Archies Anonymous and Withdrawal Symptoms

Remember back in the day – those promising exciting days in 2008 – when David was all the rave and we Archies were in the full throes of ODD (Obsessive David Disorder)?

It was crazy back then. So many of us found ourselves completely attracted to David Archuleta and we couldn’t explain why he had this powerful hold over our lives. I remember my friends making fun of me because I couldn’t stop talking about David Archuleta, and then Noting David followed by David Chronicles, Fans of David, Snarky Archies, and a host of other fan blogs gave me a safe space where I could indulge my ODD without the ridiculing glare of those who had not yet discovered what we all knew to be true: that David was the Voice, the next Big Thing, the salvation of music for this millennial generation!

Remember our strong convictions? And remember how we eagerly, incomprehensibly, and feverishly fed our David addictions?

When’s the next album coming out? I’m not only getting it but I’m gifting it to everyone I know!

What? There’s a tour coming up? I’m going to as many stops as I possibly can!

He’s got a book coming out? T-shirts? Bracelets? Charity causes that need donations?

Yes! Yes! Yes!!

David inspired wholesale GROUPIES among an age group that should have grown out of it, that’s how powerful his hold on us was.


It’s like we were part of an Archies Anonymous club (others not so anonymous), where we could converse about the urge for David, the need for David, the fulfillment of David among people who would understand.  And like good addicts, we never condemned anyone for going overboard – we just simply understood the urge.

We also, like real addicts, got belligerent when anyone suggested that there might be something not quite so compelling about the source of our addiction – David himself.

We became the true definition of FANATICS – because that’s what a fan essentially is.

I remember back in 2008, when David’s music video for “Crush” dominated VH1’s music video countdown, how one of the hosts of the show commented on the “strange” phenomenon of fans showing up for a live David show, as if we were in a trance over his Voice – she described us Archies as a “cult.”

The mainstream thought we were funny, which is why we retreated further into our Archuniverse where all the other addicts understand what ODD is and why it’s not so hard to overcome.

Fast forward to 2012, with a 2-year Mission looming over us, and all of a sudden, some of us who could not go one day without our David fix are getting along without him.

I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s how it’s been feeling for me. I actually feel myself withdrawing, not necessarily from the fan world or even from Soul David, but from David himself.

Even watching his Nandito Ako series, as fun and surprising as it has been, has not been feeding my ODD fix.  Maybe it’s because of the foreign language or because I’m watching David the soap actor and not listening to David the Voice.

The few leaked songs promised on his Forevermore has no trace of the “Soul David” I fell in love with (it’s the production of quickie sentimental songs, which doesn’t really capture the greatness of David).

For me, my ODD peaked at the My Kind of Christmas tour, the pinnacle of his live performance. I’d rather he went out on a high note and leave us with a sumptuous feast than leave behind a few crumbs, but that’s just me.

Or maybe because I’ve already subconsciously begun my David Withdrawal.

Do I still believe in the “Trust the Archulator”? Of course! His talent can’t be denied.

But I’m not lowering expectations because the music industry is hard or because David has refused to play whatever “crossover” game is needed to survive and thrive as an artist and entertainer.

I’m lowering my expectations because any other artist with a tiny bit of ego would have gone in for the kill when he had a ready-made Cult full of ODD addicts. David’s decision to leave the public eye for a religious mission is quite the noble deed, and I respect him for it, but it’s also obvious that he’s not exactly comfortable with being the source of our addictions.

I got that when he questioned my “Hello, Gorgeous!” with his quizzical, innocuous “Whaat?”

I got that when one of the bloggers over at The Voice shared that story about #manincap letting them know that David was not at all happy with being referred to as “The Voice” (which I still call him because, quite frankly, in my David-centric world, he is!).

I got that when he consistently denies his greatness or his good looks or anything that might suggest that he might somehow be “above the rest.”

David may not yet be ready to be a “rock god” or “music icon” or whatever it is we may have had hopes of him embodying (and perhaps he will never be), so I’ve learned to lower my expectations and just accept that the Voice that I adore just doesn’t think he’s the Voice.

That means that, since he doesn’t think he’s all that, he’ll pull disappearing acts on us and perhaps retreat into the background, maybe write a few songs here, maybe support a few causes there, maybe get back on the road and give us a live show, and that’s that.

At some point, the drug that you’re addicted to loses its kick, and you begin to withdraw.

I’m probably withdrawing before that “drug of choice” is pulled off the shelf and won’t be made available for a long time.

Eventually you find other interests, but once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.

At least there’s a community of current and former ODDs who will at least understand what you’ve been through and are going through.



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  1. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Oh gosh, HG. I’d just commented on the last thread and came back to add my usual little correction hiccup and saw this one. Since I still have ODD and the miniseries *is* doing it for me, I’ll just retreat from this site for now. I wish you well.

  2. Wow, great post, HG. I still have ODD and I really relate to this post, but I am enjoying the last two weeks. After that I will withdraw from my ODD because I will be forced into it. Unlike you I know that I will love the Forevermore album. I’m a sucker for a good love song. I’m probably less into the soul music than most that read this blog. I love the pop stuff that David has done. I really enjoyed seeing David as a super-star even though it was in the Philippines instead of the U.S. Thanks for the great fan-site, HG, and I hope that you will find some interesting things to blog about while David is gone so I don’t have to go totally cold Turkey!

  3. Thank you HG for the story of our lives in the David era. You haven’t missed a beat and it seems like the score has been written, unbeknown to us. I know that I was once able to write without hesitation, but not so easily now. My recent good memories are, watching you say “Hello Gorgeous” to David and sitting in close proximity to the members of the writer’s guild…you and SF, Marlie7, TOfan and refnaf and so many others while the snowflakes fell and David sang! It was a tremendous gift and will be one of those cherished, lasting memories.


  4. Thanks, SB. What was it that Humphrey Bogart said to Ingrid Bergman?

    “We’ll always have Paris.”

    Well, we’ll always have Verona! 😀

    Still brings back so many awesome memories!

  5. HG,

    You, YES YOU made me cry! I’m one of the original ODDer’s who chose to be anonymous but was very “vocal” on the Fan Blast, ND, justDavid, TDC & snarky’s. I withdrew from commenting and became a lurker until one day here on SD I was compelled to voice an opinion.

    Back in 2008 when I saw first saw David on AI, it brought back the same feelings when I saw him on Star Search. I just knew that kid had it in him surface someday. But of course life goes on & frankly I had all but forgotten him until there he was even though I was not sure he was the same kid at first because he had changed and his voice, while still young had lost the little boy sound. But I knew immediately he was to be an integral part of my life. That my life as I knew it would be forever changed even if everyone who knew me would have no idea why. I was not the type to be obsessive over anything or anyone, much less a teenage singer on a reality talent show. But here he was, taking over my Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s!
    I began to surf the net for anything & everything David. I was obsessed and I was becoming more & more addicted and I had no one to share my addiction with but I didn’t care because the feeling, the high I felt was exhilarating. Eventually I did meet others who felt the same and it was comforting to know I was not the only crazy one. I was not the only one who could not explain the hold on me by this phenomena by the name of David Archuleta. Being two decades older meant nothing as he made me feel young and alive. Crazy? Yes, but who cares because it was the best feeling in the world, this ODD. Even when it has not always been a bed of roses. Even when there were times I felt he took too much of my time & I felt it was time to step back, he always pulled me back in. I would travel anywhere to see him but was always very careful to never act OTT with him. I never wanted to make him feel creeped out which was something I always worried about. But inside I was always a jumble of nerves & butterflies in his presence. This young man who will always have a hold on me and a place in my heart for the immense pleasure he has given me simply by being David and of course, with his magnificent voice.

