all good for his career to keep the buzz going.

  7. There were sightings of David at the SLC airport today and this tweet:

    Today at lunch, I stood next to David Archuleta at Cafe Rio. He was leaving for his Mission to Chile.

    I hope he does give information to Kari to give us about his time in Chile.

  8. Ugh! I have no words after that disastrous decision of Christina to let Jesse go from the Voice. On Twitter, I see I’m not alone. Serena Williams…Masterclass Lady…we’re all just flabbergasted! 😦

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