Are You a “Crazy” David Fan?

I realize the question posed is kind of redundant. After all, to be a fan is to literally be a “fanatic.”  So, is there any real way to be a sane David fan versus a crazy one?

Well, I gotta ask the question because I was really surprised at some of the news and comments that were made about certain fans in the Archuworld going … well, absolutely bonkers over any mention of David Archuleta.

I was so certain that, after David’s farewell vlog, most of us would more or less retreat underground, maybe pop in now and then to find out what there could possibly be to learn now that David’s preparing for his Mission.

Of course, I forgot what fanbase I belong to! 😛

Who knew that I would have to poll my readers to see if it were okay for fans to post links to blogs authored by young missionaries that mention David?

Who knew that on other sites, this would still be an issue?

Who knew that some fans went so far as to post ugly messages to any of the missionary blog authors if they didn’t share the same opinion as we do that David-our-guiding-Angel-is-the-most-perfect-individual-ever?

Who knew that some fans went so far as to contact the MTC to complain about blogs that mention David (Seriously??!!)

Who knew that some fans, even here on Soul David, would get upset that some bloggers dare to parody “Elder Archuleta”?

So, I’m wondering if this separation anxiety is really getting to some of us ODD types that we’re now monitoring and policing each other and other folks over how and when we should speak the unspeakable that is the holier than holy name of David Archuleta!


We’ve definitely had our arguments here about whether we can blame #MIC for David’s stalled career, or his management or label or even David himself.  But, what if we pointed the fingers at ourselves as we consider the possibility that David’s fans may play a part in this?

There was a time when many folks who followed Idol blamed Clay Aiken’s rabid fanbase, the Claymates, for the reason he no longer has a career.  Will anyone say that about David’s Arch Angels one day?

I know David makes us lose our minds (can’t even count the ways I recklessly and unthinkingly plopped down serious money on his behalf), but does he really inspire the crazy when it comes to devotion?

What say you, Soul Daviders? Take my latest poll!

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  1. Hg, thank you for the thought provoking post.
    I for one believe that David’s career is in his hands. We fans only have the power to buy his music, go to his shows and buy support any other things that will make him money. I believe that there are a lot of very fames stars that have over the top fans that our very famous.

    • Good thoughts HG and yes, his career is in his hands. The fans who are over the top are few so how powerful can they be and then if they have that influence, how fragile is his career? If people listen to outrageous fans instead of his music then they are in the wrong place anyway.

      Right now, the 2 years ahead seem like a very long road and that is another concern at least for me. It is an amazing test of patience for some.


      • Sandybeaches, yes, test of pattience….unfortunetly, in this fast moving world, patience is not in the cards for many.
        David has the “goods” , no question, but he needs to find what his niche is in the such a crazy, fickle industry.
        It’s one thing to be true to yourself and it’s another thing not to be able to compromise.

      • “It’s one thing to be true to yourself and it’s another thing not to be able to compromise.”——I so agree cq. Well stated That to me is a big issue for David.

  2. Great post HG !
    I think that some fans don’t realize that David doesn’t need them to defend him systematically about everything. It’s infantilizing ! He’s 21 now and some still think about him as a cute adorable little kid. I know that he’s still all that but he showed so much growth this past 4 years, so much maturity and more confidence. I think that we’ll show him more respect by acknowledging his growth and treating him as the independant and strong young man he is.

    I was really mad at the fans who think they can act in his behalf because THEY know what he wants (and I was mad at myself for being affected by it). I don’t know if some of the “crazies” can affect negatively David’s career. All celebrities have crazy fans. But what I’m sure of is that some of those crazy behaviours can be enough for some persons to distant themselves from being a fan. Who would like to be associated to them ? No wonder that some fans can’t say publicly that they are D’s fans and TBH, it’s not helping his image IMO.

    • cmoi: I agree.

      • The other issue is that the fans that feel the need to constantly defend David do not even “get’ that they are doing it. It is the other fans that do that and not them. lol These fans think they are right and know David and everyone else is wrong. You are going nowhere dealing with that kind of mentality so it is not even worth bothering with it. Whatever. lol

  3. I remember in the past, during Idol and right after, when lots of fans (me included sometimes) were nasty and competitive and YES, I saw people say they would never be his fan because his fans were nasty. So yes, I think fans that behave badly towards others can detract from his career. I think commenting badly on or reporting to the MTC what another missionary said to their friends and family was not right though I have no qualms about reading them. I think the parody site is a detriment because it is insults and lies about David and because some people actually believe that is David posting those things. If it clearly said PARODY or SATIRE on the front page it would be less detrimental but just as offensive in parts and fuel for haters. Meanwhile, I am disappointed so far in the lack of contact from David (via Kari) and I hope that increases or I will go nuts myself. I am hoping for a sentence that isn’t a task, quote or question to talk about amongst ourselves. I don’t need anything that’s private – he can tell us he lost a sock or tried yogurt. Anything.