    I may withdraw somewhat because there will hardly be a choice and suffer the symptoms which will undoubtedly accompany my withdrawal, like any addiction. But I will be in the shadows after he leaves. I will check the Internet for any news of David while he is gone. My addiction will be lessened but will never ever be cured. Forgetting David and all he has meant to me would be like cutting off one of my own loved ones. It’s unthinkable.

    • {{Hugs}} to you, Jus’sayin! 🙂

    • Jus’sayin,
      You just wrote my David story! 😉 From David’s Star Search days to now. WOW, your words could honestly have came right from my own heart! LOVE this: “My addiction will be lessened but will never ever be cured.” AMEN!
      David’s MKOC Tour was the one I couldn’t attend. 😦 I am thankful for all the videos and pictures from the fans! When David announced his leave for a mission, I felt my heart drop. I was very glad I was by myself, as a noise from my throat came that I didn’t recognize! I saw David in his rawest state when he made that announcement and almost immediately felt I must let him go.
      I hope you continue to write. It matters not what about. The resulting comments from the many who respond bring me knowledge and joy! Thanks!

  6. Well, I withdrew a bit because; (a) David’s been doing it for a few years, actually. Looking back, he’s been “taking a break” since TOSOD, & probably didn’t want to make career commitments knowing that he might be leaving instead. It’s been hard gauging what he needed from fans when he had one foot in the water, & one foot out; (b) it hurts less to pull away before-hand instead of being hit with his absence all at once; (c) ..of a recent computer experience which is not related to David at all.

    I’m not able to support his decision, and it’s hard to believe he can resume his career after this. But he’ll be in my thoughts & prayers every day. And when he returns, hopefully fans will jump back in & be able to support him where he needs it the most.

    • I think the only way David can “jump back in” is if he’s paying attention to current music trends and gaging how best he fits in (either right in or going against the grain) and getting good music out there.

      That’s how any artist makes a comeback. Basically, what’s he’s doing in southeast Asia is what he’s going to need to do in the U.S.

      If he wants to and has the fire in the belly to make it happen, that will be all on him (’cause God knows his fans have tried!).

      • (((hugs back to ya!)))

        You are right about David needing to pay attention to the current music trends while he’s away, but if I’m understanding the LDS missionary rules, listening to secular music will be discouraged as well as reading and surfing the net for anything which will deter the missionary from the tasks at hand. He will be as isolated as one can be from the world he has lived in and used to. That is the sacrifice he has chosen to make. Yes, I agree it is a noble sacrifice for what he thinks is a noble cause, but his sacrifice may not end when he returns. He may have a high mountain to climb and a lot of catching up to do when he returns. That is if he still wants to make music his career. The sacrifice he will make in a couple of weeks will be ongoing for a time after he returns. I hope & pray it will be well worth it for him.

        On the other hand, there is a chance however slim, that the music he is recording right now will generate a couple of hit singles which will carry him for the time he is away. Actually, it’s not that impossible. In fact there is a song I have always wanted David to record, “The Impossible Dream”. My wish is that the dreams I had for him as if he were my own son are not so impossible now.

  7. HG, love to read everything you write. I just hope that you will keep this site open. I love all David’s fansites, and all of them for different reasons. This site I love because I can express my true feelings about David without being judged. I’m a fan, but not all things/dicussions that David made/makes hit the right chords with me…not looking at him through rosy colored glasses all the time.

    With that being said, I already bought the OPM album,(love to hear David sing romantic songs) and I will buy anything else he will be putting out in the future. I still think David’s career might have a chance to survive, IMO.

  8. Nothing stays an obsession forever. Can anyone here name me one artist or place or even food that they indulge in every day for 5, 10, 20 years that continues to remain an obsession? Its human nature. We go through spikes with our “obsessions”, if that’s the word we want to use. It can only sustain at that level for so long. Now, that doesn’t mean that a person had to give something up altogether, it just means that they need to adjust to the new normal.

    My own “ODD” has already has its own peaks and valleys. There have been times where I wasn’t as interested in every little thing David did. Even after I discovered him. I think I’m in a peak right now and attribute that to the MKOCT, the series and the fact that he’s about to leave. I’m sure I’ll smooth out into a holding pattern a few months after he’s gone. But I’ll be waiting and ready for the next phase. I’ll be in ninja mode lol. Just like I’ve done with artists in the past. I’ve waited over 6 years for a new album from the “obsession” artist that I followed the career of before David. And I’ll continue to wait. When they put out a new album, I’ll be back in it. Because that’s how I roll.

    Life happened before David and life will happen after David. He’s some pretty sweet icing on the cake though so I’ll always be on the lookout for him. I do think he’ll have a career when he comes back. I have no idea what shape that career will take but that’s part of the excitement. I personally feel like its a journey that we’ve kind of been on together and will continue on. But that’s just my own little ODD fan perspective 😉

    Thanks for this post, HG. It was pretty thought-provoking for me and really made me examine my feelings for David and put them in perspective of how I’ve felt about other things in my life. Actually, it made me feel even better about it. Its sometimes hard to see perspective when you’re so close to something. The stepping back is hard but its essential to see the full picture and allow you to step back in at the right place.

    (Look at me getting all philosophical lol. Sorry for the long post!)

    • I like how you think, Ali. I agree with you and feel the same way. I have justified my ODD as being like some people are in following sports which I also do but not to the extent that I follow David. And, yes, nothing stays an obsession forever, and it’s time to get back into other hobbies like reading. I too have enjoyed Nandito Ako, and I believe that David can probably take off where he left off in Asia. I think he will have opportunities there in two years. He could also branch out into the Spanish market. In the U.S. it is getting harder to get radio play and he pretty much has zero chance of getting a hit without a label. It will be interesting to see what happens when he returns.

    • Ali I agree that this post was very thought provoking and did put things in perspective for me. It just reminds me of what could have been for David but is not. I really have not watched much of NA but give David so much credit for trying acting. To be honest I just am not that excited about the new music but I hope that others are and buy it. I especially hope his Asian fans support this music.

  9. Still have ODD!! Enjoying the Mini Series and Forevermore and am looking forward to the new music David is currently recording.

    I want David to follow his path and support it completely even though I still feel the kick in the gut when I hear the Announcement. I was there. MKOC will always have a special spot in my heart both in SLC and Beaver Creek.

    I plan to be here during the two years he is gone and when he gets back.
    In the meantime I will have time to enjoy life and re evaluate my own path.

