New Vlog: David Promises New Music!

Oh Dear.  March is David’s last month with us before he leaves for his mission! 😦

But… he’s working on a new album for us, his fans!

Could you love him anymore! Sigh.

Hmmm, so it sounds like he’ll be doing cover songs (Yip-yip-yippee!!!), specifically songs relating to the “next phase of his life.”

Does that mean sacred songs? Maybe a mix of sacred songs and inspirational ballads?

If he’s covering sacred songs, I vote for:

1. Be Still My Soul.

2. I Need You Now (gospel ballad by Smokie Norful).

3. I Love the Lord (ever since David tweeted Whitney Houston’s version, I’ve been aching to hear his voice on this).

Ain’t he the sweetest to want to spend this last month putting together music for us before he goes off?


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see what songs he picked. He mentioned new music too. I just want to hear the man sing. His voice has gotten richer and deeper since TOSOD so I’m excited!

  2. Yes, he’s the sweetest! As a follow up from the previous thread, I think he’ll mix in some secular music with sacred/gospel. I’m hoping for a cover of “Man in the Mirror” on this album.

    • I would love to hear a cover of “Man in the Mirror” and I hope for some secular music. I wonder where this music is being produced? I did like David’s cat in the vlog as his cat looks like my cat. lol Watching AI.

      • “I wonder where this music is being produced?”

        i’m not sure i want to know, lol, but i noticed that #mic hasn’t been to this site in a while. maybe he has been too busy.

      • I don’t care where or who produces the music as long as I can hear David, front and center! I’m glad he’s giving us more music!

      • lol desertrat.

      • At this point I think I am more interested in the new music David produces when he comes back from his mission. That is if he gets a label, professional management, and does secular music. So that is a big “if” for me. It will be interesting to see what he does do. Still hoping for some good covers from him now but idk. David is young and should try and still keep some of his younger fans. I don’t think many younger fans like religious music IMO. I am a way older fan and do not. lol

      • I’ve been quiet lately because I got tired of making similar remarks over and over again. I personally think that fans who are hoping he comes back to mainstream music after the mission are in for a big disappointment. I can see him doing LDS music with an LDS label. Maybe I am wrong. I am just trying to be realistic for myself. I have let go of any big plans that I had for him. I think he will come back from the mission more into the religion than ever.

        It is encouraging that Kari (who is not LDS) is his manager now.

      • Yes, Freo I do agree with you about fans being realistic. I am keeping my expectations in check about his career being mainstream when he returns because no one knows what the future holds for David.. Good Points.

  3. Want to pass along some fan excitement from FOD. Kimk a regular poster over there suggested we all send postcards from where we are from. We could start this now kind of as a send off and it could be pretty awesome if he had stacks of well wishes from all over the world. Then those that wanted to throughout his mission could send postcards from places they visit or an update from their city or whatever.

    Seems like something he could get the gist of without burdening him with long letters which he probably won’t have time to read anyway. Just wanted to share and please pass it along to all fansites you visit.

    • Thinking it would be great if everyone included somewhere, maybe at the bottom or top of the postcards

      “you’ll ALWAYS have a fan in _________”

  4. i cannot believe it is david’s last vlog before he leave, gonna miss it watching it thoses. it sound like david could be leaving the first week of april, i think his last stop will be in L.A. before he leave for mission somewhere. his sister’s black cat scared crap out of me and with thoses yellow eyes, the cat acting like he doesn’t want to be in the video blog and like covering his eyes, very cute!.

  5. watching idol, seems like jimmy iovine is the new simon cowell.

    • Yeah, Jimmy has been giving blunt criticism but I pretty much agreed with everything he said. The judges this year are really too nice.

    • We need some strong criticism.

      I’m starting to think Hollie and not Jessica is the girl America will vote to be the next American Idol. Someone they can mold into a Taylor Swift/Lana Del Ray?

      Still hoping Jessica will prevail, with Phillip-squared nipping at her heel.

