And So It Goes…

“Billy Joel Week” on American Idol made me nostalgic for the song that made me go off the O.D.D. deep end.


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  1. where are all the critec,must be something you can find fault with,, lolnot this time

  2. Tennis player Arantxa Sanchez Vicario was managed by her parents. She earned 60 million dollars in her career — and has nothing now because of mismanagement. Basically, she never saw the money she worked so hard for.

    • The Osmond at some point had the same story , bad moves and personal ambitions from parents/managers often left young artists broke.

    • There are so many examples of young artists/young celebrities/ young sports stars that were mismanaged by family members and wound up with little money in the end. The list is endless. Very sad but true. Interesting point Peter.

  3. In 1998, LeAnn Rimes filed a lawsuit against her father and former co-manager, claiming the two are responsible for spending more than $7 million of her earnings.,,617754,00.html

  4. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    ASIG … This is when I first began to think of David’s voice as a musical instrument. His talent at age 17 was unbelievable.

    Re. the previous post, I just wanted to say it was very touching and thanks for shedding light on social issues.

    Re. AI last night, Heejun was my fav.

  5. I was looking at FOD for a NA link ..and i found this

    ”Shadow Mountain Record Label works exclusively with LDS artists. They will produce the album being released in the fall by David Archuleta.

    Shadow Mountain Records, the premier record label of the Deseret Book Company, celebrates people of faith by providing an values-based soundtrack for their lives. Click around our website to learn more about our talented artists and hear their inspiring music. ”

    So i guess i officially believe in rumors lol ….. Oh well :/ !!!

    The poster added a link , but my computer was warming me about virus so i didn’t opened ….sorry . 🙂

    • tibi I can honestly state that I am not surprised by this at all. Disappointed but not surprised. Whatever. lol

      • I really do not think it matters one way or the other what anyone on this site or any site (FOD) lol thinks of the record label that David will use now. It will not be a secret when the music is released. lol David’s main issue IMO is that if and that is “if” he wants a “mainstream” music career when he returns will he have offers from labels and will fans still be interested. Indifference and no interest from fans is what David will need to worry about if he even wants a music career not random comments on fan sites. lol That is on David not the fans.

      • Nothing matter at this point, i agree, but i find amusing that one more time the old theory about ”rumors are only rumors” is disqualified ….. definitely we need to pay attention to the mysterious reliable sources i guess . 😉

        “ IF he wants a “mainstream” music career ”

        I more and more convinced that this is not the case with him . 😐

      • Yes, tibi I agree with you.

      • I agree as well, and I’m beginning to think that he never actually enjoyed his music career.

      • IDK , By the Idol days ”Music it was his passion” , from the latest Asian interviews ‘Music is my work” ,,,,so i’m sure his motivation are different now . He’s gonna do music in two years , i’m sure , but his purposes about his talent gonna be different to the initials ones …. but then it is happen when people hit their maturity and their priorities change i guess …..and he’s not different to many young out there so. :/

    • So, much like the mission rumor, this one turned out to be true as well.

  6. and then they cam i droves,more to come ,anothe fire strom comming,,and you think discremation is just against blacks!!!!!

  7. Anyway NA finish tomorrow …it was fun , hopefully with a Anya/Josh happy ending and in theory the OPM album drops next week …. so at least fans will have something to enjoy in the process of moving on or waiting time for his return …whaevr plan people have next. 😉

  8. I am sure you guys already saw this great picture @kariontour took of Matt Clayton shooting a pic of @davidarchie today:

    • Yes. Thanks.


    • And Matt Clayton again, someday i hope he’s gonna give that chance to other photographers out there :/ , Matt is good, but after three or more photo shots star to look repetitive in the creativity department . David should take some risk with this photo shots too …… in a second thought i forgot it was for the Utah album so works very well Matt clean style.
      I guess yesterday it was a different person btw and the location looked more exciting ? ….man, Utah has amazing parks and outsides locations to do a little more edgy pictures ….. my two cents .

  9. I have always dearly loved “And So It Goes”, as sung by David…

    Weeks ago, the Nandito Ako songwriter Aaron Paul was trying to get agreement from TV5 for David to sing the song in English for the English speaking fans. Without any luck in that regard, he has gone ahead and released “Forever with You”. It is the first sign of anyone in the music industry doing something like this for the North American fans and I am very appreciative. Fans do hope that David will sing it someday, but until then, thanks Aaron Paul!


    • Aw! That’s so nice from him, 🙂 this is a purrrre Love Song …..very pretty 🙂 … bad David not recorded the track.

    • But wait , this is Anya/Josh song ……so idk what to think about the lyrics and the end of the series tomorrow, would be silly if they don’t end together. 😦

    • Shanny in Australia

      I am grateful for this too. I wish David had included it in the OPM album. I can’t really understand why he hasn’t recorded it which makes me think there must be some legal/contractual/backroom wrangling going on that we don’t know about, that is preventing David from recording it.

