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Now that we’ve had our weekend full of David Fan Drama, isn’t it more fun to look at Nandito Ako?

Kudos to the Fans of David, for providing the links here. I’m just re-posting:

Episode 6 (2/27/12), Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Episode 7 (2/28/12), Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4

Episode 8 (2/29/12), Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Episode 9 (3/1/12), Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Episode 10 (3/2/12), Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Now, what’s the likelihood that we’ll get an English-subtitled DVD? 🙂


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  1. Maybe everyone else knows this already, but I learned today that record labels can buy views for YouTube videos, which may explain some of the instances where new artists are “discovered” on YouTube. (Don’t have a link, sorry.)

  2. Re: The Voice, I also liked Angel Taylor:

  3. And Chris Mann:

  4. And Pip!

  5. Marcus Collins’ debut single (he has a great mentor: Gary Barlow):

    • Thanks for posting the vids Peter. I think they are all very talented. Very interesting about the You Tube videos. Not surprised.

  6. Shanny in Australia

    Referring to the replies to me on the previous thread…. I do think David is still influenced by the fans opinions/worries etc. I didn’t say his whole career is dictated by fans and I think David has become increasingly independent of the fans opinions over the last year…but I do still see signs of him not feeling 100% free to do, say and act as he chooses because of the fans. I accept that some, many or even all, will disagree with me and that’s ok.

    • What would be a sign or two for example Shanny so that we can understand what you mean?


    • I think there is a difference between being influenced by your fans, versus being responsive to their needs and requests- if you are able. I think that David is always listening to the fans, reading what they give him and trying to accommodate if he can. ( and perhaps more than he can). I am not sure I have ever seen any artist more giving- with appearances, music, communication. I see that is cultivating your customers, and your audience and growing in your craft- which if not shared and not meaningful- is then- for what purpose? Self fulfillment I guess but how long will that keep you satisfied. Something special is twice as good when shared.

      I think the things like life decisions, however, he will weigh out career, fans, family, heart and other factors related to business that we don’t know- and will make up his own mind- which I really admire.

  7. HG – I’m not sure what the odds are on a subtitled DVD (got my fingers crossed!) but some awesome fans in the Philippines have made subtitled videos of all the episodes of Nandito Ako so far.

    Here’s a link to Episode 1, Part 1:

    Each episode it in two parts so you should see a total of 20 videos on that channel. You just have to scroll down beneath that first video to see the following videos. For the most part, they’re in reverse order — meaning the oldest videos are at the bottom while the more current ones are at the top. I think there is one out of order but you’ll be able to tell by the title.

    It does take a day or two to get an episode subtitled and uploaded so you have to wait a bit for these but it helps tremendously in understanding all that’s going on. 🙂

    I am LOVING this show so far. I haven’t watched soaps since I used to stay at my grandma’s during the summer when I was a kid. I forgot how engrossing they can be lol.

  8. Shanny in Australia

    Well just off the top of my head….It probably shows up to me in the way he tends to word things. Like when he did that radio interview with some dj’s in Utah who called him ‘david freaking archuleta’ all the time. They asked him what a typical morning is like and he said ‘i meditate’ and they’re like …’you mean you pray and read your scriptures?’ And he bashfully admitted yeah thats what he meant and maybe ‘meditation’ was a silly word. The fact that he was so very nervous about admitting he was going on a mission. Or how he seemed reluctant to tell us Jeff was his manager for a long time. Or how he allowed ‘love songs’ to be put on the ATE cd despite previously being adamant he didn’t want to sing love songs. The way he has to always add addendums to everything and explain that this music is for all the fans etc. The way he obviously enjoys singing spiritual songs but always has to find an excuse to do so first, like Be Still My Soul at BYU Idaho or ‘Christmas songs’ or the upcoming music he is currently working on which he described as his favourite type of music to sing. It just always seems to me that he’s holding back from sharing his whole self and having to do and say certain things.because the fans want him to do and say things a.certain way.

    Some people will say…well it’s good that he supresses parts of himself or he should do what the fans want because it helps his career etc. But I have always been about just enjoying david the way he is and accepting him where he is in his life right now and that has certainly made the journey a lot less emotional and a lot more enjoyable. More importantly as I mentioned on the previous thread, I think the sooner david acts 100% authentically, allows himself to truly do what is fulfilling for him….the sooner he will find himself musically and as an artist. Then people will know if David is for them or not, they can choose to stay or go depending on whether they like what David has to offer or not and he can begin to work on attracting new fans who do like what he has to offer.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Oops that was meant to be in reply to Sandybeaches.

