Final Week of Nandito Ako

So much catching up to do, after spending a long weekend with family visiting, after weeping salt tears over Trayvon Martin (I have a nephew around his age who looks just like him), and after raising eyebrows over the public mental breakdown of Jason Russell, the guy behind Invisible Children and KONY 2012 (just … SMH), at least we’ve got a final week left of…


What kind of world would we have if we didn’t have David Archuleta to pull us away from it all! 😉


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  1. trayvon martin,yes hg thats flarDUH for you belive me i live here,and yes david will keeps us in mine while he is gone ,belive me ,he won,t disapoint us ,take care ,ray

  2. I agree hg. It is nice to have David news in the midst of all this sad news. I am watching “the Voice” and DWTS tonight so I will be flipping my remote to different channels . lol I think the Voice is what I will be mostly watching but I do want to catch Gavin M. dancing. Beautiful weather here where I live this week.

  3. Yes, what kind of world would we have if we didn’t have David to pull us away from it all?

    Well, we will soon find out as he is about to depart in about a week or two. 😦

    • I know. It does not make much sense to me that he is leaving for 2 years. I just saw a preview of “The Voice” for tonight. I can’t believe that they paired Pip and Nathan against each other on the Voice tonight. I have really enjoyed the vids that they have posted of them singing together. They are both so good I do not know how you decide.

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