      • I think you could be right about America voting for Hollie. Phillip is going to be a very strong contender. I think Jimmy was pretty much right with his criticism. I still do not think this is a very strong group of top 10 or soon 13 contestants. I still think Jessica is by far the best but I do not trust the voters. lol

      • I don’t know is a girl can ever win Idol again. I think Idol has tried to stack the deck so a girl would win for the last few years especially the year that Lee won, but a guy always prevails. My guess right now is that Philip will win, but second place is not always a bad place to be – Clay, David and Adam did quite well coming in second.

  6. I am a Joshua Ledet fan. I also like Phil Phillips. Even voted painlessly online for them both the other night. Josh’s singing was raw and touched me tremendously. I did not see the girls perform and only saw snippets of Jessica Sanchez. I like her and Holly as well.

    My love for David is unparalled and irreplaceable. But I can also appreciate new singers simply trying out for a singing opportunity.

  7. i just listened to the vlog again. i really believe that the new album will contain more than just religious music because he used the words “cool covers” and “vibe” in describing it. also, he said there will be some original music too …. i hope it’s something he wrote and arranged.

    • desertrat, I to went back and listen again and I also believe that it won’t only be religious music…I know he will have some, but I’m glad that he is thinking about the whole fan base, not just his Mormon fans. So glad to hear he is also doing original songs. My wish is that one of those songs makes it to the top of the charts while he’s away…now won’t that be EPIC. Can you imagine the mail he would get, lol.

  8. Is it true that the album will be produced by an LDS label and the proceeds given to the church?

    I respect his right to practice and support his own faith, but I do not share it. I will not be buying any LDS-related projects now or in the future.

    • I am sure he has been tithing the whole time (esp. with temple recommend), but a project with outright proceeds to the church is the line for me. I would feel that way about any musician who specifically is donating money to a cause or organization that I would not personally donate to.

      Hope everyone is doing well!

      • PS interesting radio report this morning on NPR about Mormons and tithing. It was on “Morning Edition.” The gist of the report was about members deciding how to allocating their income (gross, taxed, etc.) toward tithing. It was a respectful report with some interviews of LDS economists.

        Am I correct that LDS members do not see any records of how their donations are specifically allocated (where money goes?) Maybe I am wrong. My church every year gives its members a budget sheet that lists salaries for positions and monies allocated for specific funds, missionary support, community organization donations, etc. It is my understanding that LDS bishops, etc. are not paid, but do members know otherwise where their tithes are allocated?

        It has been fascinating to learn more about this religion, especially with the current US election campaign.

      • KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

        Freo, the only place I saw that “info” was on a chat that has been overrun by hateful trolls lately. It shouldn’t be hard to wait to see what and how he puts out the US album, and make choices accordingly at that time.

      • how much someones gives to their church, and how the church accounts is between them, the church and their God regardless of who they are./

    • What?

      Oh, well. This is in line with how I thought he would continue his career after the mission.

    • Oh man, I’m hoping that it is not, or if it is that they will say that the profits are not all going to the church. I love David, but not being Mormon, I too would not like to just have all profits go to the church, just the normal label cut.
      I’m so hoping that this album is not just an extention of his mission. As a non Mormon fan, I will be very disappointed if that is the case.
      I have always wanted David to seperate his personal religion from his career, that to me is the way it should be.
      If Mormon religious music is what he wants to do, I wish he would voice that opinion.

  9. Freo,

    where did you see/read that the album will be produced by an LDS label? I really hope not.

  10. I really don’t think David would be going through all this trouble to record, vlog, etc. if he didn’t see himself coming back to the same fans (and, eventually more like us).

  11. I think, like Kathy said, we should wait and see. Even if the record is produced by an LDS label, it doesn’t mean all the proceeds will go to the church. For all we know, it’s being produced by Jeff. In which case, all the proceeds will go to him. lol jk jk

    I’ve told myself that nothing D does anymore would shock me. Well, this most certainly would. I can’t see him doing that. AT ALL.

  12. Seriously, I need folks to provide Links (i.e. HARDCORE evidence) about so-called information on David. I have not heard that this new music is being produced for and by LDS.

    So, if anyone has PROOF that this is the case, LINK to it please!

    If you can’t provide the proof, please stop spreading rumors.

    These allegations are pretty serious, especially for fans who want to distinguish between their support for David and support for his church.

