The Pleasant Surprise that is David’s Acting

Who knew that David had it in him to “act,” much less act in the most dramatic of all dramas – the Soap Opera?

I had wondered about the “rumor” floating about during his My Kind of Christmas Tour (‘member when someone said he would be doing some acting? Of course, the rumor also included that Spielberg was tapping him for an acting project and nothing came of that – or will it?).

It’s fascinating to me that, before going away on his two-year Mission, David would venture into such a project.  Perhaps the offers only came from Asia and not from here in the U.S., and perhaps David felt “safe” exploring his acting options overseas and away from the unfriendly American media glare.

But I do hope that this little experience of Nandito Ako will make David not only more comfortable in front of the cameras but also more courageous in “performing outside of his skin,” appearing before the cameras less as David Archuleta and more as a different persona.

It makes me wonder if he’ll want to do more acting, and not just music, when he returns to the public after his mission. So, what say you, peeps? Here’s my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. good one hg.i smell a firestrome comming lol

  2. I’m a “gusher”…
    As far as I’m concerned, David can do whatever his heart desires. I enjoy any little tidbit of info that he cares to share with me. That being said, I am impressed with his acting abilities. I know he strives for perfection in everything he does and this “Soap” role shows that. I was expecting nothing much other than “cheese” when I first heard about the role. I was wrong. Yes, there’s plenty of “cheese”, but there is soooo much more. Nandito Ako is well done. Director, story line, and above all the whole cast have me laughing-out-loud, crying real tears, and fist pumping for David when he shows anger towards Uncle Jerk!
    It has been a real learning experience for David. You can see him progressing with each episode. I am very glad he took this role.

  3. There are several ways of looking at David’s acting opportunities in Nandito Ako. Just the opportunity itself for a first time acting role (besides the iCarly etc.) is yes, an opportunity to act. The exposure to his acting and the financial gain is significant to his future. Fans who adore Nandito Ako can write forever about the series perhaps often times using the word ‘cute’ for description which in this case I would like to bury the word…I commend David for all that he has accomplished with this role.

    I love all of the positive good things for David that come with each opportunity such as spending time with other artists in a lengthy role of performing. But there is a but and this is just a PERSONAL but, the parental abuse in general has me fast forwarding the repetitious, daily abuse to David’s scenes and of course striking out at David is in the forefront of communications as well. Whether this is common in their soaps or not, I just personally find it disturbing.

    It is wonderful to see David as an actor and I look forward to seeing him in the future, but …well that is enough ‘but’ for now!!

    Time for reflection is approaching and with reflection, wisdom will follow. I know, right now we love everything that gives us the opportunity to see David. I listened to David sing “Silent Night”, the one recorded with the Tabernacle choir and it was wow, we have been away from his music for so long while focused on this series.
    Hopefully there will be many new people captivated by his voice in the recordings that are to be released.


    • Yes SB! I do agree! The parental abuse is unnecessary. I don’t care for that part. The yelling and screaming are pretty dramatic all by themselves!
      I’ve ordered my CD’s. New David music to squee about! WOOT!

  4. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    I think music is where his heart and talent lies, but I’m enjoying the series and am impressed with David’s acting. I like the general storyline but agree with SandyBeaches about the abusive scenes getting tedious. I know it’s a soap, but … well, I love the actress, Eula, but I have also been fast forwarded through her pieces lately because we only see her crying, trying to escape or being abused. I’m ready for her to be happy for a minute or two. I do love the basic romance throughline, though, and it’s so much fun to see David in a romantic lead … the writer surely researched online to know how lethal that stare is to David’s fans. LOL!

    So, I voted that if I got to pick David’s future (ha!) I’d want him to focus on music and take sideline acting jobs whenever he feels compelled to take what is offered.

  5. I’m not a fan of local ‘soaps’ here bec basically the storylines are always predictable. There are lots of crying, slapping, love triangles, mistresses, cheesiness, fist fights but this kind of parental abuse in NA is not very common. Maybe the writers like to establish this as a reason for Holly getting sick later in the story ( per twitter speculations bec there’s a trailer showing her head wrapped in bandanna bec she has cancer).

