Keep Tweeting, David!

I’ve always loved how David is so random with what he tweets and then he puts out little gems of wisdom.  What’s the likelihood that he’ll keep tweeting while on his mission?


In other news, what do you think of his “Forevermore” album cover? Confession Time: I’m not really impressed with it. Your thoughts?


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  1. Hi HG,
    I have to differ and say that I really like this cover art. This is a simple yet beautiful and serene picture of David. I do not think it is supposed to be a pop star David but one more reflective of where he is at this point in his life and the clothing choices – a gentle reminder of what he is about to embark on. His singing mirrors this because he is singing quite conservatively and imo not as full out as he usually does. But this is to be expected since he hand to learn but not necessarily master all this material in a relatively short span of time. It is indeed a labor of love and he threw it in there as an added bonus to the acting and modeling despite his hetic schedule.
    How do I love thee David? Let me count the ways…

  2. HG: I will miss David’s tweets also. The funny ones, the silly ones the food ones, the what I am up to ones, the words of wisdom. I loved that quote yesterday. It truly sums up what I am trying to be in my life. I hear alot of quotes, read them and enjoy words, ply on words etc. That was new for me. I am going to put it on my fridge- and memorize it.

  3. I like the cover. The limited time for the whole album is a miracle that it was even made, so I’m sure that the cover was picked in a hurry. If given more time, yes maybe a better cover would of been of the David’s sexy stare.
    Anyway, I’m just happy I have a romantic album from our man.
    Still having difficulty ordering, but I will not give up, must have that album,lol.

  4. I like the cover too. My favorite cover was his TOSOD cover and my least favorite was CFTH. I agree with Joymous that this one seems to go with the music on the album. Yes, we are lucky to even have this album and goes to show that you can get a CD out in a very short amount of time. Usually a major label album takes almost two years to get out with over 50 songs written for it, but this one was recorded in three days because David sang covers. Also because David is such a gifted singer he could learn and sing the songs well in that short amount of time. If David was signed to a major label I don’t think this album would have come about.

  5. in all honesty, i’m not impressed with the album cover either. it’s a very nice picture in itself but the facial expression isn’t what i expect with an album of romantic ballads. with that said, of course i plan on buying copies of the album. does anyone know where you can place orders?

    • Tibi – I also agree it could have been more romantic but as Rae said it was probably intentional and the production of the song also seems that way as well. It is the end of this post-idol era. I look at it like a coda at the end of a piece of music or a postscript at the end of a letter. It could have been more intense with the pic and production value of the song but its like he’s saying – It’s not about the charts nor what’s hot. It is simply for the fans. This is me and what I’m all about at this particular point in my life.

      • Forevermore is already ready to hit the radioplay and charts in Asia and they are ready to debut the MV, all with the support of Sonny there, so this specific work will receive full commercial attention in the market they going to release the album …. the US album is another very different story, since his target is more the religious segment of his fansbase , both of them have different purposes …. in my opinion.

      • I mean Sony Malaysia 🙂

      • Tibi – even if what you say is the case then since SM knows the market best for that region, we really do not know what transpired between them and David BTS for any agreement on the cover. David must also know what he likes best since its his face on the cover and probably had some choice in the matter as well. I am merely supporting my viewpoint, not really trying to convince you of anything.

      • I got it Joymus ! so is ok 😉

  6. I have no idea if David will be able to tweet or not on his mission. I have read the rules that Mormon missionaries must follow and it appears that tweeting his followers would not be allowed, but rules can be changed so who knows? David doesn’t seem to know yet how much he can be in contact with his fans. It seems to be up to his Mission President. I hope he gets one that allows David to blog or tweet us. I wonder if David will even tell us where he is going. If he doesn’t I’m sure the archu-detectives will find out. It will be “where in the world is David Archuleta?”

    • Well I know David likely does not want special accommodations- but I hope he realizes it would not be selfish to get them if he can.

