Faking It: Being “Elder Archuleta”

Until Kari tweeted about some fake Davids posting online, I wouldn’t have discovered a really funny blog called David Archuleta’s (unofficial) Mission Journal. 😛

Just seeing such a blog made me think:

1. I really really truly wished that David did have such a “Mission Journal” (wouldn’t that have been the coolelst?).

2. After four years of following David’s tweets, vlogs, and blogs, if any ODD fan couldn’t recognize from the very first blog that this site was a fake, then for shame! This is what the first blog says:

That’s right friends!  You might have seen me during General Conference singing with the MTC Choir!  I imagine I am difficult to pick out in this picture, but I’m in there.  It’s been really difficult not receiving special treatment for my celebrity, but I managed to audition and get into the choir “just barely!”

Yeah, like this author is just brimming with the humility and non-snarkiness we’ve come to know of David! As if the Church would hide David and keep him from “just barely” singing in their own choir! 😛

That said, I’m not outraged that this site exists. I actually think it’s pretty hilarious and, yes, dear fans, it does keep “Elder Archuleta’s” name out there.  What is fascinating to me is how non-fans project their own thoughts and concerns onto David. Hmmm, why is it that his own fans tend to do the same thing?

I also think it makes for great parody.  That Easter blog alone had me in stitches – we, David’s fans, know David would never use Easter Sunday to complain about missing episodes of One Tree Hill or meditate about his church’s teachings on “self abuse.” Just crazy!

Obviously the author is working through his own issues with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and with celebrity culture in general, and if he needs to publicly perform as David Archuleta, well then, he is free to carry on.

It’s just amazing to me how David continues to get attention, even when he announces that he’s going away!  I imagine we may see more of these “fake David” accounts, but as the 2 years wane on, we’ll probably see and hear less.  That might be when we fans start to wring our hands about his continued relevancy.

Remember, peeps: when you warrant a parody online or elsewhere in media, that definitely means you’re still relevant!


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  1. Good post HG. Yes, I can see the humor in it. Saturday Night Live does impersonations and parodies of celebrities all the time. It does mean you are relevant. The smart celebrities go on SNL to be part of the joke and laugh at themselves—- “but as the 2 years wane on, we’ll probably see and hear less. That might be when we fans start to wring our hands about his continued relevancy. ” So so true,hg. Great Point.

    • I do still think Kari made a smart move to tell peeps that it was not David as some fans did think it was him. David does have worldwide fans from different cultures that speak different languages that would not “get” it and think it was him. So good to clarify it IMO

  2. the author of that blog definitely has an agenda and he’s using david’s celebrity to draw attention to it. i’m ok with the blog as long as long as remains a parody without ridicule.

    • “i’m ok with the blog as long as long as remains a parody without ridicule” I agree with you.

      The author seems to know a lot about David and about the LDS faith. I thought it was an upset fan and maybe a former mormon.

  3. Hg, loved your post. Very well put and I agree with you 100^%.

  4. I just read the comments at FOD, I haven’t been in any other fansite since D’s announcement, except the time I read Richard’s post. Too much drama lol. But we’re used to it by now. There will always be some fans who want to dictate what the others should think or how they should feel. Because they know what David wants LOL !!! I never thought the fans on FOD would be called “bad fans” lol and I understand why they didn’t take it well… Sometimes, this fanbase seems like a cult with some auto proclaimed censors and a great authority lol. The thing is that I just want to be an independant fan of David and express freely my opinions without feeling any guilt. It’s becoming harder each time and I confess that most of the time I took the bad habit to censor myself.

    Also, after reading the comments at the MMM blog I wondered how some persons can feel “strongly” about not posting links to missionaries blogs and tell other fans to stop doing it and at the same time they think it’s OK to comment on a post about David the missionary… Oh, I just found the answer, it’s because they know what David wants !

  5. About the fake blog, all the celebrities have fake posters. It’s not just David. And it’s so obvious that it’s a fake, I don’t see how any fan would think it’s really David lol.