  10. Am I surprised that David is using an LSD label. Of course not. He’s a very devout Mormon going on a mission. He doesn’t currently have a label so he is putting out an album on an LDS label before he goes of inspirational music. He could have recorded nothing so I’m glad he’s doing this. We can decide or not to purchase it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he will continue to record for this label when he returns from his mission. He is also putting out an album using the Ivory label in the Philippines.

    I was thinking that maybe he wants to start doing covers in different genres. He did the cover album of OPM music. He is currently doing a cover album of inspirational music. After his mission he may do the Spanish cover album. Then he could make HG and the readers of Soul David happy and do soul music. The list goes on and on – lol. I still think he will want to make his living doing music.

    • I’m suprised that actually all the rumors people claim to not pay attention become a true and a fact ;)…. of course people decide if buy or not his stuff …..Now one time deal ? not sure tbh .

      That matters? well i really don’t know either, one think is that LDS people help him to record his stuff since he is in Utah, but this is directly linked to his Church , since the label is part of Deseret Books enterprises …… i guess each one decide to look more deep or not in order to ignore or enjoy ? ….. i respect either way people position 😉

      And about the covers, i hope is not the case ….. i hope he’s not taking the Clay A route to do easy albums …..obviously is not always a smart move, even if you have a beautiful voice. 🙂

    • “We can decide or not to purchase it. ” I agree with you on this point grammyj. It is a simple as that. ” This doesn’t necessarily mean that he will continue to record for this label when he returns from his mission. After his mission he may do the Spanish cover album.” I hope this happens.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Grammyj, you are the sound of reason. Thanks. 🙂

  11. Not spanish covers please !!! if he is going serious, he should put originals ones ….. the game in Latinoamerica is very different that for the anglo market. LA actually has AMAZING and Memorable voices , very capables of transmit the meaning of the songs like he does ….. so i wish he goes with an original album with maybe o cover or two , a song that can chart in the radioplay list , something to be promoted there .

    • I was just kind of kidding about all the cover albums. I think he is doing the cover albums now just because the OPM cover album literally fell in his lap. I still can’t believe he recorded that in a matter of three or four days! The inspirational covers or whatever it turns out to be, has also been put together in a hurry to get music out there for his fans while he is away. He has been working on original music the past year and seems to like to write music so I think he will do original music again in the future.

      • I wanted to respond to you about my comment two or three threads back about being incredibly sad that it seems as if David will go directly back to Manila when he returns if he resumes his career. You wanted to know why I would be sad since they have done so much for David. THAT is not why I’m sad about that prospect. I’m sad and perplexed that he has not been offered the same opportunities here in his own country. That is what I meant. I’m thankful to TV5 for giving us this incredible gift of seeing David as we’ve never seen him before & I dare say, never even dreamed we would see him step so far out of his comfort zone!

        As for recording his current album of inspirational covers on an LDS label? Well…duh? He’s been in UTAH all this time. Not LA, not NY, not Nashville. How many labels or recording studios are located in Utah which are not affiliated or tied in some way to the LDS organization? I doubt there any any and David has no label or professional management..except for Kari whose expertise is in touring. Who knows if David’s father is still involved because he is supposedly living in LA, not Utah. Looks like David has someone within the LDS community who is helping him with the production of this album. Just much speculation now. David promised an album for his fans here and he’s delivering and as much as I would have liked some secular covers or original songs, I will withhold judgement until the album comes out. Besides, we all know David’s sings inspiration like no one else I can think of, bar none, so I’m sure the album will be amazing.

      • jus’sayin, well that explains it. I too wish David had the opportunities in the U.S that he’s had in the Philippines, but at least he’s had those great opportunities there. I am very thankful for the internet so we could see his success there.

        I kind of assumed that Jeff is involved in the recording that David is doing and is still involved in some way with David’s management, but who knows? I do like what Kari has done, but I just figured that mic is still on the team. Someone remembered that David did some recording with JImmy Osmond so maybe he’s working with David. It’s funny that no one has tweeted about recording with David. In the Philippines we would have known who was the producer because that person would have been tweeting about it.

      • Richard is probably not working with David this time because he hasn’t been online giving hints…

      • You know it is surprising that no one is tweeting about this recording David is doing in Utah. Interesting

      • True is that is so cool to have offers and people to give you opportunities for your career to grow ….true is too that singers often need to go and try to find that opportunities so in order to sell your services you need a good management 😉 … in this point is when i take distance of this fanbase group thinking …..
        Doesn’t look to me like David went for the Europe market, or the Spanish one neither , not even try with his adorable neighbors in Canada lol ;D …. what he was waiting ? less populars singers and Idol took adventurous decisions in order to start to feed some new markets with their music ….but not David, so i’m sorry , but he still not established enough to sit and wait for offers in US and i seriously think he has his sweet little diva moments lol, refusing everything coming from ”nasty secular unsafe Us music market”, because ”everyone there want juts manipulate him”, i still thinking to myself , that is question of maturity , everybody has to do deals and tbh i don’t think US Label people were trying to changing him radically , the love songs he refused to sing or put on the albums are not at all scandalous for him to be so apprehensive about . :/

      • Yeah, we don’t know if there were opportunities in the U.S. that David turned down. I know he alluded to some acting jobs that he didn’t take in the U.S. in an interview in the Philippines. I also remember when he fired WEG that Melinda tweeted that David didn’t know a good thing when he had it (or something like that). I always wondered what WEG had lined up, but that is all water under the bridge. We will never know. David has still really done a lot for only being 21 and has had more opportunities than most singers.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Grammyj…again the voice of reason. lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        Oh you posted again while I wasn’t looking Grammyj! lol
        Well …i was responding to the post about the two current ‘cover’ albums are just due to time constraints and not indicitive of what David will do in the future.

