Good Friday End of Week Review

Happy Good Friday, everyone!

I’m just offering a quick end-of-week review for Soul David.

First, David’s “Forevermore” video has reached 109,772 views (as I type this).  Not bad for a video released earlier this week (although viral videos reach over 1 million views in a few days nowadays – if we want to believe those numbers and not that certain studios/companies are paying for those extra views – so I trust that the number of views on David’s video is both organic and legit).

Speaking of numbers, do you realize that David now has 960,942 followers on Twitter? Let’s celebrate when he reaches 1,000,000! 😛

Also, my WordPress has added new features, which allow me to track the number of comments and where in the world folks coming to my site hail from.

So, this is what I’ve learned:

My Top 5 Commenters of Soul David:

1. Marie

2. Grammyj

3. Tibitibi

4. Cq

5. Desertrat

Thanks for keeping my blog a busy and hopping place! 🙂

Next, my most commented upon blog post (with a total of 269 comments): Music and Faith: Concerning David

Since I began in 2009, my blog has received over a million views, but my all-time busiest day, in which I received close to 5,000 views, is on December 20, 2011 (the day we learned that David would be going on a Mission – that figures!).

Hmmm, I see a theme here: David and his faith, more than David and his music, tracks the most hits on Soul David.

Is that because David’s faith is still a controversial point for fans, or is it that my blog is really the only place in Archuworld where fans can discuss their concerns freely?

Finally, here’s a snapshot of where my Soul David visitors are lurking and posting from today!

Thanks again for stopping at Soul David, folks! 🙂


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  1. goodkarmaseeker

    This is really interesting. I love this place and check it at least once a day.
    I’d have to say I wasn’t as happy with all the back and forth about David’s religion and mission. I could get the part about missing him and feeling sad that he would be gone. It was the debate about his religion itself that I didn’t like as much.
    But I admire the fact that folks were free to speak their piece which is one of the things that is “cool” about this site!

  2. Nice post, HG.
    Wow, more comments about David’s faith than his music…..
    For me I like visiting all of David’s sites for different reasons, but for some reasons, I do feel real comfortable expressing my feelings about religion without judgement on this wonderful site. To me that’s a good thing.

    Hoping for the day that the topic of discussion will be about David’s
    flourishing music career.

  3. Although I don’t comment very often, I do visit at least once a day. I am thankful for the different David sites and those who comment at each one. My computer knowledge isn’t great so I’m not always able to join in all the polls and fan videos for David. I get bummed thinking I’m not a “good” fan because I can’t always join these support-for-David groups, nor can I write so eloquently as many of you. So, thanks for being here and allowing me to learn through each of you who voice their opinions and knowledge regarding David and his career.
    I look forward to the future when David returns to the music industry. I believe he was born brilliant and follows a “light” that I am still very confused about. Good for him that he seems to know his path while I’m still treading water! 😉

    • angelofdja, I beg to differ, your writing is eloquent and I think you are a great fan. those polls are just for fun, most of them don’t mean anything when it comes to David’s career.
      I too look forward to the future when David returns to the music industry and we will be spazzing about glorious new music.

  4. interesting stats! also, i enjoy being a part of a global community of fans. now that wordpress has new login requirements, i noticed a toolbar at the top of my screen that tells me the # of people who replied to a post that i made.

    angelofdja, i agree that david is a musical genius and that he follows a light. i don’t always see the light but i figure if i keep following him, i then i’ll eventually see that light too.

    from previous thread, mango, huge thanks for referring me to iL Divo’s version of “Crying”! the one i listened to via youtube is in Spanish and it’s beautifully haunting.

    • I have think that I am in very good company with being one of the five top commenters here at SD along with grammyj, Tibitibi, Cq and Desertrat. LOL That is interesting. To answer your question hq the reason for the increase in hits on those posts is because your blog, SD, is really “the only place in Archuworld where fans can discuss their concerns freely” IMO. I really enjoy your well written posts and this blog. I agree with cq that I honestly hope for the day when we are discussing his “flourishing music career.” I do miss some of the regulars peeps that used to comment here but I think they might come back when David returns to his music career in a few years. That might be wishful thinking but that is OK. lol I have learned so much about the music industry from following David and this blog. That is where my interests really are and not so much in his religion. I have learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the music/entertainment business from following David’s career and this blog. lol

      • “I have to think” lol I might often comment but I still need a good spell check. lol

      • Marie, I’m with you, David’s music career is where my interest lies. Unfortunately, not much going on with his career (no label and no management) in order to keep things going for David while he is away, we are kinda of forced to talk about other things regarding what he is doing right now, and, of course that would be the big M.