  6. While reading the comments on FOD, I also read some of the blogs of the missionaries. There’s not much info in them, I don’t understand all the controversy about them. One of the things I’ve learned is that those elders and sisters don’t know how to spell Archuleta. Maybe David should just change his name and write it with 2 “t”. And another thing is that he brought his tight pants with him to the MTC lol. More seriously, the missionaries seem to be just normal young guys and girls. Now I’m even more certain that David’s personality is something special and that if his family, entourage, religion, etc, also define who he is, he apparently found a way to only take what’s good about them IMO.

    • lol cmoi that they do not know how to spell David’s last name. I noticed that too. I agree with your comment about the hesitation to express your opinions. I feel that way sometimes too.

  7. re: the fake blog: Like someone said above, David has a lot of foreign fans and some don’t get it (although it’s not just foreign fans) and have commented as if it is David. The blog has an agenda, and as such, I don’t find it funny since it is at the expense of David. It does ridicule him and his belief system. I’m not Mormon btw, but I still found it offensive. Just one example, (written as if David):
    “I kept having horrible thoughts during the talk, which is why I am also writing about self abuse. I know that touching myself only edifies me, and since I want to edify Christ (and since I cannot touch him) that I must stop.”
    I guess if you find humor in that, we’re just a bit different in what we find funny. This person has also started a fake David facebook and twitter account and is on hs/her own “mission” apparently.

  8. MIC — or a record label — should hire this person:

    • Peter I agree. They did a nice job. Yes grammyj I agree that posting some of the missionary blogs should not be such a big issue.

  9. In my opinion the whole reading Missionary blogs was blown way out of proportion. I think it was mainly non-Mormon fans that were interested in learning more about what these young missionaries go through in the MTC. The Mormon fans already know. I certainly didn’t see that we were invading their privacy or even David’s. It gave me an appreciation of all the work and sacrifice they go through to do their mission and that they are all really young.

  10. The fake blogger for sure is out to undermine David – the ridicule is a form of bullying to me. Just like kids saying “funny” things about other kids that are really meant to undermine them. The fake blogger for sure does not like David and has a very clear agenda about him.

    • If you look at the FAQ’s on the fake Elder Archuleta page, the person states that he is not David and that he did go on a Mormon mission a long time ago – so probably a middle age former Mormon doing a parody as Elder Archuleta.

      • I saw that. He/she is def. not a fan of Davids. He also created a twitter account that tweets not-funny tweets attributed to Elder Archuleta.

      • a middle aged former Morman man with some time on his hands …hmmm

    • No, I don’t think it has to do with David personally–he’s just a vehicle to explore some issues the writer has with the church and it’s young people. Click on the links and he’s discussing several things quite seriously, like “raising the bar” for missionaries, gays at BYU, and the suicide of a young man due to the church’s policy on masterbation. He’s using David for the attention.

      • I think you are riight cc halo. I am sure many have issues with the church and their policies. Just like any organized religion. That is why the membership is down in many churches like the Catholic religion that I was raised in. Many people just question things more and do not just blindly follow what is taught in any religion IMO. They pick and choose what they follow. I know I do. Is that really so surprising now a days?

  11. i did some investigating of that fake site. seems it was created on 12/21/2011, around the time of the big announcement. the registrant lists his/her address as that of the LDS Church Office Building (ie, 50 E North Temple, Salt Lake City. the site registrant does provide a landline phone number but i won’t post it here for fear s/he may come after me, lol.

    • hey desertrat, some good investigative work. lol If you posted that number and it was a working # that person would have many angry David fans calling. lol Off topic but I am watching the voice results show tonight. I thought it was pretty good last night.

      • “the voice” was going to be my treat for cleaning my house. instead of cleaning, i’ve been on the computer, lol.

    • desertrat, you sound like me. I thought I’d be getting more cleaning done now that DAvid is on his mission, but I am still finding plenty of David stuff and things related to him to keep me on the computer. Who wants to clean anyway?

  12. Here are some quotes from Kurt Bestor as posted on his Facebook:

    Before David left on his mission, John Hancock and I were asked to produce a new CD of classic tunes.

