Palm Sunday Kicks Off Holy Week

Good morning, Soul Daviders! Just wanted to post a quick update before getting ready for Palm Sunday service this morning.

First, nearly two-thirds of voters in yesterday’s poll approved of fans linking to MTC blogs since they are made public and are merely providing glimpses into the activities David engages in while there.  The conversation this poll provoked has been quite informative, so I’m going to allow for links to be posted.

Look at it this way, peeps.  We’re not going to hear from David in two years (well, unless some folks in South America find their way to an Internet connection), so this transitioning phase is helpful.

I will say, however, that if any of the Mormon doctrines are at all uncomfortable for you, here’s an easy fix: do not click on links concerning the LDS.  What David engages in at this point really is about his personal devotion, so if he gets “teary-eyed” over songs about Joseph Smith, that’s his prerogative, and he most certainly isn’t willingly sharing that perspective with his fans.

Pick and choose, folks, and please choose with discretion. 🙂

I personally think David couldn’t have chosen a better time to immerse himself in his faith now that Holy Week is starting.

So, my hats off to him and sending him well wishes and praying for blessings all the way!

On a side note: doesn’t David look so handsome in his suit and tie?


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  1. Thanks HG, he does look extremely handsome in his suit and tie doing what he loves best – singing! I wish David all the best as he embarks on his mission.

  2. Here’s another lovely blog that was posted yesterday. It is not from a missionary so maybe doesn’t qualify in the “not respecting David category” but it makes my point that the blogs people are reading are actually in my opinion, in the spirit of the reason David is going on a mission. This one highlights all the points made by the speakers at the conference yesterday and ends with a picture of David and a very sweet paragraph about him, his service and service by the rest of the missionaries.

  3. Yes ,David does look handsome in his suit and tie. “Pick and choose, folks, and please choose with discretion.”—- Good advice, hg. Everyone has different interests but I do enjoy having the links posted on many different articles. I am sure I post links to some articles and pics and videos others have no interest in at all but it should always be a matter of choice IMO. I enjoy it when other artist’s music vids are posted too.

  4. Here’s David’s Forevermore video. It’s just David and his beautiful face and hands singing to us with the song lyrics. I love it! I was surprised that we even got a video for the song since he has such a short time to record the album. Enjoy!

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