    Like Kathy i love the basic romance going on with Josh & Anya, the stares, gazes. I didn’ t expect I’ll ever enjoy a local soap but I do with this. Im also thankful David accepted this project just bec first, I’m sure he was paid a lot, Tv5 is known for paying their most sought after talents 10X more than the 2 leading networks. Second, the exposure and his “better than expected acting” gained him local fans (Phils. & maybe other Asian countries too) who will be buying his albums and attending his concerts (when he returns from his mission?) Third, he discovered he likes acting and will pursue it later. So this could be another reason he will go back to his career when he returns?

    But after saying all these I voted David should focus on his music and just do some acting projects on the side… because he still has so much to discover on the music aspect and I think this is the field where he would soar if he makes the right decisions.

  6. The music industry is dire straights right now, so I think it’s good that David has diversified into acting. Of course, music will always come first with David and his fans, but the money made from acting can help fund music projects in the future. The AI alumni that don’t have a major label but are making a living in the entertainment industry are acting in musical theatre, movies, or T.V.

    • This is a fun little poll hg. I think David should go for any opportunities he can get in the entertainment industry. I would love to see him in a movie musical. Broadway and TV would be great too. I agree with you grammyj about the music industry. It is good to diversify into acting. I agree with your comments. I would love to see David be the voice in an animated feature film. The other side of it is he does have much to do in his music career too. I hope that David gets the “confidence” to just go for it with music and acting and the Spanish album so I agree with you cmoi. No tomatoes on this site. LOL

  7. Happy that David accepting this offer and challenge in a safe environment to start with. Enjoying the Mini Series and you can see David gaining confidence. Everybody there loves him. I could do without the violence! Love how Josh and Anya’s relationship is developing. Nobody has better eye contact than David!! This gig led to two new songs in the show, a CD with 10 more songs, and a Modeling contract for Bench/Fix. Can’t see any downside!! It’s keeping us entertained during David’s last month and he earned some good money.
    I voted for focus on music with an occasional acting job.
    Now he’s recording music here and visiting family and friends before he leaves. Re reading COS has given me even more appreciation of David and all that he has accomplished. Especially love how he describes his gratefulness and relationship with fans.

    I’m here for the long haul and appreciate David more than ever. He is following his heart and journey. He has been doing that all along.

  8. I just posted this over at FOD on the Nandito Ako episodes page, which pretty much sums up for me how I feel about David acting.

    What am I missing? I love, love, love David as a singer/songwriter, not so much as an actor. That’s why I like him so much, because he is genuine. What you see is what you get, no acting. I have to admit, I don’t see any great acting on his part, and I’m kind of happy about that. I tend not to trust an actor as much, because you never know if they’re acting or really being genuine. I do think some of the other actors in Nandito Ako are pretty good. You can tell they are actors, or aspiring actors. IMHO David needs to stick to singing. There are VERY few artists who are talented at both acting and singing, and David is not one of them. The singers that David himself looks up to are just singers. His talent is his voice. Focus all his energies on that and songwriting and I think he will go far. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy watching Nandito Ako, because it is a chance to see David more. But I find myself cringing at much of his acting.

    David is an amazing singer, he is not an amazing actor. His natural talent is singing, not acting. And I think telling him he is really good at acting is doing a disservice to him. I know we all want to be supportive of him and everything, but I think he would do better for himself to focus on singing and songwriting. Kudos to him for trying something different, and going out of his comfort zone, but I think he should do that with singing and songwriting, not acting. Branch out with his singing and songwriting, try something out of his comfort zone there. Who knows, maybe this little acting gig will somehow help him with his singing/songwriting. Maybe he’ll see things a little differently and be able to write from a different perspective.

    Again, I don’t not want to be supportive of David, and I’ve certainly enjoyed being able to see him on something, but I just can’t agree with the comments that he is somehow this great, amazing actor. I will always support him, but I truly hope he leaves the acting alone and just focuses on his singing career! I want to hear more of that gorgeous voice and see more of that gorgeous face at concerts!!