    • Interesting Shanny, 1. David has a very wide fanbase , so what you’re calling influence that restraint his freedom to be himself, i call it strategy to respect the very different fanbase ….. 2. Like fatpanda wisely pointed in the last thread, David was very young back in AI7, he’s just in full process of maturation and defining himself like artist , fans wants and expect some goals on his career and that is not the same that deprive him of his freedom, that means only that in the process he will have a lot of aspect to consider to assume a last and final posture like artist and person …. he’s lucky then that he’s not only restricted to a one exclusive view of live. 3 Expectations came from many different segments , not only of his fanbase , but of his more close entourage and religious community too , then some of this other people not only influence , but are very vocally with their expectations about him acting in a way a good member should act … otherwise you’ll see the word disappointing very often , like when his pre mission time ‘Is his decision, but i’ll be disappointed if he don’t go” … i don’t want to bash anyone, but pointing that the behavior you assuming is taking way his right to be free , can be present in that others source of influence .;)

      His fans are his motivation for his artistic growing, like for every artist , his influence come from others sources more close to his heart and different to his fans.

      What can be a factor to limit his freedom ? .., maybe to try to conciliate two very different worlds like his very conservator doctrine and the music business …. and that is not fans fault , the one who decided to go for it , it was him and his family ….. he’s trying though to please everybody , i agree, not only his fans, the point is that in the process , i hope he’s pleasing him self too, and by what i see , i guess is the case. 🙂

    • I agree with you Tibitibi (once again lol)

      Shanny, It’s funny how people can perceive the same things so differently. You know, the examples you gave are all true but I don’t really agree with the conclusion lol. I just don’t think that all the things you cited are the fruits of some fans pressure but they are more the results of who David is (or how I perceive him to be ?). Let me try and explain my point… From my perspective, when David is in Utah, he always seemed freer to talk about his faith, but to be fair, he was asked more about it by his home town interviewers. And he didn’t avoid the questions, which is a good thing IMO. He also talked about his religion in his book, and it was for all his fans to read. Also, it wasn’t the first time that he talked about “meditation”. He even asked his fans to meditate and ponder as a “task of the day” if I remember well and to me he seems to be the kind of guy who likes to take the time to meditate. Maybe he really meant reading scriptures or he really meant to say meditation in that interview, we don’t know. I don’t see why it as being linked to the fans pressure because he admitted in the past that he does a prayer before going on stage and it didn’t seem reluctant to say it.
      Also, about Jeff being his manager, he didn’t tell his fans ever that Melinda was his manager or I don’t remember it. We knew it from Melinda’s twitter. So I don’t think he necessarily felt reluctant to tell us, he maybe just thought that it wasn’t a crucial info to give to his fans because it had nothing to do with the music. And to be honest, he never gave this kind of info regarding his career, we always knew before he made a public announcement or before he said it in an interview. It’s just how he is for me. We didn’t know from him that he parted ways with Jive and WEG for example, we had the info from another source like always and then he felt the need to clear things up later with a vlog. Also, he knows that his dad past actions were made public and that his dad’s reputation isn’t necessarily good outside the fanbase too…
      Another thing, I understand him being nervous about the mission’s announcement. He’s leaving a lot of things behind him but I also saw a feel of relief from him. He still seems to want to cry when he talks about leaving for his mission and at the same time he seems super happy. It’s just a normal thing. He probably was nervous because he maybe wasn’t 100% sure of how the audience who was at the concert was going to react, I absolutely can understand it. But his decision was made and I don’t think he made a sort of “referendum” before to know what the fans wanted…
      Oh, I forgot to say that for me, he added the love songs to the ATE version of TOSOD because it was destined principally to the Asian market. Also, I think that it’s a trait of his personality to always add addendum to everything and make sure that not any fan would feel excluded from his work and it’s appreciated by the fans.

      I just wanted to show that things can be perceived differently from a fan to another. We already said that his fan base is very diverse and there are probably as many different opinions about him as there are fans lol. I’m sure that David thinks about what his fans would think of his acts and words and it’s normal because he’s a public person and the relation with the fans is an important part of his job but I just don’t think that the fans’ opinions are what affected the most his final decisions.