    I admire what David has accomplished in his short 21 years rather than what he hasn’t done.

  10. I also have chosen to remain positive despite the pain and yes – even the crumbs like NA, Modeling and 2 fan-friendly albums I want as well because no one will ever know the true cost of the personal price David paid to reach to this point in his career. In retrospective, David sure has accomplished a lot in his short career so far. I was not lucky to see him on the Christmas Tour nor the past 2 years prior so I will also hold on to the dream of seeing him again in concert one day.

    I was a crying mess for days after the announcement and still can’t look at any of the SLC vids. The sharp edge of my ODD also took quite a ding but evolved into a realistic compromise acceptable to me – appreciate more, and appreciate all his gifts (great or mediocre) because time is precious and change inevitable.

  11. It is uncanny how late last night I listened to his old AI recording by David of Think Of Me. The words are indeed poignant more than ever these last couple days.

    • “The words are indeed poignant …”

      definitely. would you believe this is my first time listening to the studio version of this song? it almost has me in tears.

  12. I wanted to add that I do not discount the pain of the fans lightly because we also paid a price (financial, emotional and otherwise) when we made the decision to follow David and support his fledgling career. Feuds were waged and some fans were left on the sidelines but through it all a love for David bonded everyone to tout his success.
    As HG, said a proper comeback will be be mostly on David and what he wishes to do because we all certainly paid our due. He will take a hit for leaving and it remains to be seen what can be salvaged on his return. I do think many of us though will probably adopt a more cautious wait and see attitude.

    • joymus, yes it will be up to David to want a music career. Hope that he will be mature enough to know that compromise is key and that you can achieve compromise without selling out.

      I am very curious to see what he has for us while he is gone. I’m really hoping that the album he is working on is not just religious music (of course, I’ll buy it) because he is already leaving us for his a mission for his church, we non Mormons don’t need to be hit over the head with more religion. That compromise, it’s about what he likes to sing, but it’s about his fans,too that buy his music.

  13. I think I’m going to go with Heidijoy’s quote:”I admire what David has accomplished in his short 21 years rather than what he hasn’t done.” If what he is currently recording is an album he will have done five albums which is the amount that Kelly Clarkson and Rubin have done who have been in the business years longer. He wrote a book, toured extensively especially the first year, sang with Motab Christmas concert, starred in a Philippine mini series, model for Bench, many appearances and who knows how many things he has autographed. The list can go on and on.

    • Great,great Post,hg. Wow. I was actually blown away by how good it was when I read it. You just captured the feelings of many of David’s fans. At least it is how I feel. I agree with every word you wrote. I have nothing to add except I remain a fan of David and wish him nothing but the best. It is up to David to want his career not the fans IMO. Thanks for giving us a forum to express our feelings hg. You are one of the best fans David ever had IMO.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I like Heidi’s quote too.
      For me, my fandom is a simple thing, not complicated. I could simply sum it up as ‘I love David’. (that’s not to say others don’t love David) I’ve always been happy for him to do whatever he wants to do. I still am. Do I feel pangs of pain at times? Yep. But that doesn’t bother me. That’s what love requires sometimes.
      I’ve still got plenty of ODD going on. And I don’t think I have to be trawling twitter and fan websites commenting often to be classed as ODD. I am looking forward to getting a little more balance in my life over the next two years and hopefully beyond. But I’m certain I will still love him the way I do now, I will still want to read his tweets and keep on top of any new developments in his life/career, I will still want to buy his music and books and watch any future acting projects. I have never ever felt this way about an artist or food or thing before. David has found a genuine place in my heart and so far everyone who has ever done that, has remained there. I don’t know what kind of career David will have.when he comes back….but I don’t really care. As I said at the beginning…my fandom is simple, I just love David and want him to be free to do whatever it is that makes his heart soar with joy in his life. Because he sure has blessed my life with joy.

  14. This is OT (or rather, it relates to my previous post on KONY 2012), but just had to share these links:

    I knew there was a reason why I was asking for caution as more people got involved in the KONY issue.

    Oh, and why are these issues important to consider? In the government of Uganda, recent anti-gay bills have passed laws in which homosexuals can be put to death!


    • Very interesting articles. hg, I respect you because whether I agree or disagree with you I feel that you always write ” the truth” and try to be fair and balanced IMO. I do not always agree but then who always agrees with each other. Although I actually do agree with you most of the time. lol

    • hmmmm. when you follow the money, its interesting where it leads.

  15. I think I have read this same post by you (the sentiments expressed) probably 5x. Just an observation.

  16. only 5 ? considering that there are more than 1000 posts in this fansite, it’s not that much. Just an observation.

    This post and the comments made me feel nostalgic. It was (and still is) great to be part of this fan community. Of course I’ll remain a fan because as I already said (but I’m going to repeat myself, hoping that Anon is not going to count lol) that I’m addicted to D’s voice. You’re right HG, even if I have other interests, “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”.

  17. only 5 ? considering that there are more than 1000 posts in this fansite, it’s not that much. Just an observation.

    😆 Funny, Cmoi! Thanks for jumping in! I was going to say something snarky, but I couldn’t figure out if Anon was a troll or not, so I decided to let it go.

  18. Aw!! ODD times were so fun, young , fresh, spontaneous David was my favorite. Last week i started to clean my computer files and i can’t believe how much David stuff i had lol, old interviews, concert videos, vlogs ..all of that compiled in order to promote him by then ….. good times ; the ones when we have Big expectations about him. 🙂

    However i guess my ODD started to die after the all chaos with the post TOSOD era , many of us knew something was wrong, more than the label or lack of management …… to find that it was David motivation at the end.:/

    Yesterday someone used the word ”self-preservation’ attitude from the fans , i i guess is the best term to use to describe the absence of many supporters lately, i don’t blame them , because is wise to take distance of David personal beliefs in order to still enjoying his professional run, if that is the case in two years , or take distance for now to handle better the disappointing feeling after to recognize that he’s not really up to be the Big star or maybe not even mainstream artist many of us were expected , if in order to success people need to avoid fansites either hyper rainbows and unicorns behaviors or more tough-full discussions like here is totally fine to me.

    I believe he has a big talent and so much more to offer like artist, but like we said yesterday is better to lower the expectations or in my case more easy to just not have any kind so like that any news about him in the music world gonna be a pleasing surprise. I just want to enjoy the end of this era in a good way….. with the NA miniseries or his phillipino album …hopefully i gonna like it.

    And just like observation , i think too that after his famous or infamous announce last december , some people just feel disconnected with him in some aspects, not in a hateful way like some intent to put this , but more like ‘Oh,so this is his views, so love him, but better leave alone for now” , kind of attitude …. and that is fair too, not ideal , but fair .

    • Thanks for posting tibi. Some very useful information/links for fans on David’s new music and NA episodes.

    • i wonder how wowHD can sell so cheap, i.e., no shipping costs??? i wonder if they’re legit.