  12. thanks peter i won the bet ,knew you would post ha ha ha

  13. So people think Lana del Ray is actually a good performer? 😮 …..I..m confused right now :/ #watchingidol

    • I really enjoyed Haley! She was beautiful and love her single.

      • I thought Erika was very talented and was sad to see her go. I would have saved her. I wish it was Elise. I do not know what it is but I just do not like Elise at all.

      • Me neither, i don’t like Elise at all , i take Erica over her anytime, but is pretty obvious Erica was not connecting with the viewers , it was not the first time on the bottom three and she was saved before by the judges to make the top 13 .

        I Love Haley ‘Free’ single , she did well, is not easy to sing in Idol again !!!

  14. raelovingangels

    Did not get a chance to comment on the last column and how much I appreciated it. That tragic and senseless death of that young man, is simply heartbreaking. No one wants their child at risk. It is a dangerous world. So tragic to consider that what race they are places them at greater risk but it does. Still so far to go….

  15. tibitibi,i agree with you about lana.

  16. In response to Peter (way above. lol)…David did say he wanted to get back to music when he returned, and asked why people thought he was quitting. So I don’t necessarily think that he didn’t want a career. Like I said a few days ago, I feel like he got discouraged after JIVE & TOSOD, & didn’t know how to make it work without having to compromise who he was….Or he’d been considering a mission for awhile, & didn’t want to commit fully to music if he knew he might be leaving…Or (lol)..since he gets bored easily, he might’ve been antsy to try a new adventure. idk…I also feel that since he didn’t know the business side & didn’t seem to have much guidance there, he might not have realized how much promo & publicity was needed to hold the interest of U.S. fans.

    Another thing I’ve thought about is that he might have to re-train his voice somewhat after not keeping it in shape for 2 years. He’s obviously a natural, but it still takes practice & exercise to sound as good as he does. Sigh.

    Yep. My mind is wandering. Is 2 years up yet????

    • I don’t have any doubts that he will be using his voice – he just can’t help himself

      • David will be singing all the time on his mission. That I have no doubt. He can give his testimony and then sing a song. I’m sure they will have him sing at their services and functions. He can sing at hospitals and nursing homes like he does now. He can sing just about anywhere.

      • He may be come known as the singing missionary.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Same here…or at least he’ll know he’s got to keep it in shape and will either drive his companions batty singing all the time or give them a constant treat. Guess it is up to the companions to decide which it will be. 😆

      • I hope his companion likes to sing too. I know on his breaks when he was filming Nandito Ako David would sing with the cast and crew.

    • “I also feel that since he didn’t know the business side & didn’t seem to have much guidance there, he might not have realized how much promo & publicity was needed to hold the interest of U.S. fans.”- I agree VJ. I would also add that he did not seem to care for some reason. It does not obviously appear to me that David wants a mainstream career right now. I hope he does when he returns but who knows. I just more interested to see what he does music wise when he returns “if” he does go mainstream.

  17. Off of all the topics here, but Zac Efron look AMAZING on his new romantic film !! 🙂 , I can believed is the same little kid from Summerland series 😮

    • I’ve always thought Zac Efron was cute. What is he new movie called?

      • Tibi, I found it. Zac’s new movie is “The Lucky One” and yes, he is now a very handsome man. Kind of reminds me of Brad Pitt when he was young. I watched the movie trailer.

      • Sorry i came late , but yeah that is the new movie ….. he did his transition from teen to adult very, very nicely 🙂

      • I recall David saying his mom watched “17 Again” more than once starring Zac. Doubt it was because the movie was that great. More likely it was because of Zac. 😆

        It was about then that David started a serious exercise regimen to build muscle and it looks like it’s worked somewhat, can anyone say **cough**pecs**cough**. And how else was it so easy for him to swoop up both Holly AND Anya so easily?

        jus’ sayin’…

      • In the comments on an Idol blog after season 7 some people were debating who was cuter Zac or David. I also remember after the Crush video on an Idol blog a commenter wondered if David would ever look sexy. Well, we know the answer to that. David can look sexy and that is without trying because we all know that is not the look he is going for. I wonder what David will look like after the mission as a 23 year old.

  18. From Forevermore album liner notes to fans:
    “Thank you for letting me try new things, and supporting me through it all. The journey would not exist without the relationship I’ve made with all of you. What you all do has exceeded beyond my imagination when it comes to the love and support you can show, and it means the world.”

    David does appreciate us!

    And here is a Ustream of the album but not very good quality but gives you an idea of the songs.

  19. OK, that’s it. I don’t have enough Kleenex boxes to get through next week. Heck, I don’t have enough to get through today. lol.

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