        I’m still hoping that there will be a lot of stuff (other than religion) for us fans to comment and keep the conversation going. Kari, keep things going, PLEASE!!!

        One more thing, in regarding to all the “trashy” music videos being made, again, it’s unfortunate, but that is what sells.
        imo, David needs to fine a way to make videos that are clean, but extremely interesting, so that he can compete with what is out there. Compromise…the name of the game.

      • Congrats Marie and the top 5 commenters ! I too miss some of the regulars like Burkey, Utahmom,VJ and Tibitibi who hasn’t posted here since David’s departure I think.
        I rarely comment on posts about religion and one of the reason is my bad English. It’s a too sensitive topic to take the risk to be misunderstood but I like to read what others have to say on the subject. Also, I appreciate the diversity of the topics in this blog and I had a lot of fun commenting here (especially under different screen names like “justforfun” or “inspiredbyIdolfan”. I even commented as “Queen Elizabeth II” lol. I can’t remember them all but it was just for fun, never with the intention of trolling.

        Like you, I prefer to talk about his music career but I think that I already expressed repetitive times my opinion about it (maybe to the annoyance of the Angry Anon lol). I like to talk about his music and artistry too but then again it’s hard to do because sometimes I’d want to like the music for what it is and not only because it’s David. I really think that David is the best young singer but for some reasons, his music doesn’t always reflect his huge talent (and I’m not necessarily talking about “Forevermore”).

      • Thanks cmoi. lol I think your English is better than mine.

    • That’s the one I’m talking about…..the one in Spanish. It just gives me chills.

  5. It would not surprise me to see the comments on all David’s fan sites to be somewhat down for the next 2 years. Hope that does not happen but it would not be unexpected IMO. Good for Soul David and hg to have such a diverse global and busy David fan blog!! Enjoy all the comments here. Even the ones that I do not always agree with. lol

  6. i hope i’m not bringing controversy over here but this blog re. the “archies” is a must read. if it helps, i took the blog to be somewhat tongue in cheek. also, he makes some valid points and offers a non-ODD perspective on what it means to be a fan of someone.

    • Thanks for posting this desertat as I saw this and wanted to post it but did not dare to. lol I do not agree with some of his comments or maybe I just I do not understand some of his points but it is interesting. I do see how some might not understand the ODD.

      • lol, i may have posted the link but i wouldn’t dare express everything i felt when i read his post. after 4 years, i’ve learned that i’m not the best at expressing myself diplomatically via fan blogs.

      • desertrat: I am learning that lesson myself regarding being diplomatic on a fan blog. It is not always easy but it’s something I am working on. lol

  7. Just so you know, no offense was intended in my blog post. The level of dedication of the Archuleta fans was new to me. I have a hard time towards over-obsessive fans in ANY realm, whether it be sports, music, movies etc.

    Most of the Archuleta fans I came in contact with these past few days have been really, really nice, and mostly supportive. Please don’t take my remarks personal if they don’t apply to you.

    Also, I don’t know what ODD is! To me it is either “odd” or a mental disorder called “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”. I’m guessing neither of those apply here…

    Have a great Easter!

    • it’s a joke we have in the fan base. ODD = obsessive david disorder. 🙂

      also, thanks for the clarification on your intent.

      • Thanks. I understand that the one paragraph was pretty strong, but I got a lot of comments from fans acting like they owned David, or could speak for him as if they represented him – and they would criticize other fans. Not cool.

        So, to any fans that are well-adjusted, and have a life outside of Archie-land, then those comments obviously weren’t directed at them. But, as with any fans, some are looney!

      • lol MMM. It is good to have a sense of humor. By the way I did think that the Archies cartoon was very funny and clever. I was a big Archies comic book fan as a kid.

      • i loved the comic book too. i have both “sugar sugar” and “jingle jangle” on my iPod. 🙂

      • I love “sugar sugar.” lol

  8. HG,
    I sure am glad to know I leave a footprint of my lurking loyalty.

    Your numbers are a testimony to your thought provoking ideas and writing style. I hope you keep Soul David running for a very long time.

  9. Shanny in Australia

    Interesting stats HG. I guess it will be interesting and beneficial for the fan sites to keep a tally of things over the next two years – to see how things change and in what ways.

  10. A fan asked Kari if David pre-planed the tweets like the question she tweeted for him. I found Kari’s answer interesting : “we pre planed somethings but not this, it came up in a email from him yesterday so thought it was perfect to ask”. We’ll probably hear from him even when he’ll be in Chile.