    • I have said all along ever sense David made the big announcement, that I hoped that the people in charge of these missions would realize that David was different than other missinaries and give him the freedom to be able to keep his career going in his abscence. I’m thinking that David might not want any special treatment, but as it’s been said that these missions are adjusted in some cases and David needs to take whatever is given to him. IMO, David needs to keep in contact with his fans if he has any hopes of salvaging his career, and mind you, just my opinion and I know I might be in the minority.

      • I agree cq that David is different than other missionaries even if he thinks he is not. He is a celebrity. Also I would hope that they do change things as change is good and this is a tech. society.” IMO, David needs to keep in contact with his fans if he has any hopes of salvaging his career” I share that opinion.

    • My guess is that HE want to live the full experience and he was very conscious about the rules he was live under , i think all depend of the site he goes and at what point he will be recognized, he has fans everywhere in less or more amount , so i can totally expect a random picture a la paparazzi lol …. but seriously i guess the all point in to put the career in standby for now and be immersed himself on his missionary responsibilities? …. so i would be careful with some expectations of communication. In the other hand idk what he will be able to talk, if he can communicative with fans?????

  7. Well, I like the picture a great deal. It really looks like David! I like that it is light and not dark and you can see his features clearly. It is
    also very simple- probably a product of time, but also maybe that was intentional. One thing I really liked about the title song, is it is not overdone in the production. David’s voice is really highlghted. Took me back to the AI days somehow. I hope that is the treatment of all the songs on the album. So happy I will have a new CD to play on my way to work. I am also interested to hear the best place to order from?

  8. This covert fit more his US album than the Phillipino one in my opinion … i guess at least is better that CFTH, that already is a bonus? 😉

    Joymus says : ”I do not think it is supposed to be a pop star David but one more reflective of where he is at this point in his life and the clothing choices – a gentle reminder of what he is about to embark on”

    Gentle reminder? I don’t know if was necesary for this album, i can understand for the US one , idk , i just guess, he’s in full charge and in need to show his loyalty and reminding us was all is about with him lately, with his full mission clothes in a photo shot and series , the assuming sacred music he’s doing in US ( according to past rumors), the public announce of his decision via internet, David is a great PR for his community let me say , what makes me realize about the lack of freedom Shanny was talking about ….. clearly he’s Free now and not way shy or limited expressing himself . However again the cover should be different for this particular album , there exist others ways to show serenity, man! he was in front of beautiful sea view :/ , i can’t imagine the cover for his US one. 😐

    And about his tweet , i enjoyed so much the first year on twitter from random David, the quotes are cool sometimes after a while become a little too much ….. but in any case i seriously doubt he’s gonna be able to tweet .

  9. I think the photo was from his Bench photo shoot – the one with the blue jacket, white shirt and tie. You are probably right, Tibi, that he won’t be able to tweet. In this information age I really hope David is allowed to communicate with his many fans. It would actually be very good PR for the Mormon religion IMHO.

    • Yes, maybe the RP factor can be a good motivation for them to let him tweet and blog to his fans , but who knows? i read too that some of the presidents can be something special. :/

  10. Don’t like the album cover at all. Looks like an extremely cost-efficient Team MIC/Sunny/Ricardo effort.

    • I’m sure the album was done very on a very low budget. It was only thought of at the last minute. Actually, MIC/Sunny/Ricardo didn’t have much to do with it as they were not there. Obviously David talked to his dad about it, but the whole album project was thought up by the producer that David was working with when he recorded Nandito Ako. It was a very last minute project that just fell into David’s lap. I’m glad he decided to go for it as I’m looking forward to hearing these love songs. I think the album cover is good considering that it was all done so quickly.

      • David recorded the whole album in three days which included learning the songs. The producer called him a musical genius just like Neil Diamond did during Idol.

    • I know. It’s just that it looks cheap, IMO. I think it would have taken a professional graphic designer 15 to 30 minutes to come up with a classy cover.