      • I agree cmoi and tibi. I really agree with every point you made in you comments cmoi. Once again you make very good sense to me. lol “I just don’t think that the fans’ opinions are what affected the most his final decisions.” I don’t either.

      • Great summary cmoi !! 🙂

      • Like Shanny, I had the strong impression that David was holding back about his dad being his manager. He has admitted that his dad doesn’t have the best public image–it was in the Ryan Seacrest interview. He said his dad wasn’t his manager anymore, but months went by with no one else doing it, and finally it started being mentioned in articles. I don’t think it was just the fan’s opinions he was worried about, though.

        For the other examples, I think he’s like most people who don’t share about their religion or politics in many situations. He was just being polite.

    • Shanny, somehow I don’t think you can blame his fans for holding him back from being what he wants to be. If that was true, he wouldn’t of made the decission to go on a mission so that he could please non Mormon his fans. As far as him holding back because he is afraid of what some fans might think, I really don’t think that’s the case, I think it’s just his way of expressing himself. He has always choosen his words carefully. You got to give David more credit, IMO David is doing exacting what he wants to do.

      • I agree with you cq, Tibi, cmoi. Don’t we all filter what we say depending on who we are talking to at the time? At least we should. David is just doing that in my opinion.

    • David admits that he tries too hard to please everyone, and is learning to speak up for himself in that Ryan Seacrest interview. It’s just a personality trait of his. No one else is to “blame” for it. Most of us could only dream of all the unconditional love his legions of fans give him. Tibi is right that his own community has strong expectations as well. One comment I remember was someone called him a “freak” for meeting with his church’s president in casual clothing and a faux hawk hair do–clearly the person wasn’t a fan.

    • Comi, Tibi, I agree with you.
      Shanny, I agree with you at some point too.
      I do want David have freedom to do everything what he wants to do. In fact it is also more easy for fans to choose what they like or don’t like from David or if they still want to follow David or not.
      But at the same time I think fans have every right to ask or request what they want David to do because without their support David would go nowhere. Where should they do these? Go to twitter and tell David directly, it’s fine. Come to fansites to speak out, that’s good too. IMO fansites are where fans should feel freely to say everything they want to say related to David (definitely not in a rude manner which I only find very few times).
      Then who should be blame? It is David. It seems like I try to blame David for everything. NO! I love David and only hope best from best things happen to him. In fact I mean if we really want to blame who limits David’s freedom then it is David’s own unidentity and unmaturity.
      David definitely should listen to or even ask fans’ opinions which he did sometimes. But after this should David only listen to what fans want and try to please everyone but ignore his own desire (include career and spiritual), or just make decision on his own desire and knowledge? and then if career and spiritual cashing have conflict, which one is more important to him? Does he only want to satisfy only one or make balance between all these? It is David or David’s team who makes the final decision.
      For these almost 2 years I feel David is trying very hard to find what kind of career he wants have and what kind of person he wants to be, but still far not yet. It seems like when he makes big decision such as label or management and mission he depended strongly more on his own desire. I also think he takes so many family responses (include financial support and spends a lot of money on flight to travel back and forth between Utah and LA or somewhere else to spend as much time as he can for his siblings) just because he wants to. But he also tried very hard to please his fans for spending his own money on MKOC tour(which turned out load good benefits inside his pocket), for choosing different songs to suit more fans, etc,.
      Are there pressures from fans, from his family and even from his community? Yes, and every human being has these kind of pressures too.
      Give David time to grow up and also give fans rights to keep on express their praise, their admiration, their question and their request.

  9. I always miss the juicy stuff, lol. And it looks like I have 4 days of Nandito Ako to catch up on. Which I’ll never be able to pronounce.

  10. Really enjoying the NanditoAko series!! David is doing very well with his acting and of course singing NanditoAko and Wherever You Are. Love how they always have his singing in the background when he is with the “girls”
    The funniest is when the Nanny and Anya’s mother go crazy for Josh just like David’s fans of all ages.

    Looking forward to the Forevermore CD of OPM songs sung in English and whatever songs we get in the US.

    Not ready to move on !! Also enjoying all the Bench photos. David the singer, actor, Model and all around fine young man.

  11. OK, please tell me that not all the love sequences on the miniseries are just girls dreams :/ ….. I wonder what a Josh B dream would look like ? 🙂

    Anyway Anya is hurting hardly Josh manly feelings lol refering to him like some kind of rich boy who can’t do anything for himself. ….. mean girl eh? lol.