    You may commence throwing tomatoes!! 🙂 🙂

    • no tomatoes lol, the fans here are used to share honest and sometimes unpopular opinions lol

      TBH, I’m impressed by David’s acting. He’s not an amazing actor, far from it lol and I wasn’t expecting too much. But I think he is natural at doing it and that he shows a disposition to be a good actor.
      I’m not sure it’s fair to compare David the singer to David the actor for the moment because he’s singing since he was 6 and he only started this acting thing and he only took 2 classes. I think that for a soap with no pretension, he’s doing the job.

      That being said, I voted for David should stick to music and do special acting projects if he wants. As Lani said, I think that David has still so much to do and discover on the music aspect. I don’t think we saw him yet at his full potential (as amazing as he is now). I think he’s capable of more in terms of songwriting and producing. I still want to hear from him the music that represents who he is, the music that shows his multiple influences, his culture, the things he experimented in his travels or at the contact of new persons. TOSOD is good lyrically and it surely corresponded to a precise time of his life but the production side was lacking. He even admitted it in an interview. I hope for more sophistication on the production side and I hope for music where his voice is showcased more.

      But I also hope that he’ll do special acting projects too. TBH, I think that he’s an artist in the global sense of the word. The sensibility, the passion, the ability of delivering the right emotion to a song (plus the great voice of course) make him a great singers but those elements can be used too in acting IMO. He just needs to work on it like he worked all his life on his singing because he only can get better with practice and confidence.

      • And I’m still waiting for a Spanish album, a Soul album, multiple collabs with different artists, etc… Plus, David only started to show more confidence on stage adding a little dancing and playing drums. He also showed a lot of improvement and promise for the future with his former band which helped him being more free on stage and do more ad libs. For me, he was really just starting to show more things before his mission announcement. I just hope that all this won’t be wasted when he’ll come back to music.

      • cmoi,

        I,too, would love to see a soul album and collabs with other, well known artists. I wouldn’t mind a little gospel influence in a song or two as well. See, these are the things I think he should be focusing on, not acting right now. Maybe, when he’s more established as an artist in the music biz he could venture into acting, but I think he needs to focus on what he’s good at for now. Certainly, he could take some acting classes on the side, but I think only if it doesn’t interfere with furthering his music career.

        I fell in love with David the voice and the person, not some character that he would play. I like the real deal! Probably why I don’t follow any celebrities/actors careers. They just don’t impress me. I like movies and characters in movies, but I’m not star struck by “movie stars.”

    • dreamerjulie, no tomatoes here. Have a blast watching this series, but want David to sing and go on concerts. Maybe down the road when he is has a really good established singing career, he can spread his wings and do acting again, IMO.

  9. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have had the first of the Q’Viva, (The Chosen) reality shows appear on television, March 3/12. It was beautiful, as they gave a second look at candidates in all forms of music and artistry perform for them as they travelled to all of the South American countries. The competitors who were chosen to receive tickets to perform in LA, were fabulous in all forms of music from the singing to the dancing to the playing of instruments. Colorful, handsome people and wonderfully talented. The dream of Jennifer and Marc is to show the world the best of the Latino musicians. I will be watching that reality show.

    This video of Jennifer rolling down her window and listening to a singer perform for her has brought nearly 266,000 views. Of course he reminds me a little of David, and he did receive an invitation for his on the spot audition. There are several interesting videos about the program on YT.

    When I saw this, I remembered how much we enjoyed David singing the beautiful ‘Contigo En La Distancia’ and how many times I watched ‘Somos El Mundo’…He is fortunate that he has two languages in particular that are second nature to him. What a wonderful direction to go in when he returns…My guess is that he is going somewhere that will enrich his Spanish, so think about how fabulous he will be.


    • Looks like it will be an interesting show once everyone is selected. Watched a little before switching to Wise Radio which has a 2 1/2 hour show of all David’s music.

      Love Contigo En La Distancia and Somos El Mundo . Both favorite performance of mine along with Los Pastores.

      David did tell one interviewer, he will definitely doing a Spanish Album when he gets back and will be more prepared as he will have been exposed to Spanish Culture during the next two years.
      Can’t find the link right now but was in Singpore.

      David is very versatile and a very hard worker.

      Lots of Good Memories.

    • He does remind me of David in this video. I think it would be great if David does chose to go in the Spanish album direction when he returns.