    Now if my supporting David means he’s tithing to his church, that’s his business.

    But if he’s doing an album that is strictly about supporting the LDS church, that’s a different animal. If that’s true, we have a right to know.

    But if it’s not true, please stop spreading rumors without proof!

    • Thanks, hg. This sounds like rumor.

      And there needs to be some clarification about an “LDS label”. The majority of “LDS” labels are privately owned, for-profit (In fact all but one, I believe), with no connection to the LDS Church. Their niche is to produce gospel-oriented music or music by LDS artists. Some of it is mainstream music. So, even if he works with an “LDS” label; it could be secular music.

      From a practical standpoint, it might be an easier way to distribute music when he doesn’t have a label contract. Or, maybe mic has started his own label…isn’t he out of a job now? Do we know that Kari is David’s manager, and not just his road manager?

      Personally, it sounded to me that David was talking about secular music with a religious theme, kind of like TOSOD was secular, but had an inspirational theme.

  13. TropicalAngel

    Hello SoulDavid, Peter,Freo: He just recorded a whole album of romantic, love or relationshippy songs; he hinted about a spanish song on twitter (well, they are usually romantic) he mentioned releasing inspirational AND just regular pop songs while he is gone to a group of fans from ArchuletaPhil ( sorry HG dont know how to link for my life) so why the negativity and the overanylizing everything? Sorry , dont mean to sound critic or harsh 🙂

    • TropicalAngel, you can copy/paste the website in your comments and WordPress will automatically link it. Thanks! 🙂

    • Tropicalangel, you are so right, I need to trust the Archuleta that he will come through for ALL his fans and really who cares where he records as long as it’s great music that we all can love. As long as I know that David is getting his share of the profits, I’m a happy fan.

    • I really do not think there is anything wrong with fans being realistic about David’s new music/album and keeping expectations low. Then it will be a pleasant surprise if there is secular/pop music on these new releases. Like I stated I just am more interested in seeing what David does when he returns from his mission. Kari is the road manager and I have no idea what mic’s current role is. But we might be finding out soon. lol Astrid very funny comment about Jeff. lol

  14. IDK about David’s plans but this is interesting about David’s idol buddy Jason Castro who signed with a Christian label today. I am not of fan of Christian/religious music at all but I guess there is a market for it out there.

  15. I also would like someone to show me a website for a record label that is owned by the LDS church, with proceeds going to the LDS church. (The Tab Choir label exclusively supports the choir – it’s the only way they get money or are able to travel and tour). I’m not being defensive, I’d really like to know as I’m not aware of one they have for commercial use.

    Utahmom is right – there are any number of labels owned by LDS artists, and put out inspirational music, but I’m pretty certain the owners keep their profit to buy food for their own families.

    You know, it occurs to me that being so against David’s religion will be a hard thing to parse out for many fans in the future, particularly those who feel so burned that he’s going on a mission. I don’t know how they will draw the line – what if David tithes all his profits to the church on his own? Will they still support? What about money he made from other projects that they supported but he is now using to fund his mission? Did they buy a Glad Christmas Tidings CD? I don’t know, it gets pretty difficult to be that intolerant.

    Obviously if they hate spiritual music, they don’t have to buy any album he puts out that contains it or any that is exclusively LDS. But how they made that leap from what David said in the vlog is beyond me. It looks from where I am sitting that he’s doing a little of everything to please all of his fans: Romantic songs, inspiring songs, maybe spanish songs, covers, new pop music.

    There are plenty of non-LDS fans who love when he sings hymns and they have since we first heard “Be Still My Soul” right after Idol. In fact, I have noticed that at VIPs etc., it is usually non-LDS people who are begging him to sing the hymns. Knowing David, any hymn he might sing will be one that can touch people of all faiths, no matter which hymn book it comes out of.

  16. Julee, to respond to your comment, I may not subscribe to the LDS faith, but I’ve long measured my love for David against my reservations with Mormonism, and my David love wins out everytime. 🙂

    I’m so moved by The Voice and realize his inspiration comes from his faith,that I can’t hold mostly negative thoughts about David and his faith. I’ve made my peace with David’s personal decisions precisely because he gives me so much peace when he sings.