    • I like the Josh/Anya relation maybe because she doesn’t act as a fangirl with him. For the moment she’s my pick for Josh lol

      It’s great to see that David is replying to some fans questions about NA on twitter !

      From the previous thread, I don’t think that “as the world turns” was ever aired here but I remember watching “Dallas” with my parents (I remember them being worried about me because I found the character of J.R Ewing more interesting than his nice brother when I was a little kid lol). And “Dynasty” and “Santa Barbara” too but I don’t really remember the story lines of those soaps . Now my mom is more into soap operas from Latin America.

      • i used to love “dallas”, lol. the troublemakers jr, his wife sue-ellen, and his niece, lucy, were my favs. in my personal life, i prefer and appreciate nice people but when it comes to tv drama, i find sinister characters more complex and interesting. the one exception is josh bradley. 🙂

  12. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    OMG I’m so addicted to this series, and it’s just another thing that David has caused to happen that I’d have argued vehemently against once upon a time.

    Tibi, I’d love to see Josh’s dream too. (I have a feeling he’d dream of touching his mothers’ face. LOL! That’s Josh’s story goal, isn’t it?)

    I’m losing the tension between Anya and Josh but, good heavens, Holly needs to find a way out of her room.

  13. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Edit: (That’s Josh’s story goal, to find his mom, isn’t it?)
    Edit 2: loving the tension, not losing it.

  14. I just noticed that in the advance for tomorrow episode the police guy don’t ask for Holly, but for Epyphania Dionisio + Anya 😮 …. she was the one his uncle think won the fan contest …. ummm :/

    • Thanks to Shanny for explaning her thoughts and to everyone who responded back to her. I will always remember when David said to his fans during the Christmas tour that he has the best fans in the world. I will take that as his true feelings. He has been searching himself for his true identity in music and we have always been there enjoying every song.


  15. I always wait to watch the whole week episodes on the dailymotion channel that Ali posted above. I really appreciate the efforts made to give to the fans subtitled episodes !

    I think I’m addicted too to NA and I really didn’t want it to happen lol. TBH, I tried my best to distance myself from all things David. Well, maybe “distance” is not the right word, maybe to “limit” my fangirl time is more appropriate… The thing is this fansite is the only one I visit now and I don’t check twitter as much as before. But it was counting without the great things David did in The Philippines and now I’m watching a soap and I’m appreciating it (and I wasn’t even excited about it when we knew he was going to be in it) and I’m waiting to listen to the album he recorded there. All my efforts were reduced to nothing, I think I just can’t escape the great Archuleta effect lol

    • cmoi, lol, you’re not alone, it’s the David Archuleta addiction!!!

    • I don’t even have twitter. lol I just check twitter on the internet at times so I do check this site often for David news. I really was trying to distance myself too. lol

    • Ha, ha, same situation here, i try to ”let it go” , actually in several occasions by now, but i failed miserably lol 🙂 ….. i stopped the twitter thing though some weeks ago and i exclusively look at the Nandito Ako videos , just in preparation , i guess will be less hard letting go ssssloooowwwwwwlllyyy …. I’m enjoying so much the miniseries and i’m glad this last project was different , a revelation to him about his others talents and so much fun for us to see and follow. 😉
      I guess will be more easy once he goes ?

  16. Um…so I have 2 minutes left on this computer. I just caught up on all the episodes. And all I can say is “Danggggggg, David. Are you reaaaally sure you want to leave this for 2 yrs? Just when things are getting good?”

    • LOL, i guess we all have the same question … suddenly look like to many option in the horizon 😀 …. sadly we’ll back to reality by the end of the month :/

      • I have been blocking out that David is leaving soon and have just been enjoying the mini series and all the goodies from the Philippines. I am so glad that David gave us this fun mini series that none of us even imagined that he would do. Who knows what he will do when he returns?

  17. Watching The Voice right now – Battle rounds, woohoo!

    I vote for Tony!

  18. I just love how Kelly Clarkson, who’s never been a guest mentor on Idol, is mentoring on The Voice! One day I’d love for David to also deliver the same “suck it!” message to Idol one fine day! 🙂

    • Yes. You are right, hg. Isn’t it great that Kelly is on “The Voice”. Of course, they do not even mention AI. lol This show is so much more entertaining than AI. Back to watching.

