David Vlogs with His Sisters!

I’ve been waiting for an update! 😀

His sisters are getting soooo grown!


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  1. Cute video. David’s sisters are just adorable. It was nice to see David being so natural and relaxed with his sisters.

  2. I was hoping for a vlog today, and it was fun seeing him with his sisters. They sure have grown up and are very cute. I sure will miss David’s vlogs when he’s gone. It looks like they have a lot of fun together.

  3. I think David is very comfortable with where he is at in his life. Seeing him interact with his little sisters with such ease made this my favorite v-log he’s ever shared! Nandito Ako has done wonders for his shyness. That, coupled with the fact that he is getting older makes for a very attractive David!
    Forevermore and Nandito Ako each have a beautiful message! I’m excited to hear how the VOICE will interpret the rest of these classic Philippine love songs. Interesting that we don’t know what he’s been working on here in the States. I am intrigued and surprised there is very little information regarding these songs. I’m hoping for at least one, if not two originals!
    I’m pretty sure, whatever he’s recording, I will have-to have! 😉

  4. David seems happy and relaxed at home. It’s great to see him enjoying some times with his family before leaving for his mission. Seeing him with his little sisters, it must be hard for him to leave them for 2 years.
    I’m curious too about the songs he’s recording. It’d be great if they also film the process of recording this album so they can post little videos when they’ll release the songs. Or like he did with TOSOD, a little introduction for each song he’s chosen for the album and what it meant to him. Of course, only if he has time to do it and if he wants.

    about NA, Holly was getting on my nerves because of her reaction since Josh declared his love for another girl. And now it’s Anya who is getting on my nerves lol. I think the character that I enjoy seeing the most now (except Josh) is Uncle Steve, mainly because of the way he delivers his lines. Everything is so OTT with him lol

  5. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    nice video – imo, amber looks just like claudia, but taller. i know this is none of my business but in the background, it looks like they’re either moving in or out of a home.

    • You know, I had thought the same thing!

    • desertart, i know i am thinking about the same thing about moving too!? i think this is there same home in murray utah,if it true they could be moving somewhere in califorina or in a different area utah. his sisters are funny people!. poor david look tired and out of it., this is the best vblog ever!.

    • raelovingangels

      I have 2 kids & by my front door looks similar- tubs with shoes, another tub with sports stuff. Sometimes boxes of stuff (files)for work coming or going. I kinda thought it was funny- as I tend to have some piles of things around to have something done- not a horder- just things like clothes being donated or toys etc… That was my thought.

  6. my favorite when when they were talking about twitter part, who is telling the truth here, david or his sisters hmm?? i don’t know if it me but david is acting very different??

  7. hi marie! i heard jazzy got a new job, they could be staying in utah but like i said in a different area?

  8. It would make sense for Lupe to downsize as the house is reportedly very big. With Claudia married, David gone for two years (he hasn’t lived at home much for four years anyway) and speculation is that Daniel lives with MIC, they certainly don’t need a big house for three (or four if Daniel lives there) people. For all we know Lupe could be getting remarried. David never told us that Claudia was getting married. We found that out from twitter and facebook (the usual Archie-detectives).

  9. My son constantly plays the Zelda theme on our piano, that Jazzy played. Fellow nerd, lol.

  10. grammyj, aww that good new if lupe is getting remarried. i heard jeff and daniel lives in califorina now not in utah what i read on twitter as well. if it true if they are really moving, i guess their murray house is sold. there will be a lots of crying in the family when david leave next week for his two year mission.

    • idolfan, I really don’t think Lupe is getting remarried. I just said that for all we know she could be, but my guess is that she isn’t. She is a beautiful woman so I’m sure she could be dating if she wanted to date. I have no idea….

  11. One thing is for sure..David WILL be back & will resume his career. Only not here in the USA. First career move will be to go back to the Philippines. At least that is the message he gave to his fFilipino fans. It makes me incredibly sad, almost as sad as him leaving for two years.

    HEY, maybe the family is moving to the area where David is doing his misssion! 😆

    • I hope he does go right back to Philippines after his mission. We saw more of David in the Philippines via you-tube then we do when he’s in the U.S. He has lots of opportunities there which will pay the bills. He can make money there and then come back to the U.S. with the money to record and tour. here I’m not sure why that would make you sad.

  12. Pretty sneaky, David!

    Just kidding! I know that’s not allowed. That’s one of the missionarie’s sacrifices. Can’t see their family the whole time they are gone.

    So maybe the family is moving to the Philippines to wait for David!
    Again, just kidding. Actually, I bet what we are seeing may be what David has packed for his mission! No, no tubs. That’s not allowed.

    So maybe it’s just all the “stuff’ David has been given these last four years. I’m sure even after he’d donated some of it, he still has a room full of “stuff”.

    • I am sure some of it is David’s packing for his mission but it would make sense if his family might be downsizing to a smaller home too.

  13. grammyj, it would be nice if lupe wuld be remarry one day. marie, you are right they could be downsizimg, like a condo not a house. it will be only be lupe, jazzy and amber living together. i read that david will be going to a latin amercia for his mission, i think it gonna be in cuba or hondrea(sorry can’t spell) only guessing.

    • There’s no mission in Cuba, it’s a communist country, and I seriously hope it’s not Honduras–it’s the murder capitol of the world. Probably South America–Chile or Brazil, perhaps.

      • I’ve seen a rumor that it is Chile which is one of the safest South American country so that’s my guess. I don’t think he’s going to tell us.

      • grammyj and cchalo, I was thinking Chile too as that country is the most stable if he goes to South America. Belize is too. Just guessing as I have no idea. lol

  14. david had been eating honduras foods lately, from twitters, i thought maybe he was going there for his mission, just a guess thought. grammyj, i hope david go where it safe. no david keeping it a secret where he is going for his mission but i think the rumor will come out some how when he gone and that wouldn’t be good if that will happen, could be a possibly david could quit his mission and he would not be happy if anyone find where he was at.

  15. CHILE, ¿¿one of the safest countries in Latin America???
    I think you do not know what they are talking about. I live in Argentina and I assure you that Chile is not safe.
    David will not make his mission in Latin America, he will be fine, do not worry.

  16. Could he be going to Spain? There are LDS missions in Barcelona, Madrid, Las Palmas, Bilbao and Malaga.
    He will have all the “influence” he needs there for his Spanish album.
    A holiday in Spain, anyone? haha!

  17. I did not say that Argentina is a country safe. I’m just correcting a mistake. South America is not safe. But we have always treated very well to our guests, all of South America is kind to the guests. Unfortunately, there are problems here and in the world. I have no fear of criticizing my own country.
    But I assure you that David will go to a very very safe country.

    sorry for my english.

    • It is such a shame that some of these countries are not that safe anymore but they just are not. Mexico used to be a great place to vacation but not anymore. It is the poverty and the drug trafficking issues that are the big concerns IMO. Maybe it will be Spain or is the Dominican Republic considered safe?

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