David’s Last Week Before His Mission

Is it already time for David to set sail?

Is he ready? Are we? I’ve been doing my withdrawal for the past few weeks, and now the time has finally arrived for us to say goodbye and promise that we will be here two years from now.

Are you ready to make that promise? Have you already moved on?

At the least I’m pleased that David is facing his future with bright optimism and hope:

“The future is a vast, empty plain leaving us with so many possibilities to fill it and ways to add to it. What will you add?”

And I’m now eagerly anticipating his yet-to-be-released original song (as captured by the picture above). What will he sing for us? Will it assuage our sadness?

What, indeed, will the future hold for David (and for us, his fanbase)?

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  1. I don’t have any answers but I do know that I will be pleased to get this part of it over and then we can sit down with a cup of tea or glass if wine and get on with it. Now I don’t know what ‘it’ will be but we will be more settled I am guessing.


    • I agree; he is leaving the early part of this coming week, ready or not. I am eager to just get it over with. I am also making a big move myself this week to a different hemisphere, so the timing is really something.

      Hope I can meet up with you, Shanny!

      • Shanny in Australia

        That would be fab if we could make it work Freo! I dm’d you my email address. Safe travelling this week! 🙂

  2. I love that guy’s voice so dearly that I can only imagine how happy and looking forward to his hopeful return to music I will be.

    My family is making a big move to another state next month. Perhaps not having to check the web 72 times a day (cough, cough) for the latest will keep me more focused and in reality as we adjust to our new life. Although I have to say, last time we moved I was perfectly and utterly content and distracted because DA was on AI 7! Show must go on.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      best wishes with the move! i know first hand how stressful moving can be, lol.

  3. I’ll Be Here. Today is a big day for David as he gives his Farewell talk. Wednesday will probably be the Big Day!!
    Lots to look forward to with new music.

    Think David will have lots of Opportunities when he comes back and he will be more ready than ever.

    Wishing him a safe and fulfilling experience. I plan the same.

  4. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i think i’m ready to let go but i won’t know for sure until 3-4 months from now. time will tell.

    • I am more than ready. lol I think if he is going then it is time for him to leave. I agree with SB. I have no idea what the future holds for David’s music career but I know that it is on him now. You can only hope for the best for his career and wish David the best.

  5. A long time ago I had a little exchange with David that I have thought about a lot lately. He was talking about a little make a wish girl that he had visited that died shortly after. He was talking about people making a difference in this life. Trying to make it better. I was over to the side of him and said, “you already HAVE made a difference.” He turned his head and looked at me with that intense serious gaze he has, and said, “Do you really think so? Because, I WANT to.”
    He has so much determination, faith, and hope. He is a pretty remarkable young man and so worth being here for when he gets back. My prayers go with him. May the Lord bless and protect him. I will miss him every day. And the way his little tweets and vlogs have brightened my days…I will miss that.

  6. Phyllis, who is a fan of David’s and got her wish to hear him sing when he visited her before leaving for the Phillipines just passed away. A Make A Wish for the elderly hooked them up. What a blessing he was to her and her family.

    Yes he makes a Difference and will continue to.

  7. Testing!

  8. Instead of decaying, my ODD has increased a bit reading and witnessing David’s attempts to leave something for the fans to relish in his absence. I asked myself do you know of any artist out there who is selflessly working down to the wire to mitigate remaining heartache about a decision they have made? As CB said – he is so worth waiting for. As I wait and enjoy the talent of others in the meanwhile, I will be happy for David as I know he is simply striving to make a difference in this world.

  9. So the final moment to say good bye is here already ? All what i can say is that gonna be a sad moment for sure :(, like any moment when we’re closing cycles is always intense and full the mixing feelings . I’m surprised about my self standing on this fanbase for four years lol 😮 , i remember the first post i wrote with a very bad English ( not that is better now ) , but with so much enthusiasm , sharing with others the joy to help this talented and adorable kid to pursuit his dreams, or at least what we thought were his dreams by then ….one more time i need to say it was a fun, entertaining and learning journey 😀 , full the memories than i want to keep intact tbh , and keep the souvenirs of what make me a fan of David Archuleta , so in order to keep that memories and souvenirs intact i NEED to let it go and move on , wishing him happiness on his life ….. some how what struck me the most , was probably the discussion weeks ago about the fact that with the maturity, his personality will be more defined and more defined his personality become, more defined his fanbase will be …..something that is inevitable i guess. Someones , feel out already, but again is something that nobody can control.
    For some reason i feel and see all very different now and my comfort zone like hard core fan is not the same that in the past and i don’t want to feel conflicted and opposing to the general perception fansites posters has of him like person or about he’s doing … so probably i will end in the group of thousand of originals fans that enjoyed and loved and supported and bought and helped in many different ways but that have not the need to be in videos, public certificates or pictures …. many of that fans that only see the human, charming kid with amazing voice and that we tried the best we could to help supporting him with sincerity , love and honesty without go to the extreme of the permanently adulation …. i can tell he still having many of this, many of the fans that casually check whats going on and still happy with his artistic progress .
    Me too i was implementing my methods to slowly letting go , but i promised to support him until the depart moment with NA and ‘Forevermore’ …because he deserved …then is gonna take me maybe some months ( two or three) to close happily the chapter ;).
    I’m sure he’s gonna still doing music in the future though, so i hope i’ll love something by then if i still around the idols sites and catch a little with the artist.

    • Tibi, I hope you will still check Soul David and join in the discussions. I always like reading your opinion on things. But, you are right it is time to move on. I think most of us would never have guessed that we’d still be here after four years.

    • Tibi I also really enjoy your comments. I usually agree too.