    He’s one talented guy (talking about the newly-shorned singer (David) on the right). Anxious sometime soon to announce the particulars of what we were doing. In the meantime, “Via con Dios” to him. —

    no – not “Prayer of the Children” – tho’ he does a really great version. (when asked if they were recording POTC)

  13. Here’s a really well done documentary following two Mormon brothers. One of the brothers goes on his mission to Chili.

    • That was an interesting video. I did read one of the missionaries blog’s on the internet that stated that he and David and others were going to the mission in Racagua, Chile next week. I have no idea if that is accurate or where that is . lol

  14. Rancagua, is at 87 km from the capital city, Santiago de Chile. Have a very large Mormon temple and beautiful, also has a center for missionaries. It’s a little wild and out of town. It is a place with many trees, is a tourist place.

    !!!!There is also a place called Rancagua in my country (Argentina), north of the province where I live. (My gosh)!!!!

  15. I don’t think this fake blog is the most harmful thing for David. Some fans’ behaviour is in my opinion, like calling the MTC to complain about missionary blogs that mention David. How stupid is this ? TBH, I’m ashamed to be associated with this kind of things just because I’m a fan of David ! Maybe I need to move on because it’s not fun anymore for me to be a part of this fanbase.

    • cmoi I have to agree with you. Well stated.

      • hg is also right that some of the hard core fans should not be surprised or complaining when David is not relevant in 2 years time. I think everyone “gets” that David wants his privacy but what about his music career if he wants to return to it? Some fans need to be realistic if you ask me.

      • I agree Marie but I have no expectations anymore about D’s career or music. TBH, I’m at a point where I don’t even care if he returns to music or if there will be enough fans remaining. I’m aware that what I just said sounds probably harsh but it’s really how I feel right now. I love David’s voice and I think I’ll always be interested in what he does as a singer but I have no enough joy to “follow” him and it’s not even directly his fault. Also, I’m tired of all the religion stuff. I have mixed feelings since the beginning about the mission and it’s harder to just be a fan without letting the religious aspect ruining it for me. It’s just harder to conciliate all (even if I respect his decision). I’ll wait for new music but there are chances that it will be only religious and inspiring songs. It’s cool for those interested but two christmas CDs and an entire pop album about positive messages are enough for me so I’ll just wait to see what he’ll do if he returns to music. I’m sorry to be a downer but beleive me, I still censored a lot lol.

      • cmoi: I agree.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Marie, you’ve got me wondering what ‘relevant’ even means? That people are interested maybe? But then that leads to other questions…..like how many people have to be interested before you are considered relevant? And what level of interest do they need – interested enough to read gossip magazines? Interested enough to buy the songs they like? Or interested enough to buy every CD? Interested enough to attend concerts?
        Or does being relevant mean you get lots of radio play? If that’s the standard, David has only been relevant for a.short period of time.
        What about the many, many artists who don’t get spins but can still do world wide tours? Are they relevant?
        Anyway, I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.
        I actually think the vast majority, of fans ARE being realistic. No-one knows what level, of interest he’ll come back to, including David. I think fans are.choosing to be hopeful and do their best to make sure they themselves are still here when he gets back. I also think that the vast majority of fans don’t really care how relevant he is as long as.they can still hear.him sing. He only needs to be.relevant to his fans. As long as there are a small group left he.can still make music in some way.

      • I am interested in David’s music career not his mission. You do need to stay relevant to have a music career IMO. But that is if he wants a “mainstream” music career as opposed to a local Utah/LDS based artist. idk what he wants. I agree with you there. I like mainstream secular artists but that is just IMO but many peeps agree with me. hg, did bring up the relevency issue in her post and I was just giving my opinion. Yep, I do think some fans are not realistic IMO. lol

      • Another point is that if David has made enough momey to not have any financial concerns than good for him. It is hard for me to believe that with his family to help support he does not have to worry about. You need a large, strong and diverse fan base to have a music career in the music industry. Artists do not make the money from CD sales anymore. It is the tours, special appearances, ect that make the money. You need many fans to do that and not just a small hard core fan group IMO. You also need the right “connections” even to have an acting career. It is “who you know not want you know” in the entertainment industry. But isn’t that the way in any career. lol After all that being stated I agree with cmoi. I just do not really care anymore and have no expectations at all. It is not my life or my career. It is David’s.

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