  19. Anthony! Jesse!! That’s how you throw down in a battle! 😀

    • Wow just Wow !! Jesse and Anthony’s performance was just amazing. I wish they both could have stayed on the show.

      • Me too! I also like Chris Mann and Monique’s duet on Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.” I wanted both to stay on. I wish the judges would just pair up a really good performer with just a good performer, so that the decision is easier (heh).

        I can’t even imagine any of the Top 13 Idol finalists sounding this good if they were doing the same type of “battle” rounds.

    • I’m sad to see Anthony and Angie to go . 😦

  20. David tweet this video tonight , from China got talent , beautiful … i mean for real . – — the kid story and mean of the song. —- the MV

    I totally imagine David exploring any kind of languages and musical cultures , for some reason , right now and suddenly i realize that he is adventurous with his musical emotions , so not way He’s gonna stay married to a one style of music in particular . right?

    • that is how I feel too. Just as David loves to try different foods, I feel he loves all different music. I don’t see him only doing religious music after the mission. However I also would love him to record Be Still My soul… and some other music in that vein.

    • I saw that video after David sent that tweet out. Very touching video.

  21. Shanny in Australia

    HI guys, I’m not feeling too well at the moment and don’t really have the energy to get into a deep and meaningful…. lol… But just wanted to say….I DO see the other perspectives offered (ie, cmoi and tibi) in fact what they said wasn’t really something I hadn’t already considered in most cases…..but I still feel the same way about things….that David is still not totally free to be himself because of trying to please the fans all the time. To me it shows in a hundred different little things – even more beyond what I mentioned earlier. That is definitely not to say the he doesn’t love his fans, or the fans are bad fans. I also agree that David often does these things because it is the polite and kind way to behave. But I do still think there is room for the fans to allow David more freedom to express his whole self and be his own free agent and I think David still has some more growing to do towards become confident to act accordingly to what is truly freeing and satisfying to him. As I said earlier, we can agree to disagree on it. 🙂

    • The problem is in order to” succeed” as a music artist in the music industry you need to want to make the majority of your “diverse” fans happy so that they will buy your music and go to your concerts IMO. It is a tough business and I think you have to be flexible. You can’t necessarily do exactly what you want to have success unless you are a “superstar” with tons of money and David is not. Isn’t that true in any job you have? David is doing exactly what he wants now as he would have signed a recording contract with a major label and had “professional” management if he listened to the vast majority of his fans and industry professionals IMO. Sorry his dad/family/friends are not “professionals” with connections. Kari is a good addition as she is. The point is David is doing what he wants and we will see how this works out for his music career in the long-term. Good for David. Shanny you are right we can agree to disagree. lol

      • That is if David wants success as a “mainstream artist”. Maybe he does not want that which is alright we me but I tend to like mainstream artists. It is his choice.

      • My idea of a very successful mainstream artist is Kelly Clarkson. I just like the choices she made in her career. She also appeals to diverse fan base. She’s had her ups and downs in her career. Kelly did voice her concerns if she disagreed with her label and management and stayed true to herself yet she is a huge success. I still think Kelly and David were the best Idols that AI produced.

      • And Kelly C politics support is an example of how a public position from a public figure can cause her trouble …. Kelly send a twitter two months ago expressing his admiration for Ron Paul , and the feedback from her fans was pretty nasty …. i read comments of people saying to her, ”not more with you Kelly” … seee shanny just one example . 🙂

    • Shanny, you didn’t know about David until later so you did not see David the first year after American Idol. He was more free in his responses but he was also not as articulate. I think he became more guarded in what he said after his father’s arrest became known. In the early days we knew a whole lot more about his family as Jeff and Daniel had twitter accounts. Pictures were also posted with David and his cousins. After the arrest that all stopped. I’m sure his mother wanted the family protected. David has become much more articulate in his interviews especially lately in the Philippines. But as I said before we all filter what we say because of who we are talking to and I believe David does that and will probably always do that.

      • grammyj, I totally agree. IMO David’s fans are his support system for his career, we are the ones that buy the music that keeps his career going.
        IMO, no one really know what David wants, we as fans think we do because of his beautiful generous nature makes him seem like a personal friend or part of the family. I’m hoping that David always trys to keep his private live seperate from his career, that is very public.