  10. dreamerjulie,

    LOL at that last sentence!! I agree that David is not an amazing actor but I expected worse. I even wonder why I haven’t read negative write ups nor heard on tv/radio a single criticism saying he can’t really act . Well he’s a media darling!
    (writers/reporters here can also be very very mean on “newbies”)
    ANW am just happy to see more David in any form lol before he goes for dang it TWO years.

  11. Oh heavens to Betsy, the boy needs to do more acting, lol. I’ve been praying for this day for what…4 years? No, he’s not professional. And no, he’s not amazing at it. But he definitely has alot of potential. I was REALLY surprised and impressed with how well he did some scenes. And proud. Some other scenes, not so much….If the US could see his face on screen like that, even if it was just a 4-second smoldering look….yeah. Mm-hm…

    Obviously, his strength is in singing, so I’d never want him to give that up. But as a side project~ to remind those who’ve moved on that he still exists, and to satisfy his need to take on new challenging adventures ~ I say go for it. Plus, he may NEED to take on side projects for awhile if it gets to the point where he really does need to start his singing career from scratch.

  12. I wonder if David was previously aware of the amount of family abuse and the violence in the script before the series was agreed upon? Was it all written in his script? There seems to be a certain amount of shock value added that well…shocked me and still does. It does not seem to be in keeping with David’s values or beliefs especially on the doorstep of his mission. The ending may be good, but it is the getting there that makes me a little uneasy.


    • You mean if he was aware of the kind of realities implied in the story line ? …please if his fans want him to go for a super clean script he will end doing Barney like his big acting step 😐 ….. you can’t build a a happy/romantic story without show the adversity in many levels …because those are part of the live too . …. right?
      I understand though if you’re not a fan of this kind of formats or you’re unaware of some of difficult situations in the today society around the world , will be unpleasant to see and accept like part of the fictional life in a Soap Opera .. right now for the Asian market that were his first target works perfectly.

  13. I voted movies because I’d like to see David on the big screen. I haven’t kept up to date with the series; I’m very curious about the violence.

    • Just to keep it in the proper context of the meaning I looked up the meaning of violence …intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme…furious in impetuosity…

      Maybe we have seen the last of it and the story line will change.

      • Seriously, it’s a story, a drama. The mother is the evil person who we are suppose to hate. It’s not like they are glorifying her. I’m sure she will eventually see the error of her ways, and probably become a loving mother in the end. If David only accepts roles without any controversy or drama he will be doing Disney. Of course, who knows if he will ever act again. This might be a one time thing.

      • I agree with you Grammyj, it’s a fiction. David is acting in it, it has nothing to do with his values or beliefs.

      • Yes I agree that it is acting.

      • Whitney and Stevie Wonder songs are on AI tonight. I have to watch.

      • grammyj , i totally agree with you. 🙂

  14. Great Poll HG!

    Of course I cannot choose just one. I think David should explore more of whatever he wants to do when he returns. I definitely think he should take more acting projects, modeling and of course singing. I mentioned last week I;d rather watch him than KatMcphee in Smash. There’s a magnetic quality period that just shines through. I agree with Deserat – would also love to see him on a big screen.
    Of course, this is all moot if he comes back wanting a different direction for his life.

  15. WOW! Jessica just gave me goosebumps! That has NOT happened since David.

  16. Jessica was just amazing on that song. Wow.

  17. As I watched Jessica – all I could think of was HG’s conspiracy theory lol! She is talented and will probably win but I am not feeling her just yet. When I see all these great young talents being given exposure, I think it is a shame that radio play is dominated by a monopoly of the same singers over and over. Since Adele, big singing seems to be making a comeback. I wonder if there is room for a Jessica or The Voice winner. Also recently read somewhere that the top 4 X-factor finalists all signed deals with Sony.

    • Actually, tonight, I was not wowed by Jessica. AT ALL. She was pure IMITATION WHITNEY. Who impressed me?

