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Behind the Scenes with Bench:

The official Forevermore Video:


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  1. Love the forevermore video! and the Bench behind the scenes video is such a fun bonus.
    Hoping that Kari has fun stuff to give us throughout the two years to keep us interested.

  2. Loving it!! The gift that keeps on giving.
    David will reportedly be on TV5 again soon. Phillipines has a new Extreme Makeover.

    Article here:

  3. Not sure why that link doesn’t take here. has the entire article thanks to JR

    Check it out there.

  4. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i just watched the bench video. i’m surprised no one in the fanbase has done a video show their hair after using the Fix hair care products.

    from the previous thread, grammyj and cchalo, thanks for letting me know that i got punked, lol.

    • Well, I went to the source-the blog and immediately noticed that this missionary was in Paraguay. He is currently serving at a very small mission in a poor area. I was wondering if they would send David to a small mission, then I re-read the blog and decided that the guy was just joking.

      I know there are fans that don’t think we should read these blogs, but for me reading them has pointed out what a sacrifice and learning experience this is for the young missionaries.

      • I do not think there is anything wrong with reading those blogs or with posting them. I would hope that David has some sort of blog if it is allowed. Watching AI and so far some good performances.

      • I’m sure David will have a blog but I do not know if his family will post it for his fans to see it. That tweet about being 3-9 weeks in the MIC was taken down. I’m wondering if that means we won’t be hearing anything about David’s mission from David or Kari.

      • raelovingangels

        So grammyj, that is 2 tweets mission related that were taken down- how long at the center and the announcement about singing for the Conference.

      • It would be a shame if there was no contact from Kari on twitter with some little tidbits from David. I just don’t see how it would interfere with his mission, especially when it is ok to do a blog as evident by other Elders blogs.

        If he cuts his fans out altogether, I won’t lie, I will be upset. I know he wants to focus on the mission, but come on, we are not asking him to sing or even personally connect with us. Just connect with us through Kari.

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        on the positive side, kari has kept all her tweets about david’s performance with the choir. maybe he will let future info re. the mission come from her.

      • At least David is using his twitter as a promotional tool and that is positive IMO. Also David or Kari are not just posting inspirational quotes like he was before on his twitter. I did tire of some of those quotes when it went on for a long period of time. lol

      • Late comment and not that it matters much, but there was never anything tweeted from David’s account about him singing for Conference. That was just from Kari. The only tweet that has been deleted from David’s account was the one about being at the MTC for 3-9 weeks.

  5. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    off topic..

    there’s lots of negative buzz all over the web re. the fact that queen of hip hop, mary j. blige, performs in a burger king commercial singing the names of ingredients of a fried chicken wrap. supposedly she was paid $2 million dollars for the ad. her career is based on her authenticity as a singer; it’s hard to watch her sing with the same conviction about a piece of chicken.

    i thought of david because i had been concerned about the quality of the “forevermore” album which was recorded in 3 days. i didn’t want an album of poor quality to be his legacy for the next 2 years.

    i’m not saying mary j was wrong to make this ad but she has pretty much compromised her brand and her 20 yr career.

    here’s a link to the ad if you care to see it:

    • Some good points there, desertrat. Thanks for posting as I had heard about this but did not see the commercial. I agree with you about David’s legacy.

      • I have to say, I am enjoying the OPM album more than any of the other albums of David’s so far. It’s his singing that comes through and the songs are so right for his voice, imo.
        Remember he has another album to be released before he returns, and original sons also.
        For threes days, I think the album is darn good.

    • The OPM album will not do anything positive or negative for his career in the US. Only David’s ODD fans know about it and are buying it from foreign websites. It’s currently not available in the U.S. I personally love it. I think the people in the Philippines love it and it was recorded mainly for them. I actually think it was a brilliant move on David’s part. It paid tribute to Philippine artists and was made very inexpensively so no one will lose any money on it and it will most likely make some money.

    • Unfortunately artists are having to make commercials with their songs now because no one buys CDs any more. It’s a tough business. She probably wanted the money to continue the lifestyle she was use to.

      • It is a tough business. I agree. You need to have the “right people” behind you to succeed in the music business regardless of how talented you are. I mean any type of success. After following David’s career for 4 years I am even more convinced of that.

  6. I saw this blog from a Elder Brown posted on another fan site. He is at the MTC with David. I would post the link to the blog but only the first paragraph deals with David so I did not bother. I thought it was cute and he seems like a typical boy his age to me. I am amazed they get these kids now a days to go on these missions IMO. “Hola!”
    “Que pasa familia? How are y’all doing up thurr in the far away town of Lindon?
    First off disappointing news for all…… I have not seen sir David yet…. I know you are all disappointed right now and I am truly sorry, I have been keeping a look out for him but no luck yet. It is so funny to hear everyone talk about Elder Archuletta. It is downright creepy sometimes because girls know his classroom number and his residence number in the first day, really weird folks, I don’t even know my own classroom number! But in all honesty I give him props for coming on a mission and I bet he is so annoyed of people chasing him down.”

    • All the drama on other fan-sites about not posting MIC blogs seems silly to me. We are David’s ODD online fans and are not going to chase him down. It’s some of the girls at the MIC that are more of a problem then us. Although I’m sure they are giving him his space and aren’t bothering him that much. I’m sure some of them are trying to figure out how to get his attention and who can blame them. I’m sure when he decides to marry it will be an LDS woman. As we all know he would be quite a catch!!

      • Is there still drama about posting the blogs? I guess they should have put the issue to a vote like HG did 🙂 I’m just happy to hear any news about David. He’s a hard habit to break. lol Since most of his fans are not LDS, it’s still difficult for many of us to wrap our heads around him not being around for 2 years. I agree that David’s most ardent fans aren’t the problem.

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