    • Shanny , i really don’t understand what your point is , so all the good in David’s career is because his wisdom and values and all the negative because his fans pressure /influence and the evil in others? ….. yeah, right :/ .
      David is a public figure , at least until now, in two year maybe his status gonna change, but right now like public celebrity is pretty much OBVIOUS that he should be careful to go too deep in to subjects that can be considered polemics …. i mean religion and politics specially and the choices that affect the progress of his career, of course he has the right to believe and support what he wants and to do what he wants , but he’s gonna receive all kind of feedback , like EVERYBODY who is a public personality , not just him.

      In my opinion ALL the fans are being very respectful of his choices, i don’t remember public manifestations against HIS decisions , or direct confrontations via twitter, or OS or FB , that are the way he communicate with fans . What fans do in the fansites not only is normal , but a right you know? . fans are not little soldiers following orders, or robots without feelings and acting alike, but HUMANS with feeling and opinions. What it is his career right now is the result of his decisions and the unconditional support of his fans …. even from the ones who don’t agree with his carer moves …. tbh the feedback from his fans to him are more rainbows and adulation than anything else .

      Now i noticed on your first post that you’re making too a remark about his beliefs, so let me add that Is pretty expected too that at the moment he become more vocal about his position in some social /spiritual issues , he’s gonna be in the middle of a discussion , happen all the time and again is normal ….. right now many of us are conscious what his believes are about women, church and salvation by example , i think personally that is an arrogant position tbh, but i never hear this view coming out from his mouth so I’m cool . We know who he is and what he believes , we are not pretending and we didn’t pretended to change that, he can still proclaiming his Mormon status and going to his proselytism mission and NOBODY going to pretend to change that …. i have the strong feeling that is the part that bother you , More of us love most of him, that doesn’t mean his positions and thoughts about some delicate issues in life should be ours too …. that is unrealitic like expectation unless you really think he’s perfect , then this discussion is useless if we are in the terrain of the Idolization . 😉

      • I agree Tibi. David will be doing his mission work and will be saying all the things that I think Shanny wants him to say. He is just not going to in public interviews. I don’t think that means he’s not free, or that he is letting the fans dictate what he says.

      • “David will be doing his mission work and will be saying all the things that I think Shanny wants him to say. He is just not going to in public interviews. ” Very true grammyj.

      • “i mean religion and politics specially and the choices that affect the progress of his career, of course he has the right to believe and support what he wants and to do what he wants , but he’s gonna receive all kind of feedback , like EVERYBODY who is a public personality , not just him.” Just a great point tibi. Exactly. As surprising as it may be to some not all of David’s fans are religious or have any attention of being religious in any way. Kelly was a good example regarding political choices. Also what was Kirk Cameron thinking. lol Sorry just IMO.

  22. I don’t want to repeat myself or what was said here by the other posters but I just wanted to add to the discussion that we talked here numerous times about the feeling that David was holding back and that he seemed to limit himself for some reasons. Recently, we witnessed an evolution in D’s behavior. We noticed that he seems more confident, that he’s more inclined to take risks, etc… We can see that he’s growing and maturing. He’s 21 now and he acts more his age. It’s a pleasant contrast with his usual depreciating way of talking about himself like “I’m weird looking” or “I’m a dork” or his excessive humility and modesty (that I appreciate to some extents).

    For me, he seems freer now and I think that it comes also from the constant fans’ support. I remember him being overwhelmed by all the fans support and nice words to him when he was making the press for being another idol “dropped” by his label. I remember seeing videos of him being touched by the fans enthusiasm for him and his work. I saw him being super happy and showing his appreciation and surprise because the fans still care for him after all these years, that the fans still attend his concerts, that the fans donate to his favorite charities, etc… Of course, the fans are only being fans and they also share their frustrations, their wishes and expectations for him but I never really saw a fan doing so in a hateful way, they just love and care about him.
    When you say that “David is still not totally free to be himself because of trying to please the fans all the time”, I say it’s maybe true but we can say the opposite too. David is freer to be himself because he’s more aware now than at the beginning of his career that his fans would always have his back. He had proof of it many times.