      Skylar, countrifying “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” That’s how you do a Whitney song and make it your own! 🙂

      • I thought Skylar was very good too. She is my kind of country artist as opposed to Scotty. He is not my kind of country. lol Hollie has a really good voice too. I have seen some of Jessica’s you tube videos and I am judging her talent on those videos too. Tibi: I thought Heejun was not bad tonight at all. He can sing. The show was entertaining and there were some good performances.

      • I agree with HG about Jessica, she has talent and a beautiful powerful voice under control, but she need to find her own diva identity on her, otherwise she will become , very predictable … in my opinion.

        I love Skylar job too , that girl has real talent and i actually enjoy her so much.

        And Marie … i agree Heejun did a lot better tonight , he just need to improve what he started back to his first performances in terms of emotion, he can do better without to have the big voice of the others … 🙂

  18. I will say …. David is BETTER actor that i was expecting , in the past ( and specially after the HM gig ) always wished to see him in a comedy film, because looking and his goofy moments and face expressions i thought he could be good doing it …. but he surprised me one more time doing a Soap Opera and made me take back my skeptical first opinion lol. He really impressed me , considering he’s not trained and the fact he had to imagine/learn the dialogue of the others ( in a foreigner language ) to react in the good way and in timing with the scene …. that speak a lot of his capabilities ….in my opinion.
    So i have not problems with him acting too , clearly he’s a fast learning and can give credibility to a personage translating the emotions from the paper to the screen .

    Now People really need to keep in mind that reality sometimes surpass the fiction and that in the soap operas the villain is a sort of caricature of the reality (all their actions are over the top to put emphasis on their character ) and that usually they end bad or paying for their mistakes and hating actions … and even if he do the part of the bad guy , IS.JUST.ACTING please 😐

    I think too David is better singer than writer, actor and model .
    Music is what gonna give him for sure the quotidian living in the future ; just happen that many of us wish him this but in a big way and not in an small scale, but even in an small scale he’s gonna make his living from his singing .

    SO , he can diversified his curriculum in the arts/entertaining business? of course , and tbh will be silly if he don’t go for others projects , he’s already the owner of a best seller book , something many of us never thought back in 2008 😉 .. so we never know what and how can works for him in some years ….. SPECIALLY for him, that one more time , is totally unpredictable lol .

    But if He’s gonna start to do the same with that others opportunities like what he’s doing with the music, avoiding some realities of the live, in order to be positive all the time , maybe wouldn’t be a good idea :/

    Any way i would love to see him using all this experiences to feel free like performer, he can really deliver many kind of emotions from the stage with his voice and presence, maybe more of what he want to accept or is afraid to go for .

    Curious point., not Broadway or Musical comedies or films….. please. . :/

  19. Charice I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU-Uploaded by raitsu2793 on Feb 15, 2012

    • Beautiful performance. What a voice. I do not understand why Glee did not keep Charice on the show longer. I also will never understand why David was not on Glee either. Charice and David would have just been great together on Glee.

  20. i thought jessica sanchez’s closing notes were just beautiful and i really like the texture of charice’s vocals. my fav on idol last night was the country western singer, skylar. i don’t get the phillip phillips hype but its because i don’t know his music genre that well.

    • My guess for the top 3: Jessie, Hollie, Skylar or Phillip. Phillip just might slip into the top 2 with the way America votes. Jessica is going win and I think AI wants her to.

      • I do wonder at this point where David is going on his mission. I guess we will find out soon. I so hope it is a Spanish speaking country so he can practice his Spanish while there.

      • David pretty much said in an interview in the Philippines that he is going to a Spanish speaking area for his mission.

      • He is going to a Spanish-speaking country.

  21. I rewatched a few NA episodes with subtitles last night and really think David does very well in some of the more emotional scenes … In the one, for instance, where he sits with his mother’s friend to inquire about her. He gets teary-eyed and then seems embarrassed and grateful as they say their goodbyes. And when you remember he had a cameraman or two hovering over him as he played the scene … Well, amazing!

    I agree that the series is pure fiction and that in a soap the bad guys are very bad –I just find the “hit Holly” scenes a bit tedious. Enjoying immensely overall and today’s previews look fun.

  22. Kris Allen’s new single is U2-ish. I like it.

    • I liked this too. I wonder if RCA can do enough to make it a hit. Probably not as they haven’t had much success lately with the other Idols. I enjoyed Kris’s debut album a lot.