    • Last time I reviewed David’s farewell vlog, he specifically requested that we his fans respect his private time to serve his Mission.

      He really doesn’t owe us a report on his lost sock or what new yogurt he’s eating.

      Let’s keep the sanity, folks, even if David drives us crazy! 😛

      • Are you now judging me, interpreting his blog for me? prior to that at 3:56 he also said he would “I hope that you guys know that I will still be giving my best, trying my best to see what I can do for you guys even while I’m gone”. So I will keep hoping for a sentence of any kind that he cares to send to us, via Kari, on his P-Day. And you can interpret what he said the way you want and do what you want. But don’t judge me.

      • Honey, I don’t even know you. Say what you want, but if you’re going to vent that you don’t know if David has lost a sock, I’m going to call you on your comments.

        We’re all ODD fans around here; some of us obsess over his eyelashes. Either get a sense of humor about your ODD, or drop your attitude with a quickness.

      • Sorry – I felt you were debating my personal disappointment and hopes.

    • Here we go again. I think we all interpret what David said in his good-bye vlog in our own way. I’m with Violet in that I wish/hope that David will be able to communicate with us more during his mission than he is now. I also see HG’s point that he doesn’t owe us anything. The problem is that we ODD David fans are use to one or two vlogs from David a month, daily tweets, and appearances. We won’t have that any more for two years. We have had the missionary blogs that have given us a glimpse of David the missionary in training. I don’t know if David will have Kari post missionary blogs for him, but right now my guess is no. It might be because he does want to return to a mainstream music career and doesn’t want to alienate his non-Mormon fans. Just a guess…

      • Kari said in a tweet that David and her pre-planned things to share with the fans. Maybe a serie of videos to go with the music they’ll release in the fall. Like what he did for TOSOD, little vids explaining why he choose to cover this particular song.
        I don’t think he’ll have a public missionary blog for the same reasons you stated. But maybe he’ll send to Kari once or twice a special message for the fans or a pic from Chile, especially if he’s able to read the letters that some fans are sending him. I’m just speculating about what they pre planned but I don’t think there will be real communication during his mission and I’m not expecting it based on what some LDS fans said in the past about it. But it’d be cool if he does.

      • Very thought provoking post hg and comments. I really do not have an answer for the poll as I think I agree with all the responses. Not very decisive. lol His OTT fans can and do have a negative impact on David’s career IMO but his career after this mission is in his hands. The whole reporting concerns to the MTC was way over the top. I do not know if some fans are defending David or his church or his mission or his dad at times. I find it all confusing. lol David is 21 years old now and does not need defending when we are discussing his “professional music career”. I agree with Violet and grammyj about the concerns about the lack of communication but do not know what the answer to that is. Violet do not worry about being judged here as I think that there are some fans that do not really appreciate my comments at times. LOL I hope that you keep sharing your thoughts here.

  4. Actually there were very few over reactions to the Blogs. One lady reportedly called the MTC.
    I was upset about the Parody Blog and didn’t bother to read it.

    There are a lot of Positive things going on in the Fan World. Many adopted children through Child Fund and are sharing news of the Children being helped.
    Many donated to a Scholarship fund in David’s name.
    Many are reposting a You tube of a Gentleman in the Nursing home being re-awakened by Music and remember David talking about this on his visits to the Nursing Home. We are reminded of the Book he wrote called Chords of Strength.
    Some fans have started a DA2014 for help each other with Fitness.

    The list goes on and on including donating David’s Music and taking on New Projects.

    David has been quoted as saying he will continue to communicate himself and or thru Kari while on his mission. He stressed the Mission purpose to set boundaries while in Chile.

    I believe David will be back and will take charge of his Career as he sees fit, much like he has to this point of His Journey.

    I see much more Positive in David’s fan world than negative and will do what I can to support that and him.

  5. What a thought-provoking post, HG!

    I voted “maybe” just because I think some overzealous fans can turn off those who might be on the fence about David. I know for a fact that some fandom drama over the years has resulted in a few people deciding David wasn’t worth the grief. That makes me sad because if fandom ever became too much for me, I would just pull back from fansites and twitter but would still want to hear David’s music and go to shows. I hate that some people are missing out on that because they couldn’t divide David from the fandom aspect. In the long run, though, I think the number of people this has effected is small in comparison to the number of overall fans that David or any musical act needs to make a living.

    The one thing I worry about — and maybe its totally unfounded and I just like to find random things to worry about lol — is David one day getting tired of the public life. Of having people keep up with his every move and want to know all the private details and having to explain himself and try to please everyone at every turn. I only say this because I know it would bug me personally. I think David is made of stronger stuff than I am though 🙂

    • I think that it’s an excellent point that overzealous fans could negatively affect David’s career, because DAVID might get tired of it. As long as he makes popular music, few music consumers would care about the existence of crazy fans–many artists have them.

