Whatever Happened to Idol Rewind?

While “Elder Archuleta” is making quite the sensation at the MTC, I wish we could have some archived footage of him on TV while he’s tending to his mission.

So, while watching Idol last night, a thought came to me: Whatever happened to American Idol Rewind?

Ever since Idol Rewind started, which was a “reunion” of sorts, in which former Idol contestants were featured giving us a whole behind-the-scenes report on what was going on their season, I had begun anticipating what we would get by the time David’s season rolled around.

No such luck!

Without any fanfare, press, or announcement, Idol Rewind was canceled right after featuring Season 5 (the year of Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, and Kelly Pickler).  It was canceled back in 2010, and I didn’t even know about it.

Dang it! I don’t even get a Rewind episode featuring the Season 6 cast (Melinda Doolittle, my second favorite Idol, Jordin Sparks, and Sanjaya the Hair!).

You do realize, dear readers, that had Idol Rewind continued, 2012 would have been featuring David’s season, which would mean that the producers would have already interviewed David before he left for his mission, and we would have gotten all kinds of juicy details about the behind-the-scenes action (i.e. were the other contestants really jealous of David? Various media hinted at it during the Top 24 and Top 20 weeks.  Was #MIC really as bad as all that? Would they avoid talking about MIC at all?  Come to think of it, maybe David wouldn’t have agreed to appear on Rewind if these details came out.  Hmmmm.)

Still, it really would have been cool to have had that opportunity to watch and reminisce.  It also would have been a cool way to keep David’s name out there even as he was preparing for his two-year mission. In that way, when Rewind wrapped up, then there might be interest in his new music that would be featured later this fall.

Oh well.

Maybe Idol Rewind will find there’s still interest and might start back up again?  Maybe when David gets back?  After all, they still have to feature Jordin Sparks’s Season 6, and since she’s set to be in the movie Sparkle this summer (co-starring Whitney Houston!), it might be beneficial to bring the show back again.

All I know is: David’s season deserves a Rewind episode.


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  1. Masterclasslady.com has a nice trip down Memory Lane with an article by Pamela Pike and Masterclasslady re: Imagine

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      one day i hope to hear him sing “imagine” live. when he finishes, i’ll shout like randy jackson: “hot …hot…fire..fire!!!!”

  2. I’m with you thinking it would have been so nice to have Idol Rewind.

  3. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    I still have problems looking at the photo posted at the top. With that said, for the zillionth time, David should have won. 🙂

    Re. Idol Rewind, I don’t know if #mic would be a topic of interest anymore. I think they’d ask D about “Imagine”, the Asian fans (eg, album, NA, tour, etc.), the mission and whether or not he’s still dating Charice. 😉

    • desertrat, totally agree, he should of won. No dought in my mind that he was the best singer by far.

      • I would have loved to have seen AI S7 on AI Rewind. I liked that show. I agree with desertrat and all others that David should have won. No doubt about that. I think many factors came into play on David’s not winning AI. It is still too bad.

      • Oh my goodness, totally misspelled doubt, sorry guys.
        So happy to get a tweet from David via Kari.

  4. I would LOVE to see an Idol Rewind of David’s season! Even if they did it while he was still gone. I would be intrigued to hear what all the other contestants had to say about that season.

    How do we make this happen??? lol

    • lol Our little army is pretty tenacious, but I doubt we could pull that off! Fans on twitter were talking yesterday about how there were DVDs of previous seasons also. I had forgotten about that. I think there used to be a CD too?? Seems the fandom lobbied for all of it, but no luck.

      • Ugh, yes, there was a CD for Season 8! I kept seeing it at Walmart and it made me sad everytime that there wasn’t one for Season 7.

        Having a DVD of David’s season would be awesome too. I know there are videos of the whole season but I’d like it together in one convenient package. I’m a fan of convenience.

        P.S. David’s Forevermore video is now over 100,000 views! 🙂
        As of the moment I’m typing this, it hasn’t updated on the video page itself but if you search it, it shows 104,400.

  5. Seems like most of the guys who won, shouldn’t have. David was just too young, I guess.

  6. It’s the first time I hear about Idol Rewind but I would have liked to see one for season 7 on youtube lol

    A tweet from David via Kari : Question from David today —> How would you explain to someone if they asked “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” (ks)

    • Do you think he’s counting on Kari to send him a recap of the fans’ replies ? lol

      “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” Music helps a lot, prayer too. Also, I think about my “Innisfree”. A special place for me in Morocco that brings me peace wherever I am. (I also don’t watch TV anymore, it helps to find peace lol)

  7. I was wondering about the album of covers that will be released in the fall. Maybe the classic songs they were referring to are old songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I remember when David said that he was only listening to old songs on the radio or something like that. I’d love it if it’s the case.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      I could go for some oldies covers. Driving home today I heard Roy Orbison’s “Crying”. I could soooo hear David singing that song. Somehow, I doubt that’s what he was working on with Kurt Bestor, lol.

      • Roy Orbison’s “Crying” is on the newest Il Divo album… believe it or not. It is absolutely breathtaking.

    • I wish it was classic covers but I would bet it is religious/inspirational music. It would go along with a 2 year religious mission. I hope things change when David returns but idk. Kari is the only person involved in his career at this point that gives me some hope about his future music career but she is just one person. I am extremely realistic about David’s music career at this point.

  8. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    breaking news … new photo!!

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