    I’m always open to different opinions expressed here, but really, I do expect facts and evidence to be presented rather than accusations.

    My objections BTW are not with someone being anti-Mormon so much as with the suggestion that David is somehow being SHADY with his fans.

    And that suggestion I personally find problematic b/c I sincerely believe David is embarking on new music to keep the communication lines open between himself and us. Why distrust his motives are less than pure? I thought he wanted to please his fans NOT convert us! Sheesh!

    • I so agree with everything you said. The implication that he is shady implies he has an ulterior motive (converting his fans) perhaps) but I think he’s made it abundantly clear that he loves and appreciates every single one of his fans, including those that share his faith, share his latino heritage, live in other countries, are of his age, are younger or older than him etc. etc. (insert your favorite category!) Isn’t that exactly why we all love him? And I am with you on The Voice – if he’s singing it, I’m listening, no matter what it is.

    • Thanks HG and Mom Julee!!

      David has always been about inclusion!!

      Love his singing and spirit !! Bring on the Music.

  17. right on hg you go girl,behind you 100% i don,t understand why this site draws so manny bigots,.i wont call them out but you know who they are always causing rummers.

  18. TropicalAngel

    HG: Sorry, but Iam REALLY bad at any computer related endevor, but is in youtube under ” David Archuleta 1on 1 with Archuleta Philippines fans, Manila 1/13/2012″ and the remark is around the 2:30 mark.

    • I believe this is the link you are talking about. Utahmom is the one that showed me how to do this. I still can’t post the actual video. lol I think there is a market and interest for all different types and genres of music. It is just personal taste in music to me. So no one is really right or wrong.

  19. i think when david get back from his missonary in two years, i think he will be head back to the philippnes to do more acting not doing any music. i think we won’t hear from david not until 2015, just my opinion.

  20. whoop. i meant david won’t be doing any music in 2015,again just in my opinion. i think he will do acting only. in som interviews when he was in the philippines, he seems he likes acting better than doing music, just saying

  21. David currently does not have a label so he needs some way to distribute his music. If he uses an LDS label so be it. That does not mean that the money will go to the LDS church as Julee pointed out. And, yes, there is a market for Christian music. There are Christian radio stations all over the U.S. and there is also all different types of Christian music – not just hymns. In our church last week we had a Christian rap artist perform. I am happy that David tithes his money to his church. I like that much better than so many artists that waste their money on drugs and selfish purchases. I am just happy that David is going to be putting out new music.

  22. Has anyone who posts on this site ever known of a more open-minded, caring and considerate person than David Archuleta? Why supposed “fans” would be the first to spread rumors that could hurt this amazing artist is beyond me, but it happens all the time. Take a step back and look at the facts for a change. Never once has David tried to push his religion on his fans. He is open and accepting of all people. He is working his butt off to release a wide range of music before he goes away to please his fans. And no I am not LDS. I just think that those who rush to make continuous negative judgements really need to take a step back and rethink what they post because especially in this age when comments can be easily twittered, brought to other sites and seen by millions what you say really matters and can really hurt people.

  23. I hope that whatever music David puts out would be available by individual tracks. It wouldn’t matter to me where the money went, as long as I was able to buy the songs that I liked or that inspired me. When GCT came out, I wasn’t interested in more than a few songs that were sung by David. I didn’t buy the whole thing.

    If he puts out hymns or religious songs, I may or may not want them (been there, done that). I probably wouldn’t get the whole thing if it’s too religious. But I’m holding the faith that he’ll try to appeal to all of his fans. A lot of people were worried when his book came out, that he was going to push his church, but the consensus was that he hit just the right “chord” with it. He may be more “out there” these days, but we’ll see.

    I would expect that his Christmas tour will give us some hints of his direction–a range from very religious(Ave Maria) to secular (This Christmas). (I originally wondered if he ever considered a Hanukkah song, like so many holiday concerts have, but in light of his mission announcement, I can see that his head was very much in the Christian direction).

    Ray, I wouldn’t malign HG’s site–they’re having the same concerns over on FOD too.

