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Have you sent your letter to David yet? 🙂

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  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Love the picture. Yes I sent a few things and will send a Post Card periodically. It is getting closer.

    Check out if interested in receiving the single Forevermore and or NanditoAko

  3. So, kinda curious about what D is recording. I hope for Be Still My Soul as one… Beyond that, I am open. He has gotta feel a bit crazed- I mean how do you plan for a 2 year absence with a fan base like his? It is not exactly like having the neighbor feed your dog for the week. haha.

    • Just a week from work for me is a production- much less out of town- At least on the mission, he will not need alot of different outfits. He gets his cartoon character wish.

      • Rae, you make me laugh about the cartoon character wish. He will just need lots of white shirts and ties. There have been no hints on what David is recording or even who he is working with. Will singles be coming out on iTunes or will music be sold through the OS? I guess will will find out in the future.

  4. I hope that the music David is working on is not all covers. Hoping he has some original songs that will be able in iTunes and that might become a hit…….my wish for our fantastic David!!!

  5. LOL, Rae! It’s a win win situation for him! I was listening to Joyful, Joyful the other day. I would love to hear David sing that today. Shout to the Lord would be great, too, I think. I only recently thought of it because a fan found a video of AI’s Season 7 group performance. I always thought there was way too little David in that number. Forgive me if this has been posted already. I’m not caught up on all posts.

    • That is a great video. There is way too little of David’s voice. Cook is talented but this is not his genre of song so I think his voice does not blend or sound as well as David’s IMO.

    • that would be a great choice. I had never heard that song before AI did it.

  6. Hmm… just had quite the challenge posting, myself. I was asked to log in.

  7. It would be so much fun if David had a hit after he was gone on his mission. Meanwhile, I will watch Dancing with the Stars.

    • collegemom, yes it would, in my way of thinking, it sure would keep his career going strong. Yay, me too, watching DWTS.

  8. I was just reading the comments in the last thread about DWTS. I used to be completely against David going on that show. Now, fast forward to Gavin Degraw. He’s had a couple of platinum singles before his current hit, “Not Over You”. I’m really surprised that he’s doing the show.

    David was recently asked about whether he would consider DWTS and he said you never know. Maybe Nandito Ako has helped him open up THAT much. I still think he should have an album to promote if he were to be asked and agreed to do it. There are a couple of problems, of course. He would have to touch a lot of bare skin. lol And which of the dancers is short enough to pair him off with? haha

    • Lots of the dancers are short – they should him with Chelsie Hightower – she is from or has lived in Utah. (there are a lot of Utah connections on that show – I used to want to pair him up with Julianne Hough (but yikes she is Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend now) – had fun watching her dance with Apollo Ohno and Helio Castroneves

    • I used to be totally against David going on DWTS too but I have changed my mind. Gavin is doing it this year and I think it can be a very smart career. As I stated in the previous thread I think it helped revive Donny and Marie Osmond’s careers. I think David would be almost a lock to win with his older fans voting and his natural ability to dance. I tend to think DWTS is watched by older viewers. lol David needs to keep all options and opportunities open to him when he returns if he wants a career IMO. David and Chelsie would be a good match. idk if Julianne will be doing that show anymore as a dancer as her acting career in the movies is doing extremely well.

  9. I occasionally listen to Christian radio in the car and there are lots of songs that would be great for David to cover. I have wondered why it seems that Mormons only sing traditional hymns and children sing “primary” songs. Is there a list of hymns and songs they can sing in their services? We have a great variety of songs sung where I go to church that is ever changing. The music that is talked about that David sings at Mormon functions is always the same so I have wondered it there are rules on songs that can be sung. Just curious. There always seems to be a lot of rules that Mormons have to follow.

    • Yes there is a lot of uniformity in the meetings and the organization. The LDS church is now in about 180 countries.

  10. How about this as a cover for David. Thank you David for introducing this child prodigy to us via twitter. This kid is fantastic.

    • I noticed yesterday that David sent a tweet of this kid from Brazil’s video. What a talent Jotta A. is.

  11. Or another cover which I have always wanted to hear David perform is “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. This song was sung by Jason Casto and assured Jason’s long stay on AI7.

    And another is “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” which he did at one time but was not videotaped so we never heard it.

    • I’d love to hear David sing just about anything. There is a wealth of covers that I’d love to hear him sing. Whatever he gives us will make me happy. I guess I’m easy to please. I’d also like to hear some of that original music he was working on last year. I wonder is he finished any of those songs.

      • Oh yes, me too! In fact, whenever I hear a song I like, I always imagine David singing it and think, “David could sing that song better!”, or “I wonder how David would sing it?”. He sets the bar for just about every song I like.

  12. I would love to hear him sing “God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again”. I don’t know if that is a Mormon song, but it would be a tear-jerker.

  13. I guess it’s the high heels that have me thinking some of the dancers are taller. Julianne was terrific with Apolo and Helio! She and her brother are really creative when it comes to routines, but like Marie said, doesn’t look like she’ll return. I haven’t watched a whole lot since Julianne left, but I think I will be tuning in tomorrow as well.

  14. Alright. Had issues with logging in again. That reply was for Marie and collegemom, obviously. lol

  15. The Congregation sings from a hymn book. Mango: God Be With You is in the hymn book. Choirs sing arrangements of songs in the hymn book–they are known and loved– but they also sing other songs.

    Gladys Knight is LDS and her choir sings a wide variety of gospel music. They give concerts as well as sing at church functions.

  16. Did you all know that Julianne Hough and her brother Derek are LDS?

  17. Lacey Schwimmer from DWTS and her brother Benji were raised in a LDS household. Not sure if either is still active with the church but I think Benji might be.

  18. FYI:

    Mormons not practicing or former: Amy Adams, Kathryn Heigl, Ryan G. from the Notebook.

    Practicing: Brandon Flowers of the band, “the killers”

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