  19. I noticed that the label listed for David’s “Forevermore” CD on the WowHD site is “Ivory”. I found this information on the “Ivory label” and it is kind of interesting as it looks as though they took over record distribution for Sony in the Philippines ” February 11, 2012 MANILA, Philippines – The detrimental effects of online piracy continue to tremble the music industry, taking a toll on one of the long-standing record labels in the country, Sony Music.
    The said record label is already on its last days, following the decision of Sony’s international arm to close the former as music sales continued to plummet, reported
    Products released by Sony Music will nevertheless not vanish into oblivion upon the company’s closure. It had made a licensing deal with another long-running local record company, Ivory Music, to handle record distribution.”

    • To bad what is happening to Sony Phill. , i guess someone somewhere already mentioned that they were on their way to close because the high level of piracy …. too bad for David there too, Sony there has being very supportive on him … but at least they’re taking care of this last album with Ivory distributing , and making sure this side of the world can to accede to the product . Wonder if they can put them in itunes, at this point i guess is a very legal and profitable way to sell whatever music he wants and can …..of course i really don’t know that much about percentages and I’m not sure about WowHD and the gains the artist and label can have with them selling at that low price.

  20. David Archulete will always be my drug of choice and he will be back big time… I think you are only withdrawing because you are afraid to leave yourself vulnerable to the power of the Archuleta ….Miss Vicki

  21. Kind of off topic but it is interesting that they just announced David Cook will be performing on AI this year for the 4th year in a row. Not that it really matters as Cook’s 2nd album still had poor sales even with AI appearances. He is also not that popular anymore. Cook is still managed by Simon Fuller and that is why he still gets on. I do not believe David A. was on AI even after he released TOSOD which was a Jive/19 CD. It is all about connections and who you know in the music industry so professional management is important IMO.

    • Marie, yes, I totally agree with you that professional management is so important. Hoping David has enough business sense to understand, that is if he wants to return to music.

      • I would say that to succeed in the music business today you need connections which David demonstrated that he had in the Philippines. You also need a lot of luck. David Cook at this point is not a superstar despite professional management/major label but he does have some opportunites coming up like the Idol appearance and will be opening some shows for Bon Jovi.

        David didn’t appear on Idol to promote TOSOD because the album was released in the fall. By the time he could have promoted it on Idol he was no longer with Jive so the album was not longer being promoted. David Cook was on Idol last year to promote his first single off his second album. That single was not a hit. I guess what I’m saying that even with professional management, a label and appearing on Idol it is still very hard to get radio play.

      • “If he wants to return to music”. Yep. Like HG said, it’s all on him now…I go back & forth between thinking that he hasn’t been sure since TOSOD if he wanted to commit fully to doing this for a living, and thinking that he really wanted to commit but didn’t know how to make it work without losing part of who he was.

        And that “self-preservation” mode? It must be designed to only last so long. lol. ‘Cuz I was doing sooooo well, & today…yeah. 😦 Goodbyes suck.

      • I agree that a professional team is essential when you want to have a serious career. I also agree that you need a lot of luck, but I think that you have to provoke it too, not just wait for things to happen and you have to be able to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

        I think that an artist should also know who he is and that the image he wants to project reflects the music. I think it’s a problem with David Cook. He’s selling himself as a rock singer but his first single was more pop than rock. Also, his voice is not unique and easily identifiable and he lacks charisma IMO. The thing is for the casual listener (like me) there’s probably not much that differentiate him from the other rockers or WGWG and the song is just OK, IMO (I don’t want to say mediocre at best).
        That’s why I hope that when David will come back from his mission, he’ll work on his sound and that he’ll take the time to create the music that corresponds him. David has already the voice, the likeability and the charm and he’s young and good looking. But he still needs the right song and the team capable of selling his image. He never had it IMO. And I don’t think there were ever a long term plan regarding his career and how to market him.
        It’s great that he’s working now on releasing music for us in a short amount of times before he leaves but I hope that he’ll focus more on the material for his future album. The good think about the 2 years break is that he’ll have plenty of time to reflect on who he is and what he really wants. Maybe he’ll even have time to write and to think about the music he’d like to make (that if he wants to return to music of course).

      • I wanted to add a thing about the image of the artists. There are many young (and not so young) singers who make radical changes to their image. The recent example is Charice. I read the article posted here and even if I believed her when she said that her new image represents who she is in reality, I didn’t think it was necessary for her to add the references to Avril Lavigne or Rihanna because they kind of discredited a little her claim to just want to be herself. But I don’t want to judge her and I let her the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see if she’ll be able to be her “newself” and if there won’t be a disconnect between what she projects and who she wants to be.

        I think that one of the major problem in the music biz now is that instead of giving the chance to new and original artists, the major labels seem more interested in finding the next JB, the next Rihanna or Beyonce, etc… They try to sell something that already worked and in the end this strategy only ends up saturating the waves with the same sound, the same beat, the same autotuned voices. Who wants to listen to a copy when the original does it better ? I think that there’s a place in this business for an artist like David (who doesn’t want to just be famous but who wants to share something special through his music, who wants to touch people and make a difference, who wants to stay true to himself) and that there’s a demand too. Otherwise, artists like Adele for example wouldn’t make it big no matter how much the label invests and the amount of radio play. Also, the many examples of the indie artists who found a way to make themselves heard and are enjoying some success.

      • Cmoi , i agree with you in most of your post, i really think David has that Xfactor that many artist out there wish to have, like ”cq” said too ” his uniqueness”, is something that play on his favor , i mean his charming personality and talent , he really has an crossover image , enough to do very well around the world …. so that, more a good team behind him and himself into the cause can be unstoppable …. but like HG and others said is up to him and in that part is where people is getting confusing with him …. what he really wants or what he will want tomorrow … specially with the moral/religious context he lives.

        VJ said ”I go back & forth between thinking that he hasn’t been sure since TOSOD if he wanted to commit fully to doing this for a living, and thinking that he really wanted to commit but didn’t know how to make it work without losing part of who he was.
        And that “self-preservation” mode? ”

        And is because this we were receiving mixed signals from him, and is because this too i said before he need to gain credibility with the fans and the industry , i mean everyone recognize his talent , but tbh he wants something today and has a million plans , but then he’s holding back or/and letting go , people is just confused …. i’m confused lol

      • I agree with VJ and tibi about not knowing what David wants career wise. The issue is that it has been like this since after AI IMO. tibi, I guess I am confused about what David wants too. lol I do not think Cook’s career is going very far at this point. No hit singles and no airplay and no good album sales does not bode well for him. David A. was the clear star and winner but I think tptb (the powers that be) at AI might have sensed that David was not fully committed and might go on a mission. Plus the dad/manager factor. So you can see how AI probably stacked it so Cook won IMO. Nothing against Cook but David was a special talent and still is. Now it is really on David. cmoi I agree that there was never a long term plan for David’s career and there still is not IMO

  22. VJ…cold icy day here in the east. Something rather silly for you but comes along from Ed Sullivan on the subject of Hello ‘Goodbye’…I can’t think much deeper at the moment!! Of course with only a few words, some can make a fortune.