    • I doubt that Kris’s new single will sell that well or be a hit. I would have no confidence in RCA after seeing what has happened to both Davids and other idols after their initial 2 yrs are up post AI. There are only a few exceptions. It is too bad but I just do not see it happening, I could be wrong.

      • I do give Kris and all the other idols credit for hanging in there with their music careers. It is important to grab any opportunities you have while you can. To me AI is kind of like strike while the iron is hot and keep going as you do not know what your options will be in the future. I do not think we know what David’s options are for the future when you leave your music career for 2 years to be honest. Unfortunately the line forms at the left with the thousands wanting to replace you in the music business. lol

    • U2 is one of my favorite band ! I really like Kris new song. Maybe one of his best IMO. And his falseto seems really good too. I don’t know if RCA would invest enough time and money to promote it but it’s better than most of the songs on the radio right now. ( I can see David singing this type of song especially because of the message and the lyrics)

    • I hear the song before at MJs along with a couple others demo’s of his upcoming album and i considering to buy it in June , Kris is really good songwriter and talented musician and his personality is so much fun and adorable so why not? . Thank for sharing . 🙂

  23. David’s latest single in the Philippines, “Forevermore” is at this link at the top in the middle of this site:
    His vocals are beautiful as always.

    • grammyj, Love, love FOREVERMORE!!!

    • Thanks for the link Grammyj! That VOICE is at it’s golden finest in Forevermore! 😉

    • I love it ! Thanks for the link ! Listening to this song, I realized how much I missed David’s voice. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t listen to any of his songs (except Nandito Ako) since the mission’s announcement…

      I haven’t ordered the forevermore album yet and I wonder if it is (or will be) avalaible on iTunes ?

      • It is not available on iTunes. It is only available for preorder through a couple Philippine websites – the record label and a fansite. Some fans have been confused when ordering. I want to order it but I haven’t yet.

      • That is too bad that is only available from Phillipino music stores , i still wonder why he can make it easy for his fans here? put that songs in itunes and the album at least in Amazon please 😐 I just think is too expensive with the shipping costs , so many young fans gonna have it via piracy ways . sadly because a bad marketing strategy . :/

      • Thanks for the info Grammyj !
        I agree with you Tibitibi. It’s the same for the ATE songs, David said they were trying to find a way to make them available for all the fans but with no success apparently and then like many others I bought it on CDwow.
        I hope at least for a direct link in the music store on the OS.

      • I believe there is a link on the OS to the site where you can buy it, but as I said before it’s a confusing way to purchase it and the shipping is expensive. I am hoping that CDwow will get it like the Asian TOSOD. It was easy to buy from them and free shipping. There must be a lot of legalities to sort out and at the end of the day it might not have been profitable to sell the Asian TOSOD here.

  24. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    P.S. “Fun” was an understatement. Totally spazzing right now. Why is it so much fun to watch David flirt? LOL.

    • I only saw the preview and I can’t wait to watch this episode ! Hoping for a dailymotion link with subtitles !

    • LOL, today episode was so special with the all flirting sequence between Josh and Anya and tomorrow gonna be better 🙂

  25. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Cmoi, SB at TheDavidChronicles has been posting translations, but she hasn’t gotten to episodes 13 or 14 yet.

    • Thank you ! I just watched the episodes 11 and 12. Loved them !

      I love the réaction of Anya’s mom when she found Josh in her house lol.

      • KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

        I know. LOVED that reaction. And I think I read somewhere that the actress was/is actually a David fan from before, too. She sure got the reaction right. LOL.