    • Aw thanks :), i guess the hard part of move on is to break that habit to give an opinion lol , specially when this site provide a sort of variety on the subjects HG pick to discuss on her blogs ……you did a great job HG bringing all kind of issues not necessary David related , but about social conscience and responsibly .
      And of course so thankfully to share the place with amazing posters from the ones i have the opportunity to learn too. I enjoyed too and i plan to enjoy the going out process until the total slow down ….. i will need a way to still practicing my broken english so i accept suggestions ha ha 😀

  10. David is very idealistic, spiritual, optimistic and of course, talented. I hope he will always be able to look “on the other side of down”. David has been so worth following. I decided that I would live in the present and just enjoy these last three months, but I didn’t realized in December how much he would have for us before he left. He certainly has been working his tail off to leave new music for us to enjoy while he is gone. I have no idea what his career will be like once he returns, but I wish him all the best. It will be time for all of us ODD fans to pursue other interests, but I agree with Joymus that he is so worth waiting for. I know he wants to make a difference in the world, but I’m sure he would want his fans to make a difference too.

    • I believe that David’s fans are people who have already made a difference in the world, big differences, small differences, perhaps long before David was in our lives and probably will long after.

      From what I know of the fans young and old they have generous hearts, outstanding patience, and most of all in a big way, compassion. It is these people who have gathered together and become his fans and friends to each other.

      His fans have generously supported charities now and in the past years of their lives. Several fans have been heads of charitable organizations before David.

      I am certain that they will continue to shine and continue to do the work that is second nature to many.

      David has just chosen some pretty compassionate people for his fans and they themselves are great role models because of who they are and what they do.


      • Beautiful post SB !! David has /had beautiful and amazing people like fans …. i’m glad finally someone expressed so well my exact thoughts …so Thanks. 🙂

  11. Here’s David’s ODD fans theme song for this week.

    • That is a great video of David. It really shows off his amazing musical talent.

    • This is one of my favorites covers from him . 🙂

    • awww, watching this reminds me how much I loved this band with David this past year.
      “If only I can get through this,” is the perfect song for how I’m feeling. The way it starts out less intense, then builds in intensity, and then backs off, is how I have been feeling. Sometimes not too bad then sometimes it just hits you.
      David’s interpretations of songs are amazing.

  12. The head of Ivory Records who is putting out David’s Forevermore album said this per JR at David Chronicles:

    I wish all artists can be like David Archuleta! Our time schedule for this project was crazy! It was Murphy’s Law till the end! But working with someone like David made it all worthwhile. Not only is he one of the best musicians we have ever worked with, he is probably the nicest, kindest artist. Working with him upclose, we now understand why his fans love him so much. He truly deserves the respect and accolade given him. We look forward to working with him again. And for the Archies out there – watch out! We have more goodies for you!

  13. I hope that if he seriously continues in music when he comes back, I hope that he can expand his fan base also. Many young US fans have moved on and needs to bring back more young people. The music business is so quickly moving.

    • I so agree freofan. I hope that David can bring back more younger fans if he continues in music. I am a somewhat older fan, although I hate to admit it lol, but I see the need for his younger fans. His Asian fans are just amazing and have been there for him. The music business is beyond tough and competitive and that is unfortunately is not going to change.

      • The American young people have a great many singers to listen to and many different concerts to chose to attend in their cities.. The American super stars are appreciated when they perform overseas because they have travelled half way or more around the world to get there for starters. We know that David is special besides.

        Different cultures in different countries and the availability of the performers often times will add to the reception that that they receive.

        The youth in North America have been awesome to David and so patient through the times of uncertainties. I don’t believe that we give them enough credit as young fans going to see him when they can and buying his music when they can. At all of the concerts in any part of the country, the fans have waited in lines for hours abd even tried to quietly sneak past us older fans in the mosh pits. They even like to mingle with the older fans as if all ages are one. David is that great that he attracts all ages to his music in North America.

        When you are a guest performer at a series of Christmas concerts for 84,000 people, with the Tabernacle Choir, then you know that he is far from being just a young person’s pop star. When a singer can sing in 5 languages or more, you have someone far greater than just a pop star.


      • David singing to 84,000 people with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir being televised to Millions to PBS, His MKOC Christmas Tour and Recent activities in the Phillipines is just a precursor to what David is destined to do.

        He never wanted to be a Pop Star just for teenages and Will have a much easier Transition than many of his peers.

        “He is destined for Super Stardom”

    • David had so much support from young people at his start, tween, teens and college people who were crazy for him and loved his voice and even gave to his stage presence and performance skill so much value , but then not all the young people had the moneys to travel long distance to see him in concert , or to buy his music online only ……so that only fact , put a distance between him and his young or same age fans …. is not always that young people has not taste you know….. they just want music that they can relate like everyone , believe or not Adele has a big young fanbase (high school and college kids ).
      Of course just a few gonna buy Christmas music or inspirational Groban style ….so again David is defining his fanbase while he’s growing and maturing and according to the limits he put on his style , he’s gonna built a fanbase , maybe smaller , but the one he wants to have.

  14. Good questions, HG. I’ll have to reply when I’m more awake. lol.

  15. I don.t think David can win back young fans because time marches on and the best new thing is always around the corner. The best he can hope for is to develop and flourish in a genre of music that appeals to all age groups beyond his original fans. Completion of his mission may profoundly change his direction in life anyways, even and including his music. Unfortunately, no one can say for certain what it will be like on his return. I will still keep a relationship to David and support his projects as long as possible, and even knowing that his surviving fans could be his only audience in the future.

    • I agree with you. I just hope that David will keep putting out more music when he returns, and I will be there to buy it. I will be his fan even if he is not a mainstream artist. I just want to hear his music in whatever genre he decides to sing.

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