  23. grammyj, just wanted to put my two cents about David Cook. I know he is a good guy and I think he might have a fair music career. I think the reason why he and a few the other winners of ai aren’t having the success is because they are not original. IMO DC is a sorta of a copy of Daughtry, except Daughtry has the sucess without being the winner. I have an example: I was over a friend’s house and the tv music station was on and my friend was so excited because she thought that DC was on (she being a DC fan) and when we saw the credit, it was Daughtry. My point, not unique like David Archuleta. To this day I think that David Archuleta should of been the winner, not that not being the winner has hurt him.
    So, I do think that David A. has a better chance of making it big in the business because of his, first mega talent and second, his uniqueness, but then again, who knows David might be a little to straight laced for today music world!

  24. I began to pull back in August when he came back from the Asian tour and announced his mission decision to his shocked family (except, well, perhaps for Lupe). I will always be there as a fan and I look forward to his return, and hope that he will be fully committed and also fully ready this next time around.

    • I’ve always thought that is was Lupe that encouraged David to go on the mission. After they returned from the trip to India David dropped Jive, his management and gave us the “decisions” vlog. He was with his mom on that trip. David did say his family was surprised which was probably the siblings and maybe Jeff too

  25. I agree with everyone above (cmoi, tibi, cq, Marie) that David really didn’t know his sound or where he wanted to go with his music which was partly because he was so young when he was on AI. I do believe that Jive had a plan for him though. They wanted David to be a tween/teen star. The problem with that was that David had a lot of fans of other ages because of AI and David didn’t want to play the tween/teen star game. I believe when they sent him out to tour with Demi they were hoping that Demi was a bigger draw then she turned out to be. Also, I bet they wanted David and Demi to be a couple when I don’t know if they hardly interacted at all. They were both really busy at the time, and we all know that David would never have a fake relationship for publicity.

    • I agree grammyj. I can’t say I blame David for not wanting to play the tween/teen star game. It can be very phony and David does not have a phony bone is his body IMO. I think you are right that jive would have loved David and Demi to be a couple. David’s older fans might be the ones that keep his career going if he wants one after the mission.

      • Marie, I also agree that tween/teen star thing might of not been his nitch. I’m thinking it’s very unual for such a young singer to have so many older fans, but then again we are talking about a very unique artist. IMO, David needs to find his sound, get a couple of hit songs and get comfortable with being a star in order to have a successful singing career.
        He’s in such a roll now, it’s a shame that all will be put in hold for two years. You know actually one year would be perfect…Giving up a year of your career to serve others and still be able to come back and slavage his career.
        Again, other missionaries don’t have careers ( or at least the majority of them) that would be in jeopardy. I have to believe that David has stuff lined up for when he comes back.
        Come on David, surprise us fans in a REAL GOOD WAY! It would be nice for him to leave us with real good news about the future.

    • I agree with you Grammyj.
      Jive certainly had plans for him when they signed him, I believe one of them was to transform him in a teen idol but I also believe that their major plan was to profit to a max from his huge established fanbase from AI. Old or young, I don’t think that it mattered that much when you have obsessed fans lol. They tried and went the easy route with him IMO. With his voice and his personality, even the fans knew he was more complex than what the label wanted to do with him. He simply was above the teen star image IMO. But at the end, he still had the opportunity to do the album he wanted with TOSOD, even if he then admitted in interviews that it was difficult to achieve because of the conflicted views with the label.
      I also don’t think that Jive was responsible for all the things that went wrong. His management team seemed to only be interested in the short term investment too and I wonder if they had a real plan to help to develop their artist’s career. But I understand that it would have probably been difficult when the artist himself doesn’t know who he is artistically and what he wants. Now more than ever, I think that he probably should have waited before going on AI. But all this doesn’t matter anymore lol.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Fabulous comments today grammyj!
      I have.felt for a long time now that the first and major thing to go wrong in David’s career was in how Jive tried to market him right off the bat – as a teen/tween artist. For AI contestants to be succesful after the show their first album needs to be reflective of who they projected be on because it was that music and persona that attracted the huge fanbase in the first place. When David’s first album didn’t reflect the AI David, the casual fans probably lost interest. It’s those casual fans David will have the best chance winning back if he produces and markets something more mature, something more reflective of the music he.sung on AI. So yeah, I think Jive’s marketing and push for David to be a teen idol was hugely detrimental to his career. It’s also something David obviously never wanted.

      David has always seemed pretty sure of who he is as a person and what he wants to achieve with his music but the second biggest hindrance to his career I believe, is what he has said many times really….he needs to define his sound. I believe he will have greatest success (and happiness too really) by producing and marketing himself as a more mature sounding artist – and.between these albums he is currently working on and the covers he has done over the last year, I think he is heading in that direction – I think it would also help his career for him to mix in a good number of ballads because everyone, both fans and non-fans alike, seem to recognise his talent for ballads and want to hear him sing them.

      There are enough examples out there of people with the ‘right management’ and the ‘big label’ who still aren’t successful and enough examples of indie artists who are making success, that I don’t think the label and management thing is as important as is sometimes mentioned here. As I have explained in my lengthy post, lol, I think it is David needs to define his sound better…and I think he is on his way to doing that now he’s gone indie. We’ a 2 year wait now but if David decides to stay with mainstream music when he gets back, I think there will be some rewards to be reaped for us fans.

    • 1.Tours are NOT responsibility of Label, so Demi-David tour has nothing to do with them and whatever people think it was David market in the eyes of the label 😐 , David himself said in an interview that Disney/Demi people approached him with the offer and he accepted, it was not even the result of a management work :/ …. obviously he took that opportunity, because he had nothing planning for that summer in terms of tour, so in my opinion that tour gave him some exposure he needed by then …. and even a award 🙂
      2. The David of American idol it was a totally teen in all sense of the word, a very polite and shy one, but a teenager after all, so i can’t blame the show and label to try to go for that route first ….is pretty obvious now that he needed some maturity to go more serious in the business. Like all the teens in the industry they need to figure out what kind of artist they wanna to be , and David is not the exception.
      3. His first album was maybe a generic pop album, but i don’t see the teen mark anywhere(ok, maybe the cover lol ) , the songs were above the teens related subjects , with some exceptions like Crush and TMH …. and is actually my favorite album from him, or at least the one i listen the most.
      4. Christmas album was a more family friendly album , but not the kind to sing along with kids, more the kind to just listen and enjoy , so not teen there neither, now TOSOD to me is a lot more teen oriented, David himself said so and that was the one he did on his way and conditions ….. so this just show that everything was very confusing from the start of the process to try to identified what to do with him and his talent , since himself enjoy too many genres and kind of music.
      5. i agree Jive it was not the only problem, they are business people, the evident negligence to pretend he can go far in this industry without proper help and contacts is just extremely ….naive?
      6. In any case this young David era is over now, so i hope he pay attention to his possibilities to grow his fanbase with different kind of fans and not only with the older ones he has on this side of the world and that want him to go by the safe Groban route, he need to relate to his age range too … i think he can do more than that.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibi, funny how we were.posting at the same time about the exact same things really. Only with opposing views. lol (Is that part any surprise? Lol)
        Although I think we both (and no doubt all) of us agree that David has always needed to define his sound better. David recognises that too, which bodes well for the future.