  26. a few threads back, someone asked about NA ratings. jackryan tweeted this link to a great blog! go josh bradley and tv5 !!! 🙂

  27. Shanny in Australia

    Ok, continuing on the discussion I still don’t have the energy or passion for lol….there is a lot I could say in reply to all the comments about it on the previous thread…but I will leave it at this one point….I didn’t particularly appreciate the inference by several people that I just want David to talk about a whole bunch of religious stuff. That is not true. Personally, I enjoy the spiritual side of David and I am looking forward to whatever spiritual songs he may leave for us but I don’t feel any great need for David to preach to the masses or anything. I think David’s greatest contribution he gives to the church is by virtue of his celebrity status, he shows the world Mormons are pretty normal people too, I think he breaks down some commonly held stereotypes about Mormons. Going back to the example I used about the interview where he called it ‘meditation’ and the radio Dj’s called it out as ‘prayer and scripture study’. That is NOT an example of me wanting him to speak more about religious topics, that is an example of how I want him to feel free to be himself. For instance, would anyone have been offended if he had have.called it ‘prayer and scripture study? I don’t think so. Everyone knows he is religious after all. Besides, why does David need to say anything about religion when it is a constant topic anyway?! lol
    I have ALWAYS been an advocate for David doing things his own way and that has always extended well beyond religion to who he chooses for his manager, whether or not he.chooses a.label, who he works with, what projects he does or does not do….
    As one last quick point ….it was never my intention to make anyone feel guilty about anything. I can understand how some might feel that way from the conversation but I was never thinking about that during the conversation…i was picturing the fans as, not as individual people who needed reproving or anything. Originally my comments were supposed to be a.mere observation but the topic seemed to take on a life and a passion of it’s own. And one I don’t particularly feel the energy for to be honest. lol To those who may feel guilty – whether real or imagined guilt – I say… ‘Lifes too short, let it go’. lol

    • to continue on the freedom topic, I hope that David will feel free to record an upbeat song before he leaves. Something fun and catchy. And because I want to let him enough room to be free, it can be an original or a cover, I let him choose and do it his own way lol). I’m a demanding fan and I don’t even feel guilty lol, it’s too late for that, he’s leaving at the end of the month

      • I am all for a fun and catchy song from David.

      • Yes! uptempo song FTW ….. be free to do it David, i’ll don’t mind. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        I would love something like that too. I think Forevermore is gorgeous but a whole bunch of slow jams while he is gone…will just make me miss him more. I will need something upbeat to knock me out of the funk i’ll get into listening to them. 😆

    • Oh Shanny he can say whatever he want, celebrities do it all the time, some people gonna take it seriously , others not, some gonna go away because his ideas , but others gonna be attracted by the same ideas , this society has too many stereotypes , but i don’t think David was victim of that, people loved him from the start and most of us careless about his religious status ….. different is to have an opinion when politic and religious positions and supports affect the path of a career (that is his case lately) …. of course opinion should be expected , more like a pedagogic exercise that fro anything else at least on his fansites , eventually ( two years?) like all in life don’t gonna be important anymore.

      David is not the only one in the business with strong values or religious habits , is not the only one supporting charities and talking about the power of the prayer and scriptures neither and is not definitely the one with the most negative feedback about that subject ,…. so relax girl ….he’s freeeee , tbh sometimes i just thing that the stereotypes situation play more from the other side around than against David . 😉

      Oh ! btw ‘Free’ is the name of Haley Reinhart new single available March 20 ….. sorry , can’t resist the opportunity for a promo moment LOL . 🙂

      • ”eventually ( two years?) like all the frivolous subjects in life don’t gonna be important anymore.” 🙂

      • tibi, we’ll be looking for you to start the FOH site – Fans of Haley, lol. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibi, the only thing I said about stereotypes was that he helps break down stereotypes about mormons. I didn’t say anything about how stereotypes may or may not have affected his career.

      • LO desertrat , i just love Haley too, she’s talented, sweet and funny too and actually is a family favorite so could be easy for me 😉 , i should do that to keep my hobbies in the same line that this last four years ha, ha ….. but i guess will be equally stressing that like David .

    • I don’t think any of us feel guilty. We all have opinions here and we share them. I like that about this site. Other David fansites call people out as being a bad fan for posting unpopular opinions. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now because David will be gone for two years and won’t be involved in his public, singing career. He will have to follow the Mormon mission rules which seem to be many. He won’t be free, but are we ever really free?

    • Shanny,
      Hello! I am sorry if you felt that way. I know that his LDS are no doubt very excited that he shares their religion and can give it a public face, especially when so many people are ignorant about Mormonism and its history.

      I am not LDS and religion was not a factor when I became his fan.

