Forevermore Song Book

Check out The David Chronicles, which has more images and notes. Here’s what David has to say about us in the liner notes:

“Thank you for letting me try new things, and supporting me through it all. The journey would not exist without the relationship I’ve made with all of you. What you all do has exceeded beyond my imagination when it comes to the love and support you can show, and it means the world.”


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  1. reading that than k you note was like reading a book under water, can,t imagane what next week will be like

  2. I do not know if this video has been posted here yet but it is beautiful. It is the Launch Video for David. Perfect song choice for the video. I am just in tears watching. What amazing fans David has.

  3. I can’t believe that the time has come when he is leaving. I am sure going to miss him!

  4. I listening the stream of the album, sound good , but i guess the upcoming event next week make harder to enjoy the songs right now, idk sound sad under the circumstances i guess …. so maybe would be a good idea for me to take a break to avoid the evident depressing phase on this fanbase. :/

    Thanks grammyj for the stream link 😉

    And one more time NA was a very fun project …..the only missed moment on the script was a sweet kiss at the end , they should add at least one sweet and short kiss between Anya and Josh even if they should use a double for the Josh role. 😉

  5. BTW interestin that Gina Orr is listed on his special thanks , i assume she still his RP person? ….. just curious. 😉

    • ‘Interesting’

    • I just read the liner thank-you’s. Gina Orr must still be on David’s team in some capacity to get a thank-you. I also noticed that there was no thank-you to MIC – hmmmm. Of course, a big thank-you to Kari.

      • It does make me feel better that David appears to have made a strong connection with Kari and Gina. They do seem to be part of David’s team. Both are professionals with good connections in the music industry. They will be a good support for David now and when or if he decides to return to his music career. Interesting that there was no mention of #mic.

      • I assume #mic is involved in the album of inspirational music David is working on now. We really haven’t heard of anyone but David who is working on this album. Of course, we know that Kari has been there to help him at the photo shoots. I’m not sure why he had two photo shoots, but the more pictures of David the better!

      • I don’t think Jeff is involved on any project right now, except to be his father obviously, by what we all know about him , he already has said something or made presence with a hint on FOD ideally lol. 😛

        The Utah album to me is all produced by his LDS label, since we assumed are hymns and LDS kind of music … so i really don’t think Mic has any kind of control or role in that project …specially if the target is his own LDS community first ( like someone suggested on FOD and make sense tbh) , they gonna be careful with who are working and the lavel of control of the collaborators.

      • Tibi, you could be right. I guess we will see when it comes out in the fall. David keeps calling it a cover album so I wonder what songs will be on it. I don’t think he would call hymns, cover songs, but who knows?

  6. Yes, it’s going to be very sad in David fan-land next week. Mormon young people when they go off on their mission have family and friends that are sad to see them go because they will miss them, but David had lots of ODD fans that will feel the same way. He has been so good to us his fans. I will miss him.

    • ”He has been so good to us his fans. I will miss him.” and fans so good with him too ….. like in every relationship like he called, is hard to let it go ….you can feel the general sadness in the atmosphere 😦 …. in the positive side , i have good souvenirs from this four year experience and in retrospective i find odd and funny right now all the stuff i bought and keeped David career related lol. #americanidolcards 😛

      • You’re right, tibi. David has left us some great souvenirs. My husband bought me a David Christmas ornament online that was fan-made the first Christmas after season 7. He figured out my ODD right away. I bought the David life story magazine. Of course, I have all the good stuff – his music and his book. I never did get a David build-a-bear though.

      • I have the Magazine too LOL ….and the Build-a-bear song too , i remember i did and special trip with my niece there just to buy to ‘her’ some stuff ha ,ha …… crazy good times . 😀

  7. raelovingangels

    Watching the last episode of NA…. gotta say that Holly Eula Caberello is amazing. She is such a good actress. She also captivates the screen. Also, her sweet look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

  8. Listen Forevermore the album, and i realized that this sound like an ballad spanish kind of style album, is like to hear Christian Castro in english …… interesting eh? …. Love ”Tell me ” specially …. for now , still listening and reading the lyrics 😀

  9. cristian castro has a beautiful voice and with age is much better. But excellence in the voice of David, is unsurpassed.
    David has a depth that I have never heard any Latin singer. David’s voice embraces you and surrounds you. My English is not good, but David’s voice is beyond language.
    Right now I’m listening to the songs of the cd forevermore with his eyes closed and headphones. I feel that David is giving me a private concert and I am the happiest woman in the world.
    I can not explain otherwise.