      Then again, I think this is reflective of his post-mission career, if any, sans label and professional management.

      • Well, I’m just glad he did the album. I’m sure it never would have been done at all if he had a label and professional management.

      • I think the album was a last good project , i think too behind the production existed more support from the music industry there that we want to recognize (Sony, Radio, Tv, Producers, Songwriters)… they rushed with the project , but look like the result gonna be a good one 🙂 , thanks exactly because they were all in the same page, David included, so that shows that everybody need to make concessions to fulfill the objectives.

        Even with the good results i wish this is not a reflect of his past-mission like Peter pointed ….. he need a REAL team behind him to take care of his full potential.

      • Oh, I agree that when he comes back from his Mission I hope he will have professional team behind him and a label.

      • Looks like a 15 minute job to me. All those incredible Bench photos and they pick a photo that hardly looks like David. Well, it’s a fan’s album I guess. For the record, the font chosen for “Forevermore” looks like it gets smaller towards the end of the word throwing it off balance. And while I’m being crabby, I don’t like the song “Forevermore” either. Have not been able to listen to it all the way through yet. Die of boredom each time.

    • lol Peter. It is better than the CFTH cover but that is not saying much. I hope the album does well. Good for David that he is releasing new music. I look forward to the music he produces when he returns from his mission if he has professional guidance. He will then have the time to work on it.

  11. someone on mjs’s said that “rainbow” may be the version recorded by the band “south border”. i think this may be my fav song on the album; it’s mid tempo like “crush”.

  12. I’m one who looks forward to David’s random tweets which show his quirkyness & personality. The inspirational quotes & tasks I can do without. I don’t think of David as a teacher of life as he hasn’t had enough life experiences yet.

    I do like the album cover but then there aren’t many photos of David I don’t like. As for the music/album he’s recording now before he leaves, I hope not ALL the songs he chooses to cover will be religious. Songs can inspire without being “religious”.

    • jus’sayin, I too look forward to David’s random tweets, but if he is to be aloud to tweet on his mission, I bet it will be all inspirational. I will take that, even thought I would like some fun random ones also.
      I also want some recording that aren’t religious. I’m with you, there are plenty of songs that are inspirational that aren’t religious. Still hoping that he leaves an original song that somehow makes the top of the charts. To me that would be HUGE toward his successful career comeback.

    • He’s already puting a love song album out there, pretty sure judging by his words and rumors the US one will be diametrical different …… i’m not sure if hymns kind of music, but inspirational music, can be interesting depending of what kind of songs .

    • I have to be honest I am not a fan of David’s tweets that are the inspirational quotes and tasks either. Like the random tweets.

      • Totally agree with you Marie. Guess I would say I’m neutral about the quotes because some have been thought provoking. The tasks kind of bug me. If he were to reframed the tasks as a wish rather then an assignment it would help … “my wish for today is that elderly shut-ins will be visited by a neighbor or old friend”. That said, I love his random tweets, and really miss the song for the day (sweet little pearls for my itunes)!

        I sure am going to miss David.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I know people who have had tons of life experience and still haven’t learnt many life lessons from it all.
      And I think it is possible to learn many life lessons through being observant, thoughtful and learning lessons from other people’s experiences.
      I think David fits the.second category and besides….life experiences don’t have to be all bad experiences….and David sure has packed a lot into his life so far…

    • I think he is just sharing things he comes across that he likes and touches him. I do miss the song of the day, however,

    • Here an example of an inspirational song that David recorded that I did like : “Prayer of The Children”. So timely now due to what is going on in the news with the Invisible Children’s video Kony 2012. David’s mission is music IMO. Here is the link.

  13. Here’s another song that’s going to be on the Forevermore album that was posted at MJ’s. I’m looking forward to David’s versions of all these songs.

