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Thanks to Ali for bringing our attention to this snippet from People’s American Idol: Where Are They Now?

This week, I’m going to launch two series here on Soul David:

1. “David’s Peers” – we Archies are always so concerned about the measure of success David should be receiving, so I thought to check out the news on what’s going on with David’s “peers” – those in his age group or those who appeared on American Idol around the same season (or before or after).  It might be interesting to put David’s career in the context of his own contemporaries.

2. “Being 21/23” – because I still routinely get views on my quite brief “Being 20” series from last year, I figure I should do an update on this series, this time highlighting pop stars/veteran artists when they were David’s current age: 21.  I’m thinking of also highlighting David’s age – 23 – when he has completed his mission.

Just to give you a heads up on what’s to come here on SD. 🙂


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  1. Sounds like two good series coming up. Always enjoy reading here. Oh and nice picture;)

  2. Sounds like a good profict for you HG, but I really will not be interested in knowing about anyone else’s career successes. It’s just a little silly thing that I feel….I just don’t like to see others have success when David’s career is at a stand still.
    I’ll still come over and lurk and maybe comment.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      How do you know David’s career will be the only one at a “stand still” as you put it?

      Anyway, I’ll only be doing these series certain days of the week.

      • Hg, I’m so sorry, after reading my comment, it did sound a little bitter. Yes, I’m sure that other idols also have some struggles. I did say that it was a silly thing in my part.
        I always enjoy anything you post and your profect will not be an exception.

  3. good idea hg.

  4. Oh, by the way, I love that picture of David. So sexy!

    • Great idea hg. I am interested in seeing how the other idols are doing now. Sounds good to me and you are so creative. It is not easy keeping a David fan site open when he is gone for 2 years. Props to you. I also enjoy the posts and vids on the talent shows like the voice and AI. Actually David was also sending tweets on those shows and other music artists before he left. That picture of David is amazing.

  5. “David Archuleta makes a surprise visit to a gathering of children enrolled in ChildFund programs in the Philippines”. David sang “Bridge under trouble water”. I haven’t listen to it yet :

  6. I saw this on David’s twitter. It was tweeted by Kari. There must be some fake David’s out there. It is smart of Kari to try and control that if she can. @kariontour

    • There is quite the firestorm of comments at FOD about the fake Elder Archuleta so go to that web-site at your own risk. Being curious I had to read it. Immediately any ODD fan of David would know that it was fake. The writer went to a lot of work creating the site to make it look real and the writing is very snarky (un-davidlike) and a parady of a Mormon missionary. Looks like a former Mormon wrote it.

      • It is all just kind of strange and I think it is causing quite the controversy with fans. Someone did spend some time working on the site. I agree grammyj. It is a kind of delimma for David if he wants to return to his music career as he needs to keep fans somewhat interested but he wants his privacy too. You need fans for a music career. I bet many music artists/celebrities have mixed feelings at times about fame and celebrity and their loss of privacy.

    • raelovingangels

      I had stumbled across it by accident somehow about a week ago- and as you said, knew right away it was a joke? or prank? or ??? but at any rate kinda not too cool or funny.

      • I feel sad that some people were taken in, but that said, it’s very funny–I about died. I think the Easter post was meant to make it beyond obvious that it’s definitely not David. Not in good taste for sure.

  7. hg, i’m looking forward to your two new series. i stopped following many of d’s contemporaries after d made his announcement. it will be nice to hear what they’re up to.

    as for those fake david accounts, i think i’ll stay out of that drama, lol.

    • Lots of drama at FOD. The missionary blog controversy again. i guess they need to take a poll there too.

      • grammyj, yes, lots of drama. One thing I can say about David fans, they are a very passionate group.
        Hope that passionate continue for the two years.

  8. Maria: totally agree with your point ” It is a kind of delimma for David if he wants to return to his music career as he needs to keep fans somewhat interested but he wants his privacy too. You need fans for a music career.”
    Reading those comments on FOD made me very sad. I don’t want to blame David. Could he just leave without any communication with fans and only focus on his mission but just take risk to lose his career or continue working in music industry and do some otherthings for God? I don’t know what he should do or not. It is hard for David but IMO it is more hard and hurt for his fans. This is the saddest thing to see some of his most devoted fans are upset due to other same devoted fans. It sounds very negative but this is how I am feeling now.

    • Love your comments Panda; some of the stuff on FOD made me sad also. I’m also sad they shut the comments on that thread down. Maybe it was a good thing to let people chill overnight, but I think it might only make it worse.

      I just marvel at how HG addressed the blog link issue with a post, had a vote on it, and it hasn’t been an issue since.

  9. I’m glad People chose a more recent and gorgeous picture of David! Looking forward to finding out how David’s peers have fared since season7. I haven’t really been staying up with anyone but David! I followed and supported Brooke and bought one Jason Castro song. I like David Cook OK but I still am not able to buy any of his music. Sounds petty I know! 😉
    I am also staying away from the drama. It was obvious that guy was not our David! I do appreciate the passion our Archie’s show when in defense-of-David mode!

  10. Righ about now is when a fun vlog from David would do a world of good for the fans, sadly, that of course, is not going to happen, so all fod site need to self soothe.

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