  11. MMM says:

    “I have served with youth for most of my adult life. I love them. Because I love them, I desire that they young men be obedient. This includes serving a mission. I love them when they aren’t obedient too. Part of my job as bishop was to judge – just sayin’. Most were obedient, some were not.”

    According to our VRS, when he met the Prophet of his church, David was asked it he was going to serve a mission.

    No, no pressure there….lol.

    Oh well, water under the bridge…never mind me, just reflecting on the past.

    • hmm. Yes, like I stated I did not “get” or like some of his comments. Interesting cc halo.

      • I think MMM is an arrogant, narrow minded jerk – does that cover it? His blog does nothing to help erase the image that self stated image of Mormons as arrogant, narrowminded, misogynistic kind of judgmental folk, but who cares, heh. To be fair, some David fans ASK for the derision and ridicule they receive online by continuing to let their emotional investment and attachment blind them to truth, reality, boundaries and common sense. I sense no real like or love from this MMM for either David or his fans, so why waste time and energy giving his blog attention or hits.

      • I would like to thank Beauxcefus for the kind words. When I first read them, I thought maybe my wife had written it!

        I do take exception to the charge of misogyny. My thoughts about crazed fans is applicable to men as well. I will never understand a man that can tell me who pitched the 4th game of the 1987 World Series. I am an equal opportunity offender.

        Other than that, I am glad to see that Beauxcefus and I pretty much agree about some fans’ overkill – but Beauxcefus explained it better.

        I will make you a deal: Please don’t judge the LDS faith by thoughts about “fan-dom” and I won’t judge the “Archies” by Beauxcefus’ kindness.

      • Yes, you are an equal-opportunity offender, MMM. My husband could probably tell you who pitched the 4th game of the 1987 World Series, lol, and he’s the best, most devoted father and husband on the planet, IMHO.

        David has almost a million twitter followers, including my teenage daughter, and the vast majority aren’t LDS. He, along with all those non-missionary famous people you were dissing, are a huge counter-influence to the controlling, “cult” stereotype so many have of the church. When, in the past, David responded to LDS interviewers that going on a mission was between him and the Lord, we believed him. Several LDS posters here have been emphasizing that people in their church have free choice, but when you claim to know the Lord’s will better than an adult man or woman, it certainly makes me go hmmm. It turns out the “free choice” is a choice between “obedience” and “disobedience”.

      • cc halo: You basic premise that visible members, who are less devout, serve as a positive balance for a religion, means that our views on faith, organized religion, obedience and God are so far apart that this conversation will not benefit anyone. We see obedience as the ultimate manifestation of free will. (At least that’s what David believes and will be preaching for two years)

        I’ll stay away, but want to thank all of the kind DA fans who have posted positive comments and been so kind. Thanks for the comments and the notes!

      • Yes, I agree that we are miles apart–especially on the assumption that those who choose to serve in their own way are lesser than those who follow the program. Good luck with that.

    • Shanny in Australia

      “No, no pressure there….lol”

      Cchalo, I think that horse has been whipped, flogged and beaten to death.

      “controlling “cult” stereotype”

      Between these two comments, it feels to me like you’re just trying to use every opportunity to stir up contention again Cchalo. I think most folks are kind of over it.
      I like what you recently said about deciding to speak positively about what you believe instead of tearing others down.

      • MMM got my dander up. I’ve been sufficiently whipped, flogged and beaten to death for saying the very things he’s saying and I just couldn’t resist a little nose-tweaking. Sorry.

  12. Just want to say I enjoy reading this blog very much. I have learnt a lot from the posts and comments on religion and other non-music stuff. But my interest is in David’s music. Like CQ I hope that one day the topic of discussion will be David’s flourishing music career.

    BTW, I might or might not have contributed to all 3 views from Singapore since I come here a few times a day, sometimes. LOL!

  13. Cmoi, thanks for missing me along with some of the other “regulars”! Just wanted to let you know that I’m still sort of here. I still support and love David, and haven’t gone awol because he’s left. Working 70-80 hours a week has basically wiped out my online time for awhile. I do check out SD once or twice a week though; it’s my online home.

    • I miss you too utahmom. I know that schedules and life changes so you do not always have the time to be online.

    • Hey Utahmom ! It’s great to hear from you !
      I greatly appreciated your comments here and it’s cool to know that you still check out SD once or twice a week. Hope to see you here from time to time (SD is my online home too).

  14. Miss you also Utahmom, thanks also to Embe and Fenfan for peeking in from time to time 🙂
    Changes in the fandom are also inevitable and 2 years minus 10 is still a long time. So we keep the watch and wait out for our guy going until then.