  10. i mean , my eyes.
    sorry, my englisn is not good.

  11. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i’m feeling a bit nostalgic this saturday. i keep rewinding the ai 7 top 24 medley from 2:15-2:27. david looks soooo young, like a young missionary. 🙂

    • Nice Video. It is hard to believe that was now 4 years ago. It also reminds me that you do not hear or read that much about the AI top 24 contestants music careers now. Except if they get in trouble with the law. lol That is not just S7 contestants. It is any season. Only the diehard AI fans pay any attention. I would include not much media attention about the winner’s (Cook) music career at this point too.

      • David clearly stands out to me as the one with the star potential in that video even though they were all talented. David just had and has that something special. What could have been for him.

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        i agree, david stood out. some time ago on tdc, i mentioned that initially i didn’t know david’s name. in discussing idol with a coworker, i said i thought that either the guy or sang “shop around” or the one who sang “imagine” would win. since his hair was different in those performances, i didn’t realize that the same talented little guy sang both songs.

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        edit …

        guy or sang “shop around” should say — guy who sang “shop around”

  12. Here’s an interesting article from USA today about celebrities and addictions. Some fanbases lose their artist due to this. Not saying this could never happen to David as we all know to never say never. Just thought this was a balanced article about it.

  13. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    good article. river phoenix isn’t mentioned but i had a hard time accepting that he died of a drug overdose. he was such a talented young actor.

  14. Gina Orr, I believe, was his road manager when he went to the Philippines/Asia last summer. I heard she was with him at HK airport n the filming of the Wait video in HK directly from some fans. She’s blond I think.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      i think gina likes to keep a low profile. melweg once outed her in a photo via twitter and orr wasn’t too pleased. she’s the blond between david and allison.

      • Glad that Gina appears to be on David’s team. I do not think that she is a road/tour manager. That is Kari’s job. I thought that Gina was a music manager now as she formed her own management company when she left AI/19. She did manage Crystal B. but do not know if she still does. It seems to me that she does like to keep a low profile.

      • Kari was his tours manager, both ? Several? times in the USA. What she did for David this last time in the phillipines, Gina did in TOSOD Asian tour last summer 2012. This is absolutely true. She arranged for several HK fans to go to the MTV ? performance that was in the office, where DA was on keyboards and no microphone.

      • When I had heard that Gina was involved, I was hopeful that he had finally engaged a professional manager. I was on a vacation but vaguely recall Googling her and reading that she had left Jive and was possible going off to work for herself and managing Crystal Bowersox. Maybe it was a trial n it didn’t work out. Maybe she was just engaged just for that tour coz Kari was busy.

      • I am sure that Gina is or was some part of David’s team. Who knows in what official role. I had hoped that Gina was David’s manager too at one point. I just hope that both Gina and Kari continue to be involved in his career somehow even when he is gone for 2 yrs on his mission.

      • I remember there was a rumor at one point the Gina and mic were kind of like co- managers of David. It might have been true. To be honest I think that with David wanting to go on this mission it did not matter who was his music manager as it was not going to work because he did not want it. I will never understand it. lol

      • However, I do now understand the last few years of David’s career. It all makes sense to me now and it did not before.

  15. Here’s the video of the Philippine Archies saying they will wait for him. At the end are his two co-stars from Nadito Ako – very sweet.

  16. The producer working with David tweeted:


    Recording some songs with #DavidArchie the last couple of weeks.

    He works with many genres of music and plays the bass is the information on him that I could find. He may have once played in a punk rock band.

  17. Looks like David is calling his friends to say good-bye.

    Carly Smithson ‏ @CarlySmithson
    Just had a surprise phone call from @DavidArchie. One of my favorite people !!!!!! I love our chats. Be safe on your mission my friend

  18. raelovingangels

    Yaaa, Kari tweeted this picture and said D was recording an ORIGINAL song. can’t wait.

  19. If Peter’s lurking – Sunny’s on her way to Utah to hug her angel.
    Sunny Hilden ‏ @SunnyHilden

    Deep weekend…singing Goodbye For Now to Phyllis, and now…I’m flying to Utah to hug my favorite angel goodbye for now.

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