      • Yes!! I noticed that ….. is actually funny see the two post one after other going in different ways lol …… what i can said perceptions? emotionals and rationals in different levels. 🙂

  26. maybe it’s not such a bad thing for him to start from scratch when he’ll come back from his mission. He’ll still have some of his most loyal fans, which will be more than what any other new artist can hope for. And he’ll finally be able to build the foundation he talked about in his “decisions” vlog. But even after a 2 years break, I don’t think that he will be totally forgotten. As we said, his voice and his personality are unique and people (in general) like good comebacks’ stories if they are well told. I’m sure that the story of a talented and popular young singer who sacrificed his career and what he loved to do the most in order to do something special and dear for him, can generate interest. Of course, depending on how it’s told. I can write the Hollywood version for him if he wants lol. (or a soap opera one, I think I’ve watched too much of Nandito Ako for the day lol).

    • LOL, i don’t think everybody see his two years project in that romantic way ;), but i don’t think either he will be totally forgotten, in any case AI gave him a great exposure and he had great opportunities to shine , but i hope he will be remembered enough to do a good comeback and and be relevan to the music world , is just too much talent to be wasted. :/

      • Well, the romantic way is the way to go lol. It’s how I’d sell it if I was his PR person or manager. I’m not sure the general public will be attracted by the proselitism side of the thing lol

      • cmoi good point. lol

      • lol, good point 😉 , i just think people on this times is not that naive, specially when you see shows like Hero from CNN and realize how hard is live for others and how lucky he is … the word sacrifice and services acquire a very different mean then.

  27. Off subject, but I just really liked Joshua’s performance of When a Man Loves a Woman. I thought it was really, really good. Anyone agree? Anyone watching? (Although I was bummed when J-Lo said she thought “it was the best thing she ever heard on AI”.)

  28. Me , i think he was the best tonight 🙂

    • I thought Joshua was very good. I watched the whole show but for some reason it seemed like a long night to me but there were some good performances. The whole Jermaine incident was just kind of strange to me the way they handled it but not that he was kicked off. Why do I think the WGWG Phillip might just win this. I do think he is talented though.

      • I agree with you Marie. It wasn’t the best night for Idol. I’m predicting that Philip (P2) will win. America votes for WGWG (white guy with guitar). I really do like him though. There are a lot of talented girls this time but I just don’t know if a girl can ever win again. We shall see… I guess a girl won X-Factor so maybe a girl will pull it off.

    • Jermaine incident was sad actually, the problem is that he hide his legal problems, but even with that, i don’t get the public humiliation …it was just too much ? :/

      • Yes tibi I thought that they should have just left it that he was asked to leave due to legal issues. He should have left. I found it just strange the way they interviewed him.

  29. Shanny in Australia

    Testing, testing…

    • Do you have problem to log in? …because i’m having problems. :/

    • Shanny in Australia

      Hmmm…that was strange…it was telling me I needed to log in with the email address I was using. Only i’ve always used that email address before… ? I had to use email address to post. Things.that make you go hmmmm… lol

      • OK, i thought it was just me, i log in with my wordpress account instead , for first time in a long time, i actually forgot the password. lol. :/

    • Shanny in Australia

      Yes Tibi!

  30. I had trouble logging in too!

    • Shanny in Australia

      Something must be up. Usung a different email account seems to work for those experiencing issues…

  31. So that Josh guy made cry the little Holly today eh? >:/

    You know what i love of this series, that the best mom, is Anya’s mom, the one one with not to reputable work …. but she’s an adorable and caring mother and with many good values enough to give to their children true affection and love .

    Today episode btw 😉

    • I love this series too. I’m so glad that David is ending his first part of his musical/entertainment career on this high note. I think I’m going to love “Forevermore” too. We will just have to wait two years to see what happens with David’s musical career – part two. What will his “sound” be? Will he pick one or continue to be eclectic? I actually like that he does a variety of styles but I myself enjoy all those types of music. He could even throw in a little pop/country and I’d be happy, although I don’t think he likes country music much so I don’t think that will happen.

  32. David likes country music. It’s just not a style of music that he sings.

  33. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i’ve had problems logging in too; hope this works this time.

    re. cook’s return to idol, i think it’s nice that simon fuller got him on the show but imho, fuller could do more. i mean, does it really require any effort or imagination on the part of fuller to book a client on idol?

    cook has been on the show 3 times and even had the boot song one year yet none of that catapulted his career or sales. i don’t think the idol viewing audience is interested in an artist like cook unless he’s a contestant. if fuller were really doing a good job on behalf of cook, he’d realize that and strategically book cook for other events and shows that will expand his fanbase.

  34. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i missed idol but i just read about the jermaine incident on mjs. the ai producers, nigel lythgoe and ken warwick actually contacted tmz prior to the show and discussed detailed personal info re. jermaine with them. the ended the conversation with a cliffhanger by stating that jermaine would be on the show but not performing.

    i tell you, those two jerks will do ANYTHING for ratings and advertising dollars. obviously jermaine is troubled, yet, they exploit his problems to elevate their show. unbelievable ….

  35. I guess it’s way off topic by now, but I just returned from a trip across the country, and wanted to comment about the previous thread, if you’ll bear with me.

    Ironically, on Monday we took a tour of the World Trade Center memorial in New York City, lead by a survivor and by a widow of a firefighter-hero lost in the tragedy. Being there is such an intense experience and hearing the stories is very emotional. HG is correct that the conspiracy theories are lame, which is clear if one visits the site and learns the full history.

    We also spent 3 days right next door to the Book of Mormon theater, but wouldn’t have been able to get tickets for 6 months or more, if we’d tried. The point that’s being made in the play is that even if a religion is made up, it can help people and communities become better–in other words “an atheist’s celebration of religion”. I doubt if David, or any devout person would subscribe to that idea or ever appear in the show. But criticizing the play for distorting modern Uganda, is like saying that Nandito Ako doesn’t accurately represent typical life in the Philippines, lol. Of course they’re not realistic–but the issues in the Broadway play are real–genital mutilation, AIDS, and a brutal warlord based on a real African, for example.

    • You are right about not being able to get tickets to the Book of Mormon musical. I had a friend that tried to get tickets and she said it was impossible. “The point that’s being made in the play is that even if a religion is made up, it can help people and communities become better–in other words “an atheist’s celebration of religion”–I agree. What a boost to David’s career if he was in that musical but you are right in that it would not happen. Unless he changes but it does not look like that is happening now.

  36. Here are a couple things that David and his team have done right IMO. He has given us a lot of music during his four year career. I have been enjoying his first album this morning which I haven’t listened to in awhile. He did great on it for the short amount of time he had to get it out. The other thing he did right is keep in touch with the fans through twitter, facebook and vlogs.

    I am wondering what the new music will be that he is working on. It is obviously being recorded in Utah, but nothing that I know of has leaked out about who he is working with or what he is singing. We haven’t heard from MIC, Richard or Sunny.