    “I do still think there is room for the fans to allow David more freedom to express his whole self and be his own free agent”. I understand that every fan has his own projection into who they want David to be. Some want him to be a superstar, some want him to marry them (or stay single all his life) lol, some want him to be the perfect angel Sunny tweets about, some want him to be the kid they saw on AI, etc… I think that those feeling are normal and it’s a common thing for the fans of all artists and David is a public person who share his art and who has the ability to touch people.
    But I don’t think that what the fans think preventing David to be freer or to be his own free agent. I think that it’s David who should allow himself more freedom. I promise I’m not going to talk about philosophy or psychology here lol but it’s up to David to emancipate himself, and I think that he’s starting to do just that. David is in charge of his career and his life. As an adult now he’s finding his freedom and like he said in his “decisions” vlog, he only started to define who he is. (In a certain way, it reminds me of the story of the elephant in a circus…).

    • cmoi, I agree with you Great post. David has seemed more free. We all saw it on his Christmas tour and especially in the Philippines. It will be interesting to see what David is like after his mission. I hope he comes back to his public music career with great confidence.

  23. “But I don’t think that what the fans think preventing David to be freer or to be his own free agent. I think that it’s David who should allow himself more freedom. David is in charge of his career and his life.” I totally agree cmoi.

    • Marie, I agree, if David was not free to do what he wants to do, he wouldn’t of gone on a mission because he would not please all his fans. IMO opinion he is free and is acting on that freedom and is probably one of very few artist that are willing to do that or can do because of contract restraints.
      Again, I just hope that everything falls into place when he returns and that he can continue with his music career.

      • That is the hope cq. I agree. idk, we will just have to wait and see what happens with that.

  24. Am enjoying reading “Chords of Strength” again!! David tells us a lot about his thought process and what’s important to him. Wise beyond his years and it was written two years ago. Look forward to him writing again in the future. Love what he says about Music and his fans etc.etc.

    Enjoying the Mini Series and looking forward to New Music soon with the release of Forevermore.

  25. For this discussion I want to repeat myself again that it should be David who controls his own freedom. He can just lean on spiritual side and only sing and record hymms but he will take risk that some fans will leave. That’s totally fine for me. This is his life not mine. I also have right to support him or not. The truth is he seems try to please everyfans then it also makes somefans a little unhappy to blame fans not giving David enough freedom.
    Now I have a question what are these reasons make him to please fans? It is not fans’ fault. It is his choice maybe he wants to be more successful in music carrer or finicial reason. I do not know exactly. I already get used to all these drama things in fan world. But I think it will make some fans hurt to be called out and be blamed not giving enough freedom to David after all these good things they did for David .

    • ”The truth is he seems try to please everyfans then it also makes somefans a little unhappy to blame fans not giving David enough freedom.”
      Exactly, i have the same feeling too, i don’t know what’s going on with this need to make people feel guilty ….. guilty to have expectations for him in the business? or to be able to support his career the last four years? He does not owe me anything and i really offered my support because i believed on his talent , i don’t need any kind of recognition or certificate of good fan … i did it totally conscious and free … because i really liked/loved his voice … so if he want to do some additional record before to go away for two years is because he wants, need and recognize somehow the loyal fan he has and want to keep for the future .

      Personally i’m not a hymns kind of music buyer , and is not the music that move me more from him , but i’m sure he’s gonna have a market for that work , same with the inspirational music , i mean i recognize Josh G has amazing voice , but i don’t buy his music either ,( but who knows maybe i will like it and i will buy it , IF he leave a way for the fans easily put their hands on this works ), and judging by past reactions many other fans will be literally annoyed with an Spanish record that personally i would love 🙂 . However i’m sure each work will reach a different segment of his fansite and is OK and actually smart …. keeping the proportions with the reality is a little bit like Shakira is doing with her career , right now her new single is in French and people here is crazy for her , she had be able to feed each market and still relevant worldwide ….. I want to believe David has ambitions with his career and like i said yesterday i see him just starting to explore the beauty of the cultural and musical diversity around the world .. so is hard to believe he’s gonna to restraint him self to a one exclusive kind of music , but is normal for the fans to buy what they really like it.
      Anyway , who knows? the future still uncertain and David unpredictable like always 🙂

    • “It is his choice maybe he wants to be more successful in music.” Exactly my point fatpanda. It is choice but and here is the” but” he does need to do certain things to be a successful or even semi successful mainstream artist. Like label and management IMO. He is not a plumber, he is a music artist. lol Fan are what make or break your career. The more diverse the fan base the better the profit for your career. The catch is David might not want that which is of course his choice. I want to hear his new music as I am very interested to see what it is.

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