Forevermore Video

Here it is! (thanks for sharing the link, GrammyJ!)

Looking gorgeous as always, but I still think the song is, as Simon Cowell would say, “treacly.”

But in this intense Archudrought, I’ll take the Voice wherever I can get it! 😛

I hope the new music for U.S. fans features far superior music! The Voice deserves it!


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  1. David does look great as always. Who wrote the Forevermore song and who produced it? Did David help write it? Just wondering.

    • Forevermore and all the songs on David’s new album that came out in the Philippines are original music written by artists from the Philippines, so obviously David did not write any them. They are all covers. Forevermore was written by a group called Side A. David had two men in the Philippines that produced the songs on the album. He did all the singing for this album in a matter of three or four days. Compare that to the length of time it took to make TOSOD! I really love this song but I like love ballads.

      • Thanks grammyj. I get it now. lol Wow. That is not much time to produce an album. Nice album for the fans in the Philippines that have been so supportive of David.

  2. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i like this song more after seeing the video. nice job mr. archuleta!

  3. Love it!! Such beauty. The ending kills me everytime. David’s vocie to die for!! Nice tribute to the Phillipines OPM!! Good reviews there which is definitely a compliment.

  4. This is bound to be a favorite for weddings! It really shows the range of his voice nicely.

  5. I’m amazed at what David accomplished while he was in the Phillipines, mini series, recorded an album, recorded a music video and did modeling for Bench and on top of all that did some commericials, in about one month. And, of course, don’t forget that in his spare time he went to visit Temples.

    I’m sure that the tight time schedule had something to do with the simplicity of the video,, I think it was done estremely well. Just David singing to his fans and I might say, a very hunky David.

  6. Officially in love with the music video!!! “You were a dream I once knew” My take is that this is a love song for his fans, he never dreamed that we would be here supporting him…..I love this guy and will be a fan for life.

    • Yes, In an Interview in the Phillipines they asked David who he was thinking of when he sang these songs on the OPM and he said “To Be Honest It was my fans, this is a gift to them”

      This was after they gave a list of who it might be about: somebody special?, one of the Actresses in Nandito Ako?.

      The fans at the Press conference(JR, Narrejo) “Aw Thank You, David” I’m sure JR has that video on TDC.

  7. I was looking at the track list of the Forevermore album. My favorite song is “Wherever You are” and this is just a great performance of that song by David:

    • I LOVE this performance so much. Unfortunately, the studio version is not nearly as soulful. It’s still nice, though. Marie, WOW HD has Forevermore on sale for 11 bucks and free shipping. Can’t beat it!

  8. Yahoo Philippines has the video up now:

    All I can say is David is gorgeous in this video!

  9. You know the more that I listen to this song the more I do like it. They really did a good job with the video in such a short period of time.

  10. I found a you tube channel with the audio of the Forevermore album songs so you can hear higher quality versions of the songs than that live stream version until you get your CD in the mail. Hope mine comes soon. I really like Rainbow.

    • Love it, can’t wait to get my cd!!!!!

    • I did listen to the other songs today on you tube. Yes, I really like this one too. Rainbow is a really nice song. I will be buying the album after I heard the songs today. The album is really pretty good when you think about how fast they put it together.

      • I love all the songs on the Forevermore album. Give me a good love song with David’s stellar vocals and I’m in heaven.

  11. David knew when this was going to be released. He also knew when he would be at the MTC. He made a smooth transition with the song and video rather low keyed during the beginnings of his mission. Normally he would have been more expressive I think. Our album to come out in the fall is set in the mood of the mission as well. He just can’t look like two people at the same time.


    • Good point SB and he wanted it to be to the Fans!! A Thank You!!
      Even the way he dressed for the cover of Forevermore closer to his Church look with white shirt and tie. All tastefully done!!
      Beautiful inside and out!!

    • raelovingangels

      I think he looks thoughtful in the video- in keeping with where his head was at.

      I keep going back in my mind to that Asian tour- when he pulled out Heaven. That is when I personally started to feel he was going on the Mission. That tour had such a sweetness about it- almost as if he was savoring every moment. He also talked about creating a special moment for the audience ( paraphrasing here) because some of them he may never see again.

  12. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    Elder Heartthrob</b.
    "….my wife exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! There’s David Archuleta!”
    I didn’t recognize him, but when I looked I could see the name tag: Elder Archuleta.

    I was a little bothered about this sudden outburst from my wife, but I have since been assured that she was only excited because he grew up in her aunt’s ward in Utah, that’s all."

  13. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i got this pic from post #4 on “the voice”. it’s family photo that accompanied a press release written in Spanish. i believe daniel is 18 now. i wonder if he plans on going to college. i wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he received a sports scholarship somewhere.

  14. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    my last spam for a while ….

    hg, thanks for allowing us to respectfully discuss the non-fansite blogs that are popping.

    off topic but of all the fansites, this one and snowangelz are the easiest for me to load on my tablet and my phone. imho, this is a big plus because i like to glance at the fansites without using my work computer. thanks!

  15. Hi everyone. In the few pictures that i’ve seen of Daniel, he never looks happy.

    • It has to be hard for Daniel being in the shadow of his famous talented, good looking brother. Early in David’s career I thought we’d see more of Daniel with David. He wrote songs and put them on you-tube and sang at an after-party of one of David’s early appearances. He also had a public twitter that some fans followed. After Jeff was arrested that all stopped and we rarely see Daniel which was probably for the best for Daniel. I wonder if Daniel wants a music career too. I really wish him all the best.

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