    I’m also wondering what will be communicated in his absense. I believe that his OS and facebook will still be up and running. Someone may even twitter for him but maybe just to inform us when there is a new release of music. I hope he is recording a few vlogs to be released when he is gone for maybe holidays or something.

    • grammyj, great idea about having recorded vlogs…yay, holidays would be fabulous.
      Still hoping he will be able to post some comments on twitter himself every once in a while.

  37. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    david is a true musical soul! if he can’t record a few vlogs for us before he leaves, i’ll be just as happy with these unexpected video clips. 🙂

  38. Tibitibi – I agree with you about being remembered enough to do a comeback and being relevant to the music world. He does have too much talent to be wasted.
    I have always thought David was only as famous as he wanted to be. Just speculating here so everyone please don’t proceed to tell me that I dont know him or how he is feeling, because you would be right. David I think probably had many offers to advance his career…such as more acting gigs, collaborate with other artists, commercials, product endorsements. I mean as stupid as I have said Jive was…I know they saw the money…uhhh…talent in him. The looks, the voice, just something about him. I think he just wanted to sing and didn’t want to do other things. It may have also been cause he was so shy. David has come a long way since AI. I don’t think he was ready for fame when it hit. We only see or hear things about being famous, but just think about it…we have NO IDEA what it is like or what he has went through.
    I think back to when he was on AI and how excited and confident he seemed at first and then how he acted as the show progressed. He didn’t seem happy and it was like he was just trying to get through the show. No matter what he did something was made out of it. If he sang a song just like the original then he was criticized for it. If he changed it they said he shouldn’t have. They wouldn’t let him sing his first choice of song…the one he knew he would do great on. They wouldn’t let him change that “Longer” song that was obviously boring and did not fit a 17 yr old, took a song from him and didnt have time to pick and rehearse another, so he had to do Imagine again…and so on. You all know some of the things he went through. The other contestants may have gotten treated unfairly too, but was not made public like David was. TPTB just made it so hard on him. He seems like a sensitive person and all the pressures of the show and media must have gotten to him. The rumors and being made fun of for stupid reasons. I think AI feed TMZ all that stuff just so David would not win. I wondered at the time of TOSOD if David thought he should be on his mission like other guys his age at his church. I wonder if David was not promoted by Jive cause they saw he was not committed to supporting his new album, or if it was the other way around? David might have been unhappy because Jive was not promoting TOSOD and he knew they were going under. There were hardly any appearances and no air play. I often wonder why Jive didn’t embrace his uniqueness instead of trying to change him? He was different than most. The guy needed no autotune. He was genuinely talented. Why not capitalize on the things that made him different?! His voice, his looks, his personality, the seeminly innocent persona? Just like now with Nandito Ako…as cheesy as that show is we still watch it and just looking at him makes some of us smile lol. There are things we will never know for sure or understand. I still say he is one of the rare people who has the potential to be a superstar if he only wanted to be. Why can’t he face the fact that all people want is to love him? Will he ever realize his talent and be the artist/star we have always seen in him? I don’t know…time will tell. I believe there is still a lot musically we have yet to see from David. With the success of Adele I hope that David will be taken serious and given another chance when he comes back. Kind of funny…David introduces me to music I have never heard of before and then they become famous and win Grammys. He knows good music! All i know is he took a piece of my heart 4 yrs ago and has yet to return it. Now he is going somewhere I don’t know! I hope and pray for the best on his journey that he will find what he is looking for. I just want to hear THE VOICE (even if he don’t like that name) for THE. REST. OF. MY. LIFE!

    • defan4ever, great comment.
      I think that a lot of what happened to David after ai that prevented him from becoming the big star that we all know is should be, was his religion, IMO. Let me explain….I think that his religious beliefs are a part of David and that is what he is and that’s fine, you can be religious and not be so strict. Lupe was converted to Mormonism, so I think David was brought strict because most converts I know are kinda real absessive about following all the rules of the religion they convert to, and I’m talking about all religions, not just Mormons.
      I have been thinking about this for a while and just thought I would share my thought. I’m probably all wrong, but it just makes sense. He probably thought that he would be betraying his religion if he did some of the things he was asked to do to further his career.
      The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the breakup of Lupe and Jeff. If they got married in the Temple, aren’t they supposed to be married forever?
      I think there is a lot of things that makeup David that we don’t know about, and some of the things aren’t all rosy, IMO.

      • Great comment dafan4ever. I think you got it right. cq I agree with you too. “I think there is a lot of things that makeup David that we don’t know about, and some of the things aren’t all rosy, IMO”.—Yep. I am sure we do not know the half of it.

      • cq, you said

        The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the breakup of Lupe and Jeff. If they got married in the Temple, aren’t they supposed to be married forever?
        I think there is a lot of things that makeup David that we don’t know about, and some of the things aren’t all rosy”,

        IF David’s parents were married in the Temple, I believe it means they are tied/bonded together for eternity in their Mormon Afterlife. So a couple who is married in a Mormon temple can divorce and remarry, even multiple times, but the Temple marriage is bond forever. I happen to think that belief is ridiculous especially after an especially ugly divorce. But at least they CAN remarry.

        Like many households, David’s family has had their share of problems and like any children of divorced parents, I’m sure it’s had an adverse affect on David.

    • Well, to me is simple that he was too young, extremely sheltered , by his dad and religious community and after even for some fanatics fans , something that was so evident by the AI7 days 😐 . and immature …. yes lovely , shy, charming , innocent ,well behave, spiritual , but immature and clueless about the music business …. 4 years after i still not understand why is so difficult to accept that he had not all under control , nobody start a career putting the conditions to their bosses, not even the most talented people out there ; all this contestants have difficult behind cameras, but David was a lot more notorious because it was the only minor on his season, the only with a father with him ( usually are the mothers btw who stay with the young contestants), and extremely talented . Is kind of interesting to me, that people jump immediately to point the evil in others like the responsible of whatever his career is now …. or better to say ‘ all the bad is because your mistakes and all the good is because my wisdom” , i mean seriously? . I’m not saying this to offend or to start a discussion , but because to me is normal to see a young guy like him , who come from a very conservator religious culture, struggling to fit in something that maybe he don’t even wanted …… he did , what he can , under the circumstances ? yes , but the little chaos the last two years was the result of a mix of factors , David inexperienced included.
      Now is bad for the fans to have expectation about him? ….not at all, people become fans become believe on the talent of the person we’re following, so i’m not ashamed either to recognize i want him to be Big , but if he don’t want or he’s not sure what he want or he’s confused , it is nothing i can do to change his mind and is up to him to figure out what to do with his life , but tbh sometimes i can see on him that joy and proud satisfaction that only give you the recognition of your talent and work , i really think he keep back himself to enjoy that in all the extension , just to not be judged for some people like frivolous and selfish and in the top of all this he has now the responsibility to be the moral role and model of perfection of a bunch of overzealous fans …..idk if is fair to live permanently with this high expectations , when one person is young , inexperienced and human.

      • tibi. Good comment. I agree with you that in some important ways David was extremely sheltered. I have always felt that way. Just like some other artists have been exposed to more than they should have. I guess there needs to be a happy medium. I think in the music industry, as in other jobs like mine, they tell you what to do. You or maybe in this case your Dad do not tell them what to do.