      • I agree with you freofan. Everyday when I am at work I know I am not free. I just need to pay the bills. lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        I guess freedom is a big thing to me. I think our freedoms are being eroded everywhere, especially in politics.

        For the record too…i found david on youtube and yes, the fact.that he shared the same religion as me, made me curious as to how far this ‘young mormon boy’ got on the show. But by the time I had finished watching the vids, I was a fan of the voice and have increasingly become of the person. If it was about religion, I guess i’d be hanging out on Brooke White fansites too. (i guess, i’m responding to an old conversation there Freo)

      • Shanny in Australia

        Btw, I don’t think being free means David should be mindless/hurtful/disrespectful etc in the things he says. I think it is possible to be true to yourself and respectful at the same time.

    • Shanny, maybe you mean that you’d like David to be able to feel free to be more natural and open about his church affiliation and practices–like he would be if he were Baptist, or Catholic, or whatever. He said his dad didn’t have the best public image, and he also seems to be aware of public image issues with his religion, so he keeps it more close to the vest, like he did about his dad being his manager.

      I know–I’m at it again, but no offense meant by any of this–just going from your examples.

      Do you remember the interview where the DJs were talking about Mormons and the Amish, and David joked about not having horns and a tail? During AI, Constantine called him “church boy”, and later, TMZ chased him with questions about the “Sister Wives” show. Jason Castro and Mandisa are loud and proud about their affiliation with Christian music, but here, we’re worried about a possible LDS label for David.

      It’s an issue in the presidential election where Romney tries not to discuss his church, but others are TOO out there about theirs. In this country, it’s almost as unaccepted as being atheist or gay–according to the polls. Of course, the Osmonds seem to be out and proud Mormons, without repercussions, but I can definitely see a hesitancy with David.

      This mostly concerns society as a whole, rather than the fans in particular, so maybe this is not at all what you had in mind, so just ignore if so.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cchalo, I don’t think I have seen or heard those interviews/moments you described with regards to David. Hmmm…plenty to catch up on over the next 2 years. lol

        i understand what you are saying there and your comments are probably a good example of other things …like David’s value to the church being in his ability to break down stereotypes (rather than him allegedly making money for or converting the fans, like has sometimes been suggested). However, when I speak of David being free I really am talking about more than just religion. There has been so much lamenting over one thing or another over the past year that I think, it would be freeing for and freeing for David if people could find that emotionally ‘sweet spot’ where they care about david’s happiness and success but are able to step back and let him be his own true, free agent.

        Btw, I appreciate your efforts regarding LDS topics. Thank you. It doesn’t go un-noticed. 🙂

      • I do remember all those interviews and statements by David, cc halo. He made several comments about his father’s public image issues even right after AI. I never thought that it was up to David to defend his dad and I still do not think that is his responsibility. I am not a fan of some Christian celebrities comments such as Kirk Cameron. I just think the music/entertainment business tends to be very liberal and probably many democrats in their ranks. IMO you limit your career if you are just a Christian artist doing Christian music but there is a market for it.

  28. The other day I tweeted (I’m @collegemom12) to someone David singing Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” youtube to someone and these singers tweeted me back that if I like Gnarls Barkley listen to their cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” and I love it! (and since this is “Soul David” I would bring it here to share! Enjoy!

    • thanks for posting – they have a nice sound. the lead singer sounds a little like robert lamm, lead singer for “chicago” (ie, Beginnings, Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?)

  29. After listening to Forevermore, it just makes me not want David to leave even more…..imo, he was just really gaining ground in his career, uggh!!!
    LOVE, LOVE FOREVERMORE. Romance, romance!!!

  30. RT @DavidArchie: Final teeth cleaning at the dentist’s before I leave on my mission.

    By the end of this month all this will be awkwardly different eh? ….. gonna be a sad moment tbh …. i guess i start to feel nostalgic right now 😦

  31. fanscene has posted the album cover art for “forevermore”. under the song listings, does anyone know what “minus-one” means?

    • someone just posted that “minus-one” means ‘no audio, only background music’. This way, the song can be used for karaoke.

  32. josh…onthebeach…wearingshorts

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