  14. Great Billboard cover story about the Civil Wars. They are already so big, and when the Hunger Games comes out, are going to be exposed to an even larger audience. Love their story- talent, creativity, hard work and a bit of luck/fate.

  15. OMG!

    Charice says her tattoo and short hairdo reflect her “edgy” new look

    “For me, in my heart, I’ve always wanted to be more edgy, rock, more on the dark side.”

      • Charice knew she needed to make changes to stay relevant and reach a broader fanbase IMO. I am also fairly sure she wanted to. There is nothing wrong with that or tats. Jordin Sparks kind of did the same thing. Change is good but it still might not sell records but Charice does act too. Yes idolfan. Where are you? lol

    • TBH who don’t change a little bit on the way to the young adult phase? …. i just guess that celebrity or not all this kids has the same transition crisis that any teenager out there, of course some handle is a better way than others, matching their personalities ( see David by example) and of course is a LOT more noticeable for the general public ….in consequence more difficult for them to justify .

      How ever Charice change is a little extreme, looks more like a age rebellion against his mom ? maybe the result too of a sad moment because the dead of his dad ? and who knows what other issues, but i don’t think is just because she want to stay relevant for the music market , i think is something more there.

      And Miley C is totally original , there is not marketing on her changes, she’s just like that, but is a lot more stronger and independent in my opinion, so she’ll survive to the crazy transition … my guess.

  16. I just read the article on Charice. Very interesting. Love her answer to this question from an interviewer: ” What if people think she is a lesbian because of her new look?” I think that’s a very inappropriate question.”
    “For me, just love me. I’m a person.”
    “I know what people think… I don’t care,” says Charice.
    “This is the look that I want. The only thing that you can do is move on.”

    • Yeah, we’ll see how this works out for her. There is always that transition from child-star to adult. She seems to be going the Miley Cyrus route. Sorry, Idolfan, it really looks like she is NOT David’s girlfriend!

  17. i think the hairdo is becoming on charice. idolfan, does charice’s tatoo reflect her feelings for david? 😉 jk!

    • I have a feeling that their “relationship” just might be on hold even after David’s 2 year mission. lol jk I always thought they made a cute couple too.

  18. tibi, thanks for the subtitled NA episodes (above post). these videos are longer than the ones posted on fod. with the subtitles and full video, the show has taken on a totally new meaning for me.

    as a follow up from the last thread, who knew that josh’s dad would resemble nick carter? also, it’s amazing that all the characters who were adults 15 yrs ago (ie, anya’s mom, uncle steve, holly’s mom) look the exact same as they do today, lol. they did not age at all! and after reading all of alladin’s translated comments, i must say that he’s just precious.

    i hope this comment doesn’t offend anyone but based upon what i’ve seen so far in NA, the white males from the u.s. are depicted somewhat negatively. E.g., evil uncle steve seems to look down on Filipinos; anya’s dad had walked out on her and her mom for several years then he reappears, acting as if he’s a knight in shining armor; anya’s mom rejects josh’s offer of money because some men of “other cultures” believe women like her are”golddiggers”; and josh is perceived (by anya) to be clumsy and having no mojo/game. these comments are meant to be a complaint — just an observation.

    • ooops …. i meant to say:

      these comments are NOT meant to be complaints — just observations.

    • Alladin is adorable and such a good teaser on this love/hate relationship between Josh and Anya lol

      And for the exaggerated and stereotypical perception of American men, along with the over the top character of some personages is that …… well …. is a Soap Opera is like that that works in this format …. but i think too a little of true side past history on the blend ?. 😉

  19. Here’s the latest gorgeous picture of David tweeted by Kari. It was taken at the video-shoot for Forevermore:

    • grammyj, WOW!! gorgeous, you got that right! Hoping that the music video is romantic like the song.

      • I’m surprised that a video was even done for the song since everything was done so quickly. I’m not sure what they came up with in that short amount of time. David sure looks great though! Really all we need is emo David singing especially since he will be gone….

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