  39. dafan4ever, that was so heartfelt and passionate! Thank you! I especially loved “Why can’t he face the fact that all people want is to love him?” Heart melting!

    I know that I am in the minority with this opinion, so I’d really like a response to understand better. And I’m honestly NOT just trying to put a positive spin on things! For 4 years I have had just about as much and more of David than I have from any other artist that I have really enjoyed – Michael Buble, for example. I have tons of music, I’ve had tons of opportunities to see him live, he has made himself accessible to fans, he’s worked his behind off to stay in the limelight, now we even have 25 episodes of him acting, new music and Bench photos to keep us happy. Much Much Much more than I’ve gotten from Buble. From my vantage point, I’m not sure what more I could have gotten from him that I have not at this point, had he become a huge star as everyone laments. In fact, it may be we would not have gotten as much as we have were he universally sought after. In my own little world, on my own little ipod, I have David singing that lasts me weeks and weeks as I work, cook, drive, run, every day. I’m happy.

    So my question is, what exactly are we lamenting? Is it simply that we are looking for verification of our extremely insightful and remarkable good taste in music? 🙂 That we are the ones who can recognize musical genius when others do not? That we are only justified in our support and time if he is a superstar or wins a Grammy?

    That leads to the obvious next question: What would you like for him to have done that he didn’t? I mean, despite what has been analyzed and commented on ad nauseum, he DID have professional management and a record label for TOSOD, and look how far that took him. I don’t buy that he didn’t really have his heart in it. I think he had his whole SOUL in it – why would he work so diligently and hard just to not care if it worked or not? Jive didn’t promote. They didn’t see what was unique. But we all know if they had decided to promote any ONE of the songs on his album and pay out what they needed, like they did with Crush, he could have had a hit. They just didn’t.

    Whose path do you think he should have followed? What artist would you like him to look like right now? Yes, he has high standards and he knows what he wants. Do we really want him to sell out just to be hugely famous and why? Record labels have been the same ever since they began – read anything about early soul or rock n roll and you will see that producers purposely kept putting out songs that sounded like the last big hit from the same artist. That was their key to make money.

    And knowing that David doesn’t want to sell out, doesn’t care about being famous and doesn’t care about only making money, why are we sad? He’s done exactly what he’s wanted and I personally have not suffered. I never said that I was only going to be his fan if he were famous and he never said, be my fan and I’ll be famous for you!

    This post reminded me of how unique the whole David phenomenon is. It’s incredible really, the passion people feel for this young man. Perhaps that’s where the angst-ing comes from. Yet, my passion would not be greater were he on E! every night. I also bet every single one of us is still here in 2 years.

    • One thing I wish David had NOT done is commit to go on a mission. That’s what I wish.

      Most of us have been here since the beginning of AI and some since Star Search. I don’t need to be reminded of who David is. and all he has done. I have a right to be sad that he is going away for two years just as you have a right to be ecstatic. I can even understand why you are so happy & proud of David, being that your own sons have gone on missions, so why shouldn’t David, right? Except that David IS famous and as much as he hopes to be like any other missionary, it may not be possible.

      Another thing I wish is that David had gone on first before he auditioned for AI. That would have made more sense, IMO.

  40. cq and jus’saying,

    Mormon couples can get a divorce that dissolves the covenant they made when they got married in the temple.

    Also, although this might be beyond the scope of what you want to know, we believe that a marriage covenant is between husband, wife and God. If the husband or wife is not living the terms of the covenant, in other words, they are a creep and do creepy things, then the covenant is not valid anyway. For covenants to be binding, just like in the law, all parties have to be abiding by them. To say that someone would be bound together eternally with a creep IS ridiculous. You are right. And it does not happen.

    • Thanks Julee for clearing that up for me. One thing, what do you mean creepy or doing creepy things? I’m guessing that the covenant cannot be broken if the couple just grows apart, but still obeys the Mormon doctrine.

      • cq, that was just my light hearted way of saying that one partner had an affair, or beat their wife, was emotionally abusive or broke the law, etc. etc. you know what I mean. And yes, it probably is more liberal than Catholic canon.

    • That is interesting Julee. Thanks for the info.

      • I was raised Catholic and you are right that the Mormon doctrine is more liberal. I could make a long list of issues that I do not agree with in the Catholic practices/doctrine.

    • Ummmm. thanks for that answer, sound just like any religious marriage convenant ?…. to me at least. Only dissolved if one part is not respecting the pact and if after counselling definitively doesn’t work at all.

    • Julee, by the way, I’m not judging….I’m Catholic (don’t practice all the Catholic doctrine though) and if a couple gets married in the church and then divorces, they can no longer remarry in the church and can’t receive sacraments. So what I’m saying is the Mormon church is more liberal than the Catholic church when it comes to marry.

  41. I don’t think he had professional management for TOSOD. He hired a manager because Jive made him to. He did that so late in the process that the manager could do very little to promote the album.

    Professional management seems to have been Jive’s requirement for all artists:

    “Usher’s label, Jive Records, is reluctant to release the album without a proper management firm in place.”

    • So true , Peter. He did not have pro. management for TOSOD for the most part. After following David’s career for 4 years I am actually more convinced than ever that you need professional management with connections and professional guidance for a mainstream or even an indie music career. That is one thing that I have discovered from David’s career. Artists need a label too. You just can’t do it alone or without an “appropriate and professional” team behind you . Of course any artist has their ups and downs as that is expected but you need “professionals” to guide you. Again all IMO.

      • Marie, I agree, if David wants a career in music, he needs professional team with connections. Maybe he already has some things lined up for when he gets back….who knows.

      • I hope David does have something in the works for when he return,s cq. I just hope it does not involve #mic, sunny or some others IMO. lol

      • Marie, i agree that I won’t want it to be sunny or others that may not help his career. Sunny is a nice person and I know she loves David, but just not right for him, imo, too.

      • I agree Peter and Marie …… if he’s gonna still clued to the same old , lack of connection ‘Team” , i can’t see the bright light on his future :/

  42. Hmm, and here I was trying to avoid the going on a mission thing and just talk about his career up until now!! Sorry you read it that I was not giving you your right to be sad about his break! Believe me, I totally get that. Sorry!

    • This was supposed to be in response to jus’ sayin up thread. I’ve gotten the weird wordpress log in thing that has messed up the order of my posts.

  43. I agree with you, Julee. David really has had quite a career. I don’t care if he is a superstar or has top 40 hits. I don’t listen to top 40 radio anyway. I just want him to put out great music and be able to tour. He actually can put out more music without being on a major label in this day and age. He most likely would have put out less music if he was still on a major label. The Philippine album probably would not have been made or the new music he is working on now would not have been done either. Look how long it is taking for Jordin Sparks to get any new music out. Her commercial that ran on Idol last night featured her Battlefield album that came out before CFTH. I just hope that when David gets back from his mission he can pick off where he left off in Asia and build from there. I just want a team in place that can take him where he wants to go. I hope that includes a lot of music.

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