  15. cmoi, if all the posts associated with your screen names were added together, i have no doubt you would have been in the top 5 posters, lol. by the way, were you also #mic? 😉

    a few other posters we haven’t seen in over a year … fancy, sassypants, dorman, and littlem. i hope they make a reappearance too.

    utahmom, fenfan and embe – nice to see ya!

    • Peter does still comment now and then and I always enjoy his insights. The reason I was drawn to this blog in the first place were the “regulars” that commented. I lurked for a long time before commenting. lol about #mic.

    • Lol, I wasn’t MIC but I was “TheRealDavid” once and I also was “VRS 24/7” and some others. But I promise that I don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder lol. ODD is enough for me 🙂

      (I thought before that MIC was Peter but he said it wasn’t him so I have no idea on his identity)

      Me too I lurked for a long time before commenting. I think I only started commenting with TOSOD, but I’m not sure. And as a former lurker, I can say now that it’s more fun to participate to the discussions.

    • I must confess that checking for Idolfan’s Charice posts was what I did every morning after turning on the computer. I know, I need to get a life! ❤ this blog and the posters

  16. Heh, there was a time I suspected Peter of being Rascal in disguise. 😛

    That is, until Peter and Rascal went at it over the controversy when David was seen in a gay club and David tried to laugh it off.

    I had thought, “Well, there goes that theory!”

    • Hmm. That is interesting as I thought that maybe Peter was also Rascal at times. You just never know. lol

      • I suspected that Peter was Idolfan before. You’re right Marie, you just never know… No, I’m just kidding lol. But the thought of Peter having an obsession with the imaginary love story between Charice and David amuse me greatly 🙂

      • cmoi lol. Peter I think some of us here miss you. I know I do.

      • raelovingangels

        Maybe Peter and Rascal both need to make an appearance.

      • rae: I agree.

  17. I received my “Forevermore” album. I really like the booklet and the pics are great.
    My top 3 songs are “Reaching Out”, “Hold On” and “Rainbow”. It’s hard to choose favorites because of the similarity of the songs. If you like one, you like them all IMO. I don’t know why but the songs seem familiar to me, as if I knew them but I never heard them before David recorded them. It’s weird lol
    Also, David’s voice is perfect for a sad love song like “Tell Me”. And add to it the good instrumental accompaniment, I felt really melancholic after hearing it.

    So, now that David released a full album of love songs (and he even sang a sad love song), maybe the next step is to sing a good breakup song (where he’s the one who is putting an end to the relationship of course). I propose “Separated” by Usher for the R&B sound, I’m sure he can do a great cover of it !

    • “Imaginary love story between Charice and David.” LOL Cmoi. I miss that! It was an ” exclusive” here that gave me a lot of laughs.
      I’ve been listening to my Forevermore CD over and over – Rainbow is still my favorite.

  18. I’m in a toss-up between Tell Me and Reaching Out as album favs but with David I usually love each song for a different reason. I can never skip over songs either. I just love all his stuff. However, now that we have had a full ballad cd, what should David sing next? He really is hard to categorize.

    We have not heard from GG for a while either?

  19. It sure is going to be hard to wait to see what fantastic music we are in for from David. I’m thinking that we have only heard the surface from this music genius. Can’t wait until he realizes his full potential and really lets go…that is when we are in for a wide and crazy fantasy ride!

  20. Speaking of David and Charice……what happened to idolfan?

  21. i am still here LOL

  22. Happy Easter!!!

  23. raelovingangels

    Also, Valbraz and Another David….

  24. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

  25. theotherdavid

    Rae, you talking about me? How funny, I forgot I was actually theotherdavid on this site. I stripped my computer recently and lost all my passwords, so I never really paid attention before. Maybe you’re not. I’m AnotherDavid on TDC…
    Anyway, thanks for noticing, if you were, not that I comment much. I’ve been lurking still, but just have a “defeated” feeling in general regarding all things David. Don’t know how to reconcile the difference I’m feeling from 4 moths ago, upon leaving the auditorium in Santa Rosa and the way I’m feeling now.

    • theotherdavid: I totally understand and “get” how you feel as I kind of feel the same way as a fan to be honest about it. I hope the feelings change when David returns to his music career in 2 years but idk. I do have many other things going in my life. I have accepted that this is the way it is but I do not know if I can remain as interested as I once was which I think is very understandable. However, I like this blog and all the folks that comment and remain a fan of David. I will always be lurking and will be as supportive as I can but things have changed.

    • raelovingangels

      yeah theotherdavid AKA anotherdavid- I WAS talking about you… 🙂

  26. It’s not a feeling of anger, to be sure…just a feeling of having the wind taken out of your sails.

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