    • cc halo: I agree with you. I think everyone and I mean everyone that posts here at SD are fans and want David to be happy and wanted him to succeed in the music industry. Everyone has different tastes in music and different opinions on the music industry. My point is not everyone likes religious music and that is alright. That does not make them wrong or right. I wish David the best regardless of what he chooses to do. He is a huge talent and a great guy. He is leaving for 2 years so we will see what happens when he returns.

    • Ray: not nice to bash this site on another site. That is all I have to say. I think it is important to be nonjudgmental to others and respect their opinions even if you do not agree with them.

      • Great comments, Marie.

        I wish we had more hints about the music David is working on; maybe it would ease everyone’s minds…or maybe not.

  24. In reading through the comments posted on another site and in Ray’s defense, he did not bash SD but bashed the rumors spread by in his words bigoted posters. He commented nicely about HG when a couple posters made comments about not liking or visiting certain sites because of perceived negativity.

    • ray: “i don,t understand why this site draws so manny bigots” Calling posters on this site “bigots” right here on SD and another fan site (FOD) is inappropriate and a personal attack IMO. It is not being respectful of each other and it is not the first time he has done that. We will know about David’s new music soon enough and if fans like it they will buy it and if they don’t they won’t. It is that simple but I thought we do or did discuss David’s management, record labels, music production, on this site. Or lack there of. lol I am sure some have issues when # mic ‘the manager” is mentioned so do we stop commenting on him too. David is going away for 2 years from the music industry and his career this month so I really do not think anyone has to get upset anymore.

    • David is David and you might hear about him going to who knows where on the map in a moments notice, but that definitely is the David we know. We are even at his daily acting classes because dang he didn’t have the time so it is rolled into one. I will take that opportunity!

      It is all interesting until his voice is heard singing, interjected into the acting…and then I realize that hearing him sing would be all I ever needed.

      Many artists include religious songs in their set lists. David has always been able to master the art of combining his written songs expertly with religious songs especially at Christmas concerts. If we didn’t have his blogs we might have less to worry about. Stay away from Nashville if you don’t like a little religion.

      So this is in good humor people….Would you rather he stay home and do soaps or continue with modeling for Bench? I know the acting has been fun and productive and gives advancement. I enjoy it all until I hear him sing and that brings me back to all that I ever hope for and that is to hear the sophistication and power of his amazing voice in some of the old familiar places.

      Perhaps he will return with a maturity and understanding that will blow you away because when does David not exceed the possibilities? Although he is known around the world, even I from another country want him to be embraced forever more, in his homeland.


      • Oh yes, in time to come he will be in the movies!! I know how fans and possibly David hope for that as well!


  25. Sb that was beautiful!

  26. The point I was trying to make above is that rather than spreading unsubstantiated rumors all over the internet as soon as we hear them – where once something is repeated enough it becomes “fact” – maybe people could wait for the real story to come out before bashing David and his supposed choices. Better yet, voice your concerns directly to David. He has given us an address to contact him and I bet he would be man enough to answer! That would surely be better than the constant drone of negativity put forth by some supposed fans. Tell him your demands for his career, your disappointment over his choices, your side of everything but just be ready because he has been on the front lines of the entertainment industry for several years now and you might be surprised at what has gone on behind the scenes to thwart his career. No, I am not an insider in the Archuleta camp. I just have followed his career closely and feel that some who post on this site blame David for everything they feel is wrong with his career without really knowing what is going on behind the scenes. Also these same people completely discount how young David was during this whole post-Idol phase of his career. How many of you at that age would have been saavy enough to navigate your way through all of this? In my view he has done a remarkable job of putting out quality music, keeping grounded, giving back to those in need, rising above the haters, appreciating his fans and working hard to lay the foundation for his career.

    • HG has written an amazing new post. I’d hate for these last few comments to be lost. Swiss and SB, I’d support your decision to repost!! 🙂

    • I find it interesting that everyone says ” negativity” when it really means that your disagree with the posters and the comments IMO. Does everyone have to agree to be considered a good fan? Whatever. lol I really have always focused on David’s music and his career choices as I am not religious and feel that it is a very private matter. I think it is best not to comment on religion at all but other topics regarding his career as a music artist and the music industry are open for discussion IMO.

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