      I try to find a balance for myself–I admit that there’s a fanatic in my head, but I try to take only actions that are moderate and sane and compatible with a normal life.

      I’ve had some beneficial side-effects from my interest in David–such as having a ChildFund sponsored child, and checking out some restaurants and activities when we travel. For example, just yesterday I did indoor skydiving with my son–something I first heard of through following David’s adventures.

      • P.S. I love HG’s plan for a series on David’s contemporaries! I loved Jordin, but my husband was a Melinda Doolittle fan.

    • raelovingangels

      I said Maybe but not sold on the idea… however what you said Ali, is an excellent point that David may tire of the constant public
      scrutiny… I do believe however, one benefit of the mission is a break from that scrutiny- which hopefully will lead to insights into how to find that balance and stay in for the long haul.

      I also venture that over the next few years interest will wane. It is natural. That may be better for him, for career phase two…

  6. Hg, just wanted to say I love the picture at the top so much. David singing a song that took him to a majical place.

  7. I think this is a good topic. I answered yes, because I’ve been turned off of other Idol singers due to their fans.

    I’m not judging you, Violet, but I hope you won’t be expecting too much in terms of contact from David. I interpreted his comment to mean we’ll still be getting stuff “from him” that’s been prepared, such as the future cd. Btw, I’ve noticed your dedication and I think you’re a pretty amazing fan.

  8. If David made a statement from his place of mission, it would be publicized all over the world from twitter to facebook to papers, missionary blogs and even on entertainment tonight. It would be so out of place for him to say anything at all, but Kari just might say that he is doing well, something simple but that is all we could hope for.


  9. I can’t believe that some fans called the MTC, I don’t know if I should laugh or what…it is so strange, specially considering David is 21, not 12, he can take care of himself.
    Whatever info we get from the MTC is fine but it won’t last too long so I hope the hardcore fans don’t get too upset or crazy about it. David is on his mission, so he doesn’t need to give us the details about it, that’s not the purpose of his mission right?
    Anyway, I want to thank to whoever share a youtube video of the two mormon brothers with one of them with a mission in Chile. Poor guy had to experience the earthquake. It was very interesting

  10. Of course I don’t expect him to share details of his mission even though many other missionaries share lots of details about themselves and their missions via their families posting their letters and photos on the web. I am hoping for for just simple updates, even third person like “David says he’s doing well”.

    • violet, whatever David decides to share with his fans will be great. After reading some of other guys blogs that are on missions, I’m thinking that he probably would be able to keep pretty good contact with his fans, IF, he wants.

      • raelovingangels

        Like someone said- you can read many things into his It’s not goodbye vlog. IMO- because he knows he has such a diverse fanbase- he was trying to separate this personal journey he was taking from his public one. I think he should do that because just as the decision sparred a great deal of controversy- so likely would be any attempt to bring us along.

    • raelovingangels

      I would imagine we will get that type of occasional update
      “David says he’s doing well”. I think we will also get the various holiday greetings too. ;- )

  11. This is why I love Kari:
    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    Thanks to everyone that voted & made @DavidArchie Forevermore #1, 5 days in a row on MYX daily top10. Lets do it again!

    A new picture!

    • Off topic but wow I can’t believe that Jessica had to be saved as she got the least votes on AI tonight. Joshua was in the bottom 3 too. I guess we know that america gets it wrong often in the voting for AI.

      • Actually, I’m not at all surprised that Jessica was almost voted off tonight.

        1. She was in the dreaded “death spot” (performing at #4). When you’re sandwiched in the middle, you have to do something super duper freaking fantastic to stand out, and her performance was very good, but nothing to remember.
        2. She sang an R&B song most mainstream audiences are unfamiliar with (how many Idol audiences even know who Jazmine Sullivan is?).
        3. She was overpraised while the other big power belter, Hollie, was over-criticized. A backlash was bound to happen.

        That said, I wonder if the producers planned for this “shocker,” what with Jennifer Hudson guest appearing during Top 7 week – the same week when SHE was famously booted off the show? After all, she inspired the show to even come up with something called the “judge’s save.”

        Anyway, it’s a pity Jessica didn’t go all Casey Abrams on us tonight. She should have milked it for all it’s worth and shed a gazillion tears. That would have been enough to galvanize fans to vote for her next week.

        As it is, she might not be able to win this season.

        What a bummer! I’m starting to think a girl can’t ever win Idol again.

      • You could be right that it was planned. They are not above doing that on AI. lol I don’t know if a girl can win it either. I had such high hopes for Jessica to win but it does not look like that will happen now.

      • I don’t think a girl can win AI any more. I predict that Philip Phillips and Colton will be the final two. They have never been in the bottom two just like the Davids.

  12. HG, I know you’re interested in dreams and stuff, so I wanted to let you know I had a David-dream last night! And he KISSED me! I so didn’t wanna wake up 😛

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