Ah David, I’m missing you already, and once the full version of “Forevermore” comes out, I’ll be a weeping mess! 😛


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  1. HG, the full version of Forevermore is out. You must have missed my comment on the last thread:
    David’s latest single in the Philippines, “Forevermore” is at this link at the top in the middle of this site:

    It’s starting to hit me and a lot of other fans that David is actually leaving in a few weeks. I am going to miss him!

  2. Some has the link for NA episode today ? please? … Thanks 🙂

  3. FansofDavid has it! ArchuletaPhillipines has Translation.

  4. Sorry! Thats’ where I saw it just now! but the link above doesn’t work.

    FansofDavid has it Top of page. Link for all episodes.

    TheDavidChronicles adds ones with captions by the next day!!

  5. Love Forevermore by the way!!

  6. Um…um…today’s episode…Whoever is still questioning whether David can act, you won’t be anymore. He did AWESOME!

    • Omg. The beach scene was SO good. Really convincing. I’ve enjoyed seeing Josh upset because when he’s not I feel like I’m watching David. That’s not necessarily D’s fault, either. I think it just comes from following him so closely the last 4 years. Yeah, indignant/cocky Josh gets an A+!!

      • Yes I agree that the beach scene was good. I have not watched the entire series but I really like the episodes I did watch. David does a good job acting in it.

  7. ArchuletaPhillipines has a gifting program for International fans to obtain Forevermore legally!

    Hope that link works.

    • Shanny in Australia

      If anyone is willing to help pay for these gifted singles, and help David sell more singles, then JackRyan said this is how you can do it…

      “If anyone would like to sponsor more singles, you can send via paypal ( ”

      The fans seem to have been very generous with gifting programmes in the past, hopefully we can do it again. 🙂

  8. what about a little speculation for Nandito Ako 🙂 I only watched till episode 12 for the moment.

    I still think that it’s a possibility that Aladin and Holly share the same dad. We know that Holly’s dad and Anya’s mom had an affair but I don’t think it has anything to do with Anya. Also, the friend of Josh’s mother said that his mom tried to go to the US to find him thanks to her relation with a man or something like that, that’s why I think that there is a possibility that Holly and Josh share the same mom (even if it’s a really tiny possibility lol but it’s a soap, every thing is possible). There’s also a huge probability that Anya’s an extraterrestrial because she’s the only one who didn’t succumb instantly to the charm of the international singing sensation Josh Bradley lol (remember, every thing is possible in a soap opera lol).

    • you can tell I give it a lot of thoughts lol.

      • lol cmoi, I think that made my head hurt 😀

      • I’m working on the family tree of the NA characters lol, now I know why I have a huge headache lol

      • Anya is quite the angry, little extraterrestial, lol. I don’t always know what she’s saying but in many scenes, she seems to be tense and upset. You’re right, it’s strange that Josh hasn’t charmed her yet (but then again, I’m 2 episodes behind). 🙂

    • I just want to know what is up with Holly’s headaches. lol. She gets them whenever Josh is in trouble..So yeah, I’m thinking those 2 are related somehow…I haven’t had time to read the translation, so I have no idea what the storylines are. lol….LOL about Anya being an alien. That is slightly possible, I think.

    • Let me try :

      Alladin : Mom Theresa – Dad ?? someone who left her pregnan :/
      Anya : Mom Theresa – Dad dead
      Josh : Mom Cara – Dad Nick Carter 😉 ,according to the picture 🙂
      Holly : Mom unknown – Dad unknown

      Possibilities ;
      – Alladin irresponsible dad can be Holly’s dad too with another mom :/ …. can works like theory
      – Josh mom and dad can be actually Holly’s mom and dad , but why they or Cara’s gave her in adoption? and clearly Holly’s is younger than Josh so 😐
      -Josh mom is actually Holly’s mom , from other relationship like you say, but again why to give her in adoption if she already lose a child ? :/

      Conclusion … I have not idea 😦

      • I think that Josh’s mom had an affair with Holly’s dad, I think that he promised her to help her to go to the USA to find her son. I remember that Holly’s mom said that her husband is the one who insisted to adopt Holly. Maybe Cara thinks that her little baby girl died when she gave birth to her or I don’t know, they can come up with anything lol. Maybe it wasn’t a serious relation for Holly’s dad and that he wanted to stay with his wife but he still wanted his baby…

        I too have no idea lol but if I had a hand on the script it would turn like this :
        There are 10 episodes left and Josh already found his mom so now he and Anya are going to help Holly find her real parents. Holly’s headaches get worse and she’s hospitalized and they discover that she has a tumor or something like that. The doctors say that she needs a donor to save her life and of course they end up discovering that Cara is her mom. Cara can’t believe her baby is still alive and she’s so happy be to be reunited with her. Anya is secretly super mega happy because now, she’ll have Josh just for herself. But for some reasons, she can’t confess her love to Josh (nobody knows that she’s an alien in reality) so a men in black intervention is needed and Will Smith makes a guest apparition ( you have Nick Carter,so I can have WS lol). Will Smith saves the day like always and Josh, Anya and Holly are now all happy. But it was counting without the two evils of the series : the uncle Steve and the angry Margaret. They team up and conspire against Cara, their common enemy now, because of her the uncle lost all the control he had on Josh and Margret just doesn’t want Holly to be finally happy. This time, it’s Josh who will save the day. Uncle Steve will be sent in jail because Chit found out that he was stealing Josh’s money he had diverse offshore accounts in Swiss and in Cayman Islands. Holly’s step mother dies of too much anger (combined with an overdose of alcohol and meds, I know, not every thing ends well in this miniseries).
        In the final scene, Josh makes a big announcement to his fans and tells them that he’s going to take a 2 years break so he can catch up with his mother and his sister and live his love with Anya. The fans are really sad but they understand that he has to do this for himself. He promised to come back with great music and an international tour that will start in France (I don’t know why they choose France, they said something about a crazy fan there lol). And in this final scene, we finally see Audrey, Holly’s half sister. Apparently, she inherited her mom’s anger and she promises to avenge her. I heard that TV5 are working on “Nandito Ako II”, they’ll film it in 2014.

  9. holly and josh are

    • That’s what people are guessing. I get that, but Holly is in another Josh concert scene with her head wrapped in some bandage looking thing. A tumor??

  10. you’re probably right. I don’t know why but I thought that Josh was a little older than Anya and Holly (like he’s 20 and they are 18).

    • Kari tweeted that Josh is 22. Are the girls in college or high school? I’ve never figured this out.

  11. Josh is 22 and Jasmine said that she and probably Holly are about 18 or 19 in the Mini Series.

    In real life Jasmine is 17 and Eula is 16.

    JR just tweeted that she now has 45 Forevermore singles to gift and say to email her at

  12. If Josh is 22, I don’t get the whole plot about Uncle Steve forbidding him from doing anything he wants. He’s an adult and can come and go as he pleases. Oh well, I guess there would be no story if it had to make sense.

    • Clearly Uncle Steve is a very emotional abussive stage uncle , and Josh is his little gold mine , overprotected all the time in the name of a helping you to reach your dreams, look like his uncle is the only relative he knows from his childhood and by the reaction of the personage , Josh has something more than respect for him , i mean he sound sometimes frustrated and even scary ?…. is what i concluded by the lines expressed by Josh and Uncle until now. 🙂 ….aaaaaand is a soap opera so anything can happen ….. Oh wait actually Luis Miguel the mexican singer has a similar story so :/

  13. Thanks for the links to todays episode evrybody , i actually went to FOD and find this blog from sweet Jasmine Curtis = Anya … this girl is very smart and sensitive 🙂

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