I actually find this song more interesting:

The nuances of “Soul David” is more present, IMO. It also reminds me of “Running.”


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  1. I like the chorus, but I think I’m one of the very few not in love with Rainbow. I’ll wait until I get my CD to make a final judgement 🙂

  2. I love Running! And…well…I want to love Rainbow 😉
    I suppose I will also reserve final judgement until my CD arrives. I’m still trying to figure out why Rainbow hasn’t clicked for me yet.

  3. I just went through the playlist on youtube for the entire album, and I realize I have been repeating You Are My Song for the 10+ times. Such a great song.

    • I’ve been holding out on listening to all of these songs, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me! I’m on my third listen of You Are My Song. The lyrics, with David singing them so beautifully, could melt anyone’s heart. I’m going to try and let that be the last of his new songs I listen to. I am expecting my CD to arrive today. I got impatient with Astroplus and ordered another through CDWow. They sent it out the very next day!

    • You Are My Song is my favorite, so far! It’s in that sweet spot of his voice, too. Not too high. I did the same thing, angelofdja! 11 dollars and free shipping was just calling my name. lol

  4. Like many fans, I ordered my Forevermore album from CDWow and I’m expecting to receive it before the end of this week.
    I LOVE “running”, it’s one of my favorite song from David’s first album. “Rainbow” has a little r&b feel but it lacks the intensity of “Running”. It lacks its vocal complexity too. It’s a nice gentle song. All the Forevermore songs are nice and gentle, the production is nice and David’s voice is nice. I’m grateful for new music from David, especially knowing in which conditions he recorded the songs. I like the album but I can’t say I love it. For me, it’s a nice little album of covers but not really exciting and TBH I wasn’t expecting much from it. It keeps me wanting more from David which is a good thing lol. I’ll wait for the songs and the production that will really show his artistry and what he’s capable of vocally.

    I like the video for “forevermore”. It’s just David at his best. I like it more than the “Wait” video even if there’s not a specific concept. Or maybe the concept of this one is to show how good looking he is. If it’s the case, I love that concept, it’s not a difficult one to understand lol.

  5. I just watched the “I’ll be here” video from the fans for David. I didn’t think it was that long. It’s really well done and I love the songs they used. And there’s a fan from France in it and it’s not me lol. It was a great surprise, now I know that we are at least two french fans who’ll wait for David.

    • cmoi, I did think of you when I saw the “I’ll be there” video and I noticed the fan from France. I am glad you mentioned it. lol I loved how the video showed the diverse David fans that are from different countries. I can only hope that David can keep those diverse fans during this 2 year break in his career.

      • I think I mean I will be “here” not “there”. lol Oh well we all know what it means.

    • There’s an additional slide show with more that inadvertantly got left off. The link is under the Notes. I’m in that one. ha!

  6. cmoi,

    “or maybe the concept of this one is to show how good looking he is. If it’s the case, I love that concept, it’s not a difficult one to understand”…lol… really laughing out loud bec it’s true. I’ve watched the video i think 50x already since it came out just bec David is so handsome here…this video is David overload…if looks could kill…agghhhh

    • lani & cmoi, I agree!! I really laughed out loud a cmoi’s concept too. David has grown up to be very handsome. He even looked great in his short missionary haircut.

  7. I think it is great that David or Kari through David’s request sent out this tweet on David’s twitter. Great use of twitter to promote David’s new video and album. I think Kari is a good influence on David’s career IMO. ‏ @DavidArchie
    “The music video for the song “Forevermore” is out now. You can check it out here!” —-> http://youtu.be/QYIwAwiKW-g

    • Marie, totally agree, so happy that Kari is keeping his career going while he is away.

      Just wanted to share, got my cd today and I must say, I LOVE EVERY SONG. Going to order more cds because I know I will wear this one out…..IMO, it’s like listening to an adult David expressing adult emotions. David’s voice and romantic songs: marriage made in heaven.

  8. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    off topic, here is the link to the trailer for “Sparkle” starring Whitney and Jordin.


  9. Been listening to Forevermore cd all day, I love it so much, but it really makes me sad because I want David to be touring and singing these songs……nothing like David live…..the fun of listening to different ways he would sing the same song….will miss that so much.

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